The Milkmen Discuss – Round 12

A bit of a different week for us this week as we decided to sit down and record a podcast instead of write an article for the community. Have a listen to the podcast below as we discuss our review of the cash cows over the weekend, talk about some trade options this week, highlight what rookies are coming through and answer a few of your twitter questions.

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For those of you who don’t have time to listen our top trade in targets are:

Current Round 13 Targets

  1. Patrick Wilson (if named)
  2. Josh Battle
  3. Pat Kerr
  4. Charlie Ballard
  5. Stephen Giro

Current Round 14 Targets

  1. Mason Redman
  2. Joel Smith
  3. Paul Ahern
  4. Dylan Clarke (if named)
  5. Ballard/Kerr

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  • Boys thoughts on Jacob Heron? Also what are the chances Ryan Abbott debuts weekend?

  • After Ridley, Mutch and Clarke – not sure we can trust another Bomber who is going to be dead-weight after 2 games.

  • Is Abbott, Frampton or Matthew Flynn more likely to make their debut this year

    • Abbott I’d say based on his VFL output and Geelong seemingly go for a more mobile ruck duo than Smith/Stanley..

      He’s been emergency a few times now and could see him in this week for Buzza to give Stanley more of a FWD role, but that’d be my hope as a Geelong supporter..

    • Based on the fact that Frampton didn’t get a single game throughout the no-Ryder period at Port they’d have to be in serious injury trouble to bring him in

  • Hi boys appreciate you provide info for free but any chance you could still post an article with a podcast? Middle of the working week and with a thursday gane don’t really have time for a podcast!! Cheers

    • yeah hey milkmen can you also cook my dinner and do my washing? don’t have time myself, cheers boys.

    • +1
      Podcasts are great for people with time to listen. I’m not one of them

    • Sir Bobby

      +1 article easier to refer to during Friday night trade madness.

    • +1 podcast and no article is pathetic to be frank

        • Well, we are the reason that the traders are getting AFL paid sponsorship to do their job (plus the Moneyball advertising related kickback that is provided to the Traders due to the membership size of this website). So, afraid can’t accept ‘sook’ for the article request from members who underpin the viability of the site.

          Or do you think that dreamteamtalk is not so much a members site as a vehicle for the charitable vehicle for CEOs who are not getting paid by the AFL, Moneyball etc, to service the interests of AFL Fantasy coaches. I value the service of the CEOs – this is a fantastic information resource – but I respect the right of the customer/member of a service that is being funded because of its members, to let their interests and needs be known.

          So, let the company directors (of an enterprise they are being funded for because of the members),courteously know what the members want, or would you be too ‘sooky’ to directly ask that?

    • +1 Jeppa would be rolling around in his grave with this. me nan always said if your not going to do it right don’t do it at all.

  • Pyke needs to give Wilson a chance. Absolutely killing it in the SANFL. If he comes in I back him to do well and keep his spot.

  • The big battle is coming in to my team this week for sure.
    Redman and Joel Smith are good targets next week.
    Nice to have options!

  • Hi all,

    Laird, Sicily, Touhy
    Austin, Rice, Duman (Heron, Murray)

    Mitch, Coniglio, Neale, Merrett
    E-Yolmen, E Langdon, Redden, D Smith (Banfield, Ahern)

    Jacobs, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)

    Menegola, Heeney, D Thomas
    Boak, Rocky, Guelfi (Fritsch, T Smith)

    Am I silly this week trading out Murray, Duman and Guelfi and bringing in J Smith, R Burton and E Yoe.

    • Probably not a good idea to bring in JSmith (or any player) who’s not playing this week – a week’s a long time and anything can happen hey

  • Thoughts on Brander if he plays this week?

    • Im a WCE avid fan and think he could play CHF if named and take few marks and get a few kicks similar to Waterman, but don’t expect him to keep his spot in the side for long – Liam Ryan, Nathan Vardy or Jack Darling (4-5 weeks) will take it.

  • Who’s more likely to be playing round 14:

    Spargo or T Smith?

  • Will

    Thanks for the update boys, prefer the article to podcast but if you’re low on time like we all are this week (two days between rounds!) then we appreciate anything you can churn out!
    For me, i’m going to have to get battle this week over wilson. The dylan clarke scenario highlights that magoos scores =/= afl scores, so i’d happily take him if he proves himself after one week. Plus the crows have no room in the midfield so he’ll likely be playing forward pocket or something, lucky to get a 50. Battle started with a good score and as such has a -1 BE.
    One last thing (sorry to nitpick) but “versing” is not a real word, please stop!

    • I hereby declare “versing” a real word. By the authority of Shags.

    • I think the Dylan Clarke scenario more highlights Woosha’s unwillingness to stick with the kids (see also Mutch, Ridley). Pyke has already shown enough with Doedee, Fogarty, Murphy, Gallucci, and Poholke for me to have confidence in Wilson hanging around if he gets a guernsey.

      • Although Ridley was injured, my bad.

      • Woosha’s not unwilling to give the youngsters a go. Ridley and Mutch were injured. He’s stuck with Guelfi. It boils down to players’ fitness and whether they provide what the side needs at a particular time (given injuries to others etc), how they fit in to the overall team structure.

        • Well, I’m from Perth right and I know that Woosha’s son and Matt Guelfi’s brother goes to the same school. I know Guelfi has been decent in the AFL and all but I think that their is a factor about that imo

          • So Worsfold plays Guelfi because his son goes to the same school as Guelfi’s brother?

            And you know this because you’re from Perth?

            Are there any other people from Perth who can verify this?

          • Yeah I am in the same year at the school and decent friends with both. Not sure if it’s much of a reason tbh

          • Ok cool..

            I went to Perth a couple years ago, and I once saw Worsfold play at the MCG for the Eagles, and a guy a couple years above me in HS got drafted by Carlton back in 1998, and I saw Fevola walk into a mirror at a club in the city after he kicked a big bag in a pre-season comp, so I guess I am also qualified enough to verify..

          • I am from Perth, bloody great place to live.
            Nice beaches, weather, sun rises and sun sets.

            Apart from the cost of living and the fact is expensive to go the footy and hard to get tickets, its epic.

            Plus Eagles 10 straight wins on top, cant get much better than that.

            Just thought id let you know

        • Do you know Andrew?? He’s from Perth too and has the inside scoop of everything that goes on at Windy Hill because Worsfolds son goes to school with Guelfi’s brother..

          Reckon he can put in a good word for us about D.Clarke??

          • Do you know Ben? He likes running and his favourite drink is Coke and ice.

  • Love your work guys but not a fan of the podcast format instead of write up! However a huge fan of the top five trade targets being announced now instead of late on a Friday when it’s quite close to lock out

  • thoughts about Apeness for Freo?

  • Thanks boys, for the record I prefer the podcast.

  • Cheers milkmen always helpful info, also prefer the written article if I had the choice. But any content is far better than none!
    Top 5 targets is also great.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  • What about Ainsowrth from West Coast? Id he injured?

  • Thinking Dusty to Macrae?? As sideways as it gets, but I think Dusty might come good towards the back end but his been down on form

  • Podcast + transcript? Or is that a bit too much to ask?

  • Can’t listen to podcasts while sitting at work. It’s embarrassing.

  • Enjoyed the podcast, always keen for things to listen to on my commute. Now that Brander has been named, would you get him in ahead of Kerr?

  • Thanks Milkmen for the work.
    Just a comment – Giro’s first name is Stefan not Stephen.

  • Fooz

    Quote from the Milkmen’s excellent spreadsheet prior to the season:

    on Brander
    “With Eagles indicating they are looking for a smaller forward line and Lycett not playing much last year, can’t see a role for him in the 2018 team outside of injuries.”

    • As far as I’m concerned, as long as he plays the next 2 rounds or more (which he will cause darling 4-6) I don’t really care. Come the end of byes he most likely won’t even be on most fields. Some may need him to cover a donut in the next few weeks, having already completed the bye.

  • Please tell me the times teams are announced this week for Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday games

  • Hey guys, trade out zerret for gaff or Ed curnow. This gets me to 18 on field if teams are nice

    • i wouldnt be looking to trade out zerrett, still has a lot of cash to gain.
      Could you downgrade a rookie instead to build up for next week instead, perhaps battle or wilson

  • any1 doin world cup fantasy?

  • Trade out Spargo or T.Smith?

  • Brander or Battle for either Guelfi or Tim Smith????

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