Round 10 Lockout Chat

Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • Field Spargo, Waterman or Ratugolea?

  • Who to trade out

    Gowers or waterman, the one staying plays on field

    Also rice or Ridley

  • Yo anyone got a good streaming site? Cheers in advance.

  • decided not to captain macrae…rip

  • How can anyone think josh schache was a star signing or a top pick up or something stupid like that. Since when at Brisbane did he become a star. He is nothing but a retarded crab. Mabye the media is just presenting some pissant bull crap just to keep their job. I tell ya what…. coming from a bulldogs supporter too I am really went physco when I heard he was joining us. Mabye synchronised swimming at the special olympics was meant to be his thing.

    • The dude looks disinterested. Hates the rough and tough, pulls out of contests, avoids others, not a single tackle. Jogs around in 5th gear. Maybe he’ll develop a hard edge, looks unlikely, but as a Brisbane supporter. I’m pretty happy he isn’t still around!

  • What’s happening with J Stephenson? 8 points FFS…

  • Wow
    Halftime looking good with Macrae (C), McLean and Treloar
    High scoring game (Mayne? WTF)
    Hope they can keep it up

    • Fire the cannons. I’ve got macrae, McLean and treloar as well. But my C is on titch because the tags going to Isaac smith.

  • McRae is untaggable, then again greeenwood is tagging josh schache tonight , he’s kept him to 16 points at half time. Good job mate. Bloody useless prick go back to Brisbane

  • Have another red can ya drunken rusty old fishing trawler

  • If Collingwood win tonight it will be because bulldogs fielded 17 blokes on field. Yeah don’t count that garden gnome schache he is just as useful as my neighbours wife willing to give up that booty on the sly. Josh schache pffftttt must of been a brilliant footy player on the ps4 to get a game at this level

  • Played with 2 doughies this week, I’m just gonna pretend Murray and gaylayson got injured in the first quarter.

  • Anchor came on macrae lol. Only 20 point 3rd qtr. His 140 average in jeopardy.

  • When commentators call Pendles ‘Dependlebury’ like it’s a new term… 😂😂😂

  • Ay ay ay ay!!!!!!!! Schache’s a wanker…. he drinks and he smokes (Wenners) and he f**** all the blokes…… schache’s a wanker.

  • Fine choice for the C,
    T. McLean
    You legend!!

    • kudos, good pick. i was thinking about but didnt have the balls :(

      • Had to try something this week as I had to field Matt Eagles, ZGL, and a donut!
        Gotta love carnage!!

      • Gave it a serious thought 45 mins before lock out too. Switched the captaincy around between macrae, titch mclean before going back to my captain for the past 3 weeks.

        Well-done Jadstar, that is an awesome roll of the dice. Certainly makes your weekend!

  • I had macrae as captain over for the first 3 weeks I had him. I went titch last week and this week. So hope titch kills it Sunday. Huge start to my round McLean, treloar and macrae with 3/395.

  • Murray to crisp and gray to McLean couldn’t be happier after 107 and 152 🙂

  • Bloody hell was either getting Crisp or Howe and chose Howe. Cheers for the 57 you flog

  • Amazing that the joke of a suspension for Nic Nat turned into my greatest trade of the year.

    Brodie <3

    • I got him this week and threw the C n him. He’s a pleasure to watch when he’s in your team hey?!

  • Hopefully now cause I ended going with titch captain instead of McLean the points are very close or titch 150+ it’s a big ask but he can and has done it before 🤞

  • How many times does BT want to refer to a kick as a chiseler? Absolutely flogged to death!

  • LOL BT is ok, can be a bit annoying at times but his alright

  • Buckley’s post match comments don’t sound great for Murray:
    “He had a little bit of a lull so he goes back and see if he can get his form up in the VFL and give himself a chance to come back in and contribute later in the year.”

  • Glad Mcrae has come back to earth.
    Gives non owners a chance.

  • Qtr is a long time in footy. Huge 2nd qtr from e Phillips. I was cursing him with 5 @ qtr time. But now on 43 @ the half. Keep it up. Love a 80+ from him.

  • I would go crazy for a few +4’s from dusty right about now. Doesn’t care for the tackle, need to try and upgrade him when his bye comes around, just don’t see him getting anywhere near a 110 average for the rest of the year.

    • Who knew one would get as much satisfaction from seeing continual crap scores from a player traded out as for a trade-in that goes bang straight away. I was nervous about trading out Dusty several weeks ago, but now I’m just enjoying the scores he’s putting up out of my side.

  • Billings to Rocky will be about $65k. Bargain at triple the price

    • Yep, you and me and a couple of thousand others too I reckon! Welcome home Rocky :)
      … and good riddance to bad Billings

  • Whoa Billings 85, glad I’m Holding.

  • Throw your hands in the air if you’re a Caddy owner 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Why are franklin and Zorko on my team showing as DNP has this happened to anyone. Lol I must admit I did throw the C on franklin so at the moment it’s better off if he didn’t play ha ha

  • Drove a long way to get TV set ;NAB down home and found
    rats had eaten cable for tv booster no footy this weekend.Life in the jungle.

  • Gee dusty and Parker are really good

  • WTF Tim Kelly 3 at qtr time

    • Haha…he’s smashing it now. 21 at halftime. I couldn’t offload him this week – too many outs in my backline. And yeah, I’ve got Parker and (very) Rusty.

  • Hmmm, Ratugolea on field this week for Gray 😕

    • Oh shit. Just saw what happened to him. Thankfully he’s only on my bench, but that makes it look like Ratogulea and Murray could be the two most traded out next week… they will be my trades at this point…

  • 57 free kicks in Cats vs Blues yet the umps have not seen Curnow holding Selwood once…

  • 11/1116. Looking like a monster week for plenty of teams.

  • Looks like Taranto’s time is up in our sides, with kelly back. Becomes danger for me this week via DPP

    • Not sure if that’s a sideways trade, or fixing a dud selection. Keep handing out the trade advice mate, sounds like you’ve got this game figured out!

      • Oh look, it’s that muffin guy no one gives a shit about

        • We’re talking about your DT selections here mate, try to keep it in topic and not changing the subject because you don’t know how to olay the game.

          • Muffin’s back again from his latest long, relaxing tug, with lots of advice for everyone.

          • Damn folks don’t you hate paying less than 450k for a bloke to average 90 in your team, then trading him out to one of the stars of the game coming back into top form for only ~$100k. It’s the worst!

          • Or you can pay select a rookie to score 60-70 and spend the 300k somewhere else on the park, which equates to an extra 40+ points, giving, giving you an output of 100-110, as opposed to 90, leaving you 100-200 points up.

            But I’m sure there’s some awesome strategy behind not doing that.

      • Considering Taranto has made close to 200k and averaged 90 in the process not sure how you consider it a dud selection and pretty obvious with guys returning his role will be reduced.

      • Stop acting like a dick muffin.

  • Muffin, Do you want to go out and play tonight?

  • Fkn bottle this muffin kunt already.

  • Jungle muffin, “ you look tired” – Jason Bourne 2007

    You sound like some kunt who smashes a stack in a day and acts like the top dog,
    Deadset sound like the weakest pussy Derro from Tassie

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