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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 11

I’ll blow my own pirate trumpet here and warn you that this is my best Calvin’s Captains of 2010. This week I have some absolute belters for you! I have one guy who you’d be clicking on anyway, but I’ll make you feel oh so good about doing it! All aboard!!

Last week it is safe to say that I had a decent week, but personally ARGGG DAM YOU BARNACLE!! Yep that’s right. I had the 67 over there and so did oodles of others. The other Geelong boys were solid with Chappy and Gary having 108 and 124. Leigh Montagna was the pick of the bunch though with 151. Adam Goodes was a little smokey this week, but I actually thought based on his numbers he’d kill it. He had 67 at the half for a poor 87! I thought I’d found a good one… I thought wrong.

What’s Mine Is Yours

Yeah that’s right, “What’s mine is yours”… even my team if you want that rubbish. Down there is my table of all the numbers from this year so far of 100+ scores that teams have given up. Make out what you like from it, but I think it’s all worth looking at. Feel free to use this little gem in helping you find a ripper captain this week.

This pretty much speaks for itself, Mr. Reliable! These guys over there have been our top performers this year in achieving the 100+ mark. As you can see Chapman has reached that figure in 100% of his games so far this year! It’s worth noting though what some of these guys did in 2009. We’ll, Gary Ablett hit the 100+ mark 77% of the time. Swan 72%, Montagna 75% and Chapman only hit it 65% showing what a cracker of a year he is having in 2010. But then we have Luke Hodge who only made the ton a tiny 16% last year. Impressive figures so far this year, because in a captain… we are all looking for Mr. Reliable!!

NEW LOOK – Oh yes and few new things for you JUST for  this week.
Goddard (70%) – 101…  means… Goddard scores 100+ a nice 70% of the time and the 101 of course is his average Vs this weeks opponent in his last 3 games against them.  Good luck everyone!

Richmond Vs St Kilda

Goddard (70%) – 101
Dal Santo (50%) – 100
Tuck  (75%) – 84
Hayes (60%) – 83
Montagna  (70%) – 76
Deledio  (30%) – 74

Righteo… Shane Tuck is a little unique pick I reckon. He had 120 in his last game against the Sainters and has averaged 128 in his last 2 games this year! Delids has only had 1×100+ score in his career of 8 games here and should be overlooked by you this week. Lenny Hayes has had previous scores here of 113, 81, 54 and despite the fact he has scored 6×100+ scores in a row this year, the Tigers are his 2nd worst team and therefore this makes him too risky this week I reckon. Goddard has knocked up 5×100+ scores in a row this year and has a decent record here. His 128 he had in his last game against them was his 5th best score of 2009! Dal Santo averages 100 here in his last 3 and has averaged 112 in his last3  this year. The big one for me here in Montagna. Why are the Tigers his worst team to play? True, they are! Amazing hey? He only averages 76 in his last 3 against them with previous numbers of 85, 50, 94. In fact he has only 2×100+ scores on them in his career of 9 games, He did have a huge 151 last week and still must be considered as the Tigers give up so many 100’s, but geez… is this risky?
Last Time They Met– Rd. 13, 2009. Righteo I dug up some stuff to find out why Lenny and Mont struggle so much… didn’t find that much. Goddard had that 128 in his last and got the Jackson tag late in the 3rd. Hayes had 113 and went head to head with Tuck for his 24d, 8t. Dal Santo had 99 and was tagged by Rance and it was Montagna who got the initial Jackson tag for his 85 until he was moved to Goddard. Ummm… NOW, Jackson is out so rule out that tag, so who really knows what to expect here. One of these guys will have a monster score, but who?

Carlton Vs Melbourne

Judd (86%) – 105
Carrazzo (30%) – 104
Green (60%) – 101
Marc (40%) – 99
Gibbs (60%) – 94

Grimes has never played the Blues and that’s why he is not mentioned above. But he has had just 57 and 59 in his last 2 scores his year and should be over looked for any bet or captaincy because of that alone. Green had 139 last time he played the Blues but that was back in ’08. Juddy scores 100+ a huge 86% of the time in 2010 and with previous scores of 95, 112, 107 Vs the Dees he’s looking to do it again. He has averaged 127 in his last 3 this year and is killing it! He could be a great option this week! Gibbs had that smashing 166 last week, but will not be allowed to do that so uncontested very often again I’m tipping. Watch for a ‘backtag’ on him like Heath Shaw gets. Gibbs does average 94 here with scores of 120, 114, 48 in his last and only 3 games against Melbourne. Marc Murphy had 139 last week and has been going ok and Carrz scored 129 last time he played the Dees which was his highest score of 2009. But what is his role this year? If he tags.. he scores shit, so let him run free Ratten for our dreamteam’s sake… please!!

Adelaide Vs Fremantle

Duffman (40%) – 93
Sandilands (50%) – 87
Thompson (25%) – 86
Edwards (22%) – 79
Pavlich (40%) – 74
Goodwin (30%) – 69

Ha ha look at those %’s of the Crows players, bloody hell boys! Thompson hasn’t scored over 100 Vs these guys in his last 5 so he should suck here again. Simon Goodwin is in the same basket with 0x100+ scores in his last 3 here. Pav’s last scores here are 92, 78, 51 so he might struggle here and my boy Duffman had 115 in his last so he might back up last weeks 118 again hopefully. Sandilands had 33h/o, 21d last time these guys played. He has never had over 100 in his career of 12g Vs the Crows which makes them his equal worst team along with Richmond. In his last 2 this year Sandi has averaged a tiny 70. You need to lift you big unit! Premium ruck who is turning into a Prodemium ruck (no idea what that is, but it’s shit). You get the point.
Farewell Tyson – My boy, Tyson Edwards plays his last game this week. A charity match really that Tyson should have just said NO to after they refused him one last week. Anyway, he might have a blinder to shove it up them! Hope you do brother!
Last Time They Met– Rd. 1, 2010. Yep first one of 2010 repeated games. Amazing really considering it’s only Rd. 11. Anyway… last time they met, Suban tagged Thompson and Douglas put a backtag on Duffman. Rutten had Pav (92) and Crowley went to McLeod. This was Barlow debut game where he had 33d and he should be back this week. Fingers crossed.

Nth Melbourne Vs Brisbane

Brown (20%) – 103
Harvey (30%) – 85
Power (33%) – 83

Last week Brent Harvey had 39 after an elbow knock…ummm, he should be right. Last time he had a low a score (18) he bounced back the week after with a 163, can he do it again? Power has only 1×100+ score in his last 7 Vs the Roos but he did have a huge 147 last week in his milestone game at the GABBA. Jonno Brown is clearly playing injured but pushing through it probably till the split round. His last scores here have gone 145, 73, 90, 133, 140! Boom! I wonder if he can bounced back for another 120+ this week. History says yes, form says no. He hasn’t scored over 100 in his last 8 games this year… but yeah yeah yeah, he does have 4×90+ including a 99 last week, don’t you hate that!
Browndawg At Etihad Umm, not good. He’s played there 3 times in 2009 for an average of just 70. I don’t like the look of this… please prove me wrong JB, I love ya bro!

West Coast Vs Geelong

Ablett (89%) – 137
Bartel (60%) – 113
Cox (20%) – 110
Stevie J (40%) – 105
Chapman (100%) – 93
Enright (40%) – 87
Selwood (50%) – 86
Priddis (30%) – 81

Cox has a great record Vs the Cats with scores of 131, 83, 115 in his last 3 and might crack the ton here this week. Priddis plays his 3rd worst team this week, so a bet against him might be a good move as he may just get the Pink Pig. Stevie J’s average here is healthy. In his last against them he had a small 62 (2009), but before that he went 138 and 115 (2008) making them his favourite team of 2 or more games over that ’08 year. Joel Selwood has never scored 100+ Vs the Eagles in his only 4 games against them, making them his 2nd worst team. Enright is about the same (but worse) with only 1×100+ score in his career of 10g Vs them. Mr. 100% Chapman has previous score of 105, 49 and 126 here. That yucky 49 wrecks his 3 game average so ignore that Chappy fans, I sure am! He will love it at SUBI and have another big day out I’m tipping. Now we have Barnacle Bartel… Shit! Shit. He let me down and about 35% of coaches last week for his 67. This week he should bounce back. He loves playing the Eagles with previous scores of 111, 122, 107, 117, 144, 129! Yep 6×100+ score straight! And high ones too!! Can you forgive him? Last year he had a 69 and then the following week bounced back for a 117 and based on his history of numbers I say HELL YA, give this gun another run! Oh nearly forgot Gary Ablett. Wow… you ready? 155, 109, 147, 104 are his last 4 score against the Eagles and that 155 was at SUBI. He will be my #1 pick this week and geez, if you have him, he should be yours without doubt. I can’t say enough! Last time when he got that 155 he was allowed to run free for 43d, 10m until Adam Selwood went to him, but it was too late. They will not let him run free again… no chance, but ha ha it won’t matter. You want an easy 120+ from your captain?… look no further, but keep reading.
Champions Love SUBI– All the guns of the AFL love playing at SUBI. Mitchell and Montagna have smashing records there as does Bartel and Gary. Bartel averages 105 in his last 3 there and Ablett a nice 120! Lock and chick chick boom!

Sydney Vs Essendon

Kirk (10%) – 96
Jobe (50%) – 95
Stanton (66%) – 86
McVeigh (30%) – 51

Kirk has only had 10% of his games this year in the 100’s but he’s a favourite of mine so he’ll stay till the end of 2010. McVeigh sucks and I don’t know why he’s here. Bet against him though cause he’s highest score against the Dons is just 56 in his career of 6 games. YUCK! Obviously making them his worst team by a truckload. Stanton had 131 last time these teams met but that 131 is his only 100+ score against them in his career of 9 games. He join the club where Sydney is his worst team, but there is no shame in that, cause the club has many members. Jobe Watson has cracked 100 a surprising 50% of the time in 2010. In his last 5 games this year his lowest score is just 96 and some how Sydney are his 3rd favourite team!
Handball Happy– When I signed Jobe up for 2010 I knew he was handball happy so I recently crunched some numbers, hoping he’d see this and kick it more. In 2008 Jobe handballed 58% of the time, 2009 he handballed more at 59% of the time, so how does that measure up to 2010… we’ll it’s currently sitting at 61%… so yeah, just as I thought… it’s getting worse ARRG!

Hawthorn Vs Port Adelaide

Boak (40%) – 105
Kane (50%) – 95
Buddy (14%) – 94
Hodge (70%) – 82
Mitchell (57%) – 73
Cassisi (30%) – 66

Hodgey is a jet and this week he plays his worst team. He has only ever scored 1×100+ score against these guys and that’s with 10 games! Sam Mitchell is in a similar same boat with Port being his 2nd worst team (behind Sydney). Kane Cornes is an interesting one with his last 3 scores going 79, 103, 103. Now before those 3 games he went 164, 122, 177, 99, 127. So who knows what we can expect from Kane this week. Cassissi plays his worst team this week and with an average of 78 in his last 3 games this year, we might not be seeing him in this list again! Boak is way way way on the other end of the scale here. His scores in 2009 go 119 and 133 making the Hawks his best team easy in his short career!
Taggers – Last time these two teams met was in Rd. 18, 2009. Hodge got the Kane tag and only managed 89 which is a sure thing to happen again I reckon. Mitchell (75) got a tag from Logan.
Buddy Fans – Yeah I know Buddy is out, but it’s a good thing Buddy fans, trust me. He hasn’t scored over 100 in his career of 7 games here… so it’s a good thing!

Collingwood Vs Western Dawgs

Boyd (63%) – 117
Swan (70%) – 115
Didak (40%) – 114
Shaw (33%) – 110
Cross (60%) – 103
Cooney (30%) – 100
Pendlebury (50%) – 92
Higgins (33%) – 83
Gia (30%) – 54

Swanny has a knee injury, a small niggle that I reckon will sideline him shortly unless they push him through to the split round. It has been heavily strapped so keep an eye on him. He had 143 against these guys in round 1 with scores of 81, 121 before that. The Dawgs are still his worst team over his career but his form of late against them suggests otherwise. Didak has previous numbers here of 111, 90, 140 and looks like a solid option if you have him (or maybe a bet). Heath Shaw sucks. Oh he has annoyed my lately. He has averaged a shit 61 in his last 3 games this year. However, it is suggested here that he will bounce back with something good. 143, 97, 90, 136 are his last 4 scores and the Dawgs are his 2ndfavourite team, maybe cause they don’t backtag him! Lets hope not anyway! Gia has slumped in form again averaging just 65 in his last 3 games this year (maybe cause Boyd is back, he dominated when he was out). The Pies are his worst team by a mile so expect nothing too big this week… again. Cross has previous numbers of 107, 96, 107, 105 and should be good for another 100+ you’d think. Boyd had 128 last time he played them with 38d. Before that he went 111, 111, 93, 118 he will rip it up again and he should be a great pick if you have him.
Last Time They Met– This was this year, Rd. 1, 2009. Swan had 31d, 3g, 10m and received no tag at all. Shaw had 36d and Didak kicked 4g for his 111pts. Picken tagged Pendles (82) and will most likely go there again. Presti killed Hall (55) and Wellingham went to Cooney (82).
Pies At Etihad– They have a ripper history at Eti this year! Swan averages 128 there, Shaw a massive 143 (from 1 game) and Didak averages 98. Look out!

Can Calvin really have a top 7? Shit yeah I can… I can do whatever I like! They are in order too of how I’d pick them, they’ll all smash it. Personally, I’ll be tossing up over Swan or Bartel this week. If only I had Gary Ablett. I’ll let you know my captain Friday arvo in the comments if you are interested. Good luck everyone and once again, thanks to the 2,500+ people who vote on the poll each week.

Who will be your round 14 captain?

  • Gary Ablett (60%, 1,677 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (20%, 552 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (5%, 143 Votes)
  • Paul Chapman (2%, 51 Votes)
  • Scott Thompson (3%, 91 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (3%, 70 Votes)
  • Jobe Watson (2%, 54 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (1%, 39 Votes)
  • Dean Cox (1%, 21 Votes)
  • Someone else (3%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,772

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