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Moneyball’s $5,000 Saturday Slam

The ultimate guide to winning cash is right here as Cal looks over the best options for the $5K special

Welcome to my Moneyball family…. It’s the big $5,000 with the winner taking home a cool $650.

Sydney v Fremantle 2:10pm AEST
Geelong v Richmond
Brisbane v Gold Coast
Essendon v Adelaide
West Coast v Carlton 7:40pm AEST

What a huge Saturday we have here with so many big clashes and so many big guns to choose from. I’ve been crunching the numbers though team, so trust me (I hope)… I think have you covered with some big juicy options for this epic Saturday.

Last week I was on the money with a few crackers such as Luke Ryan, Gibbs and even the rookie Corey Maynard… so hopefully I have my A Game ready for you today.

Peter Wright (RUC, $6,200) 

As we all know, the Brisbane backline get absolutely brutalised by forward. With Tom Lynch on the sidelines, “two metre Peter” will now be the main target for the Gold Coast midfielders.

Fresh off a nice 95 from last week and 72 when he met the Lions earlier this year, he could be huge today and very likely of kicking a bag at the GABBA.

Luke Ryan (DEF, $6,200) 

Still at a very cheap $6.2K, I’m sorry but we have to do it again. He was my main pick last week and 16 marks later… he did it again for a huge 126 (backing up his 138 from two weeks ago).

Last week against the Swans, Henderson and Mackie combined for 19 marks which paints a little picture of what Ryan might get today.

It’s too risky to bet against him and this new role that he has obtained and he is a must in every team to make for this Saturday Slam.

Lance Franklin (FWD, $8,300)

After score of 37 and 68, Buddy will be overlooked by many coaches today and rightfully so. But I just have a feeling in my Fantasy waters that back at the SCG, Buddy is set for a big day and a big bag against the Dockers. It’s a big call I know but a guy like this could make a huge difference today to your team.

He scored 102 against the Dockers last year and if he gets it right today… 130 could be on the cards.

Scott Selwood (MID, $7,500) 

Scooter posted a nice 131 last week and as we all know, with Duncan and his brother Joel on the sidelines, the Cats will turn to him today to get very busy.

36 touches and 13 tackles are the numbers he posted last week and this something not out of the ordinary for the man who came into the team and scored 119, 119 and 125.

Seriously more opportunity for him today and as we can lock him in for 12+ tackles, he might even find the pill 30+ times for a thumper.

Sam Menegola (MID, $8,500)

Oh here we go… I might as well cut and paste the same thing I wrote about the man above, but as we definitely know with Menagola, he’s a ball magnet and thrives in the absence of others.

He proved this last week when Dangerfield was out suspended. More time in the midfield allowed him a nice 120, which is what he basically did in back to back weeks when Joel Selwood sat out not too long ago. Lock him in for another 120 with eases.

Dayne Zorko (MID, $10,200)

Although I didn’t trade him into my Fantasy team (wish I did) I’ve been singing the Zorko tune all week.

Firstly, check out the ceiling this guy has with numbers of 181, 157 and 157 this year as his top scores and this week he’s up against the Gold Coast Suns.

Last week when the Dockers met them, it was nasty with their midfielders having a field day against them. Neale (152) and Fyfe (132) led the charge followed by Ryan (126) and even Hill (119) cashing in.

Zorko is back at the GABBA for this one without a tagger insight. Earlier this year against the Suns he posted 116, and that gives him an average of 114 against them in his last 6 games.

We all need a big gun in our teams today and from what I can see… this one is loaded and ready to fire something huge.

Good luck!

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