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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 9

Ho ho agrr io oioi ….. oh yeah, the sound of an excited pirate right there and so I should be after my efforts last week. Check out this weeks research as I present to you, the world’s best and greatest and bestest Dream Team captains in… Arrgg, Calvin’s Captains!

Ho ho agrr io oioi ….. oh yeah, the sound of an excited pirate right there. And so I should be after my efforts last week.  Last week….well you check it out. Over there to my left is how my top 5 went. 2,280 people kindly voted and my #1 boy Swanny was wicked with 131 as was Lenny Hayes who is just starting to smash it this year for his 122. Delids was an unique pick but he knocked up 113. Jobe had 96 but it was this man who started so much debate. Gary Ablett had a huge comeback in the game to get 96pts together which just shows a jet he is. 96 is ok and I know many Ablett fans were not happy with it, but c’mon, lets be reasonable. It’s still 96 and people are saying he failed…. No way, he’s been sooo good to people so far this year and some people are way to quick to jump on him wanting 150+ each week. Be reasonable people! Even my roughies got up for some decent numbers with Grimesy winning my a truckload of coin for his 112 and Sam Mitchell who came back after 3 weeks for his 108.

Last week we saw the most 100+ scores in one round, over the last 2 years!

A RECORD OF 66 of them in fact but we must thanks some teams in particular for this. Brisbane gave up 10 of them and Port and Essendon gave up 7 each despite the Dons getting a Simon Goodwin! Boom Tish! Some teams tried to stop the record from going bananas. Carlton gave up 0 as did the Cats. St Kilda and West Coast only allowed 2 a piece and I’m dribbling rubbish and lets get into the good stuff. All aboard!!

Don’t forget that the numbers next to the players listed are their averages against this weeks opponent in their last three games against them… now, all aboard.

Collingwood Vs Geelong

Ablett – 122
Bartel – 114
Chapman – 113
Corey – 102
Swan – 101
Enright – 94
Selwood – 90
Stevie J – 90
Didak – 90
Pendlebury – 78
Shaw – 77
Leon – 70

Righteo… this might take a while, so grab a beer and settle in…..
Didak has been travelling pretty well lately and doesn’t have great numbers here unfortunately. He averages 90 here and only has 1×100+ score against his name in his career of 11 games against the cats. Pendlebury’s averages sucks too and with just 74, 108 his last 2, who knows what to expect from him, I’m tipping not much this week. Stevie J doesn’t enjoy playing the Pies with him not cracking the 100+ mark in his last 3 against them. Chapman averages 113 in his last 3 against them and should do very well again. His form has been awesome and with 130 and 152 in his last 2 against them, why not go Chappy again this week. Joel Corey should be back this week, surely… Against the Pies his lowest score is just 82 in his last 6 games that includes 3×100+ scores with 130 his highest score over that time, which just so happened to be in his last game against them. Could be a good roughie if he plays. Corey Enright had 107 last time these tow teams met but that score is his only 100+ against them in his career of 11 games. Jimmy Barnacle Bartel has wicked numbers here and should be strongly considered this week. With previous scores of 147, 108, 88, 121 here Barnacle could be your man this week. He averages 121 at the MCG this year (from 3 games) and will love a little Friday night footy there even more!

Oh ha ha – how wicked is this. Soo many people will use their captain on Friday night and either have a wicked weekend or a painful one. Gary Ablett will smash the Pies. With previous scores of 114, 134 in 2009 and then before that he has scores of 118, 115, Gary should be the safest bet for the weekend some will say… and I’ll agree. With an average of 131 at the MCG this year, look out Gary fans, this might be huge! Dane Swan is starting to warm up in 2010 and should go well again here this week, despite the fact that Geelong are his 5thworst team to play. In his last game against them he only managed 68, where he only had 17d, his lowest in 29 games before that…. but before that he went 112, 123, 106, 86, 123. Not great but pretty good. It will seriously come down to the tags and where the Pink Pig will go. I’m once again tipping Didak or Pendles. It will be one of those 2 I reckon in my opinion but my good mate Collingwood (aka, World former #1 Jonno) says “Pigs like Swans” and to go with that he said “Jolly to crack the ton this week” – lets see who knows what this week Jonno!
MCGee Chappy No! – Chapman has played at the MCG 3 times this year. These 3 scores are his lowest for 2010… Bugger me V8!! Yeah I know… But what does this tell us? We’ll… he’ll still score well, but not a huge one like he can do… I’m tipping a 95-105 score from the big gun this week.
Prelim Final 2009– In this game the Cats smashed the Pies by a massive 73pts. So what can we take from this? Personally I’m not too sure, but does this mean the Pies can not handle the big time matches which this is certainly being built up to be? In that game however… Didak top scored for the Pies with just 86 and Swan had a very poor 68. Whereas, all the gun Cat had a ball with Selwood, Corey, Ablett, Bartel, Chapman all scoring 114+.

Please keep reading, but I won’t blame you if you wanna stop. I’ll be quick.

Kangaroos Vs Westerndawgs

Cross – 98
Harvey – 96
Boyd – 94
Gia – 92
Higgins – 66

Brent Harvey has scored 5×100+ score against the Dawgs in his last 8 games and should go well here again. With 105, 59 and 124 in his last 3, I’m not 100% sure now, what to expect. Many people broke my #1 rule last week and “chased a captain”. This means… seeing Gia have a huge score and go.. “he’ll do that again”. Yes that will work sometime and works with players like Gary and Dane, but not Gia. His record here is solid with 88, 70 and 117 in his last 3, but I bet many people have learnt a valuable lesson. Cooney hasn’t cracked 100+ in his last 3 games Vs the Roos and despite the fact that Boyd had 79 in his last one here, I’m thinking he’ll go ok this week. Before that 79 he had 3×100+ score out of his last 4 games and should be an ok bet here. Daniel Cross is the forgotten solider I reckon in the Dawgs line up. He averages the highest here with a low of just 81 in his last 7, and with previous scores of 111, 103 in his last 2, I can feel a little bet on the cards.

Sydney Vs Fremantle

Kirk – 102
Goodes – 100
Pavlich – 99
Sandilands – 94
McVeigh – 60

Brett Kirk is a favourite of mine, but his numbers haven’t been great. He scored 126 in his last game here and to go with that he has a low of just 85 in his last 4 and might go ok here if you chuck him in a multi. Mc Veigh has a top score of just 82 in his career of 8 games Vs the Dockers so put a multi against him or sure! Goodes looks solid here with 115 and 116 in his last 2 games, and his form has been ok. Roughie here maybe… Pavlich has solid numbers too with 114, 114, 70, 111 in his last 4 and might be worth a look, a little one anyway. Sandilands has only cracked the 100+ mark once Vs these guys in his career of 8 games, but he did that in his last game which is nothing but good news, better late than never Sandi.
Goodes Around the Grounds– Wanna see something amazing? It’s not magic or anything… When Goodes played at the SCG (over the last 2 yrs) he scores 100+ a small 20% of the time, compared to when he plays at other ground around Australia he crack the 100+ mark 65% of the time. Chuck in his average at the MCG during that time of 135. Umm, not very Goodes at home at all hey Adam? Boom Tish!
Rucks Vs Sydney– The last few recognised ruckman to play the Swan have gone … Hudson 77, Clarke 87, Cox 102, H-Mac 89. Surely Sandi will do ok, I’m tipping 100 easy this week.

Melbourne Vs Port Adelaide

Cassisi – 105
Bruce – 103
Kane – 98
Green – 97
Boak – 83
Grimes – 72*

Kane Cornes goes pretty well against the Dees with previous scores of 113 and 100. His lowest score is just 82 in his last 9 and should feature again in the top scorers again this week.Cassisi carries the best average here in his last 3 games of 105. With previous scores of 122, 68, 126, 113 he seems to be an ok option this week, but seriously, you must have better players than Dom. Boak’s 83 average is from just 3 games but he did have 101 in his last. Grimes’ 72 is from his only game against them and my man Brucey has had an impressive 118, 118 in his last 2. Brad Green has a low of just 93 in his last 5 against the Power which shows he should be a good option this week, but a better option for a bet a reckon.
Rd 15, 2009, Shutdown– Kane and James Mc are really good players at shutting down their opposition. Not tagger. They are not taggers, taggers sacrifice their game to kill others, these guys do just fine for themselves. Kane went to Davey (76) last time they met and James went to Rodan (61) – just a heads up, that’s all.

Essendon Vs Richmond

Stanton – 104
Prismall – 99*
Deledio – 96
Jobe – 80

Brett Deledio did me very proud last week as he made my top 5 and produced the goods. He has a low of 84 in his last 6 here and should be ok here. Stanton got tagged last week by Jones for his 62, but here it looks a little brighter. He has had previous scores of 103, 73, 135 in his last 3 against the Tigers, but those 2×100+ scores you see there… they are his only 100+ score he has had against the Tigers in his career of 9 games. Prismall has only played the Tigers twice for his scores of 123 and 74. Jobe Watson has never cracked 100+ against the Tigers in his career of 7 games and you are about to find out why.
Better Day Out For Jobe– No Jackson. The little ranga headbutter is out and usually tags Jobe, so I’m tipping a much much better day for him… and lets remember this is Richmond, the team that give us shitloads of 100+ scores. Ew!

Adelaide Vs Brisbane

Edwards – 115
Power – 106
Goodwin – 94
Black – 83
Thompson – 76
Daylight – 76
Jonno Brown – 64

Scottie Thompson should be back this week, but after 57, 59 in his last 3 here, he might want another week off. Tyson Edwards has gone 117, 92, 135, 142, 104 in his last 5 and before that he kept it going 96, 115, 107. So it’s no surprise when I tell you that this is Tyson’s 2nd favourite team behind the Hawks. Power looks powerful here… Boom Tish, with previous scores of 62, 137, 120.. he has 6×100+ scores in his last 8 Vs the Crows and might be in for another big day out. Jonno Brown has flown to Adelaide on Tuesday with Fev for some ‘groin’ treatment although the streets is that it’s really a groin for JB. He stinks it up against the Crows! With previous scores of 61, 71, 61 Brown might struggle again. That 71 is his top score against the Crows in his career of 9 games. It will be interesting what influence Fev has here though. Who will the Crow defenders go to? Fev? And let JB go a little? Or will they once again target JB? In previous years they have obviously targeted JB which has allowed Bradshaw to run free…right? NOPE! Bradshaw also sucks bad here as well (with 0x100+ in his career of 11 games) which leads me to my conclusion of: They both will stink!

Carlton Vs Hawthorn

Sewell – 128
Hodgey – 115
Judd – 110
Mitchell – 103
Marc – 103
Gibbs – 96
Carrazzo – 83
Buddy – 78

Righteo, lets cover Brad Sewell. The Blues are his favourite team… EASY! With previous scores of 139, 103, 143, 100 in his last 4 he has a smashing record here! Watch out for another huge one again! Hodgey is just as impressive. With previous numbers here of 63…ouch, and then 132, 149, 81, 124, 113, 131, 105, 104 making them his favourite team to play by a mile as well. A top captain option this week, if you can overlook the 63 he had there in his last game of course. On the flip side of that, Buddy plays his 4thworst team this week. He has played them 5 times for a top score of just 90, ew yuck Buddwood! Sam Mitchell returned from injury (or softness) last week for 108 and will find this one tougher. He did have 124 in his last match here but that 100+ score is his only ton in his career of 8 games against them, making them one of his worst teams to play. Carrazzo had 120 last week and has been going ok, but only averages 83 here in his last 3. Marc has had 110, 112 in his last 2 here but with just 88 and 78 in his last 2 games this year, I’m going to have to pass. Gibbsy has had 63% of his scores this year in the 101-106 range (impressive stat V8, ta bro). He has only played the Hawkers 3 times in his career for scores of 98, 135, 54. He might be a good ‘rough’ pick too. Juddy plays his favourite team this week and with 4×100+ scores in his last 4 games against them… he will have a cracker! Juddy for a 120+ I’m tipping!

West Coast Vs St Kill Da

Montagna – 129
Dal Santo – 109
Goddard – 105
Priddis – 92
Cox – 87
Hayes – 80

What is going on with the Saints!! Bugger me! Anyway, not here to chat about results, but to punch DT numbers… but bugger me….
Lenny has had 4×100+ scores in a row in his last 4 games this year, but his average here suggests that might end this week against the Eagles. Montagna had 137 last week and averages 129 here. He has had smashing games in his last few with his last 2 looking like… 166 and 144 making them his favourite team of 2009. Got him? Lock him? Now! Goddard in 2009 had 85 and a nice 134 but there is better to come. Dal Santo averages very well here with 109 in his last 3 which saw him have 128 and 121 Vs them in 2009. Matty Priddis had a huge 154 last week and has posted previous scores of 104, 126 and 45. If you be nice to Matty and take out that 45, he would have averaged 117 Vs them in his entire career. But you’d have to be nice to do that. Last man for the week is BIG Cox. In his last Vs the Saints he had just 57 (was playing injured a lot at that stage in ’09). Before that he went chick chick BOOM with numbers of 120, 101, 127, 121, 139. Cox will go offa! His price is on the rise and after this week, his price will be further out of your reach!
SUBI Is Heaven For Saint – woo nice sub title V8, ha ha ta bro. Montanga joins a group of gun mids who love the open spaces of the SUBI. That 166 you see up there he had in his last against them…was… wait for it… AT SUBI. Lock!

This week, I’ll be rolling with Bartel or Swanny (as I don’t have the others). Most likely Jimmy unless I get last minute nerves and go with the big gun Swan thinking he’s a safer option. Why Bartel over Swan, well..  the Pig tag worries me as does Swan’s 68 in his last V them. Bartel is a sure thing for 100+ I reckon.  Last week Swanny served me well for his 131. Good luck everyone and I hope you have a cracker, and don’t forget to use this info of nearly 3,000 words to help your weekend betting. But as always, do so within your limits! Wink!

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 11

  • Dayne Beams (35%, 741 Votes)
  • Steele Sidebottom (19%, 401 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (18%, 380 Votes)
  • Jobe Watson (17%, 364 Votes)
  • Jason Blake (11%, 224 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,110

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