My Team: Version 4.1

We’re into the last few days before lockout.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • Thoughts on Lobb?

  • 1) Devon + Dow + Naughton + Kelly


    2) Robbo + JOM + O’Connor + Barry (bench)

    Are the rookies too weak in 2? Banfield/holman would be M8 in 2

    • 2 with holman on field, but would need O’conner to be named obviously

      • I think you need both Holman and Banfield in your squad.

        What other rookies are you selecting to mean you won’t need one of these guys? Are you spending up on all rookies?

        Just curious.

    • Hey stevo, would be able to offer your suggestions to help me out please?

      Any thoughts would be great…..

      Laird, lloyd, sicily, coffield, oshea, murray (doedee, finlayson)

      Mitchell, martin, duncan, treloar, beams, brayshaw (freo), kelly, banfield (holman, barry)

      Kreuzer, gawn (cameron, frampton)

      Franklin, billings, heeney, christensen, fritsch, keeffe (waterman, rioli)

  • can some rank these fwd “premos”, no clue on who to slot in…
    franklin, billings, barlow, heeney, wingard, mclean, dahlhaus.
    cheers boys

  • Gibbs or Dusty and why? I currently have Gibbs, he can go huge. Cheers.

    • Zac Dawson

    • dusty the safer pick more likely to keep or improve his average just because there’s no change for him (have heard he may play more fwd). Whereas gibbs new team, more stacked midfield but both should go great. If you want something different go gibbs but dusty is safer

    • They can both go huge … splitting hairs really. Dusty may get some more attention this year, but is almost untagable. Gibbs unlikely to get attention given sloane seems to be an easier target. Stacked midfield for Adeliade, but Gibbs will get more on the outside and is a noted goal kicker.

    • Dusty, both good picks but all through the year dusty will be on TV in Prime time and you will get the added pleasure of watching him dominate for your team as well as the tiges

  • Would love some feedback on the team!

    D: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily Coffield, Naughton, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)
    M: Mitchell, Dusty , M crouch, Parker, Beams, JOM, A.Brayshaw, Banfield (Holman, Barry)
    R: Gawn, Ryder (Cameron, English)
    F: Billings, Heeney, D.Smith, Christensen, Fritsch, Ryan (Waterman, Giles-Langdon)

    Tried to get a few POD with Ryder and Beams but am open to suggestions

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  • Savage + Robinson + Sicily
    Lloyd + Heeney + Christensen


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  • Any other RDT leagues around?

  • who do I play at m8?

    Holman v roos in Cairns
    Banfield v Power in Adelaide
    Kelly v Melbourne in Melbourne

  • Not sold on a lot of the rooks atm so my mids feel a little weak … Thoughts appreciated

    D: Laird, Lloyd, Johannisen, McGrath, Coffield, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)
    M: Mitchell, Zerrett, Neale, Coniglio, JOM, Brayshaw, Kelly, Holman (Banfield, Barry)
    R: Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron, English)
    F: Heeney, McLean, Sicily, Petracca, Christensen, Fritsch (Ryan, Giles-Langdon)

    • Midfield isn’t weak, just underpriced. As long as the likes of Neale/Coniglio/O’Meara perform, it could be the smartest tactic. Johannisen/McGrath are gutsy picks, but could come off. JJ seemed to be pushing up fwd in the JLT so I’m not sure how he’ll go. Solid fwd line, love the McLean pick, could go 95+.

  • Coniglio and D Smith


    Rockliff and Petracca

  • Mills is all of sudden in my team! Someone please talk me out of it

    • Will be a better player, but won’t be progressing to get much midfield time. With McVeigh and Lloyd back there he will be playing more of a lock down role imo. Not for mine

  • Hey guys. I’m in dire need one more player for a fantasy league. It’s $40 to enter and mates have been playing for years but one guy dropped out. Anyone keen? sms Kelly 0425 400 035 for the details.

  • Is Acres worth looking at, I am considering him over Devon, am I crazy? He already has the DPP and looks to deffinately have more mid time, and is cheaper.

    • I am too mate, what do you think he will average

      • Nailed the last JLT game, spent alot of time in the middle, and with Roo out, he should play off the wing/outside mid.. I might be optimistic, but 90ish.. maybe (hopefully)

  • def: laird, lloyd, ryan, coffield, murray, doedee (finlayson, keefe)

    mid: titch, merrett, treloar, neale, parker, o’meara, brayshaw, banfield (holman, barry)

    ruck: stef, gawn (cameron, frampton)

    fwd: billings, heeney, mclean, christensen, fritsch, waterman (venables, langdon)

    64k in kitty

    not 100% sold on sic dog, so taken an even bigger risk with ryan. has potential to go big, scoring 138 and 126 consecutively last year. also can’t see freo performing as poor as they did last season.

    zerrett or kelly? torn between the 2

    also not sure on playing waterman on field, but feel he can score 60-65, which is similar to what rayner will early.

    i will upgrade keefe to o’shea if he is named, otherwise potentially use the $$ to upgrade venables to ryan for js.

    would really appreciate any thoughts

    • DEF: Don’t mind the risk, however wouldn’t really feel confident on starting Doedee, so I agree an upgrade of Keeffe to O’Shea / Naughton is a good idea. Agree with Ryan, however I think Blakely and Wilson may impact scoring.

      MID: Solid. Not a fan on O’Meara myself, perhaps could downgrade to Dow/Kelly to upgrade forward.

      RUC: Done.

      FWD: I like it, but I think Waterman will only be in our side for three weeks once JJK returns.

      Zerrett for me.

  • Can we still do the Thursday night loopholes?

  • best mid priced DEF? just can’t bring myself to touch SicDog at the moment…

  • Thoughts on Luke McDonald ? He’s playing mid this year and I feel he can score big in the middle ??

  • Will hutchings play as an attacking midfielder this year or will he be tagging?

  • Which pair is likely to score more?

    Crouch and Neal
    Gibbs and parker

  • Thoughts on this forward line?

    Billings, smith, Caddy, Hogan, Christensen, Florent, (Frisch, Waterman)

  • D: Simpson, Laird, Hibberd, Coffield, Naughton, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)
    M: Mitchell, Gaz OR Danger, Merret, Dusty , Fyfe, Dow, A.Brayshaw, Kelly, (Holman, Banfield)
    R: Gawn, Naitanui (Cameron, Flynn)
    F: Heeney, Greene, D.Smith, Christensen, Fogarty, Fristch (Miers, Giles-Langdon)

    Any advice would be appreciated (30k in bank)

    • I see what your doing by using Nic Nat to save a TONNNNE of cash, but Gaz/Danger in mid is a risk to start with no JLT for Gaz and Hammy for Danger..Use that cash to upgrade NN.. That said, first 2 games for NN are against Sydney and Bulldogs, so poor Rucks there.. might work..

  • Merrett, Duncan or Crouch?

  • trelore/rocky and dow or cogs and omeara?

  • Nank and Merrett/Duncan or Martin and Treloar

  • d smith, robbo or tracca?

  • rayner, florent or ryan F5?

  • Ryder, beams, D.smith Or
    Jacobs, coniglio, McLean

    I like the first one because it is different from others

  • Lobb and rocky or robbo and cogs?

    • Not a huge fan of either option but if I had to choose one I would go with the first option. Lobb could have a big year if he’s the number 1 at GWS.

  • Nush
    This is my squad

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Ryan, Naughton, Coffield, Murray, (Doedee, Finlayson)

    MID: Titch, Merrett, Duncan, Neale, Newman, Brayshaw, Constable, Banfield, (Kelly, Holman)

    RUCK: Gawn, Nank, (Cameron, Myth)

    FWD: Billings, Smith, Caddy, Hogan, Christensen, Florent, (Frisch, Waterman)
    24k left,

    Thoughts anyone?

    • I dig the Hogan and Ryan pickups, not as sold on Caddy but I understand trying to get some PODs. Are there any players you’re feeling unsure of?

  • Gonna back Naitanui to deliver better than people expect. I’ll probably be wrong but I’m an Eagles fan and he’s the only play I back to have a massive season lol

    • I’m likely taking the punt on him too. Saves a bunch of cash and I’m not sold on the other rucks yet. I feel like he’ll be firing and ready to go. Fairly weak ruck opposition the first couple of weeks could see him post decent scores, if he flops I’ll just trade him out.

      (Disclaimer: I’m also an eagles fan lol)

  • Thoughts on Luke McDonald ? He’s playing mid this year and I feel he can score big in the middle ??

    • Could be a really nice POD, haven’t seen enough for to pick him up but if you don’t wanna be vanilla he could be a fun choice.

  • heeney or dusty martin?

    current fwds are

    menegola, billings, heeney, d.smith, petracca, christenson (fritsch, w.rioli)

  • Simpson + Dow
    Sicily + O’Meara

    Asking for a friend 😏

  • J. Selwood & Dahlhaus (or $650k Fwd (if Heeney, will Heeney and franklin together work)) orrrrr N. Newman and Billing’s (or any forward other than Franklin & Gunston)

    • Billings, Heeney and Greene are the best forward options. Billings is probably the best with the other two being a toss of the coin.

  • Rate in order for F4. Hogan, trengrove (WBD), tabarooney

  • Is Florent a better option than Rayner? I currently have Christensen, Florent and Fritsch as F4 -6.

  • Zorko – Martin – Kelly – Duncan – Gibbs

    Pick one! Last player I’m tossing up with!!!

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