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Port Adelaide Intra-Club Report 8/2/2013

We had reporter Matt Tarrant head to Alberton on Friday night to check out the Power “internal trial” against the Port Adelaide SANFL side. He gives us some comments on the youngsters that were out on show for the first time and some of the old heads too.

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Friday night saw Port have their internal trial game against the Port Adelaide Magpies SANFL side.  A good bit of marketing for the club but not much competition for the Power listed boys.  The score was never what mattered.  What mattered was how the team played and how Ken Hinkley’s game plans are working out.  All reports that I have heard tell me that the Power boys certainly look good following the return of Darren Burgess to the club as Fitness Coach.  Apparently it has worked wonders for them and they are fitter and stronger than ever before (hang on… haven’t I heard this somewhere before?).  Anyway, it gave us a big of a chance to see how the new guys played with their new teammates.

We had Matt Tarrant @matttarrant reporting for DT Talk on all thing DT from this game and below are some of his thoughts on what happened.


Port have an array of young and cheap defenders available this year, and they were on show in the Trial Game. Defensively, Port looked much cleaner and worked much harder than in previous years with disposal from the new recruits making possessions much cleaner but also allowing players to rack up disposals.

Jasper Pittard:
The serious Dream Team option this year from Port Adelaide showed us why he is seen as a great option in Dream Team at such a cheap price. Not able to get on the field in 2012, Jasper was slow to start off in the first quarter with minimal influence. In the remainder of the game he was seen as close to, if not Best on Ground. He was every where in defence, outmarking and outplaying his opponents at every opportunity. His body has developed, and he continues to play a key role down back aswell as taking out a high percentage of the kick outs. Pretty much a lock at this stage.

Like Pittard, another option from Port who should be looked at. He played down back, but also managed to get up the ground to kick a goal. Another cheap option down back from Port who would be expected to score similar to Pittard, but I believe slightly smaller numbers.


Hamish Hartlett:
A player who could be considered a back/midfielder in Port’s line up, is another possible option coming from Port Adelaide this year. Hamish was incredibly impressive with his clean and long kick, rarely looking for a handball option. Racking up the numbers in the midfield and back lines again for Port, Hamish should be expected to have his break out year this year. His body looks ready, and if he can keep on the field he should be a 80-90+ Avg Dream Team player.

Ollie Wines:
A huge unit, and definately Round 1 ready. Didn’t get the big possessions he is known for, and was slightly quiet in this game but if he is available, Hinkley will play him Round 1. It’s easy to see why he is a lock in most Dream Teams this year. Worth the extra cost.

Jake Neade:
Looks exciting, and will be a player in the years to come – but hard to see him playing a heap of games with his small frame. (pictured at top of article with Kane Mitchell in the background)

Kane Mitchell:
A player similar to Neade, got a heap of the ball and was incredibly hungry for it. On the Rookie List, but with a big injury to Nick Salter that will see him put on the Long Term Injury List (as per reports on Monday afternoon), Kane could play Round 1. Watch him in the NAB Cup.


The only Ruckman to get a serious go in the Trial, Redden did well to dominate his opponent. Better options available though than the Big Red.


5 Goals in a quarter and a bit from the big man, and though it was against SANFL opponents it’s easy to see why Jay is seen as such a key in Ports forward line. Again, no big possessions from the big man so not a Dream Team option, but if you are a betting man it may be worth putting a couple of quid on him for the Coleman.

Mason Shaw:
Kicked 2.1 and looked a real option up forward. Able to take a strong contested mark, and a pretty good kick (apart from one shank which resulted in a point) but at this stage hard to see him making the Round 1 side.


Thanks Matt for bringing us these notes on these guys.  As I said off the top, this was against an SANFL side but nonetheless it gives us a chance to see them in action.  I will be reporting from the NAB cup game between Adelaide, Port and St Kilda on Sunday night so if anyone else is there and sees anything they want to contribute after the games, get in touch with me on twitter @pkd73

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