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Warnie’s Pre-NAB Cup AFL Dream Team 2012

Here it is, my annual Pre-NAB Cup Dream Team. Before you get too excited… this isn’t the team I have locked in at the moment – I like to keep a few cards close to my chest, but this is a bit of a guide of what I’m thinking and can hopefully give you a bit of an interesting read! Bring on the NAB Cup!

One week out from the NAB Cup, I have put together a bit of a pre-NAB Cup team that is ‘close’ to what I’m thinking at the moment. A truely awesome coach, such as myself, won’t put all of his secrets out there on the table, but in saying that… I’d be pretty happy with going into Round 1 with this side if lockout was tomorrow.

We still have 40-odd days until the first lockout, so many things will change in the lead up to the AFL season starting but here are my thoughts at this stage.

In the backline I will certainly be starting with Brendon Goddard who is pretty much a lock for everyone this season due to his great value. Despite Brett Deledio‘s ‘hamstring injury scare‘ from the intra-club game, I feel he is one of the must have defenders. Roy and Calvin both don’t have him and are giving me plenty of stick about having him as a definite starter for the Warne Dawgs. I’m backing my thoughts in here. One guy they’re not laughing at me with is Jack Grimes. My love for him is huge and now as captain, is a big winner for me! The way I’m feeling at the moment, Marty Clarke, Brandon Ellis and Steven Morris are sure thing ‘cheapie/rookie priced’ players. Again, I’ll be waiting on seeing some NAB Cup and selection news before really ‘locking’ in players.

It’s fair to say that Gary Ablett will be in everyone’s team this season. If he isn’t, I’d love to know why! Tom Rockliff is there because we are now the official Victorian sponsors the DT wonderboy for season 2012. Realistically, he won’t be there come Round 1 for me. However, Joel Selwood is a lock, lock, lock! I love the upside in the new Cats Captain even as simply as that concussion score from last season makes his price lower! Michael Barlow is my choice over Lenny Hayes as that sub-premium-returning-from-injury player. Dylan Shiel, Koby Stevens and James McDonald are all popular rookie priced selections. Adam Treloar will be my only MID/FWD in the midfield at this stage. The benefits of dual position isn’t exciting me much this year without the weekly byes. I have some ideas to take advantage of the new DPP rules, but nothing concrete as yet.

At this point I’d like to say that this is a stock standard midfield that probably only half the players there are in my ‘real’ team at the moment. My structure there is something I’m keeping to myself at the moment!

A popular way to look at the rucks is going with a premium and then three rookies. I have structured this team going for that. I am a huge fan of Ben McEvoy and what he might be able to offer this season. I think he’ll average 95+ and no matter what structure I go for, he will be one of my starting rucks. The two most selected ruckmen at this stage are Jon Giles and Orren Stephensen and will be fighting for the second on field spot in this team. These two couldn’t be bigger locks in anyone’s team at this stage of the season. We just need to hope they are selected! Jarrod Witts wasn’t really on my radar, but our mate (hello name droppers) has told us that he is a pretty good chance this season. It was either him or Tom Derickx to take that #4 spot.

There is a bit of Dual Position Player love going on in the forward line… like everyone this season. Dayne Beams, Adam Goodes, David Zaharakis and Dustin Martin are my choices for the purpose of this team. Realistically, I am sold on Martin and Zaharakis and they should keep their spot in my team. I do really like Goodsey becasue he has been such a DT warrior over the years. If he can start the season well this year, then he will probably be one of the better selections. Jonathan Brown has me excited as an old man DT coach… and I guess Jason Porlpyzia does too. There’s a little voice in my head saying “don’t go there”, but an even bigger one saying “you’ve gotta risk it to get the biscuit”. I feel I could possibly be wasting Dayne Zorko on my bench as he’ll offer us some decent DT scoring. The reason why Sam Rowe is there is the idea I have floating around in my head to wait until Stephensen/Giles max out in price, trade them out and using the new DPP trading rules, sub Rowe into the rucks and get myself a forward rookie – as I feel we’ll find more forward rookies coming through. A bit pie in the sky, but something that could work!

With $24,500 left in the bank, there isn’t much room to move with things. Rookies is always a big thing when selecting your team, so in all reality, I really don’t like doing teams before the first couple of weeks of NAB.

So there you have it. This isn’t the team I have at the moment but it’s not a ‘troll post’. This is a structure that is pretty popular and every player seen here have been posted in the “My Team” comments over the last few weeks. Post your thoughts… rip it to shreads or whatever! The purpose of this is to throw something out there to give people a bit of a guide before the NAB Cup starts.


Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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