The Milkmen Review – Round 8

The weekend started like a dream for all Ben Ronke owners. Unfortunately, that joy might have been short lived with a lot of other cash cows underperforming. The fresh meat of Ed Richards and Brayden Ainsworth came as a welcomed surprise with both performing very well on debut. There does, however, appear to be a lack of cash cows coming through the system at the moment so lets make hay while the sun shines. As always, we will be doing a live Q & A on twitter on Friday at 5:30pm AEST to help answer your specific questions about all things rookies, so be sure to follow us @TheMilkmenDT. Anyway… Let’s get into the round that was.

Hawthorn vs. Sydney:

Wish we could say we saw Ben Ronke’s ($308,000 FWD BE -31) performance coming. We are going to try and be as positive as possible when talking about Ronke, despite the fact that he cost us our head to head match up. 11 touches, seven goals, ten tackles, 10 coaches votes. Serious performance and well done to anyone that started with him. Obviously, his job security is great. Yes, he was amazing, and yes it was great to watch, but no, you should not bring him in this week. This will not happen again. We were pretty impressed with Tom McCartin’s ($214,000 FWD BE 23) game on the weekend. Not so much from a fantasy point of view, but more from the fact that he looks like he can football. McCartin had eight touches for 46 points. He is a developing tall forward who is not an option to bring in.

GWS vs West Coast:

There was no hiding that we were excited to see Brayden Ainsworth ($234,000 MID BE 3) make his debut and he really didn’t disappoint against a great midfield. It was everything we expected with Ainsworth to help him get to 78 points. He followed the ball around (he actually started in the centre at the first bounce), got his share of disposals (15), his big share of tackles (8), his low rate of disposal efficiency (60), limited game time (65%) and his fair share of turnovers (4). We do love the kid here at the Milkmen but with Shuey due back in a couple and Ah Chee really impressing it’s too hard to recommend him due to job security concerns. Great bye round does help if you are looking for a deciding reason to bring him in. Willie Rioli ($329,000 FWD BE 25) was less impressive then last week but showed no signs to suggest he should be top of the chopping block. Ended up with one goal and 59 points. For those with Tom Cole ($369,000 DEF BE 48), he took a while to get going and wasn’t used in the kicking across half back as much as last week but there was enough positive signs to keep him on your bench in defence on his way to 45 points.

We got our first look at Isaac Cumming ($184,000 DEF 9 BE) and he didn’t do an amazing amount to demand selection in our sides. Playing majority of the game in defence, Cumming, was a bit fumbly at first but by the end of his 14 disposals and 52 points, was more composed. Despite being more expensive, we prefer Lachie Keeffe ($230,000 DEF 0 BE) for those looking for a defensive downgrade. Although not as prominent as his was in his debut for the club, Keeffe actually played a lot more in the ruck this week and held his own with 27 hit outs and 49 points. This does his job security a world of good and is why we have him ahead of Cumming. Jeremy Finlayson ($413,000 DEF BE 68) has done us coaches a world of good but is ready to be milked for those who have the luxury. Just roamed around defence this week and got 59 points from his 17 disposals.

Carlton vs Essendon:

Things were looking good for Kobe Mutch ($265,000 MID BE 9) at half time when he went in on 30 points and had contributed strongly around the ball. He seemed to spend more time up forward in the second half when Carlton took charge and that resulted in only 13 more points for the game. With Ben Ronke doing so well, it made it even harder for owners to watch. There’s too many other issues going on at the Dons to start dropping their rookies… Surely.

In a similar vein to Rioli, the game of Paddy Dow ($335,000 MID BE 42), wasn’t as great this week despite showing amazing progress the previous week. There was 2 centre clearances amongst his 11 touches but Dow only managed 42 points. Another that’s time has come to move on if the structure is right as teams do need to consider the bye rounds from this point forward. With his great job security there may be other priorities. Lochie O’Brien ($323,000 DEF/MID BE 29) and Harry McKay ($318,000 FWD BE 27) kept doing their thing and owners should keep riding the wave. The two had 71 and 62 points respectively. O’Brien was especially impressive with his 15 possessions coming all over the ground and including 8 marks.

Gold Coast vs Melbourne:

There were three major options to consider bringing in this week and unfortunately the most disappointing of the bunch was Charlie Spargo ($299,000 MID/FWD BE 23). We were quite hopeful given the opposition, but Spargo just couldn’t bring himself in to the game and ended up on only 39 points. Should have enough credits in the bank to hold his spot. Outside of him, Melbourne actually had a lot of points to share around and our well-rested Bayley Fritsch ($422,000 FWD BE 21) cashed in fully. Similar to what we saw with Jaidyn Stephenson earlier in the season, Fritsch is growing in confidence each week and must be held at this point. He seems to be playing more of a roaming wingmen style of role and it helped him have 26 disposals this week and more importantly 89 points.

A lot of rookies to get through from the Gold Coast side and we’ll start with the most important. For those trying to work out their Bye structure then Brayden Crossley ($220,000 RUC BE 3) presents a great option in theory as he won’t be sharing the byes with any of your other rucks (other than those who have Witts or Ryder). He again split his time between the forward and ruck but this role only netted 48 points. Unfortunately he just works better as a solo ruck and we can’t recommend him as a must have due to his low ceiling and job security. It’s worth noting that the reserves team at Gold Coast did not kick a goal which does help his cause. The other key rookies all failed to make any kind of impact as Nick Holman ($357,000 MID BE 55) had 43 points, Charlie Ballard ($214,000 MID/FWD) had 46 and Brad Scheer ($267,000 FWD BE 8) only 57. It will take a brave soul to try keep Holman through the byes but it’s still a legitimate option. Non-owners of the other two players shouldn’t be finding plans to bring them in.

Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane: 

First things first, our condolences to Aaron Naughton ($342,000 DEF BE 78) owners who had to watch him hobble off early after just one touch and 3 fantasy points. Looks like he is out for “two to three weeks” at this stage and does have a good bye round. Are you tempted? Our advice is don’t be and move him on to a Keeffe type. Outside of that and the scores of Cameron Rayner ($338,000 25 BE 59) and Matt Eagles ($179,000 DEF BE 20) the rookies from this game were pretty impressive. Leading the charge was Oscar McInerney ($250,000 RUC BE -14) who found himself scoring in both the ruck and up forward as he had 13 touches, 12 hitouts and 2 goals. We hope that coaches took our advice and bought him in a head of Crossley. Other rookies who stood up in this game were Zac Bailey (310,000 MID BE 14) with 67 points, big Billy Gowers ($349,000 FWD BE 28) who got 81 of them and Ed Richards ($339,000 DEF 54 BE). Gowers seemed to enjoy the regulation of Tim English the most as Boyd was too busy rucking to get in his way up forward.

Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide:

What a game! Unfortunately, there weren’t too many cash cows running around. Tom Doedee ($428,000 DEF BE 70) continues to do his thing. We know what we are going to get with him now. He is a lock in Adelaide’s back six and will continue to churn out scores around 60. He will be a handy player to have in your team throughout the byes. Doedee scored 53 points from his 15 possessions. Myles Poholke ($206,000 FWD/MID BE 25) again struggled to make an impact. Poholke had just seven disposals and failed to lay a tackle or hit the scoreboard. Despite Adelaide’s injury concerns, Poholke’s job security has to be a concern.

Fremantle Vs St Kilda:

As always with any game involving Fremantle, it’s best to list out all the rookies running around in a quick list format. Highlight of the Milkmens’ career to date was attending this game together and being recognised! Probably should use this chance to thank the support from the community again. More importantly though, back to the rookies.

Ed Phillips ($203,000 MID BE -13) – The only rookie this week that we were more excited to see run around then Ainsworth. Did not disappoint one bit and seemed to have a knack to find space as he collected 24 disposals and 86 points. We normally release our top trade targets later in the week on twitter but it’s safe to say he’s going to be number one.

Nick Coffield ($371,000 DEF/MID BE 53) – Has officially made amends for the shocker that occurred two weeks ago. 3 rebound 50s and went at 88% Disposal efficiency so really isn’t going anywhere. Got 61 points and can keep expecting those scores for the short term.

Mitch Crowden ($295,000 MID/FWD BE 69) – Anyone still running around with Crowden out there? If so he’s got to go and if his scores aren’t enough to show why, then we may see exactly why at team selection. Signed a new agreement with the club during the week and we hope that bonuses aren’t offered based on his dreamteam scores. 9 out of his 10 touches were handballs, which is a big part of the reason he only got 27 points.

Bailey Banfield ($386,000 MID BE 58) – Seemed to spend the most time next to Jack Steven and even 5 tackles didn’t help him out too much on his way to 47 points. Continues to be a stable component of the team but the reality is he has peaked in price and is ready to move on.

Andrew Brayshaw ($399,000 MID BE 37) – Slowly amping up that game time and the scores are starting to show. 16 touches, 6 tackles and 74 points. Constantly feels like he’s just on the verge of a huge game but hasn’t broken through yet. No secret that he’s a favourite of the Milkmen.

Taylin Duman ($238,000 DEF BE 22) – Continued to hang out in the back pocket and had the ball chipped his way a bit more this week but that can be put down to Freo being able to do whatever they want in their back half. Ended up with 6 marks and 52 points. Keep holding him there on your bench.

Alex Pearce ($307,000 DEF BE 38) – There’s two guarantees when it comes to rookie cash cows. One is that you will put a wrong one on your bench each week and the other is that Alex Pearce will score in the 50s.

Adam Cerra ($368,000 MID BE 37) – Just keeps managing to find the score board and the fantasy scores are ticking over as a result. This time it was 60 points and isn’t going anywhere soon at the selection table.

North Melbourne vs. Richmond:

One of the biggest surprises this season has to be the fact that North Melbourne are actually a good team. We were convinced this season was just going to be about playing kids. Ben Jacobs ($463,000 MID BE 52) was an excellent pick in hindsight. An experienced inside midfielder with great job security. Most weeks he is given a tagging role, (like he did this week with Martin) but when he doesn’t he is more than capable of scoring 100’s. Jacobs had 15 possessions, laid six tackles and scored 56 points. Despite not kicking a goal, we were pretty impressed with Jack Higgins ($351,000 FWD/MID BE 38) role from a fantasy perspective. Higgins seemed to play a bit higher up the ground this week which allowed him to get to more contests and impact the game. Higgins had 14 possessions, laid three tackles and scored 63 points.

Collingwood vs. Geelong:

With the lack of premium defenders, we are seriously considering holding Sam Murray ($486,000 DEF BE 55) long term. Averaging 78.5, Collingwood continue to feed him the ball so he can run it and use it off half back. Murray had 19 disposals and scored 75 points. Jaidyn Stephenson ($441,000 FWD/MID BE 69) reminded everyone that he is in fact a first-year player on the weekend. Stephenson had strung together four very good games (low score of 72) but struggled to make an impact on the weekend, scoring just 40 points from 11 possessions. Flynn Appleby ($227,000 DEF BE -2) played his best game for Collingwood on the weekend. Appleby scored 65 points from 15 disposals and went at an impressive 86% efficiency. With Collingwood’s growing injury list, he may stick around for a while.

Jordan Cunico ($415,000 MID BE 43) looks like an excellent fantasy player.He just seems to get to so many contests. Cunico had 18 disposals for 69 points. Enough has been said about Tim Kelly ($491,000 MID BE 68). He only scored the 65 points on the weekend, but he looked great, collected 22 possessions and used it well. Esava Ratugolea ($341,000 FWD BE 41) continues to present well and take a few clunks. He scored 52 points which is about what you can expect from him each week. Jack Henry ($311,000 FWD BE 30) scored just the 35 points on the weekend (61 less than last week). Barely noticed Henry on the weekend, however they clearly rate him as he has played every game since round two.

Keep an Eye On

Brayden Sier – Continues to play well in the vfl and is knocking on the door. The big bodied midfielder is averaging 23 disposals and four tackles.

Dylan Clarke – Surely… Surely this week! We have flagged it many times before, but this week we are certain. Dylan Clarke will debut this week. He has been monstering the VFL all season, averaging 33 disposals and nine tackles.

Aiden Bonar – Long overdue for a debut. Averaging 22 touches, six tackles and two goals.

Paul Ahern – Gets mentioned most weeks in this section. He has to be close. We are not a massive fan of Ahern; however he is averaging 24 disposals and 3 tackles in the VFL this season.

Nathan Freeman – Saints are travelling that poorly that that may look to give game time to their kids, however Freeman may still be a touch underdone. He has put together to solid games in the twos but may need one or two more.

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  • Good work boys.

    Going to get Ronke this week, with that BE, he is going to go up more than Phillips plus I can start him at F6 knowing that his tackles will do him well.

    Thinking hold Naughton for the week, so I can go Waterman-> Ronke, Billings -> Sic Dog. Will trade Naughton for Phillips next week, part of a double downgrade I think, hopefully with Clarke for Banfield

    • Dont know why people keep saying not to bring in ronke. Vsing freo, bris, carlton in his next 3.

      • Phillips cqn conceivably go up 200k from here. Ronke probably has about 50-100k left in him. Better to use cash cows for $$. Likely Phillips can score as good as Ronke too from here unless you think Ronke can kisk 7 each week

      • It depends on your structure.

        If you need to field him, like Alex’s trade above, it is gold.
        He can afford to get his premo upgrade to Sic dawg and get Ronke to field over Waterman. Solid as.

        But if your looking for a downgrade to sit on your bench, he is over priced.

        I have 5 premo FWD and Fritsch at F6 who is dominating. I would take Clarke over Ronke to sit on my pine which can get me to the premo I want and bank $84K.

        Just depends on what you need

  • Good milking session. Love your work. If Clarke does play would he be close second to Phillips?

  • Who out of Finalyson and Doedee would you milk first?

  • Great article boys.

    Should I trade Banfield and Crowden to Clarke if named and Rocky or hold Crowen and trade out Doedee for Sic dawg instead?

    • Crowden has to go imo! He’ll probably lose $$ now with that high BE and his JS is doubtful so he’s not fulfilling his purpose as a cash cow.
      And he’s not indicated great point scoring potential either.
      With byes coming up we don’t need our benches clogged up with rookies who’re losing us money, putting out crap scores or not even playing

  • hey, who do i field out of keeffe v nth, waterman v ric and t cole v ric if you have the option and in what order?

  • Hoping Clarke gets named this week, Ahern next week and Freeman the week after!!

    • That would be perfect mate. If 2 are named this week i will do the double downgrade to get on board.

    • It would be even better if they werent all round 13 byes!!!
      If Clarke is named this week, my MID bench would be Mutch and Clarke
      FWD bench ZGL and Guelfi

      3 Essendon rooks is not cool lol
      All 4 round 13 bye :(

    • +1

  • My planned trades are Banfield to phillips & Rayner to Rocky. Naughton wont lose cash for a few weeks so i will hold him hoping for another 170k defender to get named.

    • Solid trades!

      I am getting rid of Naughton this week, benching Doedee
      Billings to Sicily.

      Next week hopefully double downgrade Doedee and Muprhy if still not playing, hopefully some rooks to dg to.
      Get a war chest to get Rocky in round 11, hopefully Gray to.

      • Kingzy

        Last time i benched Doedee he scored 102 :(
        I’m benching Finlayson so i can see what’s going to happen :)
        Best of luck for the rest of the year

        • Ouch that would of hurt!

          With bringing in Sicily into my DEF, my only rookie on field is Murray who is in pretty good form.
          I would field Doedee over Finlayson for sure!
          Cheers you to bud

    • Andy,
      What’s better pal?
      Banfield and Doedee to Clarke if named and Sic Dawg
      Crowden and Banfield to Clarke and Rockliff.
      Crowden to Clarke and Barry Bundy to a 613k fwd probably Rock?

  • Nice write up fellas!

    Really struggling to find a MID downgrade option which is not on the round 13.

    Who would you take from:

    Or if Clarke is named is he the one to pick this week?
    And hope that some decent rookie options become available from Port / Suns or round 12 bye teams?

  • I think Mclarty from the pies will be named this week for Darcy Moore, thoughts on him if hes named?

  • Hey fellas I love your detailed work. I have a constructive request: is there anyway you can publish an abbreviated version of your trade in / out targets in the lockout chat section in the comments on a Friday?
    I’m finding your research awesome but I’m getting confused after team selection as things don’t ever go completely as planned! It seemed easier to make rookie selections last year- I’m not sure why the new format is not quite working for some.
    I’m not a Twitter user and don’t really wanna be.
    Your efforts are excellent, I just want to take better advantage of them!!

  • And yes, I do wish I took your advice on Big O vs Crossley!!

  • Hey Lads.

    I am stuck with a couple trades, wondering whats gonna be better for the long run.

    I am thinking the following

    Christensen > Ronke (yes, everyone says not to get him, but he is 150K cheaper, and will produce the same scores as christ)

    That leaves me with 220K, and I was thinking of doing Coffield/Brayshaw > Phillips (probably coffield because Bradshaw is a very good at the moment, however, he is still sitting on my bench)

    Doing the double downgrade gives me 390K for next week to upgrade someone like Dodee/Finlayson to Sicily, and then D Martin to Ed Curnow

    Thoughts? Cheers lads.

    • id hold Coffield and Brayshaw as they have strong JS which will be handy for byes (depending on your team structure) and are still making a bit of cash. Finlay is the one to get rid of, already losing cash and his JS is a concern with his form lately. Upgrade to Sicily is a great option, but bringing in any top 6 premos (Yeo, Simmo) also with that round 12 bye is solid :).

  • Oh I’d like opinions on Alex Pearce? Is it worth flicking him because he’s Just kinda sitting there, or am I better off moving on a findlayson? One might stick around till byes, both seem entrenched in their teams…?

    • better off going finlay to a premo, Pearce does his 50 on the bench for me too, strong js, still makes a bit of cash and will be handy for byes. Plus, theres no decent def downgrades and hes to cheap to upgrade.

    • Pearce’s JS is excellent – there’s none better in the rookie department.
      And, whilst his scores are on the low side, you know what you’re getting. He’s the ‘Mr Consistent’ of the rookies lol – every round he’s gonna pump out a solid 40 to 50 points! And he’s not losing any money either …

  • Do you think Phillips can wait for another week? I want to bring in two premo’s this week.

    • Im guessing that if you bring in two premos this week, you’d have spent your cash reserves, so next two weeks trades will be downgrades or mid/side swaps just to raise cash for your next premo introduction. Better to bring in fresh potential cows and do one upgrade each week as a balance, which might in turn allow you to do more over the next 2 weeks (i.e., 2 premos in this week + 0 over next 2 weeks vs. 1 premo in this week + 1-2 premos in over next 2 weeks).

    • I think if you have built up cash to upgrade 2 rookies this week do it.
      But depends on the premos are you chasing’s break even.

      If for example Sicily, BE 60, if he gets over 100 which is highly likely vs the Lions he will go up 40K +
      Or Rocky BE 73, if he goes over 100 he will make 30K+

      Sure Phillips will go up in price to, but not a huge difference and you will get more points for over all rank! :)

      If your upgrading to a premo with a high BE then you could go the rookie + premo

  • Milkmen
    Thanks for the article
    You say trade Doedee/Finlayson but to whom???
    At least they’re getting games not much coming through
    Maybe McLarty/Rice/Garthwaite/Mihocek but what’ll they score??
    Hopefully Joel Smith can get a game soon
    Until then you’ll need to keep them until they get dropped
    Thoughts on what’s coming through???

  • Doing Hurley to Sic Dawg, for my other trade should I do Banfield to Phillips, or do T. Kelly for Rocky?

  • Hurley owners, are you trading or holding? i would hold but by the time he gets back dons have the bye and questioning if hes top 6 def. Doesnt muck up my trades too much if i go Hurley to Yeo, Banfield to Phillips, thoughts?

    • Not an owner but surely you can’t hold those points on your bench for 2+ weeks? Also has the worst (for me at least) bye, so I’d definitely trade to try and improve my bye structure. Yeo looks good and has the r12 bye so I’d bring him in as well.

      • Yea that round 13 bye affects whitfield and murray in def, safest to go with yeo or simmo?

        • I’ve got Simmo at the moment in my team but would probably bring in Yeo over him. Only $15k more and if you take away that 46 where he just played a shut-down role in defence, he’s been averaging 106. Feel like Simpson is more prone to scoring in the 60’s but will average 90+ for the rest of the year.

    • I’m holding this week. Purely because I’m bringing in Crouch regardless for either Hurley or Naughton.
      So, for me, the only difference is Naughton on the bench with 330k in the bank, or Hurley on the bench with 30k. No difference to my 22.
      In an ideal world, Hurley makes a good recovery and comes back next week, if not I will probably sideways him to Yeo (for that same reason with the byes).

  • Going Banfield to Phillips with my first trade:
    do I
    a). Go Billings to Sic Dawg
    b). Crowden to Ronke
    I think Crowden will get dropped but I could sit him on the pine if Guelfi comes back and still have Waterman as my emergency

    • how is your team structured atm?- in terms of number of premos per postion

      • 4 premium defenders
        6 premo mids
        4 premo forwards (if you consider billings a premium which I dont)
        Rookies on ground currently Murray and coffield in defence, Kelly and Brayshaw mids. Higgins and waterman forwards but am hoping guelfi comes back this week.

    • I’d be trading Crowden. He needs to go.

      In an ideal world, Clarke/Ahern get named and you’d trade down to one of those 2

  • Who would you bring in out of Danger, Crouch, Yeo or McLean? Yeo and McLean have the best bye and McLean has dpp which will be very handy for the bye rounds.

  • Fellas, any news on a guelfi return?

  • Can’t trade Crowden to a premo unless i get rid of kelly too. Is it it worth doing so to get, say, taranto, or should i trade out finlayson and Banfield for Taranto? Crowden is on my bench.

    • I don’t think you can trade Kelly. He’s worth keeping through byes, I’d rather get rid of a bad premo or a fat cow and wait for the player I really want.

    • got to get rid of Crowden, he’s leaking cash fast now. Could be worth doing a double downgrade and having some money in the bank for some big upgrades next week

  • Current Trades are:

    Doedee to Yeo
    Banfield to Ainsworth

    I really want Phillips or Clarke instead of Ainsworth due to job security but unfortunately can’t afford them.

    Is it worth still getting Ainsworth so I can still get Yeo in or would it be better getting Simpson so I can get Phillips (or Clarke)??

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    • TJ

      As Pauline Hanson would say “please explain”
      If both Clarke (170k) and Phillips (203k) are cheaper than Ainsworth (234k) how cant you afford them🤔
      Best of luck for the rest of the year

  • trading in cumming this week, cant resist having I Cumming, not sure if a name or statement really?

  • What’s up with Luke Ryan should I trade him or Doday to Yeo.

    • I’ll do doday to yeo then, and do a double down grade next week if Luke Ryan can pull his finger put so I can get rid off rookies and then pay billings to rocky. Hope all goes to plan I don’t want to trade Luke Ryan hope he can keep up the ton’s

  • Hey guys
    Finlay (on bench) to Whitfield
    Christensen to McLean
    Billings to McLean
    Or any other fowards around that price
    At the moment I’m holding Billings until rocky is back from bye
    Cheers legends

  • Not sure I understand your post TJ. If you can afford either Ainsworth then you can certainly afford either Ed Phillips or Dylan Clarke, both of whom are bottom priced at $170k. Where is the misfortune blocking you from getting Yeo.

  • Simpson or Yeo?

  • I’ve held Billings all year and certainly won’t be trading before he plays Collingwood. Think of Zorko, surely you could hold 1 more week.

    • Daz

      Billings on his final final final final final final final (covered rounds 2-7) chance
      Surely against Pies he can get 80🤔
      If only he could kick straight
      Best of luck for the rest of the year

  • If you can’t afford Phillips or Clarke what is the next best option?


  • Omeara Cunico Mutch… Who to trade for Phillips?

  • Great write up. I know maybe not the best place for this but anyone crunched the numbers on which ruckman/team has been giving up the most points? (In ruck)

  • Any pies supporters out there that can comment on Appelby’s JS? Will he make way for Tom Langdon or Ben Reid when they are fit? If I select need him to get through to his bye week!

  • With Crowden’s BE in the high 60’s, if he scores 50 this week how much will he drop? 10k? Is it worth the double downgrade to get him out or keep him on bench for one more week and get Taranto???

  • Thoughts on Hurley>Webster and OMeara>Oliver, only leaves 6k in bank…

    • JOM to Oliver is solid, but I think you’d be better of downgrading Hurley for a rook and bank some cash for the next couple weeks

      • I disagree, shouldn’t downgrade premiums. JOM isn’t a premium, JOM to Phillips would be a better option for similar scoring and still give you plenty of cash for upgrades. I’m trading Hurley to Yeo/Sicily for a better bye structure.

        • Is Billings a premium? Wot chance is he to score 80+ against Pies this week?

          • I’m holding for this week hoping he can turn it around. He may become Rocky if he can’t find form soon.

        • RT, I’m not saying downgrade a premo for nothing, it’s just shuffling 1 DEF premo (Hurley) for 1 MID premo (Oliver) and downgrading a mid level player (JOM) to a rookie (someone who fits your bye structure) to fill the Warne chest to help with the bye rounds.

    • Can you go Sicily and Adams instead?

  • Fooz

    Hey Milkmen and all
    With Clarke a confirmed starter, would you bring him in over Phillips?

    • I’m very intrested in ppls thoughts on the above too. He has DPP…. but would u recommend someone that has Guelfi on their bench pick him ahead of Phillips if Guelfi is again not naamed? In my team either would play, Phillips at M8, Clarke F6

    • Phillips this week, Clarke next week. Phillips has already shown scoring potential.

  • Who would you boys play

    Brayshaw (freo)
    or Phillips?

    Need some advice, ty lads.

  • Is Clarke going to be a must have? Given how hard it is to find good forwards

  • Thanks for another great write-up Milko’s – but no mention of Waterman!?

    I’m tossing up whether to trade out Waterman or Stephenson (to downgrade to a fwd rookie). Waterman’s BE is lower, but his ceiling’s generally low and I don’t think he’ll make much more cash (and it’ll be a slow crawl if he does). Stephenson has a higher BE, but apart from a poor game last week his points have been higher and more consistent than Waterman.

    What are people’s thoughts?

  • Who to field out of Cunico and Phillips?

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