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2019 AFL Draftees Fantasy positions

See potential positions and prices for the players picked up last week.

Positions and prices won’t officially be announced for a week or two, but we can take a bit of a guess using some of the information available.

Click here for information on some Draftees thanks to Heff from the Keeper League.

2019 National Draft

Positions via Champion Data’s tweets which you would think are accurate. Prices based on last season with No.1 pick priced at $270,000, reducing by $2,000 every pick down to $170,000 being basement price. This may change, especially if the basement price is raised if the salary cap increases (note: the cap increased last year, but the rookie prices stayed the same).

1Matthew RowellMID270000
2Noah AndersonMID268000
3Luke JacksonRUC266000
4Lachlan AshDEF264000
5Dylan StephensMID262000
6Fisher McAseyDEF260000
7Hayden YoungDEF258000
8Caleb SerongMID/FWD256000
9Liam HenryMID/FWD254000
10Tom GreenMID252000
11Sam FlandersMID250000
12Kysaiah PickettFWD248000
13Will DayDEF246000
14Miles BergmanFWD244000
15Cody WeightmanFWD242000
16Cooper StephensMID240000
17Brodie KempMID238000
18Mitch GeorgiadesFWD236000
19Sam De KoningDEF234000
20Sam PhilpMID232000
21Thomson DowMID230000
22Deven RobertsonMID228000
23Dylan WilliamsMID/FWD226000
24Harry SchoenbergMID224000
25Jackson MeadMID222000
26Will GouldDEF220000
27Jeremy SharpMID/FWD218000
28Josh WorrellDEF216000
29Finn MaginnessMID214000
30Harrison JonesFWD212000
31Charlie CombenFWD210000
32Trent RiversDEF208000
33Brock SmithDEF206000
34Jack MahonyMID/FWD204000
35Flynn PerezDEF202000
36Elijah TaylorMID/FWD200000
37Keidean ColemanMID/FWD198000
38Nick BryanRUC196000
39Chad WarnerMID194000
40Jay RantallMID192000
41Francis EvansFWD190000
42Ronin O'ConnorMID188000
43Noah CumberlandMID/FWD186000
44Will MartynMID184000
45Trent BiancoDEF182000
46Hugo RalphsmithMID/FWD180000
47Sam RamsayMID178000
48Lachlan GollantDEF176000
49Callum JaniesonRUC174000
50Cameron TahenyFWD172000
51Jake RiccardiFWD170000
52Ryan ByrnesMID170000
53Louis ButlerDEF170000
54Bigoa NyuonRUC170000
55Try RuscoeMID170000
56Ned CahillMID/FWD170000
57Josh MorrisFWD170000
58Ben JohnsonDEF170000
59Jaxon PriorDEF170000
60Jy FarrarFWD170000
61Minairo FrederickFWD170000
62Riley GarciaMID170000
63Lachlan JohnsonMID/FWD170000
64Leo ConnollyDEF170000
65Thomas HutchessonMID/FWD170000

No. 1 selection in the National Draft by the Suns, Matt Rowell.

2019 Pre-season Draft

Both position and price based on last season. Price calculated using rules and projected magic number of 7265.

PSJack MartinMID/FWD603000
PSMichael HartleyDEF329000
Image result for jack martin carlton

Jack Martin is now a Blue.

2019 Rookie Draft

Position and price based on last season for those who were listed. Price calculated using rules and projected magic number of 7265. First-time drafted rookies are basement priced with positions based on draftee information from

1Joshua SchoenfeldMID299000
3Josh HoneyMID/FWD170000
4Brady RowlesMID170000
5Jack BellRUC/FWD170000
6Jarvis PinaDEF170000
7Ben Keays MID323000
8Jake PasiniDEF170000
9Emerson JekaDEF/FWD170000
10Mitchell HibberdMID192000
11Anthony TreacyFWD170000
12Samuel SkinnerDEF244000
14Bradley CloseMID/FWD170000
15Jake SteinDEF284000
16Connor BudarickDEF/MID170000
18Fraser PhillipsFWD170000
19Jack MaibumDEF170000
20Thomas NorthMID170000
21Ben Crocker FWD277000
22Trent BurgoyneFWD170000
25Mitch O'NeillMID170000
26Corey LyonsMID170000
27Oscar BrownlessMID170000
28Thomas SheridanMID377000
29Matt ConroyRUC170000
30Hugh DixonFWD186000
32Boyd WoodcockMID/FWD170000
33Brendon Ah CheeFWD366000
34Archie SmithRUC254000
35Lachlan HendersonDEF414000
36Zachary SprouleMID/FWD170000
37Malcolm RosasMID/FWD170000
38Riley GrundyDEF170000
39Hamish BrayshawMID170000
Image result for mitch hibberd essendon

Mitch Hibberd has found his way to the Bombers via the Rookie Draft.

For Fantasy numbers of the Draftees, please check out the Keeper League.

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