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Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 13

Fry has another weekly cash cow update as we aim to navigate our way past the last bye round!

Last weekend nearly broke me. Sure, I benefitted greatly from Jack Billings and Tim Taranto’s scores and I was one of the lucky ones who pulled the trigger on Griffin Logue. Not even those breaks could help me top 1,700 leaving me questioning my pre-bye planning.

Hopefully, you’re shaping up for a much stronger finish to the season with two bye rounds now in the rear vision mirror. Don’t be tricked into thinking the job is done though, with cash generation just as important as ever with coaches across the globe aiming to load up with the best talent money can buy.


Get ‘Em

Brett Bewley, Dockers ($238K, MID, 62, BE -1)
If we aren’t handed any debutant’s or returning cheap rookies this weekend, Bewley might be the best cash cow on offer. It’s not ideal paying an extra $68 grand from a basement priced player, but with Bewley sitting in over a third of teams already, he looms as a good money maker post-byes. That is, of course, assuming Harley Bennell doesn’t take his spot…

Griffin Logue, Dockers ($254K, DEF, 100, BE -11)
Firstly, I would like to apologise to the fantasy community for advising you to wait a week on Logue. However, triple figures was NEVER in the realm of possibility for Griff, who had nine scores under 50 from his 13 career games before last weekend. We could see him dip back to 40’s before long, but with the second lowest BE in the league and a new ceiling, he’s worth taking a chance on.

Dylan Clarke, Bombers ($334K, MID, 67, BE 1)
Clarke didn’t have the same breathtaking performance in his second game of the season, but the 15,000+ who traded him in weren’t disappointed. His job security is mentioned too much for me to fully endorse him as a ‘must-have’, especially if he’ll be on your bench after the bye rounds. If you need a reliable rookie as your M8 though he could be the answer.

Hold ‘Em

Xavier Duursma, Power ($539K, DEF/MID, 86, BE 63)
Port Adelaide play their next four games at Adelaide Oval, a venue that Duursma averages over 80 at in his five games this year. So for those asking, no trading him out is not an option, even if Geelong looms as a tough task.

Bailey Smith, Bulldogs ($478K, MID/FWD, 58, BE 84)
Libba’s injury setback could see Smith feature more prominently in the Bulldogs midfield for the next month. For that reason, I’d at least give him a chance to showcase his talents again vs. Collingwood, but if he falters then a trade out seems like the smart decision.

Connor Rozee, Power ($467K, DEF/FWD, 61, BE 86)
A lofty breakeven and a matchup against the Cats would usually have alarm bells ringing, but we’ll likely need Rozee for a decent score in the final bye round. If you have a move planned for the flashy forward then I’d advise against it, but if you’re fielding a healthy 21/22 players after teams are announced then there are worse moves out there.

Watch ‘Em

Zak Butters, Power ($392K, MID/FWD, 47, BE 54)
Butters looms as the perfect player to be culled for Ollie Wines should Ken Hinkley opt to bring his skipper back. If it wasn’t for the bye rounds I’d rank Butters as a droppable candidate, so if Port omits him you can go ahead and do the same.

Callum Wilkie, Saints ($382K, DEF, 73, BE 44)
Those who rode the bumps from Wilkie in the early part of the season are somewhat reaping the benefits now. I’ll be interested to see how he performs against Brisbane and if he struggles a downgrade move from him to Naish next week could be a perfect trade.

Matthew Parker, Saints ($335K, FWD, 56, BE 38)
Amazingly still in nearly a fifth of fantasy teams, Matthew Parker might have to stay until a clear downgrade target emerges up forward. His 56 points against the Suns were fine, but I wouldn’t risk fielding him after the bye rounds in any scenario.

Dylan Moore, Hawks ($322K, FWD, 56, BE 22)
Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but every able-bodied human on your field will help this weekend. Moore re-entered the Hawks’ side and was fine which should see him stay in the line-up for Round 14. He’s no certainty, but if he holds his place he shouldn’t be in your trade plans.

Ryan Gardner, Bulldogs ($180K, DEF/FWD, 15, BE 27)
If an average game against the Eagles didn’t send him packing, then surely the performance last weekend will seal Gardner’s fate. 15 points against a lowly Carlton team is flat out ugly and if he survives the axe and I read his name on the team sheet to face Collingwood I’ll legitimately be speechless.

Nick Hind, Saints ($177K, MID, 38, BE 18)
We FINALLY saw Nick Hind handed his AFL debut after a long wait and it wasn’t the show a lot of owners were expecting. Traded in by north of 12,000 coaches, Hind could quickly find himself back in Sandringham colours as Dan Hannebery edges closer to a return. Hind was forced to play out of position somewhat spending a lot of game-time as a forward and he may have shown the St Kilda coaching staff enough to hold his place. Here’s hoping.

Drop ‘Em

N/A – I’d advise against trading out any PLAYING rookies/cash cows with the Round 12 bye this week.

On The Outside Looking In

Willem Drew (Power, MID/FWD, $405K) – It’s time to stop clinging to hope, despite 23 touches and 91 points in the SANFL. Ebert, Wines and Rocky will all find their way into the side over the next few weeks, only further decreasing Drew’s chances.

Mitch Lewis (Hawks, FWD, $308K) – 2.2 (59 points) may seem Lewis come straight back into Hawthorn’s side. Either way, he’ll likely stay in the mix for the rest of the year with more games like this.

Zac Clarke (Bombers, RUC, $280K) – Still in over 9% of teams, it’s time to trade Clarke out.

Lachie Young (Bulldogs, DEF, $278K) – Just nine touches and 45 points. Move him along.

Lachlan Schultz (Dockers, FWD, $268K) – For the 4,000+ coaches who own Schultz, he remains an outside chance to take the sore Sam Switkowski’s place after gathering 25 disposals (102 points) for Peel Thunder.

Harley Bennell (Dockers, MID, $236K) – Keeps putting his best foot forward (60 points with two goals) in an effort to squeeze into the Dockers’ outfit.

Rhylee West (Bulldogs, MID, $220K) – 15 disposals and two goals (86 points) may see West take the injured Liberatore’s place.

Will Snelling (Bombers, MID, $207K) – 99 points from 22 touches with a goal last weekend. Add him to your watchlist a third time if you haven’t done so yet.

Robbie Young (Saints, FWD, $203K) – Young could add to his AFL game tally over the rest of the season with a 70 point, two-goal outing doing his chances no harm.

Ben Cavarra (Bulldogs, FWD, $182K) – Cavarra (2.1 for 62 points) could take Ryan Garnder’s place as early as this week and give us the FWD downgrade we so desperately covet.

Jackson Ross (Hawks, FWD, $170K) – I may be repeating myself for the fifth time this year, but Ross’ day is coming after four goals straight totalling 81 points.


Get ‘Em

Oskar Baker, Demons ($310K, MID, BYE, BE -8)
Longtime readers will know that I consider trading expensive rookies in as taboo. However, Oskar Baker is shaping up to be a great cash cow for the second half of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes another $100k while scoring more 65-80’s. Similarly to Dylan Clarke, if Baker is going to reside on your bench I’d look to spend my money elsewhere, but if you need him on your field, he’s worth the $$$.

Hold ‘Em

Marty Hore, Demons ($471K, DEF, BYE, BE 71)
If he survived the Demons’ bye there’s no point axing Marty Hore this week. He should hit his breakeven against Freo and could even have another few money making weeks in him if he manages a big point total.

Noah Answerth, Lions ($305K, DEF/MID, BYE, BE 37)
An average in the 50’s doesn’t scream ‘hold me’, but for those who still have Noah Answerth, it’s wise to give him another run this weekend. The bye rounds require as many players on the field as possible and in a perfect world, he’ll rise another $20-$30k this week and return to our benches when normality resumes in Round 15.

Watch ‘Em

Gryan Miers, Cats ($462K, FWD, BYE, BE 81)
3,200 coaches moved Gryan on with his Round 13 bye and I can’t blame them, pulling the trigger on the talented Cat myself not long ago. Should you still find him in your team let him loose on the Power, but start thinking about a succession plan for the following weekend.

Jordan Clark, Cats ($406K, DEF/MID, BYE, BE 61)
If you’ve persisted this long with Jordan Clark then don’t go moving him along just yet. While his performances continue to fluctuate he could become a solid 60, which in the bye rounds is worth it’s weight in gold.

Tom Atkins, Cats ($362K, MID/FWD, BYE, BE 51)
The only reason Atkins doesn’t find himself in the ‘drop em’ group is because he’s required on our fields this weekend. If you’re in a luxurious position to move on playing rookies this week, then by all means, give Atkins the flick. If not, he survives another week.

Jack Petruccelle, Eagles ($344K, FWD, BYE, BE 68)
Without any clear downgrade FWD’s there are a lot of coaches stuck playing Petruccelle right now. During the bye rounds, that’s not a terrible idea, but once things return to normal next week I’d be offloading Petra ASAP.

Josh Rotham, Eagles ($246K, DEF, BYE, BE 6)
The likely return of Elliot Yeo, Shannon Hurn and Oscar Allen all but seals Rotham’s fate this week. There is a world where he can stay in West Coast’s side, but as they gear up for another premiership assault, I’d be surprised if we see him again this season.

Archie Smith, Lions ($242K, RUC, BYE, BE 17)
My guts tells me that he’ll make way for Oscar McInerney once teams are announced on Thursday. By no means do you have to trade Smith out if he’s omitted, but he hasn’t exactly delivered the bang we’d all hoped for.

Drop ‘Em

N/A – I’d advise against trading out any PLAYING rookies/cash cows with the Round 13 bye this week.

On The Outside Looking In

Charlie Constable (Cats, MID, $500K) – Had the week off from VFL action and my prediction is he lines up in the two’s again this round.

Jay Lockhart (Demons, DEF/MID, $383K) – No longer listed on the Dees’ injury report, we could see Lockhart earn a reprieve any round now. Could.

James Rowbottom (Swans, MID, $258K) – With a handful of players potentially returning this week, Rowbottom moves further back in the pecking order.

Isaac Quaynor (Pies, DEF, $246K) – Keep your eye on him as he seems set to debut at some point this year. My advice would be to give him a game once he does though.

Darcy Fort (Cats, RUC, $228K) – Might earn a call-up is Ratugolea isn’t right to go.

Mitch Hinge (Lions, DEF, $209K) – With no other clear basement downgrade targets, it’s wise to hold onto Hinge if you’re still an owner. For now.

Darcy Cameron (Swans, RUC, $170K) – If for whatever reason coaches are chasing a $170k ruck rook, Cameron is my pick of the bunch.


Get ‘Em

N/A – I’d advise against trading in rookies/cash cows with the Round 14 bye this week.

Hold ‘Em

Reilly O’Brien, Crows ($603K, RUC, 146, BE 49)
A player’s bye round is a perfect time to cash them in and put that money and on top of another rookie to remove them from your field. Reilly O’Brien however, hasn’t finished making his money. I was surprised to see him still in nearly 20,000 teams and after what he did against Richmond last weekend, he could honestly be worth starting if you don’t own the Grundy/Gawn combo.

Sam Walsh, Blues ($600K, MID, 86, BE 72)
Walsh lands in the ‘hold em’ category this week purely because he isn’t a must trade. With that being said, he’ll likely be one of the most traded out players now that his bye has arrived. Every fantasy team is in a different position and we could see Walshy keep scoring at a high rate after his bye, but for now, if you can get an uber talent, green light the move. Farewell rookie ?.

Liam Baker, Tigers ($511K, FWD, 69, BE 78)
If you find yourself financially able to turn Baker into an elite FWD (Boak/Kelly/Danger/Dunkley), then by all means, now is the time. If you’re still a bit strapped for cash, you can continue to play him until your bank allows such an upgrade. I wouldn’t wait much longer though.

Sydney Stack, Tigers ($481K, DEF/MID, 92, BE 65)
I’ve made it clear how much of a Sydney Stack fan I am, but eventually, we’ll want all these rookies off of our field. Much like Sam Walsh, cashing in Stack is a perfectly fine move, even if Stack continues to post lofty totals. I’ll hold him this week, but a lot of coaches won’t, so if you can get a big name for him, lock it in.

Nick Larkey, Kangaroos ($328K, FWD, 53, BE 53)
Larkey probably won’t make too much more money this year, with the Roos’ key forward lucky to survive this far. His bye is a perfect time to move him on if another option presents itself, but he can ride you bench until someone emerges if need be.

Patrick Naish, Tigers ($245K, DEF, 68, BE -13)
The return of Brandon Ellis might not have been as much of a problem as we first thought which means, we could see Naish be a start-worthy rookie to end the season. No player has a lower breakeven right now and I won’t be surprised when he’s one of the most popular trade in’s after the Tigers’ rest week.

Watch ‘Em

Will Setterfield, Blues ($416K, MID/FWD, 76, BE 40)
Put another good game together in Round 13, but surely Setterfield wouldn’t be on your field in the non-bye rounds. If he is, it might be wise to hold him after two solid scores, but if he’s destined for bench duties, now is a wise time to move him along.

Isaac Cumming, Giants ($262K, DEF, N/A, BE 23)
An injury kept him out of GWS’ team last weekend, but he’s every chance to re-enter the lineup after the bye. I would advise against bringing him in, but if you’re an owner hold on to him until the Round 15 teams emerge.

Jake Stein, Giants ($189K, DEF, N/A, BE 5)
A similar thing can be said for debutant Jake Stein, who had a solid outing in his first AFL action. I would be surprised if he kept his spot in the team, however, an impressive eight tackles against the Roos could see him given a second game at worst.

Mabior Chol, Tigers  ($187K, FWD, 56, BE 6)
While it’s extremely unlikely that Chol will continue to play senior footy once Ivan Soldo and Toby Nankervis are up and running, stranger things have happened. Over 4% of the competition owns the versatile Tiger and if he holds his spot for Round 15, it’s worth keeping half an eye on him.

Drop ‘Em

Michael Gibbons, Blues ($408K, MID/FWD, 46, BE 60)
Scored one point over his breakeven against the Bulldogs giving coaches one last slight price boost. Now is the perfect time to trade Gibbons out and pocket a good chunk of change for other moves around the grounds. Thank you for your services.

Noah Balta, Tigers ($374K, RUC/FWD, 37, BE 80)
The time has come. It’s been a ride that’s for sure, but Noah Balta needs to be moved on. That could mean stashing him on your ruck bench for the rest of 2019, but I’d rather cash him in to allow another upgrade.

On The Outside Looking In

Shai Bolton (Tigers, FWD, $372K) – Arguably Richmond’s best on in the VFL with a whopping 36 disposals and 121 points. Could come straight in after the bye.

Jackson Hately (Giants, MID, $314K) – An injury to Matt de Boer that will sideline him for 6-8 weeks could help Hately earn the reprieve he desperately deserves.

Josh Corbett (Suns, FWD, $298K) – Didn’t suit up for the Suns’ NEAFL team on the weekend and faces an uphill battle to re-enter the fray.

Bailey Scott (Kangaroos, MID, $289K) – For the near 15% of coaches still clinging to Scott, it’s time to move him on. He underwent surgery recently following a foot injury in the VFL and has no timetable for a return yet.

Chris Burgess (Suns, FWD, $193K) – Posted a 62 point game and is worth holding in case he re-emerges.

Hugh Goddard (Blues, DEF, $170K) – In a perfect world, Goddard would come into the side as a downgrade from Answerth/Wilkie/Lockhart/Scrimshaw. Let’s see if Carlton is on the same page.

Matt Owies (Blues, MID/FWD, $170K) – A name filtering through a lot for someone who kicked four goals from nine touches (77). Could be a smokey for later in the year.

Nick Shipley (Giants, MID, $170K) – 90 points, 20 disposals and a goal should still see Shipley stay in this category after the Giants’ bye.

Cash Cow King – Round 12

For the second week in a row, an epic performance from a rookie makes my vote relatively easy. I was very tempted to give Griff some love for his ton on debut, a massive boost for those brave enough to take a punt, but Reilly O’Brien SMASHED the Tigers last Thursday. He may have sealed Sam Jacobs’ fate with his dominant showing as well. Kudos O’Brien.

Ranking Rookies

Taking all fantasy aspects into consideration, here are my top 3 rookie/cash cows you should own/make a move for in each of the three bye rounds.


  1. Griffin Logue

  2. Brett Bewley*

  3. Dylan Clarke*


  1. Oskar Baker

  2. Noah Answerth*

  3. Mitchell Hinge


  1. Patrick Naish

  2. Jackson Hately

  3. Hugh Goddard

* = if named

Feel free to shoot your rookie/cash cow questions through on Twitter at @SportsbyFry for me to answer in the article. If Twitter isn’t your preferred domain hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck for Round 14!


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