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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 10

My name is Calvin, I’m a captain of my ship.
I pick you captains, to stop your team going shit.
Today I’m rappin’, if you can’t tell…
Cause I’m pretty happy, cause I locked in Bartel.
Wicky whack – Arggg… and might again this week, join me for the best captain’s coverage in the land… Calvin’s Captains Rd. 10.

Righteo lads, not much messing around going on this week as I’m looking to get this going straight away. Last week my top 5 over there went pretty well. 34% of coaches took Gary Ablett’s 105 which is still good so don’t get too sooky those Gary fans who complain for anything under 150. Bartel was my personal pick (as I didn’t have the others) and 22% of the 2,543 people who voted followed me for his wicked 125. My #1 pick in Montagna might get his chance again this week, but his 94 was about 30 to 40 under what I expected from him. Either way, no real disasters over there so it’s not that bad at all. To much talk, lets roll.


Oh firstly… last week after we cracked the highest number of 100+ scores in one round… we have a new record to discuss this week. The lowest number of 100+ scores in a round in the last 2 years beating the old mark of 46×100+ scores in Rd. 17, 2009. The new mark is now 44, an amazing 22 less than last weeks 2 year high! Shit!

Essendon Vs Westerndawgs

Stanton – 112
Boyd – 104
Cooney – 100
Gia – 97
Hille – 82
Prismall – 74
Higgins – 71
Watson – 55

Righteo. Round 10 kicks off.  Dons Vs Dogs.
This week Stanton plays his 3rdfavourite team of all time and with scores of 101, 115, 121, 106 in his last 4 he is a chance again this week. His form hasn’t been great though with 62 and 92 coming in his last 2 games this year (carrying a B/E of 176). For some reason here it appears that the Dawgs place all their attention into Jobe. He has a shocking average here in his last 3 games of just 55, with previous scores of 38 and 48 in his last 2 against them, making them his worst team to play in the whole AFL. Hille was awesome last week, showing that he and Sandi were the right picks at the start of the year. He had 156 last week and had 105 in his last against the Dawgs and should go well again. Daniel Cross has a lowest score of just 92 this year in his last 5 and also has a lowest score of 92 in his last 6 against the Dons… I’m tipping Crossy to score 92 again this week then! Matthew Boyd has previous scores of 112, 88, 113 here and should knock up a few again this week. Gia plays his 2nd favourite team here. He never played them in 2009, making his last game against them in 2008 where he has a 112. Shaun Higgins should be back this week after a rest, he had 119 in his last and should be fresh to go again.
Good Bet– Go a multi trio against Jobe this week!!
Dawg’s Will Get 100’s– Essendon have given up nearly 5×100+ scores a week over the last 3 rounds. Could be a big Dawg day out!

Geelong Vs Melbourne

Chapman – 134
Bartel – 123
Selwood – 119
Ablett – 105
Enright – 105
Green – 104
Grimes – 87*
Johnson – 79
Bruce – 75

Ummm, Melbourne are Gary Ablett’s 4th worst team across his career and usually gets a heavy tag on him by Lynden Dunn, who has done a good job throughout his time. His previous scores Vs the Dees are 121, 90, 104, 108 with the 121 there being his highest score in his career against them of 14 games. His last scores in 2010 haven’t been the Ablett like numbers we have grown to love either with 96 and 105 coming in his last 2. Just shows he’s due to go bang again! Corey Enright has had 119 and 124 in his last 2 games this year (finally) and is starting to become an absolute gun with his average of 105 against this mob! Stevie J plays his 2nd worst team here and without a 100+ score in his career of 7 games here, I’m shaking my head wondering why! But history says not a good week for Stevie coming up! Chapman is a bloody gun and a gun I wished I had in my shit team! He has a low of just 102 this year and had 126 and 161 in his last 2 against these guys with a low of 91 in his last 6. Melbourne are his 2nd favourite team and I’ll tell you now, Chappy will be a lock in my top 5 this week… along with this guy. Barnacle Bartel! He has huge numbers here. Firstly he has had 125, 132 in his last 2 this year and the Dees are his 4th favourite team! In his last 8 game games against them he has gone 144 (his 2nd highest score in 2009), 99, 125, 151, 119, 108, 122, 113. WOW! Got him? Lock him! Joel Selwood loves these guys as well. 131, 105, 120 in his last 3 and will be ready to give the Melbourne gun rookies a little lesson. Brad Green has a low of just 95 in his last 4 here and we need to note that Grimes’ 87 was just from his only game against them.
Skilled Stadium For Sure!– So what have these Geelong guns averaged at SS this year. Check it… Bartel 101, Stevie 122, Chapman 136, Joel 98, Enright 98… and an Ablett averages 150 there! Enough said about “Skilled” Stadium.
Is He Dunn This Week?– Lynden Dunn that is. Will he be bought back into the team to tag Gaz? Here’s a big call, I’m saying yes. But will do shit all and Gaz will have 120+ easy!
Captain Vs Geelong ha ha– You’d never do it, but Geelong have given up 0x100+ scores to their opposition in their last 3 weeks ha ha, go on… I dare ya! Melbourne on the other hand have given up only 9×100+ scores, ranking them as the 7th hardest to score on in the last 3 weeks. Won’t matter!

Port Adelaide Vs Richmond

Deledio – 95
Boak – 93
Cassisi – 89
Kane – 85

NEXT! Oh ok, real quick though. Kane had 34 and 76 in his last 2 here with 144 before that and Boak had 127 in his last against them and 130 last week. That was quick. NEXT!

Brisbane Vs Collingwood

Pendlebury – 110
Swan – 103
Power – 98
Shaw – 93
Black – 93
Brown – 91
Didak – 79
Leon – pffth

Bloody Brown has been killing me. A potential captain who is just scrapping up 40’s and 60 on a good day! Maybe this is his come back week as he had 130 last time Vs these guys and a shit 77 before that so who knows. Oh and it’s his 3rd worst team, so… another black eye for my Mrs this week. HA HA!! Black has 1×100+ scores in his last 9 here and will suck again. Didak is in the same boat though. He had 103 in his last game Vs these guys though, but that 100+ score was his only 100 Vs them in his career of 13 games, making them his 3rd worst team. Scott Pendlebury has a great record here with scores of 129 and 135 in his last2 and should be an option for you this week (an option I said!). Dane Swan has been in great touch. He had 122 last time he played the Lions which was his highest score Vs them in his entire career of 9 games. The Lions are easily his worst team to play DT wise and you’d be brave to give him the ‘C’ this week based on that. He averages 88 at the GABBA in his last 3 there and only had 79 in his very last visit there in ’09. Good luck if you go him. Gun player, but this week I’ll pass. Oh and that ‘pffth’ on Leon there is for you Roy and he’ll get it each week until I see something better.

St Kilda Vs Adelaide

Montagna – 124
Hayes – 109
Goddard – 107
Dal Santo – 107
Thompson – 83
Edwards – 78

Leigh Montagna made my top spot last week and this week will feature in my top few again I reckon. 118, 127, 127, 122 are his last 4 against the Crows and with an average of 108 at Etihad this year he is well and truly on the radar. Last time he was at ETI he had 137. Lenny is just as good too. With 5×100+ scores in his last 4 games this year, and 134, 91, 102 in his last 3 against them Lenny too is on your radar. He averages 117 at Eti this year and his form and history get big ticks here. Goddard has had 121, 64, 136, 141 in his last 4 and if you overlook the 64 you’d be putting him in the class of the other 2 lads up there for sure, in fact he’d be better! Brendan has a low score of 97 at Eti this year and will be like the others and crack 100 for sure. Dal Santo’s last few games has gone 101, 120 and 100 as well if you were wondering.
Missed The Crows V8– Ahhh not really. Here we go… Edwards has never scored 100 on the Saints in his last 10 and Thompson is the same in his last 3. That’s why I was going to miss them. Bet against them in Mulit’s!!!

Hawthorn Vs Sydney

Goodes – 118
Buddwood – 92
Kirk – 92
Hodge – 79
Mitchell – 68
O’Keefe – 66

Buddwood looked ok last week but still only managed 92, before that he had 72 two weeks back. He only has 1×100+ score against his name this year, so you have to pass. Sam Mitchell has a high of only 89 in his last 7 games against the Swans. Bloody terrible Sam so looks like the Mrs might get another eye to match the one JB gave her (I’m joking by the way ha ha, but seriously…). DT TALK’s own boy, Luke Hodge is a weapon hey? He joins Sam with a high of just 84 in his last 4 Vs them and might struggle again here. ROK has gone 103, 42, 63 in his last few and the Hawks are in fact his 2nd worst team to play! Adam Goodes will kill them! Ready?… 124, 117, 112, 105, 89, 136 are his last scores here and then I’ll throw in an average of 135 at the MCG in 2009 and you must be starting to consider him.
Low 100+ Scores – Hawks have given up 7×100+ scores in the last 3 week and the Swan have given up an uncharacteristic 10. They remain the 2ndhardest team to score on in the AFL behind Geelong. Tough scoring game!

Carlton Vs West Coast

Cox – 112
Marc – 87
Judd – 83*
Priddis – 81*
Carrazzo – 78
Gibbs – 76

Not that much here. Dean Coxhas had a low of just 98 in his last 4 Vs the Blues and Priddis’ 81 in just from the only game he has played them. Carrzsmacked up a huge 140 in the last game he played against the Eagles and Marc had 121 in the same game. Judd has only played his former team twice and has been going well this year as he hasn’t scored under 98 in his matches. As I said, not much here to chat about.

Fremantle Vs North Melbourne

Harvey – 95
Pavlich – 92
Sandilands – 70

Pavlich has been solid this year and what I like about him is that the Dockers will throw him into a position where they need him the most, some times the mid of course. Pav will never go cold with this happening. He has previous numbers here of 88, 123, 65, 105 so who really knows what to expect here. He averages 103 at SUBI this year and might go well again, I’m tipping 110+ easy! Sandilands didn’t let people down last week as captain, because you’d be mad to serious go him, he wasn’t in my top 5 and you must have had better, you crazy cat! Anyway his record here is poor with just 76 his highest in his career of 5 games. On the other side I only have Brent Harvey who has had 99 and 106 in his last 2 against them. Not much really.
Most 100’s in Last 3 Weeks– The roos that is. Yep they lead the charge with 19! Heaps hey? Could be a big day out for the Dockers!

Personally I’ll be going Bartel this week, my old mate Barnacle. My top 5 is in order of who I’d pick if I had them… so…. Good luck and I hope you drill a ripper.

Who will be your round 13 captain?

  • Dane Swan (44%, 1,117 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (28%, 720 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (6%, 164 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (3%, 76 Votes)
  • Steele Sidebottom (3%, 86 Votes)
  • Jobe Watson (3%, 82 Votes)
  • Scott Thompson (9%, 219 Votes)
  • Someone else (2%, 63 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,527

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