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How do you Compare to the Top 100 AFL Fantasy Coaches?

Magtuto looks at the ownership of the top 100 coaches in Fantasy Classic.

Am I the only one who is thankful that the bye rounds are over? Once again, the AFL Fantasy gods have reminded all of us that you can plan as much as you can, but there are always surprises just around the corner. The first major bye (round 12) was supposed to be the ‘easiest’ and it was anything but easy.  The first gift from the fantasy gods was the injury and non-availability, of the most selected and highest averaging defender (Laird) in AFL Fantasy. Round 13 started with the highest averaging midfielder (Macrae) and highest averaging forward (McLean) going down early with injuries. At this stage we were all fearful for Grundy, he was next, but he bucked off the trend and played through the byes. The third bye (round 14) left us with parting gifts, long term injuries to the second most traded rookie and one of the more consistent midfielders (Treloar), who is owned by 56 %of the top 100.  I am sure there would be a coach out there who traded Laird to Macrae, Macrae to Treloar! If you are still playing, well done.

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How did you navigate the bye rounds? Did you stick to the ‘smart game’ of upgrading and avoiding unnecessary sideways trades? Do a stocktake and count the number of rookies you have on the ground. Is the number less than what you had before byes? If it is, then you have done well. Last year the bye rounds saw start of the demise of team Ricontop. Last year I broke all these rules, and when the fog of the bye rounds lifted, I was carrying the same number of rooks before the byes!  This year, my ranking improved from just under 5000 before the byes to 1318 at the completion of round 14.

It’s week 15 of the AFL Fantasy competition. The following data and information will focus on the most selected players in the top 100 AFL Fantasy coaches. So again, this year I ask, “How do I compare with the top 100 AFL Fantasy Coaches?”.  My team has 17/22 of the vanilla selection as per listed below.


J. Lloyd (83%), E. Yeo (82%), J. Sicily (69%), K. Simpson (66%), L. Whitfield (58%) & A. Brayshaw (44%)


T. Mitchell (100%), Z. Merrett (86%), L. Neale (62%), J. Kelly (61%), A. Treloar (56%), S. Coniglio (56%), N. Fyfe (31%) & P. Cripps (30%)


M. Gawn (100%) & S. Martin (62%)


I. Heeney (87%), D. Smith (82%), T. McLean (78%), T. Rockliff (72%), B. Fritsch (58%) & J. Westhoff (42%)


D1 J. Lloyd $686K Ownership 37% Top 100 Ownership 83%

D2 E. Yeo $700K Ownership 52% Top 100 Ownership 82%

D3 J. Sicily $619K Ownership 26% Top 100 Ownership 69%

D4 K. Simpson $666K Ownership 43% Top 100 Ownership 66%

D5 L.  Whitfield $651K Ownership 14% Top 100 Ownership 58%

D6 A. Brayshaw $667K Ownership 22% Top 100 Ownership 44%

These six players represent the most common premium defenders in the top 100. The biggest anomaly in the top 100 lists is the selection of R. Laird (39%), the highest averaging player in defence, the clear standout premium in the backline is not in the top 6.  It will be interesting moving forward how many of the top teams bring Laird in this week. If you have a full premium team and have an opportunity to a pull a luxury trade, Laird is a no brainer decision. If you can’t reach Laird, I like both Goddard and Hurley as a unique option.

H. Goddard $555K Ownership 2.2% Top 100 Ownership 4%

M. Hurley $567K Ownership 7.2% Top 100 Ownership 0% 


M1 T. Mitchell $812K Ownership 73% Top 100 Ownership 100%

M2 Z. Merrett $672K Ownership 26% Top 100 Ownership 86%

M3 L. Neale $673K Ownership 13% Top 100 Ownership 62%

M4 J. Kelly $769K Ownership 21% Top 100 Ownership 61%

M5 A. Treloar $730K Ownership 15% Top 100 Ownership 56%

M6 S. Coniglio $698K Ownership 25% Top 100 Ownership 56%

M7 N. Fyfe $729K Ownership 31% Top 100 Ownership 31%

M8 P. Cripps $684K Ownership 20% Top 100 Ownership 30%


These eight players represent the most common midfielders in the top 100.  It’s the case of ‘everybody loves Mitchell’. He is owned by 100 out of the top 100 coaches. However, after last week’s score, maybe he is not loved by everybody. Mitchell was the most selected captain in the top 100, with an overwhelming 97% selecting him. It also comes as no surprised that J. Kelly was the most traded midfielder by the top 100 coaches. In round 13 only 1 coach owned him in the top 100. He is currently in 61% of the top 100 teams. If you are after unique players, I like both players below.

T. Phillips $689K Ownership 4% Top 100 Ownership 2%

S. Sidebottom $736K Ownership 7% Top 100 Ownership 14%


R1 M. Gawn $719K Ownership 50% Top 100 Ownership 100%

R2 S. Martin $708K Ownership 20% Top 100 Ownership 62%

Gawn and Martin remains the most selected players in the rucks. If you are after a unique pick here, move on. Apart from Grundy, I wouldn’t touch anybody else in the ruck.  My prediction is that we will see Grundy’s top 100 percentage ownership increase from this point forward.

B. Grundy $797K Ownership 26% Top 100 Ownership 24%


F1 I. Heeney $672K Ownership 51% Top 100 Ownership 87%

F2 D. Smith $699K Ownership 33% Top 100 Ownership 82%

F3 T. McLean $670K Ownership 21% Top 100 Ownership 78%

F4 T. Rockliff $578K Ownership 26% Top 100 Ownership 72%

F5 B. Fritsch $579K Ownership 28% Top 100 Ownership 58%

F6 J. Westhoff $662K Ownership 21% Top 100 Ownership 42%

These six players represent the most common premium forwards in the top 100 teams.  I know what you’re saying! You don’t think Fritsch is a premium. The boy is averaging more than Wingard and Rocky and he is worth more than Wingard, Rocky and even Dusty.  Are we ever going to trade him out?  For now, as an owner he stays in my team.  If you want to play ‘spot the Billings’, 7% of the top 100 still own him. Lastly if you are after unique picks in the forward line, I like Menegola and Walters.

S. Menegola $668K Ownership 19% Top 100 Ownership 19%

M. Walters $572K Ownership 6% Top 100 Ownership 1%

Each week, after “lock-out” I do an analysis of the top 100 AFL Fantasy coaches. If you want to get this information, make sure you follow me on Twitter.

How did you compare?

Add me on Twitter @magtuto and go unique!

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