Mad Monday – Ep. 153

It was 23 weeks ago that we all thought we had picked the best AFL Fantasy Classic team possible under the $11M salary cap or drafted the best team against our mates in Fantasy Draft.

For most of us, we learned on the weekend that indeed, our Classic side wasn’t that great and it was the mate who nailed his Draft side and was first to hunt the free agents who won the league Grand Final.

Selby Lee-Steere walks away as the champion of AFL Fantasy Classic for 2017 after his side, Moreira’s Magic racked up 50,909 points for the year.

The Traders caught up with the jubilant coach on this week’s episode of the podcast.

Selby tells the boys what went right and what went wrong to help him win the overall prize and gives his tips to help you taste success next season.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie wrap up a monster season as they celebrate, Mad Monday style, a year full of plenty of highs and lows.

Also in this week’s podcast:

  • All of the action from round 23
  • Your answers to the big questions as the boys review 2017
  • Calvin v Roy in the ultimate Fantasy quiz
  • An early look ahead to some picks for next season

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  • Thanks Warnie, Cal and Roy for all your tips and tricks for 2017. Also would liek to thank the whole DT Talk crew, can’t wait for 2018!

  • +1 thanks boys hope to see you all back in Perth next year as well .a really good night thanks boys . Bring on 2018 and go west coast

  • Thanks Warnie, Calvin, Roy and all the DtTalk writers – it’s been a blast!
    Looking forward to doing it all again in 2018
    Carn the mighty Bombers!
    And then there’s a whole summer of cricket to enjoy :)

  • Thanks Warnie, Calvin and Roy and the team. Definitely the best Fantasy website by far! Love the banter and special mention to Jeppa’s Juniors. Hope to see you next year

  • We need fantasy for finals, I’ll be lost not looking at my phone every 5 minutes checking my score

  • Hahaha that song at the end was classic, nice work Warnie!

    Thanks for the articles and what not over the year boys even if you aren’t all psychic, looking forward to next year cheers

    And agree finals fantasy would be good, we used to have it a few years ago