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The Milkmen Review – Round 4

See who the Milkmen think are the next group of rookies coming through.

With the exception of our reliable rookie defenders, round four saw a lot of the most popular cash cows underperform. It appears to be that time of year where we can start trading out some of our rookies who have done their dash and begin conventionally downgrading and upgrading. We’ve structured the article this week a bit differently and will first look at players you may see coming in to sides in the upcoming weeks before giving advice on which cash cow rookies you can afford to bring out for these respective players.

The Next Wave

With so many rookies on the chopping block, we thought it would be wise to introduce coaches to the next wave of rookie cash cows that should be close to being selected. If any of these rookies are named in the next few coming weeks they should be good for some short-term cash generation.


Taylin Duman (Fremantle, $170,000) – He first got our attention when he was named as an emergency for Fremantle last week, but it was upon watching his form in the WAFL that this little-known defender from Fremantle kept our attention. He was actually drafted by Fremantle in 2016 and averaged 17 disposals at WAFL level last year. Is averaging 101 from the two games he’s played for Peel this year and was again named emergency for Fremantle this past weekend. Is close and is an exciting prospect.

Isaac Cumming (GWS, $170,000) – You may remember this man from the pre-season watchlist and just to provide fans an update he has been dominating in the NEAFL at the moment. In Round 1 he scored 105 points before backing it up with a 30 disposal effort for 120 points. Although he has been one of the strongest performers on this list, he’s actually fighting one of the hardest battles to find a spot in the best 22. Matt Buntine is also a week away from injury and is rated quite highly at the club which just makes the challenge that much harder.

Colin O’Riordan (Sydney, $170,000) – Colin is a favourite of the Milkmen heading in to the 2018 season on the back of averaging 74 for the Swans in the NEAFL. Has opened his account this year with scores of 98 and 97 so will be ready when his time finally comes at the club.

Bailey Rice (St Kilda, $170,000) – With so many issues at St Kilda, really anyone playing in the VFL becomes a viable option to get a game for the club. Bailey is another name that you may remember as he was drafted back in 2015 and still hasn’t managed to crack his debut for the club. Has been solid in both games down at Sandringham where he backed up his 67 point effort with an 80 point performance on the weekend. The injury to Roberton could open the door further.

Brody Mihocek (Collingwood, $170,000) – Although Mihocek hasn’t been tearing it up from a fantasy perspective, he has been named emergency every week so far for the Pies. For those interested he got 43 points in VFL Round 1 and 56 points over the weekend.

Mitch Hibberd (North Melbourne, $235,000) – If you don’t remember Rice and Cumming’s name then we understand, but surely by now you know who Hibberd is. If not then allow us to introduce him to you. Hibberd was a pre-season bolter for North last year and only managed four games for the club at an average of 41. It did include a score of 87 in his last proper outing for the club in 2017 before injury struck to end his season. This caused Hibberd to again be talked about in pre-season rookie circles this yearm but he is yet to play a game this season, despite being named emergency three times. On the weekend, Hibberd scored 109 points for Norths’ VFL side (thanks largely to 9 tackles) so we are sure, once again, will be talked about as potential cash cow option.


Corey Lyons (Brisbane, $170,000)  – Here’s one we expect to debut very soon. The inside player that brings the grunt that the Lions just seem to be missing at the moment. With his brother doing so well down the road at Gold Coast the Lions should be hoping for similar output from Corey.  Although he is not up against the biggest bodies going around there in the NEAFL, has managed two great games that have netted 81 and 134 points. Would make our top 3 for most likely to come in out of all the names included in the next wave.

Kobe Mutch (Essendon, $170,000) – Mutch is in a very similar boat to Dylan Clark who is discussed below in the forwards. He has been dominating the first two games at reserve level with scores of 91 and 133. The problem that any Essendon player faces, is it’s actually quite a hard team to crack in to. We were actually impressed by Guelfi for finding a way in to the team.

Charlie Constable (Geelong, $200,000) – At the start of the year it looked like Constable would need a few injuries within the side to get a game. Those few injuries happened and he was still not able to get a game so we really don’t know what the kid has to do to get on the park. Looked good in the JLT and has backed it up with scores of 124 and 74 in the VFL.

Nick Shipley (GWS, $170,000) – In Round 1 of the NEAFL, Shipley had 25 touches, 13 tackles and 126 dreamteam points. In Round 2, Shipley didn’t play NEAFL as he was the emergency at the ground for GWS against Fremantle. Hasn’t put a foot wrong at the club and has plenty of attributes the selection committee will like. There’s just not too many on the chopping block at GWS at the moment.

Tom North (Fremantle, $170,000) – Tom North was actually surprisingly close to a round 1 call up at Fremantle, which is why we’ve decided to include him in this list. Although he didn’t play the first two rounds for Peel he did get a run on the weekend and had 82 points. If one of our Freo rookies do get the chop then it could be a like for like replacement.

Harrison Wigg (Gold Coast, $170,000) – Would’ve been a lock for Round 1 had he not injured his ankle and is now back playing in the NEAFL following his recovery from said injury. Looked a lot better on the weekend when  he scored 93 points from his 25 disposals. Still probably needs a couple more weeks to get everything right but should be seeing him in the side soon after that.

Ed Phillips (St Kilda, $170,000) – In a similar vein to Rice is currently on St Kilda’s list so stands a chance of getting a game. Can run all day and his two VFL games so far has seen scores of 107 and 78. Hasn’t been named in the best players yet which suggests the stats may not be telling the whole story. It is worth noting though that he has had 17 handball receives over two weeks so they do want to get the ball in to his hands.

Joe Atley (Port Adelaide, $248,000) – If only Joe had picked up the same genes from his brother Shaun and was a lot quicker, then he would be a lock for our sides. The harsh reality is that he does his best work as an inside midfielder, which Port have an abundance of at the moment.  May have missed his moment when he wasn’t named to replace SPP. Still we will keep him here so you start to remember the name as he has gone 94, 100 and 76 in the first three rounds of the SANFL.

Brayden Ainsworth (West Coast, $208,000) – Another favourite of ours who has been selected as emergency every week for the club. In his only outing for East Perth this year he scored 91.  The injury to Venables has us hoping that Ainsworth is selected as the replacement. He does still face some tough competition from other players for that spot though.


William Frampton (Port Adelaide, $170,000) – As always, the ruckmen are quite difficult to suggest who may come in soon. The reality of the situation is that for most ruckmen they are an injury away from actually being fantasy relevant but perhaps Frampton is the closest to getting a game. If Hinkley does finally decide to break the mould and choose a proper first choice ruckmen in his side then we have Frampton ahead of Hayes still. He is averaging 84 in the SANFL and doing more around the ground than Hayes in terms of disposals, marks and goals.

Just for a reference point the other key cash cow ruckmen performing well in the reserve level are Darcy Cameron (averaging 84), Marc Pittonet (scored 80 on the weekend), Brayden Crossley (scored 115 points on the weekend) and Lloyd Meek (averaged 95 since Sean Darcy went down).  Once again, these guys are just biding their time until there is a key injury at their respective clubs so don’t expect an amazing amount from them any time soon.

Not to alarm Stefan Martin owners as he looks like he is lapping up being the number one ruck owner, but Oscar McInerney has been named emergency 3 times now and is averaging 72 points in the NEAFL. Don’t feel there’s much to worry about with Oscar but wouldn’t want owners of Martin not to be familiar with his name.


Aidan Bonar (GWS, $250,000) – Bonar faces a similar uphill battle to Shipley and Cumming to crack in to the GWS side. He is still a name you should remember in case he pops in to the team in the coming weeks. Is built like a man already and is going at an average of 81 from two games in the NEAFL. Is one of the many potential forward options that are available as midfielders also.

Dylan Clarke (Essendon, $170,000) – Another one of said options that is also available as a midfielder. No one written about in this section comes close to doing what Clarke has been doing in the reserve level format. Clarke scored 116 during round 1 and backed it up over the weekend with a monster score of 153 in a losing side. Clarke has turned himself in to a tackling machine and would be in the 22 at most of the other clubs. If he is picked, then find a way to bring him in to your team.

Ben Ronke (Sydney, $170,000) – While we are speaking of tackling machines we may as well introduce you to Ben Ronke. Has been compared to Kieran Jack his whole career and ironically could come in to replace him at some point. Has hugged his way to scores of 92 and 109 so far in the NEAFL. Has also been on standby as emergency twice this year already.

Charlie Ballard (Gold Coast, $188,000) – Ballard was quite a skinny player that Gold Coast took on in the draft but it’s back to back scores in the 80s in the NEAFL combined with the poor performance of Gold Coast on the weekend that has excited for him. One to keep an eye out on in the coming weeks.

Lachlan Keefe (GWS, $170,000) – In a similar mould to Mihocek in that he hasn’t been scoring great at reserve level but has been named emergency every week, so has to be considered close to a call up. Hopefully he doesn’t become our downgrade option though and others from this article play first.

Paul Ahern (North Melbourne, $170,000) – Yet another of the pre-season names you may remember. Scored 121 in North’s only VFL game thus far so just putting him here so no-one forgets the name when they come across the team sheet. Will need North to lose a game or two before he is picked though.  Should mention that you can get him as a midfielder as well.

Josh Battle (St Kilda, $170,000) – Fits the proven category of being on St Kilda’s list so is a chance. Injuries to Bruce and Membrey have only increased that chance too. Didn’t perform well on the weekend but has a score of 102 from Sandringhams first round VFL game he can rely on.

Tim Smith (Melbourne, $179,000) – There was a point when Tim Smith was actually thought of as the great hope to assist Hogan up forward for Melbourne. That hasn’t eventuated just yet, but he is performing well enough in the VFL (average of 87) to suggest that he could be ready to take Fristch’s spot if required. Unfortunately for Smith, there’s also a whole bunch of other players, like Balic, who are also ready to take his spot.

Harry McKay (Carlton, $225,000) – Is clearly loved at Carlton but we put him in a similar category to Keefe. If he is named make sure you have no other choice before bringing him in to your side, as he just doesn’t have much of a fantasy game about him yet.

Patrick Wilson (Adelaide, $170,000) – We spoke about Wilson last week as a potential replacement for Liam Ryan if he is named. Just don’t know what he has to do to get named other than hope that Betts is injured, and Murphy isn’t ready to come back in. Would be safe as houses at any other club to pick up in your midfield or forward line.

Mitch Lewis (Hawthorn, $170,000) – You may have heard that you should never trust a man with two first names but if he is selected we’ll be putting full trust in to Lewis. He has backed up his solid pre season with good numbers in the VFL, which includes an 111 point effort on the weekend.

The Current Crop:

With the next crop of cash cows about to enter the system, let’s have a look at what rookies it may be time to cash out on.


When talking about cash cows, the defence is probably the most reliable area. Therefore, it is tough to recommend prioritising a trade in this area just yet. With Jeremy Finlayson ($352,000 BE 0) and Sam Murray ($351,000 BE -3) both averaging 76 and showing no signs of slowing down, these two can continue to be played on your field with complete confidence. Nick Coffield ($308,000 BE 11) is only two games in and already looks right at home at the level. His job security looks solid and there is no reason why he can’t go on to average 70 this season. Whilst the other regulars back there such as Tom Doedee ($337,000 BE 24), Alex Pearce ($271,000 BE 25) and Aaron Naughton ($310,000 BE 27) are only getting scores in the 50’s and are getting close to hitting max value, remember that the byes are coming up and these guys have great job security. Whilst it may be tempting to downgrade to the likes of David Mirra ($188,000 BE 6) or one of the new guys potentially coming in, we would recommend prioritising the midfield and forward line. However, if you are keen on bringing in Mirra this week, out of those top six selected rookie defenders listed above, we would recommend trading out Naughton first.


It was a disappointing week from our cash cow midfielders. So much so that a few of the most highly selected rookies are now fast approaching hitting their max value. If you are one of the 45% of coaches still with Dom Barry ($275,000 BE 11), it may be time to say goodbye to him. Not only is he no longer getting a game for Port Adelaide, but he is also underperforming in the SANFl, managing just 59 points on the weekend. After Barry, Andrew Brayshaw ($317,000 BE 41), Nicholas Holman ($344,000) and Paddy Dow ($293,000) are starting to look tired and it may be getting the point where you can thank them for their service and look to move them on. Jordan Cunico ($259,000 BE -8) looks the best option to bring in as a downgrade.


The forward line is sure to cause a few headaches for Fantasy coaches in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, Daniel Venables ($245,000 BE 15) has joined Liam Ryan (323,000 BE -3) on the long-term injury list as he sustained a 10-12 week ankle injury against Gold Coast on the weekend. Bayley Fritsch ($313,000 BE 34) has put two poor weeks together and here at Milkmen headquarters, we are starting to fear for his job security. Darcy Fogarty ($273000 BE 40) is also in a very similar position. If you don’t have Willie Rioli ($210,000 BE 2), his job security is now a lock given that Venables and Ryan are out for an extended period of time. The other option is Matt Guelfi ($193,000 BE 2) who looked great for the Bombers and is still cheap.


Obviously trade strategies will vary between each team and therefore, it is difficult to recommend specific trades without seeing your entire squad. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have but as a general rule, you should be prioritising trading out the players who are no longer best 22, such as Dom Barry, or players who have sustained long term injuries, such as Liam Ryan and Daniel Venables. As this upcoming round feels like a bit of a turning point in the season, we will be doing a live Q&A on twitter before the Friday night game to help you with any last-minute decisions you may be facing. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we are happy to help.

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  1. Fooz


    April 19, 2018 at 11:56 pm

    …thorts on Gallucci? Just outside rooke range but has got a gig this week. I understand that his JS is questionable, but considering the carnage at the Crows… wot’s everyone’s opinion?

    • Fooz


      April 19, 2018 at 11:57 pm

      For R5, I’m playing the BE game atm.

      Holman to Gallucci
      Venables to Crowden.

      • Avatar


        April 20, 2018 at 3:44 pm

        i think venebles to crowden is a nice move. not sure about getting rid of holman just yet though.

  2. Nick


    April 20, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    The amount of time and effort you blokes put into these articles is mind boggling – my team and I really appreciate your input!

    I agree with a couple of other comments requesting a top 5 (or top 10!) trade ins and outs. I’d also prefer the article to come out after teams have dropped, as it makes a massive difference as to which rookies are the best options.

    Cheers again!

  3. Avatar


    April 22, 2018 at 1:34 am

    “Harry McKay (Carlton, $225,000) – Is clearly loved at Carlton but we put him in a similar category to Keefe. If he is named make sure you have no other choice before bringing him in to your side, as he just doesn’t have much of a fantasy game about him yet.”
    Yeah 4 goals, 75pts on debut what a dud…

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