Michael Hibberd – Deck of DT 2018

Name: Michael Hibberd
Team: Melbourne
Position: DEF
AFL Fantasy: $652,000
Bye Round: 13
2017 Average: 92.6
2017 Games Played: 18
Predicted Average: 98
Draft Range: 50-60

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Why should I pick him?

Last year Hibberd went mostly unpicked by many teams after not starting the first three games through injury, and having not played in 2016 at all there was a reluctancy among many to pick him. Those who eventually did pick him up throughout the season were rewarded  with a consistent scoring defender who always managed to score no matter how well his team played.

Hibberd scored a low score of 57 which was only one of two scores he scored less than 70 throughout the season. He scored a high score of 129 against Port Adelaide in round eighteen on the back of an impressive 36 disposal game, with an incredible 24 kicks.

With Hibberd you have a defender that is more than capable of getting you a decent score each week. The defender racked up 11 scores above 90 last season from his 18 games. Another aspect about Hibberd’s game which is sure to make fantasy players happy is his ability to find the boot, with almost twice as much kicks throughout the season as handballs, adding an extra few points to his score each game. The best thing of owning Hibberd though is the +6s you will get to see him rack up across the half-back line. Surely there is nothing better to see in fantasy.

Sure Hibberd doesn’t score as high as Docherty (Who won’t play a game this year), but he will get you nearly a 90 each week, which is all we can ask from a defender this season with the lack of options we now have down back. With Hibberd showing his fantasy ability, and with the chance of him being given a lock down role on a forward at a low, why not pick him up?

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Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Price wise Hibberd is in the dear range, considering there are a few other options who performed last year like Simpson, Laird and Yeo who all are only a short jump up from Hibberd and are more guaranteed to get you a better average.

Honestly though is hard to come up with many reasons why you shouldn’t pick him, just because of the lack of defensive options we have. Don’t pick him if you are expecting a defender who is going to get you 100+ each week, he is going to have games where he scores lower than usual, but last year he always managed to increase his score at the end of games with some junktime magic.

There is the chance that Melbourne change the way they play, and as such he might not see the ball as often as he did last season, especially with the junk he managed to register deep into games. I would be surprised though if they did change things up, as they were unlucky to only miss out on finals by the smallest of percentages.

Deck of DT Rating.

QUEEN – I am starting with Hibberd this season, and as such I was actually a little reluctant to write about him for this article, for the sole reason that not many teams will have him because of other options of Simpson, Yeo, Lloyd and Laid coming ahead of him that are full fledged premiums. But , there are few premium options in the defence, and Hibberd has shown an ability to junk and score consistent fantasy scores, and can only improve from here. With almost a year of footy under his belt, and a full pre-season I can see Hibberd increasing his average by at least 5 points.

Does Hibberd improve on his 92.6 average this year?

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  • I think with Lewis playing a quarterback role and his elite kicking Old mother Hibberd will benefit with his run and long kicking! Depending on his pre season I think he will star with the Aussie Floggers!

  • A waste of a deck spot tbh, everyone knows what Hibberd is going to dish up

  • Your a waste of a comment on this article, go put more arse in your mouth you peanut

  • great article food for thought my 3 premo def are laird, simmo and crisp i dont have room for him unfortunately

  • Him or Simpson?

    • Depends on how you plan to use the dosh. I have gone Hibberd at the moment just because I always come into seasons worried about Simpson’s durability. Yet season after season he stays fit.

      • yes always the way soon as you pick him he will go down, but simmo last 2 years 44 games. Intersting you say that wasnt Hibbered injured last year at some stage?

        • yes Euman read the article – “Last year Hibberd went mostly unpicked by many teams after not starting the first three games through injury, and having not played in 2016”

          • Yes you are bringing up a good point about Hibb’s own durability. But surely being younger than Simmo and having got a good number of games under his belt now, he is more of a reliable option?

  • Mind sharing your thoughts on my team?
    Def- Laird, Simmons, Hanley, Coffield, Cumming, Doedee
    Mid- Titch, danger, Zerret, Zorko, Rocky, JOM, Higgins, Kelly
    Rucks- Jacobs, gawn
    FWD- Barlow, Smith, Young, Christesen, Rayner, Ahern

    Was thinking over possibly mcgrath over hanley?

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    Anyone is welcome but would be moreso for players who have a bit of experience and know what they are doing. Hope to see you soon

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