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The Plus Four: Round 14

Fourteen rounds down and I would be tipping that everyone who reads this column this week will be trading. For those living under a rock, Michael Barlow is out for the season with a broken leg. Thanks again Mick for the awesome year thus far… now who should we get for you?

Fourteen rounds down and I would be tipping that everyone who reads this column this week will be trading… let’s get into it!


If there is anyone who is reading this who doesn’t have Michael Barlow, then give yourself an uppercut and keep trying to break the top 200,000. What an absolute champion. Starting the year at $105,800, Micky B soon pencilled himself in as a keeper when he debuted with 128 and then backed up with 127. He only missed one week (Round 10 with a hamstring) and finished with an average just shy of 110. That is massive. Best rookie dream team player ever. Great work mate.

Click here to send Michael Barlow your message of support.

So what do we do with him? The awesome news is that his final price for 2010 ended up being $454,600 which made him the 6th most expensive player in the competition. This means he is pretty much a straight swap for most players. The vanilla option, for those who don’t have him, is to get on Gary Ablett ($456,900). Pretty amazing that we only need $2,300 to be able to straight swap him. Dane Swan ($512,100) costs you a bit more, but if you have Ablett and don’t have Swan, get him! Leigh Montagna ($459,500) is another ‘sideways’ option. I’m a big fan of being unique with this trade… and using it to your advantage. Matthew Boyd ($450,300) could be a good option coming into finals or the completely unique DT gun, Joel Corey ($433,100). You’ve gotta turn this trade into a big gun. The other thing to consider is to bring in a Dual Position Player. Paul Chapman ($459,600) is the pick as most of us have a few forwards that have midfield eligibility. I don’t have Brendon Goddard ($478,900) – one of my many dumb calls – and he is definitely a consideration.

This will be an interesting week to see what people go for here!


Cue people saying “the game is too easy this year”… yeah, we have been able to make some kick arse teams pretty early, but not everyone is finding it easy! So the winner of the round had 2556, not the highest of the year but right up there. Gotta give a huge shout out to David whose team is called “DT Talk – The Wall” that ammassed a huge 2484 and was 32nd for the week. Looking at Around the Grounds on our live scoring was huge this week. Especially seeing Pimp Daddy Sammy Walker‘s team “Walkie Talkie” smashing 2442.


Luck plays a huge part in DT… that’s what I am hanging onto anyway. I’m with everyone else with Barlow, but my team couldn’t just have one broken leg… it had to have two – thanks to Jack Ziebell. It sounds like he is out for at least 6 weeks – so he has to be traded. This will be interesting for me. I might be a little smart with this using Dual Position Players. I might go Barlow to Chapman, and then sub Ziebell into the midfield with Chappy and turn him into someone like Boyd (will have to look at the dollars available and what are the best options for the Dawgs). Think outside of the square!


Calvin’s number one pick, Dane Swan smashed it with a 161 on Saturday night and didn’t let anyone down with the biggest DT score of the weekend. Best captain option ever… he is no ‘Sweet Merciful Jesus’… he is just a Dream Team God! But an even bigger performance happened a day earlier. Our Greyhound ‘Dee Tee Talk‘ is named after the Great Dane with a kennell name of Swannie. She won her maiden race on Friday afternoon in Traralgon. But by win… we mean, she shat it in! Got up by about 10 lengths and is pumped for the final next Friday at about 4:45pm. She was only paying $1.60 this week, so expect her to be shorter. Stay tuned for details on the next race. For now, relive the excitement of the heat win.

We have our third greyhound syndicate up and running with a few shares still left in it. This is the Buddy syndicate, and judging by his form of late, the dog will be a champion too. For more details, click here.


We’ll be coming at you live on Thursday night. This will be a big week of decision making so make sure you tune in to hear what we think this week. If you have any questions, hook us up on Twitter. Send us an @reply thing to @DTTALK and we’ll answer your questions on the live show.

Have a great week everybody. If you haven’t watched it yet, below is the current DT TALK episode. Maybe Ronie shouldn’t get another gig… we’ll claim he jinxed Barlow with the Golden Stubby nomination.

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT



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