Rookie Roulette – Ep. 186

The Cats v Hawks game has just finished and it’s time to talk Fantasy. Roy, Calvin and Warnie look at the hits and misses from round two.

Also in this week’s podcast:

  • All of the action from round two
  • Rookie roulette
  • Fantasy statistics and trends
  • Your questions answered from social media

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  • In the end, I’m glad I traded Jabobs for Kelly.
    Jacobs did well but Kelly did even better, and Jacobs would have been on my bench, while Kelly was actually playing. Kelly should score consistently better than Jacobs.

    But English in the forwards wasn’t one of my better decisions.

  • all my rookies are playing so pick two of these to be traded depending on suspension:


    • Ditch Merrett, wtf is wrong with him? Hopefully, Sico is ok to play but another tough game next week. Also what rucks you got, how can you have rooks playing there?

      • What’s wrong with Zerrett? Not much, besides 2 concussions in 2 weeks. Will still finish top 5 mids in the comp IMO.

        • Agree mate. Everyone loosing their minds over one bad score (don’t count round 1 as he played like 15%)

          100k cheaper than Gibbs/Dusty

          Crouch to Zerrett for me this week

          • no you’re not, if you dont have him, what is there to like about him. Why wouldnt you wait a couple of weeks when he is 50-70k cheaper.

          • If you take out these first 2 rounds, Zerrett will still average as much as Gibbs/Dusty

    • Keep Merrett, you’re just locking in a loss if you trade him now. Everyone will be picking him up cheap in a couple of weeks.

    • Screech…Merrett gives you a chance to get T. Kelly or Holman. Minus 27 and minus 25. They will rise further over the next 2/3 weeks and be primed to upgrade at the first signal of low scoring. Kelly might be a keeper and if Holman continues to rack up tackles…If your a Merrett fan he will be as cheap as chips in 3/4 weeks with a current Benchmark of 176 in AFL Fantasy.
      Hibbert does not get his own ball…contested…so if he is not the go to player down back or if he is not designated kick in player he MUST go with a benchmark of 126 Whitfield is going to be a premium defender but if you have not got Finlayson (DPP) or Doods…do so immediately.

  • Nic Nat had only 56% TOG not 70% hahaha.

  • Well I stuck my neck out big time last week ditched Zach Merrett for Tim Kelly as he was the only rookie I missed. Merrett – 78 and lost $61k and Kelly – 115 and gained $66k. And also ditched Rocky for Coniglio another gold star. Now have $545k in the bank and not sure what to do!!

    • Great to have such cash at hand – get Robbie Gray into your fwd line for a rookie – surely an extra premo there useful to reduce the roulette of FWD rookies.

      • Dont trust Robbie Gray and because I nailed all the rookies bar Tim Kelly I dont want to trade any of them at the moment. Decision decisions decisions – suppose it’s a nice position to be in.

  • Is this the worse idea ever zerret to tkelly and naughton to laid leaves me 99k in the bank?

  • Whitfield definitely getting dpp? Thinking going crouch to him

  • Which of Darcy MacPherson. Charlie Cameron or Allen Christensen? I favour MacPherson in the new Suns system for consistency and price (probably a bit hopeful). Cameron is a bit more expensive at the moment but has a higher ceiling and perhaps greater inconsistency. Christensen I think will be less consistent as well. But such early days so there is a lot of guess work going on.

  • Do people think T. Kelly’s score will drop significantly when Duncan comes back?

    I mean he’s had 2 great scores in the first 2 rounds, but each time one of the big Geelong MIDs have been missing.

  • I’ve narrowed my trade options this week down to the following combinations. Please help me choose which ones to put into practice!

    Combination 1:
    – Sicily to Bonner
    – Dow to Taranto
    – This leaves me with $37K in the bank

    Combination 2:
    – Sicily to Simpson
    – Dow to Barry
    – This leaves me with $43K in the bank

    Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.

  • Langdon – Crowden (F7) with Venables on field
    Rayner – MacPherson
    Langdon – Gowers
    Rayner – Ryan

  • Which One?

    Taranto (38-BE) and 5k
    MacPherson (24-BE) and 50k
    Taberner (40-BE) and 35k
    Ryan (-6-BE) and 226k
    Gowers (-8-BE) and 278k


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