My Team 2018: Version 2.0

Fantasy is here! The game opened up on Wednesday morning and thousands of coaches have already got their teams in. They’ll be tweaked hundreds of times over the next 57 days until lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • Over the last 8 years, Rocky’s averaged 19.1 games per season. For someone who’s “so injury prone”, and “unlikely to play all games”, I feel that’s a pretty damn good strike rate.

  • This keeps changing daily, but I think I’m getting close to being quite happy

    Def: R. Laird, M. Hurley, J. Crisp, P. Hanley, D. Mirra, T. Doedee (S. Murray, J. Smith)

    Mid: T. Mitchell, Z. Merrett, D. Beams, T. Rockliff, A. Hall, J. Redden, A. Brayshaw, H. Wigg (T. Kelly, N. Freeman)

    Ruc: M. Gawn, N. Naitanui (T. English, D. Cameron)

    Fwd: M. Barlow, D. Smith, R. Lobb, A. Christensen, P. Ahern, F. Greene (J. Battle, B. Jarman)

    28k left in the bank, obviously rookies will be those who are named. I feel my forward line is quite risky, but with a decent payout if it works. Thoughts?

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Doedee, Goddard, Smith (Rice,Morgan)

    MID: Titchell, Dangerfield, Merrett, Zorko, Martin, J.Kelly, Jacobs, Freeman (Barry,wigg)

    RUC: Ceglar, Lobbe (Cameron,English)

    FWD: Barlow, Billings, Heeney, Higgins, Rioli, Ahren (Battle,Keefe)

    3k left

    • Lobbe won’t get a game mate, he plays for the club with the league best ruckman.
      Yeo might be not fully fit so keep an eye on him.
      Great premos, pick your rookies right and you’ll be laughing.


  • Do you think Blakely is worth the risk. Stats suggest (last season) if he is in a midfield role he should go close to 110. If he is that defensinsive role somewhere close + D1. Only downside is he if often used to tag and he may only average his 85-90 if he does

    • He showed last year he was way too good as a midfielder to be wasted as a tagger. Also, even if he plays in defence he will find a way to rack up. He’s locked in my side and I think he will be pushing the 110+ average!

  • Jordan De Goey yay or Nay.
    Tossing up between him, Acres, Parish and Robbo for F3? Currently got Parish.

  • DEF
    Laird / Simpson / Hanley (Keeffe)
    McGrath / Murray / Doedee (MIrra)

    Titch / Rocky / Zerrett / M Crouch (Smith)
    Fyfe / Cripps / LDU / Raynor (Freeman

    Nic Nat / Gawn (McInerney / Cameron)

    Heeney / Dahlhaus / Lobb (Rioli)
    Higgins / Ryan / Ahern (Venables)

    Finally landed on a team I like. $0k left so it’s airtight. If McGrath goes to the midfield early and Hanley/Nic Nat hold up injury wise I should be good until the first DPPs (when I should be able to swing Lobb to the ruck and downgrade Nic Nat). Don’t love Fyfe but I trust him more than the similar priced sydney midfield boys. Taking a stab with Dahl but he is consistent. Earlier versions were more unique but perhaps it’s not an issue? Thoughts appreciated.

    • Rayner’s a waste in the midfield, swing him in the FWD line for Ryan, get a Dow/Brayshaw for Rayner.
      Also, would look to upgrade your mid rookies, at this point I doubt any 170K mid rookies will play R1. Look at Tim Kelly & James Worpel.

      Dahl could be good, burnt me last year so i’m not touching him to start off with.

      2 170k rookies on field in defence is a worry, they might struggle for regular games and you’ll be left with donuts. Would look to get a Coffield/O’Shea/Hibberd/O’Brien in there if named R1 as you’d expect them to have safer JS & scoring potential.

  • So has anyone thought to enter round 1 with say 600k in the bank role a structure like
    1/1/4 (Christiansen I’m counting as a high-price rook)

    And use the cash to jump on a mid-price bolter like gaff,Oliver,Murphy last year, or fix up rookies or nail those premium forwards by like rnd 3. Just seems there’s a lot of rookie potential this year.

    • It’s not a horrible idea but I think you will lose too many points initially and will find yourself way too far behind the pack. Will be hard to make top 2k with that strategy.

  • Thoughts on this team?

    DEF: Hurley, Houli, McDonald, Coffield, O’Brien, Doedee, (Murray, Mirra)
    MID: Ablett, Kelly, B Crouch, Zaharakis, Coniglio, Armitage, Dow, LDU, (Wigg, Freeman)
    RUCK: Gawn, Bellchambers
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Wingard, Christensen, Higgins, Ahern, (Rioli, Venables)

    Tried to go a bit unique in areas.

  • Any advice would be good, cheers!

    Def: Hurley, Hibbered, Crisp, McGrath, Cummings & Murray. (Goddard & Dodee)
    Mid: Titch, Zerret, Zorko, Rocky, Fyfe, Ahern, Stephenson & Brayshaw. (Worpel & Wigg)
    Fwd: Billings, J.Higgins, Petracca, Lobb, Rayner & Setterfield. (Bennell & Venderbels)

    Slighly concerns about the two 170k starting in the backline. But the rookies will be swapped out if not playing Rd 1 obviously.

    Cheers fellas!

    • Rucks: Gawn & Jacobs. (Cameron & Hayes)

      My bad, forgot my rucks!

    • I feel like you’ve gone really unique in the backline and i don’t mind it but i reckon choose 2 to of hurley, hibberd and crisp and maybe find a way to get laird. Laird should be top defender and you will need him from the start. cumming and murray could likely play round 1 if they perform in the JLT and they can win the footy off half back so decent options. Look at David mirra from the hawks who’s 26 and a mature age recruit who domianted off half back in the VFL.

      Mids are great but i feel Zorko is a risky pick due to him being number 1 tag choice now. Love the fwd/mid link with ahern and stephenson but maybe you need a T Kelly, Dow or LDU instead of stephenson The guys i mentioned are more likely tp play round 1 but wait for JLT and see how everyone goes.

      Love your rucks. Perfect.

      Fwd are your concern. Love the petracca pick but at F2 is slightly thin. i would downgrade mcgrath/ hurley to a rookie like coffield and then upgrade the other to laird. then use the other money to maybe upgrade lobb to someone like mcclean or mitch robinson depending on cash. Love the setter field pick.

      Team is decent but the structure could be fixed to strengthen the forward line. The forwards have some good rookies and i feel you have the right ones. Maybe 1 more gun in there and your team is set to go.

      • Thanks mate! Yeah fwd line is a little concerning. I do like Lobb as the no.1 ruck as GWS, but will tweak it to see if I can get laird and another gun in for lobb. Just a big fan of Zorko kicks bags from the mid and is my POD I think. Just hoping that beams cops more of tag I suppose. Team will probably complete change before round 1 haha!

        Cheers mate!

  • Who should i get in my back line with 419k

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