My Team: Version 4.0

The final week of the JLT is here and so is a new My Team. Version 3 is running through the JLT Series… so get your chatter happening as the games play out.

Post your team (in an easy to read format) and discuss where it’s at in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

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  • @house of cards
    got twitter or email or something?

    • G’Day legends,
      Quick question,
      who should I go with
      1. Titch, LDU and T Kelly (0k)
      2. Zerret,Rayner and Brayshaw (15 k)
      Thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Lochie. Just saw this. Not active on twitter. Why?

  • Any thoughts or upgrades?

    $49k Rem.Salary

    DEF R.Laird, M.Hibberd, J.Lloyd, N.Coffield, A.Naughton, S.Murray (L.Keeffe, T.Doedee)

    MID T.Mitchell, Z.Merrett, M.Duncan, A.Treloar, L.Whitfield, A.Brayshaw, T.Kelly, N.Holman (J.Finlayson, B.Banfield)

    RUCK S.Martin, M.Gawn (W.Frampton, D.Cameron)

    FWD J.Billings, I.Heeney, T.Mclean, C.Rayner, B.Fritsch, J.Waterman (P.Ahern, Z.Giles-Langdon)

    • Solid everywhere except the forward line. I think Fritsch is best 22 currently but Rayner and Langdon will be one game away from getting dropped, not sure what the fascination with Waterman is, he will be in the WAFL when Kennedy returns around round 3 and highly doubt Ahern gets a gig round 1.

      I just think you just need to spend a bit more on your forward line rookies – Christensen, Ryan, Fogarty, Florent are better options then Waterman & Ahern.

      • Rayner getting dropped??

        • Just saying he has 5 players with low job security, especially waterman & ahern. Rayner will get games but could be a few bad games away from being dropped.

          • I agree with everything you said PK except for the Rayner comment. I think Rayner has the most job security out of every rookie, and if fit he’ll play almost every game. Brisbane will improve this year but not by heaps so they still need to get games into players like Rayner. He is an exciting player that will become good with a few seasons under his belt. And he is the type of player that might be poor one week but dominate the next. They just need to back him in and give him the confidence to do his thing.

  • B Ellis as Definitely option ,thoughts? I’m on but curious for feedback because I’m seeing no love at all

  • *Def , sorry, auto correct

  • Liberatore or o’meara



  • Thought I might leave some aggregated thoughts, if anyone deems them worthy of merit. I might go line by line:

    Def: Laird seems the most obvious lock for all. Some concern around Yeo, as to whether he is going to be more profligate in the midfield (where Simmo has foreshadowed him playing) as opposed to the sweeper/utility role where he hoovered up +6s last year. Hibbo, Simpson and Lloyd seem safe, Sicily the concern plainly is whether he received forward tags and how that will impact him. Everyone wants to speculate on midpricers, really a question of who will QB for the Blues without Docherty. There seems a solid set of rookies, making starting 3 (Naughton, Coffield and Murray seem to be the three with decent JS) a reasonable prospect, with Doedee a strong bench option.

    • Good summary, sicdawg may be the biggest make or break mid priced of all this year, birchall now gone so sweeper/qb role seems very likely, undoubted scoring ability with very real prospect of being top 6 def/fwd this season if he can largely avoid or beat the tag.

  • Mid: Everyone wants Mitchell, willing to pay about $100k more than the next band (can’t see many playing Danger/Gaz at this stage). Plenty of guns around the $800k – I like Kelly and Dusty

    A lot of buying for those under $700k, Parker, Coniglio. For both, an assessment of their injury prospects and in the case of the former, how his midfield cohort will impact his scoring are necessary. M Crouch hugely popular, unsurprising with the back end of his 2017. Not much love for Gibbs/Rocky/Sloane. Many unclear on Adams/Pendles on account of Buckley lining up his guns on the HBF. Treloar seems the safest for mine – butchers it too much to ever be a QB. Many are getting on Whitfield now, on the premise that he will score like a top 10 midfielder before getting DPP come round 6. This logic works if his form holds as per JLT – he makes the cash to justify it. If he scores at a rate equivalent to a player around $700k, could be more of a problem – also, can we see forward tag being an issue for him?

    Rookies v good this year. Dow seems to have fallen by the wayside. Seems Brayshaw and Kelly with one of Holman/Barry/Banfield taking another spot.

    Midpricers, JOM, Redden, seem a risk. Guns and rooks seem a decent strategy, with some scope to pick premiums that are $50-100k off where there likely production will take them

    • Yep again, Whitfield curious one to me, probably not mid keeper, banking on dpp is madness, past experience is champion data make strange decisions on these, upgrade watch for me.

  • Thoughts on my team? Tweaked it since last time it was touched, also not sure whether to play 2 or 3 rooks in the midfield.

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, COffield, O’Shea, Murray (Keefe, Doedee)

    MID: Titch, Zerrett, Treloar, Parker, Coniglio, Armitage, Brayshaw, Dow (Banfield, Holman)

    RUC: Jacobs, Gawn (English, Cameron)

    FWD: Heeney, McClean, Smith, Christensen, Fritsch, Waterman (Giles – Langdon, Vanebels)

    Also left with 10K left to spear. If O’Shea is not named for first round will probably swap him out with Naughton and either downgrade Dow to Kelly or Jacobs to Ryder

    • Don’t start Waterman – wait till R1 teams for your F6-8

      Not sold on Armo personally, reckon you might be better having Kelly and then splashing that cash to turn O’Shea/Waterman into someone better

  • Ruck: Everyone will have Gawn.

    R2 then comes down to whether you want security and guarantee of a good score (Stef/Jacobs) and an assessment of bye structure. Freako likes Nank, who seems a good bet too and unders. Some like Sandi/Lycett/Nic Nat or even Goldy, but take a big risk on all 4.

    Cameron has disappointed in his auditions for R1 at Swans

  • Fwd: I think here is where the comp will be won this year.

    Billings’ hamstring, Heeney’s midfield rotations, Petracca and Smith coming good are all pretty detrerminative. No one wants Franklin or Barlow – IMO both would look good in teams by years end. A lot of bank in Christensen too, with many having big issues with Robinson and Bell. Personally, I like Walters a lot – likely to play more midfield and I think is $100k under his likely output

    A lot of stock in Fritsch and Rayner, not much JS elsewhere – might have to splash the cash for Ryan/Fogarty on the bench, given others in the price range seem to have little JS

    • why are u not a fan of bell? Personally i see a lot of upside. If walters is 100k unders than bell is at least 100k unders IMO. Fagan said that the contested ball is where the lions really want to improve on and bell is a contested bull. I reckon he can go anywhere between 80-90

    • Buddy is in over 25% of teams btw, more owned than Billings

      • Looks like Alex has based his statements off DTTalk alone. I don’t think he realises the DTTslk community makes up less than 2% of AFL Fantasy players.

        • Thanks, yes I freely acknowledge I am basing my statements on DtTalk alone, on the basis that this is an active community of FF players.

          On Bell, he has just hugely disappointed since coming to the Lions. I would gladly be proven wrong, as I want them to do well.

  • Petracca F4 + Mirra D8
    Christenson F4 + Naught D5

  • 1. liberatore and christensen
    2. D.Smith and Kelly
    3. McLean and Kelly

  • Lloyd & Robinson
    Sicily & Greene/dahlhaus

    MARTIN GAWN (cameron frampton)
    Thoughts on the team? 11k in the bank

  • Best forward under 426k, any suggestions?

  • def: laird, simpson, salem, coff, naughton, murray (doedee, keffee)
    mid: titch, zerrett, treloar,parker, dunstan,brayshaw, dow,holman (finlayson, banfield)
    ruck: nank, gawn (frampton, cameron)
    fwd: billings, heeney, smith, sicily, ryan, fritsch (ahern, giles-langdon)

    I think that salem will be a good POD as he has been promised more mid time and that was shown in JLT when he had the 3rd most centre bounce appearances. and i think that dunstan is an absolute bargain at only 617k and his last 5 average is 110.

  • Thoughts on this team? I am not yet sold on a couple of the premium mids or forwards (plus there seem to be too much Freo in the mid for my liking)…

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Llyod, Coffield, Naughton, Murray (Finlayson, Doedee)
    MID: Mitchell, Dangerfield, Neale, Treloar, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Kelly, Holman (Banfield, Barry)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cameron, Draper)
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Smith, Florent, Rayner, Fritsch (Ryan, Waterman)
    $15k remaining

  • Hey legends any thoughts on this i have $66k remaining

    Def; Llaird, Hibberd, Lloyd, Coffield, O’Shea, Murray (Doedee, Finnlayson)

    Mid; Titchell, Zerrett, Treloar, Crouch, Neale, Cognilio, Brayshaw, Barry (Banfield, Kelly, Holman)

    Ruck; Grundy, Gawn (Cameron)

    Fwd; Billings, Heeney, Smith, Bell, Rayner, Fogarty (Fritsch, Ryan)

  • Thoughts lads??

    Def: R.Laird (100.21), J.Lloyd (91.99), J.Sicily (74.13), N.Coffield (36.29), A.Naughton (36.00), S.Murray (24.10) (T.Doedee (24.10), J.Finlayson (24.10))

    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), M.Duncan (112.40), A.Treloar (107.87), T.Rockliff (102.76), S.Coniglio (93.98), J.O’Meara (62.08), A.Brayshaw (37.99), T.Kelly (31.75) (B.Banfield (24.10), N.Holman (24.10))

    Ruc: T.Goldstein (86.46), M.Gawn (85.75) (D.Cameron (24.10), M.Lynch (24.10))

    Fwd: J.Billings (94.40), I.Heeney (91.99), D.Smith (81.50), A.Christensen (46.92), D.Fogarty (35.15), B.Fritsch (29.77) (J.Waterman (24.10), Z.Giles-Langdon (24.10))

    19k remaining

    • i’m worried about duncan with Gablett back, granted ablett will play forward but will probably still impact. Rocky i love but with no preseason and his injury history i’m steering clear i had two sub ten scores from injured premos last year and it cost me a hat. Goldy is a nice choice, i’ve had a strong look hopefully can return to form. Really solid team, HATE the sicily pick.

  • i reckon everyone this year has almost identical, vanilla teams this year – really hard to find a POD. I think this year will be won and lost through clever trading. What types of players are there that can make our teams different? thinking Libba, Hurley, perhaps Dunkley, Bell. What do ya reckon libba will average?

  • rank dusty, gibbs, mcrouch, treloar, neale, parker, whitfield, coniglio

  • Predicted average for:


    • Hard to say. I think Armo will average the least, but then it’s kind of whatever works for you. If Libba was guaranteed to play inside mid all the time then I think he would have the potential to average the most. JOM I still think 90-95, likely slow starter though.

  • BACK: J. Loyd, M. Hibberd, S. Savage, N. Coffield, T. Doedee, S. Murray, (J. Finlayson, L. Murphy)
    MIDS: T. Mitchell, Z. Merrett, A. Treloar, L. Neale, S. Coniglio, J. Graham, A. Brayshaw, C. Constable, (N. Holman, B. Banfield)
    RUCK: T. Nankervis, M. Gawn (D. Cameron, W. Frampton)
    FWD: I. Heeney, T. Greene, D. Smith, A. Christensen, C. Rayner, D. Fogarty (B. Fritsch, W. Rioli)
    27k in the bank

    • I’m a fan of Graham , he has enormous potential, however I think the cash return on him won’t be higher than a rookie. otherwise a solid team with a few value picks.

    • like it, not sure constable will play that many games? Kelly and Nakia are surely ahead of him. Nank? i feel there is more value found. Don’t trust greene i’d rather have petracca or billings. Apart from that very solid team man.

  • Bell or Christensen????

    Crouch or Duncan or Kelly or another good option around that price tag???

    • Christensen and Kelly.

      But I must admit I don’t mind the look of Duncan, a 110 averaging pod. Hard to find.

  • G’day Legends,

    What do you think about this one, see any holes?

    Laird, Lloyd, A.Brayshaw, Coffield, Murray, Doedee (Murphy, J.Smith)
    Titch, Zerret, Treloar, Whitfield, Fyfe, JOM, A.Brayshaw, T. Kelly (Banfield, Holman) Barry)
    Gawn, NicNat (Cameron, Frampton)
    Billings, Heeney, Smith, Robinson, Christensen, Fritsch, (ZGL, Waterman)

    $43k remaining


    • lots of gambles with Whitfield, Jom, Robo, Heeney, Nic Nat & Bundy coming off injuries, form/consistency issues or limited pre season. Could pay off, probably won’t, i feel Neale/Parker are safer fallen premo’s.

  • Is Sicily gonna be too much of a gamble this year with his high and low scores?

    • I like consistency and I don’t think Sicily has that. I’m not starting with him, but at his price he isn’t a bad pick.

  • Def: laird, lloyd, hibb, coff, naughton, murray.
    Doedee, finlayson.

    Mid: mitchell, merrett, rocky, neale, whitfield, fox,
    brawshaw, banfield.
    Holman, barry.

    Ruck: martin, gawn.
    Pittonet, cameron.

    Fwd: billings, heeney, walters, c.brown, fogarty,
    Giles-langdon, keefe.

    Thoughts, help, anything?

  • Alright boys, first post for the year. Came in at a handy 343 in the world (Australia really) last year and i’m looking for a hat this year. Obviously team especially rookies are subject to change but as stands;

    DEF: Laird, Hibber, Lloyd, Coffield, Naughton, Murray (A.Pearce & Doedee).
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Martin, Kelly, Parker, Brayshaw, Kelly, Holman (Finlayson & Banfield).
    RUC: Martin & Gawn (English & Cameron).
    FWD: Billings, Smith, Petracca, Christensen, Ryan, Fritsch (Venables & Watermen).

    Any thoughts? Super vanilla but i like the balance and rookies playing. Dow, UDL, Rayner, Barry i will be tracking and may come in. Also had a sneaky look at Neale, Coniglio, Redden & Heeney but couldn’t find a place for them. Rip the team to shreds lads.

  • Hi guys. New Fantasy Elite draft league. Live draft Monday 19th March at midday AEDT. Head-to-head matchups start in Round 2. Code = AYW3MWHK Please join!

  • DEF – Laird, Hurley, Hibberd, Coffeild, Naughton, Murray (Finlayson,Doedee)

    MID – Titch, Merret, Kelly, Parker, Cogs, Brayshaw, Dow, Holman (Barry, Banfeild)

    RUC – Martin, Gawn

    FWD – Billings, Heeney, Smith, Christiansen, Ryan, Fritsch (Rioli, Venables)


    • Solid side, with value picks in Parker and Cogs. Might be an issue with 3 Eagle rooks in forwards.

  • Did anyone watch both the doggies JLT games? I’m interested to know what role Toby Mclean played during those games? Low scoring in the first and not too bad in the second.

    • I think he played on the wing although he had high CB. I don’t trust Beveridge who has a habit of changing his midfield mix.

      • He averaged 95 for the last 10 games last year playing through the midfield a bit. But I guess no guarantee that will continue this year.

  • RDT $28,400 in bank

    D:Laird, Hibberd, Savage, Coffield, Naughton, Pearce (Doedee, Murray)

    M: Titch, Zerrett, Dusty, J.Kelly, Gibbs, Parker, Brayshaw, Banfield (Finlayson, T.Kelly, Holman)

    R: Nank, Gawn (Cameron)

    F: Buddy, McLean, D.Smith, Impey, Stephenson, Fritsch (Keeffe, Ryan)

    Rook positions may change, at the moment I have money sitting in expensive rooks and Impey. If T.Bell is named then may change Impey to him, cheaper so no issues.

    • Really like the Gibbs pick. I havent gone him but each day it gets closer and closer to lockout im more and more tempted to get him. Is it too much having both him and M Crouch, or does it have to be one or the other??

      I’m also liking Parker too. I’ve gone coniglio instead but i have also gone with a setup like yours. 6 premo’s in the Mid!

  • Thoughts on Yeo this year. I can see him getting alot more midfield time. Is anyone getting onboard?

    • He’s a better player and fantasy scorer playing defence. I have decided to finally pass on him.

      • Who are younpicking instead? I’m very interested to hear.

        I do agree with you but i can still see him averaging more than Hibberd and Sicily


  • Really like the Gibbs pick. I havent gone him but each day it gets closer and closer to lockout im more and more tempted to get him. Is it too much having both him and M Crouch, or does it have to be one or the other??

    I’m also liking Parker too. I’ve gone coniglio instead but i have also gone with a setup like yours. 6 premo’s in the Mid!

  • Kelly or Gibbs?

  • RDT : 64k left

    Laird Yeo Lloyd (Finlay, Doed)
    Coffield Naught Murray

    Titch Merrett Kelly Brayshaw (Dow, TKelly, Banfield)
    Duncan MCrouch Conigs Holmen

    Martin Gawn (Cameron)

    Billings Heeney Smith (Ryan, Keefe)
    Rayner Fritsch Fogarty


  • Need help with rest of my cash. ..


    Laird,Lloyd,savage,Sicily,coffield, Murray
    Doedee, finlayson


    Mitchell. Merret,Gibbs, rockliff, Neal,armitage,Dow, banfield,
    Kelly, Barry, Holman


    Martin, gawn, Cameron

    Fwds ;

    Mundy,Smith,caddy,petraca, Ryan, Fritsch,
    Keeffe, ahern

    $256600 left in bank not sure how to spend , maybe upgrade a rookie to Brayshaw? .. Rocky pending also ..I like to have maybe 100k in bank for end of first round

  • Kelly and Sicily
    M.Crouch and Savage?

  • Kelly and Sicily,
    Crouch is a gun though

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