My Team: Version 4.1

We’re into the last few days before lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • Anyone interested in Angus Brayshaw (462,000 Def/Mid)?

  • o’meara, sandi and sicily or lloyd, jacobs and a rookie

  • what does everyone think of Ciaran Byrne?
    Only 290k and without docherty he will get a lot of the ball.
    I reckon he could average around 70 this year but am a bit worried considering that no one is interested in him.

    • Don’t be worried Dave…. he has been in my team at D4 for a while and I tried to keep it quiet. In his third or fourth year I think and should mabye breakout. Came back from a serious knee injury but I think he will increase by 20 at least on average. Good luck and good choice he will dominate more without Docherty

    • Will average high 60s so will make money, but don’t expect much more than that.

      Docherty out makes it harder for Byrne rather than helping him

  • Best Defender for 668K?? Already got Laird and Lloyd

    • Hibberd is the vanilla option but in terms of PODs I would say Witherden, McDonald and KK could all have big seasons.

  • Lloyd, Jacobs and a rookie

  • Hey Legends having trouble deciding one of the following combos;

    Kreuzer and Lachlan Murphy


    Jacobs and Naughton

  • Pretty settled on the team so more looking to solidify the structure but got one current dilemma:

    1.Simpson + Sandilands
    2.Sicily + S.Martin

    I’m honestly happy either way with it as I know Stefan and Kade can pump out the big scores so it really comes down to who will score more out of Sandi and Sicily. Currently have option 1 but would love to hear some thoughts.

  • P. Ryder or S. Martin in the Ruck??
    bit torn and keep switching out between the two!!

  • ok lads some opinions please

    P. Ryder or S. Martin in the Ruck??

    bit torn and keep switching out between the two!!

  • Sicily or Petracca?

  • NicNat firming for rd1!! Who’s rolling with him if named!! Team definitely looks better with him in!

  • Final decision I think!

    1. Dow + Nank + Parker (Banfield bench)

    2. Barry + Sauce/Stef + Parker (Banfield on ground)

    3. Barry + Nank + Gibbs/Treloar (Banfield on ground)

    Thanks for any wisdom!!

    • 2, stef when alone could be the best ruck this year, sauce is a very safe option. both set and forget options. parker underpriced has had a full pre season and looked the goods in the jlt. banfield and dow should score similar in early rounds.

  • Thoughts boys??

    Def: R.Laird (100.21), J.Lloyd (91.99), J.Sicily (74.13), N.Coffield (36.29), A.Naughton (36.00), S.Murray (24.10) (T.Doedee (24.10), J.Finlayson (24.10))

    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), M.Duncan (112.40), A.Treloar (107.87), T.Rockliff (102.76), S.Coniglio (93.98), J.O’Meara (62.08), A.Brayshaw (37.99), T.Kelly (31.75) (B.Banfield (24.10), N.Holman (24.10))

    Ruc: T.Goldstein (86.46), M.Gawn (85.75) (D.Cameron (24.10), M.Lynch (24.10))

    Fwd: J.Billings (94.40), I.Heeney (91.99), D.Smith (81.50), A.Christensen (46.92), D.Fogarty (35.15), B.Fritsch (29.77) (J.Waterman (24.10), Z.Giles-Langdon (24.10))

    19k remaining

    • Looks solid. FYI – no need to get heavy with the averages ( ) – too heavy on the eye!

    • Pretty solid all in all. Tossing up the idea of a similar backline myself.
      Mids are good.
      Rucks are ok. Unsure about Goldy myself, not sure he can capture his best form again plus North are shit.
      FWD solid once again. Only change I would make is Christensen. I don’t think he will be as good as people expect. Better off going for a rookie IMO.

  • P.Dow



    Who to pick at M8?

    • id probs go dow

      • That’s what I’ve done atm. Got Brayshaw M6, Dow M7, Banfield M8

        • i’d go Kelly, a more mature body and has played senior level. use the extra 40k to upgrade a bench rookie to alex pearce in defence, constable in mids or liam ryan forward if you can find the extra 10 k

    • Neither for me. I’ve got Holman at the moment, Banfield if Holman isn’t picked.

      • i mean i currently have all of the ones you guys have named. I’m tempted to lose kelly though if another 170k mid is named like barry and play banfield/holman.

        • I find Kelly and Dow to be a touch pricey for the scores you will probably get. I’m happy to pay for Brayshaw.

          • my team atm is very guns and rooks which I’m happy with. That also means you’ll need the more expensive rookies but I have good premos to even that out.

  • Thoughts on my team? Done some tweaks since last time. Also not sure whether to play 2 or 3 rookies in the mid.

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, Coffield, O’Shea, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)

    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Treloar, Parker, Coniglio, Armitage, Brayshaw, Dow (Barry, Banfield)

    RUC: Gawn, Jacobs (Cameron, English)

    FWD: Heeney, McClean, Smith, Christensen, Fritsch, Waterman (Vanebels, Giles-Langdon)

    Also have 10k left in the bank, if O’shea is not named first round will probably end up getting Naughton or Hibberd by either downgrading Sauce or Armitage.


  • IMO I am putting savage in instead of hibberd and using the extra cash elsewhere. I believe savage will have a new role and fill in the Montagna vacancy. Good luck this Thursday.

  • First time playing in a while, been a couple of years, so a bit rusty… all in on the prems/rookies like the old days… is the D6 and F6 too much of a risk, round 1 pending?

    DEF: Laird, Witherden, Shaw, Coffield, Murray, L Murphy (Doedee, Finlayson)

    MID: Titch, Zorko, Dusty, Gibbs, Rockliff, O’Meara, Brayshaw, Holman (Barry, Banfield)

    RUC: Gawn, Jacobs (Cameron, English)

    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Smith, Rayner, Fritsch, Waterman (Keeffe, Giles-Langdon)

    14K remaining


    • Not bad at all, that’s a huge midfield!

      I don’t like the L.Murphy selection. I think he has poor job security as they have a few good small forwards already, and I also think his scoring won’t be great. He will rely on kicking goals just to get to a 60 I think. If he’s named round 1, he would be a decent bench option though (I’d personally start Doedee over him).

      Nothing wrong with Waterman on the ground. You would think he’s guaranteed to play at least the first few games with Kennedy out, and I think he can average 60-65 when he plays, which is not bad at all.

      All in all, I really like your team.

      • Thanks… After I posted… Had a brain twinge and tried this – O’meara/ Billings for Robbo/Sicily and gives me option to upgrade Witherden to Hibberd or Lloyd…or even take Kreuzer, I love the DPP and the set & forget. Any effort to convince me not to tinker would be appreciated!!!

  • lloyd and Jack steven


    salem (who is pushing for more mid time) and neale

  • What’s better? A mid of Titch, Zerrett, Dusty, Treloar and Neale with Sicily as D3, or Titch, Zerrett, Treloar, Neale and Cogs with Hibbo and Lloyd as D2-3?

    • 2nd option

      • So it’s essentially Dusty + Sicily vs Cogs + Lloyd?

        I think option 2, just..

        Looking at approximate expected averages…

        Dusty should go 115
        Sicily I think will be 85-90 (inconsistently)
        Cogs should be 105-110
        Lloyd should be 90-95 (consistently)

        So lets say 115 + 90 = 205 (option 1) vs 110 + 95 = 205 (option 2)

        So realistically, there won’t be a huge amount of difference between the two options. Option 2 would be safer for Lloyds consistency over Sicily, but then Sicily is hugely underpriced and great value, so even if he is inconsistent, he’ll provide cash generation at the worst. Plus Dusty could easily go higher than 115…

        I think the averages will be pretty similar, so really it comes down to who you’d prefer in your team…

        • That’s a great analysis you gave me. Thank you for that.
          On that I reckon I might stick with Sic Dawg as I feel Dusty’s going to go big.
          Sicily is worth a punt and I would be happy with an 85-90 ave. He could potentially be 96. But I don’t think he’ll go that high.

  • Finally settled on a team! Pending rookie selections, of course…

    Would be great for an opinion or two..?

    DEF: R.Laird, M.Hibberd, J.Sicily, N.Coffield, A.Naughton, S.Murray (T.Doedee, J.Finlayson)

    MID: T.Mitchell, Z.Merrett, D.Martin, L.Neale, L.Whitfield, A.Brayshaw, T.Kelly, B.Banfield (C.Constable, N.Holman)

    RUCK: S.Martin, M.Gawn (D.Cameron, M.Flynn)

    FWD: J.Billings, D.Smith, M.Robinson, C.Petracca, L.Ryan, B.Fritsch (Z.Langdon, J.Waterman)

    48k left over..

    • Standard backline.

      Mids are nice, 3x 800k+ players + Neale and Whitfield seem to be a good starting 5, + all the good rookies.

      I like the rucks, stef should be solid again this year.

      I dont rate Petracca as much as someone like hogan, I’ve got hogan instead, Robbo seems like a cheaper F3, not sure if he can go above 90, maybe he averages 85, but you dont really have any POD’s so there isn’t too much to say, just check rookies come round 1!

  • Nic Nat to play according to Shannon Hurn… Yay or nay and what does he score?

  • 1. Dow + Venables

    2. Constable + Ryan

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  • My revolving door at D3 is back to Crisp, despite the fact I think Murray will steal points off him. Can’t trust Sic Dawg…

    Still not picking Laird (even tho I’ve had him the last two years), cos I think he’ll get the forward tag – and has suffered from it in the past.

    No doubt I’ll be eating these words in a few weeks as my season goes down the drain.

    I’m sure it’ll change a few more times before lockout.

    • I’m tossing up on Sicily as well, I just don’t think I can trust him but can’t find a reliable 500k player for either fwd/def to suit my structure.

    • I’ve got the Sic Dawg, but agree that he can’t be trusted.

      I think I have just settled on the fact that he will be a rollercoaster, but I feel like at his price, he is worth the ride.
      He may be frustrating, but at absolute worst case, he’ll go up in price and be a simple sideways trade to someone who jumps out as a clear top defender..

  • I’m looking for a good POD for my forward line. How would you rank Petracca, Caddy, Bell, Robbo and Jack Martin?

    Am I missing any decent options?

  • Mitch Hibberd, Ryan, Barry (bench) and Sicily


    Naughton, Kelly (bench), Tom Murphy (bench) and Petracca
    (means Doedee goes onto the field and lose Ryan completely).

  • G2G?

    DEF:Laird,Sicily,Coffield,Naughton,Murray,Doedee (Pearce,Finlayson)
    MID:Titch,Treloar,Oliver,Whitfield,Parker,Coniglio,Redden,Banfield (Barry,Holman)
    FWD:Billings,Heeney,Smith,Petracca,Christensen,Fritsch (Venables,Langdon)

    Pretty much the structure im going with into Round 1, mid premos can be switched around, thoughts?

    • No Brayshaw is a risk, mid rookies will make the most $$

    • I think stacking your midfield may be the wrong option here. You’re missing out on 2 great mid rookies which means you miss out on a lot of cash.

    • Apart from Laird, there doesn’t appear to be many points in that back line. Simpson will get beaten in the ruck every week.

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  • best fwd or def options priced between 400-550k in order?

  • Any thoughts would be great, 4th year now so starting to really understand but any help would be great!!

    Laird, lloyd, sicily, coffield, oshea, murray (doedee, finlayson)

    Mitchell, martin, duncan, treloar, beams, brayshaw (freo), kelly, banfield (holman, barry)

    Martin, gawn (cameron, frampton)

    Franklin, billings, heeney, christensen, waterman, fritsch (keefe, rioli)

  • Any thoughts would be great, 4th year now so starting to really understand but any help would be great!!

    Laird, lloyd, sicily, coffield, oshea, murray (doedee, finlayson)

    Mitchell, martin, duncan, treloar, beams, brayshaw (freo), kelly, banfield (holman, barry)

    Kreuzer, gawn (cameron, frampton)

    Franklin, billings, heeney, christensen, waterman, fritsch (keefe, rioli)

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  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Sicily, Coffield, Hibberd, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)
    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Fyfe, Coniglio, JOM, Brayshaw, Banfield (Holman, Barry)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Smith, Christensen, Ryan, Fritsch (Langdon, Waterman)


    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Coffield, *Naughton*, Murray, Doedee (Finlayson, *170K*)
    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Fyfe, Coniglio, JOM, Brayshaw, Banfield (*Kelly, Holman)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Smith, *Petracca*, Christensen, Fritsch (Langdon, Waterman)

    ** Additions that weren’t in the first team.

  • Thoughts? (Rookies likely to change)

    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Houli, Coffield, O’shea, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)

    MID: Titch, Duncan, Treloar, Neale, Coniglio, Brayshaw, T.Kelly, Holman (Banfield, Barry)

    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)

    FWD: Menegola, Billings, D.Smith, Christensen, Fogarty, Fritsch (L.Ryan, Poholke)

  • Its getting close to lockout now!

    DEF:Laird, Hurley, Hibberd, Coffield, Murray, Doedee (Pearce, Finlayson)
    MID:Titch, Treloar, Neale, Parker, Cogs, Brayshaw, Dow, Holman (Banfield, Barry)
    RUC: Gawn, Nank (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, D Smith, Sicily, Christenson, Fritsch (Langdon, Venables)
    $1K left

    I am hearing Nic Nat is almost a lock for round 1, could be an option!

  • Best option 537k and under down forward? And thoughts on joe Daniher to take his game up another level to average about 90-95?

  • Disregard the team post that I made above, I think I’ve found my team.

    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Coffield, Naughton, Murray, Doedee (Pearce, Finlayson)
    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Fyfe, Coniglio, JOM, Brayshaw, Banfield (Kelly, Holman)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cameron, Frampton)
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Smith, Taberner, Christensen, Fritsch (Ryan, Langdon)

    My previous team, which has sat saved for about a week now included Sicily, but I just didn’t feel content with that selection. I was missing the likes of Naughton and Kelly and found myself with too many forward rookies with 2 on the ground. However, I now feel extremely happy with this side of 29 + Taberner, who just makes everything click. I feel as though he may be worth the punt over the likes of Sicily/Petracca as he allows for extra cash and the ability to bring in the other luxuries stated above. With scores of 89 and 128 in the JLTs I feel as though their has to be some upside to him in what is a fairly mediocre year for midpricers in FWD/DEF. How do I look for round 1, would love your thoughts, cheers.

    • Love the team but very risky going all those rooks on field down back. Should all play and score but then again its only one more then what I have on field (3)

    • I like the team. But the 2 premo 4 rookie defense may be a little risky…I had that set up but changed back to the 3-3setup back there.

      • Thanks for the feedback lads.
        I can’t put my finger on a 3rd premium defender so I’m happy to go with this setup and wait until DPP’s in round 6 for players such as Whitfield

  • Thoughts on Constable? Will he get games and is he worth the extra 30k over Barry from port?

    • If he plays, then potentially yes. But I’m going all Brayshaw, Kelly, Banfield and Holman over Constable. Good option if you’re going 5 midfield rookies though.

  • simpson, grundy, whitfield? or m.hibberd, nank, danger ?

    can’t decide if i should go with danger knowing he will dominate but nank might not be as productive or roll the dice on whitfield.

    cheers guys

  • Gday all here’s my team what do ya think?

    Def: Laird Lloyd Brayshaw Coffield
    Murray Doedee (Finlayson Mirra)

    Mid: Danger Dusty Martin Beams Coniglio Rayner Brayshaw Dow (Holman Banfield)

    Ruc:Martin Hawn (English Cameron)

    Fwd: Buddy Billings Acres Christensen
    Stephenson Fritsch (Venables G/Langdon)

    I have 161k left
    Considering Rayner/Stephenson up to JOM/Armitage if I can make that far
    Or Brayshaw up to someone more reliable

    Beams or Neale?

    Any help/suggestions

    • +J Kelly to my mids

      • No Mitchell means you are throwing away double points for him most weeks. Personally, refraining from picking injury-prone players like Beams. Not sure which Brayshaw your referring to, if it’s Angus, I would upgrade him first.

        • Thanks Priwling Tiger,Yeah Angus! since Danger inj I been thinking up to Mitchell. Tossing up a bit between Neale and Beams Mcrouch, will likely haveall 3 eventually. If I trade Danger toMitchell and Beams to Neale will leave me bout 140k to add on Brayshaw
          Or bout 90k with Crouch…

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