Round 10 Lockout Chat

Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • Finlayson > ridley
    Mutch > Phillips

    Holding Murray

  • Murray to Tim Smith (480k for double upgrade next week)
    Murray to Simpson/Whitfield (40k left over) ??

  • If Hall gets DEF status he’s a very good chance to be in the top 6 defenders, so he would be a good trade in before round 12 if he gets DPP.

    • What are the chances? He’s very well priced. I’d rather him than Whitfield.

    • Hes bog,hes a confidence player,no reliability

    • I would definitely wait to see if he does get it. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with Hall in the mid.

      • By before Round 12 I mean after round 11 has finished, by which time DPPs would have rolled out (and just in time for the byes!! it would rly be a perfect scenario)

  • Ridley or Rice? Concerned about Ridley’s job security, Rice could be a consistent 50-60 over the byes

    • Extend this question:
      Naughton to Rice or Coffield to Ridley?

    • hahaha I’m bringing in both :) they will be bench warmers over the Byes and give me 599 K Warnchest players on the rader , blakly , danger , maybe crouch and YEO to bring in over the byes

  • Finlayson > Rice
    Coffield > Sicily

  • Exactly why I’m not trading in Ridley nkthegunner12

  • who are the milkmens final top 5?

  • Bring in Hurn, Sicily or Whitfield ?

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Ryan, Doedee, Murray, Coffield (Finlayson, Murphy)
    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Whitfield, Kelly, Phillips (Banfield, Mutch)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Ronke, Guelfi (Giles-Langdon, Spargo)

    Cash: $193k

    Currently have gone Murray to Yeo and Finlayson to Rice leaving $225k, then put Whitfield back and Coffield to the mids fielding Banfield. thoughts on trades and other options appreciated

  • Gowers to Buddy
    Tim Kelly to anyone except macrae unfortunately

    • That’s tough.
      I prefer the mid upgrade myself.
      I’ve got Gowers still and holding him until Rockliff becoames available next week.
      Who do u like out of Crisp or Whitfield?

  • Lads,
    Crisp or Whitfield?
    Crisp ave 116 last 3

  • mutch to darling through dpp
    coffield to ridley
    Back in Darling?

  • yeo, lloyd or howe?

  • Simpson or Whitfield?

    • Whitfield unlikely to cop a tag with Kelly back but Simpson is the proven performer

  • Mclean vs Buddy? I think Buddy could go big this week but Mclean has the better bye and the Pies tonight.

  • Thoughts on Angus Brayshaw? Could he average 90 odd at be a D6?

  • Coffield/Naughton to Curnow/Rice
    Murray/Naughton to Macrae/Rice

    Both traded in players would be on field.

    Thinking Murray back before byes to make a bit more coin perhaps?

    • I like 2, feel Coffield should be back next week and Macrae will be hard to get later on in your side is only going up in price from here

      • Thanks M8 – I am torn, though was initially leaning towards option 1. Coff right on his BE and murray equally likely to be back next week and still make money.

        Also thinking curnow fresh after a wk off with gee giving up points to mids and macrae possibly tired after last weeks slog? Or do you rate any other mids priced lower then curnow?

  • DEF: Laird, Sicily, Lloyd, Whitfield, Murray, Coffield (Finlayson, Mirra)
    MID: Titch, Treloar, Gibbs, Cogs, Parker, Kelly, Brayshaw, Phillips (Banfield, Mutch)
    RK: Gawn, Stef
    FWD: Mclean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Fritsch, Guelfi (Gowers, Spargo)

    1) Finlayson > Rice + Murray > Yeo

    2) Finlayson > Rice + Banfield > Walters/Dusty

    thoughts ? i’m stumped. cheers

  • Bringing in Macrae, but having Tich as Capt.

    Other trade is Ridley or Stoddart, for Finlayson.
    I favour Ridley. Which one do you think??

    • Yeah I have both and am having Titch as Captain, I prefer Ridley just. But do prefer Rice over both of them for JS

      • Thanks for your input.
        I might just stick with Mr Ridley. Rice has been around a while and has only just come into the team. Who knows who has the better JS?

  • Tim Smith and 480k
    Simpson and 50k?

    The coin would be used for a double upgrade next week

  • Mclean to top score tonight !!!!!!!!!

  • Finlayson to Ridley and Coffield to Danger good trades?

    Since Danger has bottomed out and is a chance for DPP in round 12 I thought he is a better option than Macrae this week.

    Also, Treloar as captain over Titch?

  • Murray to Simpson
    O’Shea to Rice (Hold Murray,Field Rice)?

  • Option 1: Murray and Naughton to Ridley (F6) and Rice, this allows me to go Banfield and Kelly to Rocky and Macrae next week.

    Option 2: Murray and Naughton to Yeo and Rice (F7), this would mean next week i’d be getting only Rocky in.

  • I need a R13 defender. Thinking crisp, Howe or Whitfield?

  • can afford any defender, already got Laird, Sicily, Lloyd. who should i get?

  • Kelly to Macrae + 57k
    Billings to McLean +250k
    Sauce to Grundy + 250k

    Thanks guys

  • Current team after trades is:
    DEF:Laird,Lloyd,Simpson,Seedsman,Doedee, Ridley(Murray,Murphy)

    Parker, Kelly, Banfield(Rocky, Philips)



    Bank of $115k

    Have gone Ridley over Rice, hoping he sticks until his bye and can then take whatever cash he’s made for a new $170k.
    Also got Lloyd in this week and tempted to C him.
    Slightly worried about no Def E this week.

    • Would to a brave coach to captain Lloyd. He’s the kind of bloke to stink it up and chuck up a 60 after last weeks monster seagull effort.

  • Finlayson/Naughton to Yeo/Ridley + $295k that I can use next week to get Rocky


    Finlayson/Murray to two of Sicily/Simpson/Howe

  • I already have Laird, Lloyd and Whitfield

  • Has anyone watched ports last 2 games?
    Is Robbie Gray playing a lot more forward and Rocky more mid time?

  • Whitfield or Crisp?

  • Who has more of a chance getting back into their team?

    A. Murray
    B. Finlayson

    • Murray. I’m surprised he’s even dropped in the first place. Finlayson has been on the way down for a few weeks.

    • Murray. Bucks is an idiot if he isn’t back next week (barring injury or fatigue of course) you can’t drop a kid after having 23 touches at 87% efficiency, as well as the start to the year he’s had

  • double downgrade finlayson/o’shea to rice/ridley

    or finlayson to one of rice/ Ridley and o’shea to yeo.

    if option 2 which one out of rice and Ridley?

  • Cogs or treloar for the roy?

  • I’ve gone
    Coffield to Stoddart
    Murray to Lloyd.
    Forced to trade Murray to avoid doughnut.

    Yep, Lloyd, Sicily, seedsman, doedee, stoddart
    Titch, macrae, Treloar, Neale, cogs,merret,crouch,Ephillips
    Heeney, smith, McLean, taranto,robbo,rayner.

    I want to get laird. But got Lloyd with low BE. Allows me to trade rockcliff and laird in over next 2 weeks.

  • Who to captain? Absolutely lost…
    Got Macrae, Titch, Sidey, Gawn, McLean, Laird, Lloyd.
    Not sure of Macrae with Greenwood in, and Titch is playing Wet Toast. Someone tell me who pls

  • Ya missus scores pretty well each Friday night. Why don’t you lash out and pick her even though her ownership pretty high

  • Does anybody know the name of the article/ sheet that displays the teams who score the highest but most importantly teams that are most difficult to score against? Would be handy to know when selecting captains. I think Titch might get off the hook despite the Eagles pressure, Simmo has said Issac is of more importance to slow down.

    Who to play out of Waterman and Spargo?

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