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Moneyball’s $5,000 Saturday Slam

Gazza’s big 300th is on today, but will Calvin be picking him in his Moneyball team?

It’s the big $5,000 with the winner taking $650 and it pays $34.18 right down to 89th

Bulldogs v West Coast 1:45pm
Carlton v Adelaide
Gold Coast v Kangaroos
GWS v Geelong
Port Adelaide v Richmond 7:40pm

Lots of games… means lots of players and therefore it’s going to be critical to get it right.

You’ve come to the right place as my tips are usually/most of the time on the money.

Sam Docherty (DEF, $11,500)

We’ve saved our cash today, so we can shop and hunt down guns like Doch.

He has averaged more points over the last three weeks than anyone else in the game (139pts) and has been in piggish mode down back for the Blues.

“But Calvin, he plays the Crows and thet’re going to be tough” – says a random voice.

Correct, Mr. Random voice, they are very tough, but I’ve dug a little deeper for you to find that the Crows (last week) allowed the Hawks defenders to score with ease.

Grant Birchall scored 95 from 7 marks last week and even Taylor Duryea racked up 96pts from 8 marks. These guys are not huge scorers so if they are combining for 15 marks, then my man Doch is set for a big day at the MCG.

Mitchell Hibberd (MID, $3,800)

With my ‘Guns & Rookies’ approach today we have some cheap options that we must snap up, even if they only score us a 60, we can pad their scores with these premium options.

Hibberd has patiently been waiting for another crack at the AFL level after debuting early this year where he only scored 24pts. He has been very good in the VFL averaging 86 from 8 games and should be locked into your team today.

Zach Guthrie (DEF, $3,500)

Reluctantly, I’m going to suggest that skinny kid on the right. We need cheap guys, so Zach will get a run with my crew today. He scares me a little but he did have some good games over the JLT Community series, but who didn’t. Only has only averaged 48 (6gms) in the VFL this year and gets a call up for the Cats off the back of a few injuries at the club.

Aaron Black (FWD, $4,400)

Blacky is another cheap Cat you might to consider as well. He has only played 3 games at the top level this year and over those games, he has averaged 76 with scores of 73, 56 and 100. He actually averaged worse in the VFL (67) but at the top level he has 2 great scores (for his price) from his 3 games.

Andrew Gaff (MID, $9,600)

He’ll be unique today and could be 140+.

The Bulldogs have a tendency to give up a lot of points to the opposition at the moment and under the roof, I really believe that Gaff will be cashing in.

He has scored 101 and 106 in his last two games and when he played the Dogs earlier this year he had 146. Boom.


Gary Ablett (MID, $10,800)

It seems obvious going with the great man in his 300th game, but after his ‘withdrawal’ last week, many Moneyball punters will be leaving him out today, scared of what he might produce.

He’s a big game player and will love this on his home ground with all of Australia tuning in on this big occasion.

I on the other hand am very confident that he’ll be some special today. Earlier this year when he met the Kangaroos he scored 162.

This massive score was no fluke as prior to that he posted 91, 119, 119, 119, 148, 146. So to put this into simple terms, that’s an average of 129 in his last 7 against North Melbourne and with this one being at home, surely Gaz has a massive game on the cards once again.

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