Gary Ablett – Deck Of DT 2018

Image result for gary ablett Gary Ablett
Team: Geelong Cats
Position: MID
AFL Fantasy: $837,000
Bye Round: 14
2017 Average: 118
2017 Games Played: 14
Predicted Average: 118
Draft Range: 5-15

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Why should I pick him?

To start with, I’ll just reel off some of the key fantasy-relative numbers produced by Gary throughout his career so far. From 2008 to 2014, he put up season averages of 111, 118, 119, 112, 124, 114 and 119. 2015 proved more of a struggle though, as he managed just the six games for an average of 94 – Ablett’s lowest in nine years. Injuries continued to chip away, threatening to derail his career once and for all, however in ’16 and ’17, as the Suns finals aspirations continued to set, Gary returned to his point-scoring ways. Even with plenty of off-field distractions, Ablett continued to reel off big tons. His 11 hundreds in 14 games last year confirmed that Gary Jr breaks tags and racks up hundreds in his sleep.

Even at the ripe-old age of 33, Ablett managed to exceed the 120-point mark on six occasions last season, including massive scores of 162, 153 and 152, proving he has one of the highest ceilings in the competition. If Gaz can get on the park a little more often, whatever his position is, the cat will be hard to ignore, especially if he can reproduce some of his mammoth hauls in 2017.

There’s no doubt Ablett wasn’t in the right place mentally during the back end of his career in Queensland. Constant speculation over a potential off-season trade was mixed in with niggling injuries and question marks over his dedication to the Suns. Despite his continued strong performances on the field, for the first time in his career, people started to question Gaz. Realistically, his time in the Gold Coast never looked like being extended by another year. And naturally, Geelong was the rumoured destination of choice. He got his wish. Now back home, Ablett would be in a far happier place mentally after what was a stressful, injury-hampered year. One can only imagine this would translate to even better performances in 2018 – a nice thought for coaches.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

The first issue with Ablett is where he spends most of the year, position wise. Whilst it would be nice if he played mainly on-ball, his scoring won’t exactly go down hill if he moves to the forward line. Gary has always had a knack of hitting the scoreboard when pushed up forward. Having kicked 386 goals in 302 career games, Ablett would no-doubt be an extremely useful asset in attack, especially given the Cats already have Dangerfield, Duncan, Menegola and the Selwood brothers to be used in the guts. However Chris Scott recently stated that “We brought Gary in to be a midfielder. He didn’t come to us and say, I think I’m almost cooked here, can you hide me in a forward pocket for a couple of years and I’ll snag you 30 goals a year. He has an aspiration to help the team as much as possible and we all believe that’s in the midfield first.” If Scott is true to his word, this can only be seen as a positive for coaches, however there is still doubt.

But the most glaringly obvious reason as to why you shouldn’t pick Ablett is his durability, or lack of. Gary has not played all 22 games in a season since 2007, back when the Gold Coast Suns ceased to exist. Over the duration of his brilliant 14-year career, Gary has battled seemingly constant hamstring complaints, calf injuries and shoulder issues. Things certainly got messy between him and the Suns last year as he was being accused of picking and choosing when he would play. However, after returning to the Cats, lets hope the worst of the injuries have past. Will he play all 22 games? Highly doubtful, which will certainly deter a number of fantasy coaches.

Deck of DT Rating.

ACE – I debated whether to give him an ace or king, because Gary certainly comes with his risks this year, but at the end of the day, he is and has been a brilliant scorer for many years now and will go down as one of fantasy’s best. I wouldn’t expect him to play all 22 games, he may spend considerable time in away from the midfield and the other Cats mids will still rack up their fair share of the ball, but Gary Ablett’s shear scoring ability when fit will attract many coaches. Personally I think he can again average 118, making him one of the games premier top eight midfielders. The potential of gaining forward status would make him a dead-set lock.

What does Gaz average in 2018?

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  • I’m in!

  • Ablett 18 Games 115 average 2070 total points
    Crouch 22 games 105 average 2310 total points

    Crouch better value and you bank 86K

    Good Luck

    • I’m not starting him, but that logic can be flawed. You will have an emergency replace him. Let’s say they average 70 as Ablett’s replacement on those four games he misses. That’s an extra 280 points on your Ablett figure. In my maths class, that would put ‘Ablett’ at 2350 vs Crouch 2310 and therefore 40 points better off.

      Is that worth $86K? I don’t know… but you are going to captain a bloke averaging 115 over a bloke averaging 105.

      Good luck.

      • 1. If you don’t have bench cover because of other carnage then its a wasted trade that’s worth 40 points and 86k.

        2. With Mitchell, Merrett and Danger ahead of Ablett I reckon its safe to say he will not feature all that often in Calvin’s Captains.

        PS.. Please enlighten us on which Midfield rookie bench cover will average 70?

        Good Luck

      • Warnie. Love your maths classes and so close to the new school year as well. ✅
        I love they idea of Ablett. Just not sure about role to begin with. But if he comes out with 120 week 1 with a role both in the mid and fwd then you watch everyone jump on. Probably me as well.
        Still cannot believe he isn’t a Fantasy Pig.

      • I remember the year I finished 264th overall. Near end of the yer I brought in Gaz he got like 180, then next week I thought hes back so i the big ‘C’ on him and i think he got 10 bam season for me was gone right there. Just saying

    • Strange comment to make considering you’re such an advocate for Beams.. If you’re so confident Beams will pull a Taylor Adams and get over his injury woes, how could you be willing to completely disregard Gaz?

      Food for thought.

  • Gary has not played all 22 games in a season since 2007, back when the Gold Coast Suns ceased to exist. 

    They had not ceased anything..

    • If ya pick gary ya not lookin for 22 games, your lookin for maximum points probrobly up until the bye then i think you have to trade . He is a bit like beams i just dont know if its worth the hassell, who knows he could go real large being back home though. VERY HARD DECISION

  • 150 one week then not playing the next.. I’m getting too old for that kind of stress!


  • Gaz or Zerrett is my question? Zerrett to be tagged more or the risk of Gaz missing a couple games…

  • zerret by a mile. Gaz is more likely on his goodbye tour. bye gaz

  • So my point is its not wether he is playing this week, if you have cover then that’s manageable, its about him playing and getting injured during the game and you cop a 10 and if you are trying to win the overall then as the competition is tough that’s enough to near knock you out of the running for the year

  • in my team he will play all year

  • Wondering if it’s possible for one of the admins to fix the RSS feed for this site please as it’s been broken for most of the summer?

    Last article to appear in it was the Matt Crouch Deck of DT.

  • I said no last year, then he had a great bye + unique POD, so i got him in. enjoyed a fantastic 150+ with a C on him, then spent the rest of the season deciding if I should hold him one week or trade him. The weeks he played, he was awesome.
    Just like everyone here, I’m saying no, but I’ll fold faster than superman on laundry day if I think it’ll get me an edge!

  • He is a no for me, simply he will miss games. He could seriously hurt not havin him at the start of the season, could pump out some big scores.
    Guns Iam going with are danger, titch, zerrett, Kelly and rocky.

  • Only with a price drops and DPP for mine.

    I am also going to be massively off Rocky this year.

  • Do Gablett Jr and Rocky go first round in draft?