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Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 12

One bye round down, two to go. Have you got your hands on the right cash cows? Fry helps us out with another rookie guide to kick-off the second half of the season.

What a way to welcome the bye rounds! One of the most interesting rounds of footy in recent memory saw nine players post a score north of 135, leading to some impressive point totals around the grounds. However, the good news stopped their with usual bench suspects failing to relish their role on the field and in turn ruining the weekend of coaches across the globe.

Bye week No. 2 will see us turn the calendar over to the second half of the season and coaches are feeling the pressure. We’re now faced with one of the toughest tasks of the year: finding a happy medium between team improvement and a decent number of players on our field.

Easier said than done.


Get ‘Em

Brett Bewley, Dockers ($203K, MID, 61, BE 2)
Hot target No. 1 in my eyes this week. Fresh off his bye there are understandable concerns about him holding his spot, but I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Here’s hoping Bewley can hang around for a good chunk of time for the second half of the year.

Dylan Clarke, Bombers ($291K, MID, BYE, BE -8)
It’s worrying and somewhat crazy that John Worsfold isn’t guaranteeing Dylan Clarke a spot in the Dons’ 22 this week after his Round 11 heroics against Patrick Cripps. It could all be smoke an mirrors, but this is a prime example of why it’s unwise to bring in a rookie with shaky JS on their bye. Here’s hoping Woosha is playing us all and if he’s named Clarke will be a coveted player, despite his price tag.

Hold ‘Em

Xavier Duursma, Power ($517K, DEF/MID, BYE, BE 51)
Coaches are trying to trade in players who’ve had their bye this week, so unless you’ve found a glitch in the Matrix and are fielding 22 in the next two weeks, moving Duursma isn’t an option I’d endorse.

Bailey Smith, Bulldogs ($489K, MID/FWD, BYE, BE 79)
You probably don’t want to leave Bailey Smith in your midfield for much longer, but the bye rounds change our thinking at this time of year. Bank the two upcoming scores from Smith, but if you’re an owner, start to save some coin so you can turn him into a stud come Round 15.

Connor Rozee, Power ($481K, DEF/FWD, BYE, BE 87)
Don’t overreact to some average scores just yet, Rozee needs to be held like the above names. Remember he has shown a great ceiling this year going over 90 more often than he’s gone under 50. Stick with him for the next two weeks, at least.

Watch ‘Em

Zak Butters, Power ($386K, MID/FWD, BYE, BE 39)
While Butters has to be moved on eventually, he deserves to stay if Port keeps him in their side. With Wines’ and Rocky’s status still unclear Butters may be able to string a few more games together before we send him packing.

Callum Wilkie, Saints ($366K, DEF, BYE, BE 47)
Hanging on by a thread the bye rounds are the only thing saving Callum Wilkie right now. If you want to explore a Wilkie to Naish move I can see the temptation, but with Naish’s bye coming up it’s probably not the wisest investment.

Matthew Parker, Saints ($326K, FWD, BYE, BE 41)
If you look through your fantasy squad and see Matthew Parker’s name still in your forward line, now is not the time to trade him. Unless a decent, cheaper option presents itself, then getting two more bye round scores out of him will be important.

Mitch Lewis, Hawks ($308K, FWD, BYE, BE 32)
Every score counts during the bye rounds and Lewis’ spot in Hawthorn’s side seems like his to lose right now. We could see Jarryd Roughead replace him eventually, but Moore should at least post two scores in the next fortnight, which are worth their weight in gold.

Lachie Young, Bulldogs ($278K, DEF, BYE, BE 45)
Young’s status for this week hinges on the availability of injured duo, Hayden Crozier and Taylor Duryea. Both players require fitness tests and if they don’t get up them Young might be in line for his 7th game of the year. I fully expect his name to be one of the outs come Thursday night though.

Robbie Young, Saints ($203K, FWD, BYE, BE 21)
Young faces a tough task holding his spot in the side given his miserable output. That being said, St Kilda isn’t really in a luxurious position to shuffle too many players around as injury issues continue to dictate team moves. Don’t go investing in Young, but if you’re an owner hold onto him and pray he can find some of the footy.

Ryan Gardner, Bulldogs ($178K, DEF/FWD, BYE, BE 16)
There are some people who believe Gardner came straight from the mid-season draft and into the Bulldogs team because of his incredible talents. While I’m not here to knock his footballing ability, I’d be a bit surprised if he holds his spot after a quiet game against the Eagles in Round 11. I hope I’m wrong and that Gardner IS a member of the Dogs’ best 22, but I have my doubts.

Drop ‘Em

N/A – I’d advise against trading out any PLAYING rookies/cash cows with the Round 12 bye this week.

On The Outside Looking In

Willem Drew (Power, MID/FWD, $405K) – Over a quarter of the league still own Drew, who managed another big 134 in the SANFL, even with Ollie Wines in the side. Team selection this week could be his final chance.

Jack Scrimshaw (Hawks, DEF, $387K) – Injured. Trade out instantly.

Will Hayes (Bulldogs, MID, $338K) – No new news on Hayes, who can be offloaded in my opinion.

Dylan Moore (Hawks, FWD, $291K) – With Wingard going down, Moore could find himself back in the AFL for a string of games. Could.

Zac Clarke (Bombers, RUC, $280K) – There’s a chance that Clarke won’t play in the AFL again this year. Move him along.

Harley Bennell (Dockers, MID, $236K) – Could we see Harley Bennell come straight into Freo’s outfit off their bye? My guess is no.

Rhylee West (Bulldogs, MID, $220K) – West continues to nudge closer to a debut, but may have to keep bidding his time.

Griffin Logue (Dockers, DEF, $216K) – A few have inquired about Logue as an option with Pearce going down. My advice is to avoid (or at least wait) considering his low scoring capacity, but desperate times may call for desperate measures.

Brayden Ham (Bombers, FWD, $207K) – Don’t count on seeing him in the byes, but their hefty injury list could see him get a game or two late in the year.

Will Snelling (Bombers, MID, $207K) – It’s hard to tell whether Snelling will earn a senior debut this year, but he may force Essendon’s hand. Add to your watchlist, twice.

Lloyd Meek (Dockers, MID, $170K) – Don’t do anything silly, but I’ll keep an eye on his numbers with the ruck stocks at Freo taking a beating. Currently averaging 64 from five WAFL contests.


Get ‘Em

N/A – I’d advise against trading in rookies/cash cows with the Round 13 bye this week.

Hold ‘Em

Marty Hore, Demons ($471K, DEF, 71, BE 70)
A lot of people are offloading Marty Hore this round, that is if they didn’t already pull the trigger last week. Nearly 40% of coaches are still clinging on to Hore, who returned to the field after a week’s hiatus and scored his stereotypical 70. However, with our eyes on the prize if you can move Marty on and get a coveted upgrade now is the time to go for it. There aren’t a lot of Round 12 candidates that excite me apart from James Sicily, so sticking with him is still a solid route.

Oskar Baker, Demons ($310K, MID, 76, BE -9)
I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I placed Oskar Baker in the get em section, despite three stellar games on the trot. Against the likes of GWS, Adelaide and Collingwood, Baker has averaged over 78 points and should slot back into Melbourne’s lineup next week without too much worry. You have to pay up for Baker now after these big outings, but I’d almost advise finding the coin for him if you need a starting rook in the MID’s after the byes.

Noah Answerth, Lions ($305K, DEF/MID, 55, BE 37)
Personally I think I’m going to hold onto Answerth despite him taking a week off. His DPP versatility has helped me with a few moves already this year and he seems to have found a place amongst the Lions’ best 22. He needs to up the anti slightly, and there’s nothing wrong with moving him on, but for me, he stays.

Watch ‘Em

Gryan Miers, Cats ($462K, FWD, 86, BE 81)
I copped a bit of flack for moving Miers out of my team last week, but as I’ve said weekly, rookies need to be moved on eventually. If you’re on of the 12.2% of coaches who have Miers still in your side my advice would be to turn him into an elite FWD like Josh Dunkley. If you can only reach a Jack Billing/James Worpel type, by no means do you have to trade Miers away, but after dropping in price for the third straight week, it’s time to orchestrate a move.

Archie Smith, Lions ($242K, RUC, 35, BE 17)
Uggghhh. I wanted so much more out of Archie Smith, but the maned Lion let me and my reputation down. No longer is he a viable trade in target and just eight touches and 14 hitouts against the Blues will likely see him swapped for Oscar McInerney swap in Round 14.

Josh Rotham, Eagles ($246K, DEF, 46, BE 6)
46 points probably won’t keep Rotham in West Coast’s outfit, especially if Shannon Hurn makes an instant return next weekend. Still, the young Eagle didn’t do terribly, with a slim chance he holds his spot.

James Rose, Swans ($232K, FWD, 49, BE 24)
I’m glad that coaches weren’t tricked into nabbing Rose last week with his 49 potentially seeing him become a one-hit wonder. If he’s still around after the byes my thinking might alter, but for now, let his ownership stay close to 1%.

Drop ‘Em

Jordan Clark, Cats ($406K, DEF/MID, 44, BE 61)
Clark has shown a tendency to score big and follow it up with a subpar effort. His five-round average of 65.4 includes three scores over 75, plus a 44 and 27. Rookies have to be culled eventually and if you’re still a Clark owner, move him along without too much worry.

Tom Atkins, Cats ($362K, MID/FWD, 56, BE 51)
Geelong’s bye coincides with the perfect time to offload Tom Atkins. You may want to keep him given his solid job security, but a move to Bewley or Clarke if named is a great way to make a bit of coin and land a Round 12 bye player.

Jack Petruccelle, Eagles ($344K, FWD, 44, BE 68)
Those clinging on to the faint hope that his 115 against Port Adelaide can be replicated let me point out Petra hasn’t scored over 55 in the seven games since. His bye round gives owners a perfect excuse to part ways with the low-possession winner and allows them to breathe a little easier knowing he’s no longer in their squad of 30.

On The Outside Looking In

Charlie Constable (Cats, MID, $500K) – 19% of the competition could be in for a MASSIVE boost if Constable comes back. More games like the 26 disposal (89 points) one on the weekend could see that come to fruition.

Jay Lockhart (Demons, DEF/MID, $383K) – I’ve made it quite clear this season that I’m not a huge fan of Jay Lockhart, but 127 points in the VFL with 11 marks and seven tackles could see him re-enter Melbourne’s lineup after the week off.

Corey Wagner (Demons, MID/FWD, $279K) – If you’re still an owner it’s worth holding Wags, who dropped another big game with 137 points from 27 touches.

James Rowbottom (Swans, MID, $258K) – Posted another batch of noteworthy numbers with 31 disposals. His price is too awkward to seriously consider, even if he’s named later in the season.

Isaac Quaynor (Pies, DEF, $246K) – Eight touches for 37 points. Moving on.

Darcy Fort (Cats, RUC, $228K) – Smith and Abbott seem to be above Fort in the ruck depth chart, potentially meaning he’ll stay in the VFL for the rest of the year.

Mitch Hinge (Lions, DEF, $209K) – Managed 23 touches for a 97. Worth holding in case he earns a recall.

Darcy Cameron (Swans, RUC, $170K) – Building nicely for a late-season call-up (25 hitouts, 20 touches, 131 points)

Kyle Dunkley (Demons, MID, $170K) – Stellar game for Casey with three goals, 21 possessions and 112 points. Monitor.


Get ‘Em

Patrick Naish, Tigers ($201K, DEF, 79, BE -8)
I asked for a gift from the fantasy gods last week, pleading for Naish to be named and boy oh boy did he deliver. No player came in to more teams than Naish with over 20,000 coaches pulling the trigger on the young Tiger cub. If Ellis’ return doesn’t squeeze him out of the lineup he’ll be among the most traded in players again this week.

Hold ‘Em

Sam Walsh, Blues ($581K, MID, 137, BE 56)
3,081 coaches moved Sam Walsh out of their lineup leading into Round 12 and naturally, the Rising Star front runner went on to post his highest score of the season. Averaging 92 for the season we all know that Walsh isn’t cut from the same cloth as other rookies, but if you can net a big fish for him it’s still the way to go. All of a sudden though trading him out on his bye round isn’t a move that’s set in stone…

Reilly O’Brien, Crows ($563K, RUC, 101, BE 78)
While a lot of people are starting to cash in ROB, there’s a chance he holds Sam Jacobs out of the side for the remainder of the year! I can’t see it happening and my gut says he’ll eventually make way for Sauce and given the fact that he’s virtually as expensive as he’ll ever be, I’d give O’Brien one last run then cash in when it’s bye time.

Liam Baker, Tigers ($509K, FWD, 63, BE 67)
A lot of coaches are running with Liam Baker as their last rookie in the FWD’s and honestly, that’s a formula that should work after the bye rounds. With St Kilda and Gold Coast the two immediate foes Baker and Richmond will clash with after their rest, keeping him as perhaps your last rookie upgrade seems like a smart play.

Sydney Stack, Tigers ($472K, DEF/MID, 52, BE 79)
A lofty breakeven could lead to Stack being moved on by a lot of coaches in Round 14. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading Stack when the time comes, but it’s worth pointing out his last possession on Friday night came after he attended a centre bounce. Hold for now.

Michael Gibbons, Blues ($406K, MID/FWD, 81, BE 45)
First things first, well done on the second highest score of your career Gibbo. Secondly, don’t for a minute be fooled into thinking he’s worth keeping after the bye rounds. He may score well again when they clash with the Bulldogs, but Gibbons is a prime example of a fattened cash cow who can be offloaded in Round 14.

Nick Larkey, Kangaroos ($330K, FWD, 53, BE 37)
You picked a great time to dish up your worst score of the year Nick, against the Gold Coast Suns as well! Larkey was a non-factor in North’s win, but will likely still hold his spot in their side. For that reason, as frustrating as it is, we’ve got to hold him and hope for another 50/60+. Next week the axe may have to swing though.

Isaac Cumming, Giants ($262K, DEF, 32, BE 23)
Don’t you laugh Isaac, your form isn’t much better. Sure we knew you weren’t going to drop another 70 as you did against the Suns, but THIRTY TWO! Making matters worse, Cumming locked down popular player Brodie Smith and did such a good job that he could target a Kangaroos forward this week. Glass half full, he went up in price?

Watch ‘Em

Will Setterfield, Blues ($394K, MID/FWD, 86, BE 39)
I was tempted to move Setterfield up a level, but let’s be honest, he has to go when Carlton’s bye rolls around. Last week was by far his best score of the season and while it was a welcome addition for 31.2% of the comp, Setters can still be moved on next week without too much regret.

Noah Balta, Tigers ($389K, RUC/FWD, 38, BE 66)
Yet another rookie that failed to fire when we needed them most, Balta’s time has nearly come. Virtually topping out in price and with a tough game against Adelaide this week I could understand why you’d move him along, or send him to your RUC bench for the remainder of the year.

Josh Corbett, Suns ($298K, FWD, 15, BE 66)
Hopefully a few crappy games in a row doesn’t cost Corbett a place in Gold Coast’s team. A lot of coaches (including yours truly) are clinging on to the hope that he can have one more solid score before his bye and then he can return to the depths of our FWD bench. Fingers crossed.

Drop ‘Em

Liam Stocker, Blues ($286K, MID, N/A, BE 41)
Injured, expected to miss a month of footy with a foot problem. Catch ya.

Chris Burgess, Suns ($193K, DEF/FWD, 28, BE 40)
Burgess only lands in the drop em category because there is no lower ranking. It’s probably not even a good idea to trade him out because he’s worth so little. SMH.

On The Outside Looking In

Shai Bolton (Tigers, FWD, $372K) – Bolton did what was required of him with 25 possessions, 11 tackles and 125 fantasy points at state league level. If you’re an owner have faith, he could be straight back in.

Jackson Hately (Giants, MID, $314K) – A standard score of 120 with 23 disposals. If Hately can’t get a game posting these numbers he’ll likely play at reserve level for the rest of 2019.

Hugh Goddard (Blues, DEF $170K) – The popular bench option might not make an appearance in the bye rounds, but 107 with 22 touches and 12 marks will keep him on the fringe.

Nick Shipley (Giants, MID, $170K) – If Hately can’t get called up I don’t know why Shipley would, even after 21 touches and 91 points.

Mabior Chol (Tigers, FWD, $170K) – Should Richmond opt to mix their ruck rotation up, Balta could make way for Chol fresh off his two-goal, 15 touch, 22 hitout game (100 points).

Cash Cow King – Round 12

Let’s not get fancy here, Sam Walsh is getting my vote. Sam Walsh should get all the votes following the best game of his career against Brisbane. There were some worthy nominees joining him in the graphic below, but 137 points from 32 disposals and 12 marks isn’t a performance that we thought rookies were capable of. Kudos Walshy.

Ranking Rookies

Taking all fantasy aspects into consideration, here are my top 3 rookie/cash cows you should own/make a move for in each of the three bye rounds.


  1. Brett Bewley

  2. Dylan Clarke*

  3. Ryan Gardner*


  1. Oskar Baker

  2. Noah Answerth

  3. Mitchell Hinge*


  1. Patrick Naish*

  2. Jackson Hately*

  3. Hugh Goddard*

* = if named

Feel free to shoot your rookie/cash cow questions through on Twitter at @SportsbyFry for me to answer in the article. If Twitter isn’t your preferred domain hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck for Round 13!


An Australian coffee/burrito enthusiast who is the frustrated owner of 16 fantasy teams. Writer for SportsbyFry and DT Talk ?

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