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  • Any chance that O’Connor gets up for this week?

  • Team Name: Blue Tack
    Round 1 Scores: 2041
    League Results: W
    Studs: Laird, Lloyd, Kelly, Titch (C), Martin, Gawn, Billings
    Duds: Rockliff, Hibberd, Brayshaw, Rayner, Fog, Waterman
    On the Chopping Block: Hibberd and Rockliff
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I may he a little nit picky chucking all those first gamers in duds but their potential left a lot to be desired. As for rocky, you leave the lions and then produce this rot score.. the most ultimate of insults. Definitely trading for cripps

  • Team Name: Blackall Rangers
    Round 1 Score: 2183
    League Results: W, W

    My sneaky POD was at the last moment ditching Nic Nat , thinking Lycett would heavily share duties & bringing in Paddy Ryder. Cash wasn’t the issue…I thought it was a clever POD . Burnt!!!

    An like many others had the room m wrong rooks on his pine.

    My other POD was Mclean, who I had last year for his good streak. Clearly not the same player or not running through the mid as much.

    Boot or give him another roll of the dice?

    • Didn’t see the game, but given the margin it looks as though the Doggies are off the pace again this year. Average player in an average team does not equal Fantasy must-have, I reckon. Not sure who you’d swap him for, but there are a few around his price that have more up side.

    • Fooz

      In the same boat as Nostro. Dogs are at home, Libba is out, and I reckon WCE will give up a few fantasy points. I’m leaning towards holding him this week.

    • Fooz

      Also interesting will be who gets Ryder’s Ruck job and for how long.
      Do the Corn Pairs bring in Frampton/Hayes, or give big Dougie Howard a role change (away from Buddy this week…)

  • Score: 2095
    Studs: Titch, Gawn, Billings, Laird, Lloyd, Whitfield, Holman, Kelly
    Duds: Menegola, Merrett, Luke Ryan, Brayshaw, Murphy

    Chopping Block: Sam Menegola, named on the ball thought he’d go huge and did bugger all and with Danger coming back it’ll only get worse. Going him to buddy asap. Will wait on zerret however.
    Vent: The bloody app!!! Was out on friday and didn’t have access to a computer when i found out melb Brayshaw was out. Last minute brought in Luke Ryan as a replacement however after that happened the app left me stuck with Murphy on field and doedee on bench and i couldn’t change it! Cost me 50 points.

  • Team Name: D35TROYA
    Round 1 Scores: 2193
    League Results: WW
    Studs: laird, lloyd, titch, Cripps, Parker, Gawn, Billings
    Duds: Hibberd, Weitering
    On the Chopping Block: Weitering, Dow
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: as bad as Hibbo was gonna hold and give another shot, we started these premo’s for a reason and I have read so many people gonna sideways these underperforming premo’s and chase last weeks scores. It was 1 week people back in your premo’s and fix up other issues first! For me that’s fixing the experiment of weitering down to a rookie hopefully coffield gets named and Dow out for kelly (the 1 good rookie I missed) will give me $200k war chest ready to bring Merrett in a few weeks

  • Team Name: West Sydney Hitmen
    Round 1 Scores: 2066
    League Results:W
    Studs: Titch Laird Crouch Duncan Gawn Billings
    Duds: Zerrett Rayner AFL FANTASY APP!
    On the Chopping Block: Rayner
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: All of my 600k plus players apart from Zerrett went performed well. Stef was the only one apart from Zerret to not go 110+… Rookies were a little dissapointing althou all will be given another run this week.

    • Rookies were awesome! Murray (76), Doedee (80), Holman (89), Barry (72), English (78), Fritsch (74)… some people are just hard to please (colon right parenthesis)

  • Team Name: HoofHearted69
    Round 1 Scores:2265
    League Results:W
    Studs:Everyone pretty much, Titch, Cognilio, all my rooks, Gawn, Billings, etc, etc
    Duds: Hibbo
    On the Chopping Block: Hibbo to Lloyd looking likely
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Gotta thank the DT legends for all the materials as half my team was based on research and recommendations found here

  • Team Name: Large Fry’s & Coke
    Round 1 Scores: 2039
    League Results: L, L
    Studs: Titch, Parker, Billings, Laird
    Duds: Zerrett, Hibberd, LDU, Christensen
    On the Chopping Block: Christensen
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I’m really unsure what to do with my two trades this week. If a rookie gets dropped that might make the decision a bit easier

  • Naughton and Jacobs out Guthrie Z and Barry in.
    Don’t need to know my score. All those months spending hours on my team and it produces a shit house score.

    • Yeah, doesn’t help when three of your premos (Zorko, Zerrett, Rocky) combined are outscored by dudes like Coniglio and Witts

  • Team Name: Frankletes Fridges
    Round 1 Scores: 2151
    League Results: NA
    Studs: Laird, Titch, Gibbs, Jelwood, Gawn, Billings
    Duds: Rockcliff, Brayshaw, Naughton
    On the Chopping Block: Rockcliff
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: The NicNat ruck pick paid off, but the rockcliff over coniglio is a solid burning. Do i trade out rocky or give him another 1 to get back to pig form?

    • I’m trading… probably the best way to be burned twice, but I reckon I’m done with him now. But don’t worry, if you hold and he’ll get injured, trade and he’ll double ton. That’s how he rolls these days

  • Team Name: albertos-cats
    Round 1 Scores: 2165
    League Results: WWW
    Studs: Laird, Titch, Parker, Jelwood, Gawn, Billings
    Duds: Hibberd, Rocky, Brayshaw
    On the Chopping Block: ROCKY!!!!!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had Simpson & Cogs in ALL pre-season, but couldn’t turn ignore all the Rocky chat by the experts so dropped Simpson down to Hibberd so I could get in The original PIG..

    • Is that the same PIG who changed teams, was mooted for a high half forward role, busted his shoulder last year, burnt a lot of coaches with a poor second half of 2017, was cheap due to his poor 2017, played an intra club clearly favouring his shoulder and not tackling, was withdrawn from both JLTs and had never played with his new team mates or operated within his new team’s game plan?

      Don’t worry man… you never could have seen that coming.

      • Yeah, the same PIG who averaged 140+ against Freo in his last 4 and 118 in his last 4 at Adelaide Oval..

        • On the same Rocky boat. I’m staying strong for now, watched the 2nd half and reckon he’s not far off, physically looked fine to me, just needs to find his place.

          • He’ll probably bounce back now I’m looking to get him out, but my FWD started weak.. I figured outside of the top 5/6 priced, there wasn’t a lot of value, but with Yong scoring the way he did, I want to get him for one of the WCE rooks, so going to drop Rocky for JOM

          • As one who included Rocky this week, and who took a big hit last year from keeping him in well beyond the duration dictated by simple pragmatic wisdom, I can say that ‘fartypants’ has nailed the appropriate way of mirroring back to oneself the decision to bring Rocky in for Round 1.

            The solid appraisal of reality out-trumps hope in this game.

            So, Alan J’, although I suffer your pain (and I also had Merrett, Fyfe, Hibberd, btw) the Rocky pain is, I fear, self-inflicted. Even though Fyfe’s and Hibberd’s efforts (in my team) were pusillanimous, they were rational choices. Rocky was not so much a rational choice as a hopeful choice, even a choice loyal to the honour of a hero insufficiently tested in current circumstances; but that kind of loyalty I regard as misplaced and costly to the integrity of the season’s campaign. Mea culpa!

            And ‘Alan J’ I invite you to join me in that chorus.

      • Absolutely Nailed it Fartypants, about a half-dozen big red flags on picking the old RockManPig…

        Hope Roy is getting reminded of this (from AFL site)

        “This decision was obviously all Roy’s. After not playing a single JLT game, Rockliff was removed momentarily until Roy kicked and screamed and his beloved Fantasy Pig was reinstated. “

    • Dane Swan is/was original pig

  • Team Name: BT Torrents
    Round 1 Scores: 2357
    League Results: W
    Studs: Titch (C), Coniglio, Parker, Laird, Gawn, Buddy, Greene and Lloyd.
    Duds: A Naughton (R) and A Brayshaw (R)
    On the Chopping Block: Do not know.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ranked 18th. My highest score and best rank ever (I know its only R1). Also in the strange position of not sure of who to trade in/out for R2 (maybe wait to see which Rookies will get a game in R2).

    • Someone has to give you props.. awesome team selection… your right… not a lot for you to do this week… (My team in same boat)

      Look for Cash Growth Potential.

      Id Scalp Goldstein for NicNat and claim an extra $100k + in cash…
      (I scalped Jacobs to NicNat for cash myself)


      Second trade Id look at shipping Murphy out, Naughton to the Bench, and using the cash scalp + Murphy (probably around 270k spare as a guess??) to get a better scoring defender in…

      But then your ranked 18th… who am I to comment….

  • Fooz

    Team Name: tempus fugit
    Round 1 Scores: 2181 / rank 4079
    League Results: WW
    Studs: Titch(c), Parker, Conigs, Gawn, Seb Ross!!
    Duds: Hibberd, Freo rookies, West Coast Rookies McLean
    On the Chopping Block: not sure. Fogarty to a Rookie, McLean up to Billings.

    Missed out on Laird and Billings. But also missed out on Zerrett’s score too.

  • Team Name: Chiefs Bananas
    Round 1 Scores:2046
    League Results: L across the board
    Studs: Parker, Whitfield, Lloyd, Holman
    Duds: Hibbo, Rayner, Naughton
    On the Chopping Block: Hibbo and any rook that doesn’t play
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 5 minutes before lockout had a feeling Zerrett was going big so downgraded Simmo to Naughton and upgraded Coniglio to Zerrett. Lesson learnt to trust the team and don’t tinker.

  • Team Name: The Squids
    Round 1 Scores: 1945
    League Results: not looking
    Studs: laird, Sicily, titch(c), dusty, J Kelly, Holman, gawn, heeny, Boak & D Smith
    Duds: Rocky, zerrett & me
    On the Chopping Block: no one yet
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: classic DT, ranked 43k. Left over 100pts on bench due to wrong rooks on field, zerrett was unfortunate and rocky…… Had Steven as a smokey leading in to lockout but flinched and went rocky last minute. So team is OK, just the coach needs to get his act together, by the end of rd3 we’ll see where things are really at I reckon.

    • Haha I did the same with Parker to Rocky and Llyod to Hibberd. Rest of the team went well barring Rooks. Oh well, normal to use a few trades in RDT to fix things up (I may give them one for go though – not sure.

  • Team Name: Basil Devenish
    Round 1 Scores: 2058
    League Results: W
    Studs: Parker, Laird, Billings, Lloyd, Gawn, Mitchell
    Duds: Hibberd, McLean, Venables, Onfield rookie choices
    On the Chopping Block: Merret, McLean
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Merret will have to go sideways to a Crouch/Dusty etc. Would love to deal with McLean, looks like Daulhaus has staked his claim for that role back, but will likely have to trade a Venables or other rookie.

  • Team Name: Whitelies
    Round 1 Scores: 2203
    League Results: WWWWWWW
    Studs: Laird, Lloyd, Mitchell, Billings, M. Crouch, Parker, Whitfield
    Duds: Christensen, Rayner, Fyfe
    On the Chopping Block: Fyfe
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Very happy with the score

  • Team Name: Banana Kick
    Round 1 Scores: 2276
    League Results: W
    Studs: laird, Simpson Sicily, titch(c), Whitfeild, J Selwood, gawn, heeny, Franklin & Billings
    Duds: Freo Rooks
    On the Chopping Block: Not sure yet
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy at this stage.

  • Team Name: Doug’s destroyers
    Round 1 Scores: 2171
    League Results: W
    Studs: Laird, Sicily, Mills, Mitchell, Parker, O’meara, Kelly, Gawn, Franklin, Billings, Smith
    Duds: Naughton, Brayshaw, Christensen, Fogarty, Merrett (injured)
    On the Chopping Block: Merrett, Fogarty
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: If it wasn’t for Merrett getting concussed I would be in top 500

  • Team Name: Terrors from the Basement
    Round 1 Scores: 2114
    League Results: W
    Studs: Titch,Parker,Lloyd,Whitfield,Gawn,Billings
    Duds: Naughton, Dow, Brayshaw, Rayner
    On the Chopping Block: Christensen, Jacobs, Rayner

    Good: Dodged all the big Fantasy Bullets, (Zerret, Zorko, Rockcliff, Libba), somehow avoided being trapped by some mid price JLT overperformers too.

    Bad: Wrong rookies on the park, cost me 80 points…

    Maintenance This Round:
    – I am in the luxury position of no forced trades, so scalping Jacobs for NicNat to claim the $100k+ extra cash. (Worth looking at for anyone else with spare trades)

    – Also Monitoring Port Adelaide Ruck choices.. possibly activating 2nd Bench ruck with a playing Rookie Ruck.

    – Alternate 2nd Trade will be using the scalped cash to trade up Christensen for Acres

  • Round 1 Scores:2073
    League Results:W
    Studs:laird, Lloyd Titch billings Gawn parker
    Duds:hibbo Adams Fyfe Jacobs Rayner
    On the Chopping Block:Jacobs hibbo Rayner
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:went for PODs in Adams and Fyfe and failed. Holding strong with those 2 expecting a bounce back. Worried about hibbo since his jlt scores to so thinking hibbo to simmo and Jacobs to nat

  • FevsBingles

    Team Name: Fev’s Bingles
    Round 1 Scores: 2062
    League Results: 2 wins 4 losses
    Studs: Laird, Sicily, Mitchell, Crouch, Neale, Cripps, Gawn, Billings, Heeney, Smith, Petracca, Holman, Kelly, Doedee.
    Duds: Merrett, Brayshaw, Banfield, Rayner, Naughton.
    On the Chopping Block: Unsure at this stage.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Merrett getting injured didn’t help, Naughton was useless.

  • Team Name: hjckr
    Round 1 Scores: 2188
    League Results: W
    Studs: Titch, Coniglio, Billings, Gawn, Petracca, Acres, Lloyd, Parker, O’Meara, Sicily, T. Kelly, Smith
    Duds: Weitering, Hogan, Beams, Naughton, Brayshaw (Freo)
    On the Chopping Block: Weitering
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: None of my risky picks paid off, hoping Beams goes 140 next week.

  • Team Name: Stringers U18s
    Round 1 Scores: 2129
    League Results: WWWL
    Studs: Titch, Parker, Lloyd, Laird
    Duds: ROCKLIFF, McLean
    On the Chopping Block: ROCKLIFF
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I have rules

    -New team
    -Didn’t play a pre season game
    -Position and role not yet established

    This is too many unknowns. Coaches are full of shit, he is not 100% ready and fit. Wish I didn’t listen to the traders. DTtalk is great for rookies but premos its mediocre at best. Stick to the rules you set for yourself, you’re a better coach than Warnie and co.

  • Team Name: Ninny Poo
    Round 1 Scores:2232
    League Results: W (Overall 1293)
    Studs: Titch, Gibbs, Coniglio, Holman, Laird, Lloyd, Franklin, Gawn
    Duds: Menegola, Naughton, Brayshaw (Freo), Dow, Fogarty, Christensen
    On the Chopping Block: Menegola, Fogarty, Christensen, Naughton
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Considering trading Mengola to Billings, also figuring out which of christensen or fogarty to get liam ryan.

  • What to do with Fyfe, he seemed to have spent an awful lot of time in the forward line

  • Team Name: Mighty Skanques
    Round 1 Scores:2200
    League Results: All wins
    Studs: Cogs, Parker, Lloyd, Billings, Laird, Neale, Petracca, Titch
    On the Chopping Block: Hibberd
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Not going Zerrett and Rocky paid off big time

  • If anyone wanted to know, the almighty and all-knowing “Chosen Won” scored 2063 LOL

  • Team Name: CuldntHitaCowsRsWithaBanjo

    Round 1 Scores: 2027
    League Results: N/A
    Studs:Franklin, Titchell, Gawn, Gibbs, Laird
    Duds: L MacDonald, Fyfe, Lambert, Rayner, Brayshaw, Naughton.
    On the Chopping Block: MacDonald, Lambert.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Bench rookies scored double the amount of the rookies in my 22

  • Team Name: The Mike Pence Mammoths
    Round 1 Scores: 2043
    League Results: L
    Studs: Titch, Laird, Gawn, Billings, Doedee
    Duds: Rocky, LDU, Naughton, Rayner, Brayshaw
    On the Chopping Block: Rocky, LDU, Naughton
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Can’t decide whether to trade Rocky to Luke Parker or Coniglio. Coniglio’s 146 is tempting but I should probably avoid jumping on the band wagon by going to the more consistent Parker.

  • What you guys do…

    Rocky to Cogs
    Short to Bonner


    Rocky to Billings (via dpp)
    Short to Sicily

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