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Richard Tambling: Deck Of Dream Team 2011

As a Tiger, he sucked! He has had a one good year in 2009, but this former #4 draft pick is now a Crow. Can he turn it around?

Name: Richard Tambling
Club: Adelaide
Position: Midfield
Bye Rounds: 11 & 19
2010 Average: 57.2
2010 Games Played: 13
Predicted Average: 87

Why should I pick him? Because if you believe my predicted average is close to being right…. he’s a must! He had a very average year last year for a season average of just 57 from his 13 games. In 2009 he was much better, showing us exactly what he could do. He averaged 89 back then making him one of the bargains of 2011. He had 40% of his scores in 2009 in the 100+ category and with last year being that bad for him he will be cheaper than (insert witty joke here) and is way way way under priced.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? He’s going to have to clog up one of your midfielder spots. Depending on your structure, you may only be able to have 1/2 guys like this in there, mixed in with some rookies and guns, so you better get it right! Dicky T does have a little history with hammies and lets not forget that he has moved to a new club. And moving to a new club is always tough. Change in role? Who knows, but the Crows must see something in him. In 2009 (his good year) his scores were mega up and down, meaning he will cause you DT head aches (scores like 43, 45 are ugly).

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN I’m hearing many people talking about going the gun/rookie approach in 2011, so where does this leave Tambling? Does he fit in with what you are trying to do? For me, it’s a ‘yes’ so far.

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