2018 Bye Planner Spreadsheet

Hey there DT Talk Community. Up&About here with some Bye Planning goodness for you. My mate PhDT also chimed in on this one.

This little nugget of gold should prove valuable and underpin potential success for serious AFL Fantasy coaches and really helped me to my best ever result of 84th overall three years back.

This can also be used for RDT and Supercoach.

Full Credit to Pete and Grant for all the hard word in setting this up at the time.

I have simply tinkered a little more to add some extra value. It now includes areas to enter $$ for forecasted trading during the byes, rather than blindly trading without a plan and stunting your run for the car.

I have also added a tab for ‘Rolling 22’, comparing to your current side. This way you can see how many trades you need to make and how much $$ you need to get to your best 22 in time for the GF and a run at the car.

Instructions are simple and you can find this within the spreadsheet itself to refer to.

All the formulas are good, so don’t worry about having to alter those. I have entered my team prior to R10 trades (columns D & E) and prospective trades to enter R10 (in yellow highlight). Make sure you are regularly checking your numbers and forecasted trades, especially at the selection table and who may be coming back from injury or losing form and potentially dropped.

As we all know, Fantasy is a fickle beast and discriminates wantonly. Now you can see how completely screwed you are and how many trades and $$ you need to get your final 22.

I have some more tabs with more data myself with team tracking and forecasting for each round, data from @Magtuto, @Fantasy Freako (rave), @The Milkmen (season guide and rolling updates), however I haven’t added that waffle.

I also use Footywire for AFL Fantasy stats and AFL Live app for game/season heat maps. There is method to my madness.

I encourage you to add more data and centralise it in this spreadsheet so you can keep track of your plan. The rest of the 2018 season will help you find what works for you and what data you think you need, in order to start 2019 with an actual plan of attack to minimise donuts.

Don’t forget Magtuto’s advise on the Top 250 last week. He was sitting in 5th overall in the lead up to the byes and fell away. You need a plan.

Round 13 looks particularly bad for most with Gawn, Grundy, Stef, Big O all out in the rucks. Do you have three of those and D. Cameron? If so, did you still trade in Big O knowing that? Unlikely.

Any questions or comments? Hit up Warnie, Calvin and Roy and they will either respond or get me on the case.

You’re welcome and I hope this helps you in some way.

DOWNLOAD: AFL Fantasy Bye weeks planner 2018.xlsx


  • Absolute legend mate!

  • Thanks for all the effort mate!! Im sure it will help a lot of us

  • Best part is that it looks like work :P

    Cheers Shaun!!

  • Great Stuff!!

    What program are you guys using to run the spreadsheet?

    • Hey mate, no program, simply formula based on excel. Wanted to keep it nice and simple. Could be a lot more complex with potential scores/averages and calculating expected points, however people can add and manipulate from this foundation.

    • If you don’t have excel (it’s not free and is not available on Linux), it works perfectly in LibreOffice (https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/), which is free.

      • Thanks Tim. Mate I picked you about 3 weeks ago to take home the car and you’re traveling very nicely indeed. Hopefully this helps you get the car. If so, I bags shotgun

  • Thanks for all your hard work going into this, very helpful!

    Slight error with the midfield calculation of ‘shortfall’ easy fix though

  • How do you put in your trades up until now/

    • Hey there Charlies.angels. What you can do, like me, is simply copy the columns for a particular round, paste into another table and have every single round so you can potentially see you entire season and how to get to your best 22.
      To make it easier though, see columns D and E has my current team as it stands. Enter your current one in those columns. Then you will see exactly how your current team would look through the byes if you did nothing. Obviously update it next week and you are inline. For R12 put in your current or forecasted and have a play to see how things look. Hope that makes sense.

  • Looks great Shaun!
    Is anyone else having problems with the android fantasy app? It lists all players in my team as having Rd12 and Rd13 byes – no players listed with Rd14 bye! (I don’t have any Suns or Port players so don’t know how it lists them)
    It’s pretty irritating – my app has been disappointing this year. Can’t rely on it at all :(

  • Rly appreciate the effort fellas. This rly helps, thank you.

  • Great work buddy

  • Great job & is very helpful
    I just think there is a small issue with the formulas for the MID section. Cells T28, AC28, & AL28 don’t pick up the bottom 2 cells in the column like they do for the DEF, Rucks & FWD positions.
    e.g. Cell T28 formula is picking up cells T19 to 25, but it shoudl extend to 27
    Therefore shortchanges coaches of possibly 2 players

    • Nice pick up Crispy. Coaches take note. My substandard calculations may catch you out. Check the formulas to ensure it counts your players. Will review myself tonight.

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