The Friday Scramble: Round 17

Great to see some huge scores last week. We had a few players go massive, but we also had a few players go missing! But we should come to expect that at this time of year. This is where we just hope and pray that it isn’t our team that gets a visit from General Soreness. This week we are only a few weeks away from finals and our teams should be in pretty good shape, it is time to consolidate, hopefully! So let’s jump in and have a look at what is going on in the Fantasy world this week.

Bargain Buy?

Many people are are all over Joel Selwood this week as he is very cheap, but in my opinion you should be waiting for one more week. He has a high BE in every form of the game, whilst he may get close, I don’t think he will go over them, and if he does it won’t be by much. In this year where we have to squeeze every dollar, I would wait for his price to hopefully drop one more week. His BE’s are AF 131, RDT 130 and SC 165. If you do want to take him in AF and RDT just consider that he has scored 105, 85 and 76 in his last three games against Hawthorn. Based on that he probably won’t make his BE. In SC things are similar, he hasn’t been over 110 in his last three.

Gawn Good To Go?

Gawn was pretty heavily traded in last week, but he didn’t really deliver. That doesn’t mean we should be jumping off of the idea of getting him in. He was up against Kreuzer last week who is in great form. But that made me think about who he has coming up. Over the next few weeks he plays Jacobs, Ryder, Goldstein and Mumford. That is a tough run. After that he gets a bit of respite against the Saints, but then in the last two weeks of the year it is Stef and Grundy. So you would have to say he is going to have his work cut out for him. Having said that, he should be much better for the few games he has had, he hasn’t had the match fitness.  But he will need it to get past these guys.

Selection Table

We get to see the General pay an early visit this round Jobe Watson has been rested. If you are running short on trades then you may want to hold him if you have someone like Greenwood on the bench still now that he is back. In AF, you could offload Jobe if you have the cash to get him to someone. Many owners would be relieved to see Greenwood return from his one week off. I know I am.

Scooter Selwood returns this week but we do see the back of Buzza and Guthrie. But the big returns are up at Metricon Stadium. Gaz, Hall, Hanley and Rischitelli are all back. With Ablett back this week we just have to pray that he doesn’t have any relapses. That is just a risk that owners need to take. Sadly we have seen the back of Fiorini for now. This will hurt a number of draft players.

Rucking Rejoice! This week we see the omission of both Cox and Archie Smith. With these two blokes out we can only hope that Grundy and Stef return to some great form.  Grundy hasn’t been terrible lately, but Stef has been ordinary with Archie in the side. Whilst I wouldn’t advocate bringing Stef in to your side this week, I would certainly put him on your watch list. If he can perform this week then you may want to consider him on the run home.

Unsurprisingly Richmond have brought a heap of players in this week but the ones that we are mostly concerned with are Shai Bolton and Ivan Soldo. Many wouldn’t have Soldo any more, but Bolton would still be on a number of benches. Similarly Brisbane have also through the team around a little with Barrett coming back in which is going to give some much needed bench cover for a few.

Over in the West there were a few notable changes with Deluca, Mundy, JJK and Redden back. In the last game of the round we already knew Cripps would be out, and other than that Boyd is out again, with an Achilles he could be an in and out for the rest of the year.


Ward has been great in the last three rounds since his bye. The high risk about him is that he only scored one score over 100 during the first 12 rounds of the season. We may see a return to that level of scoring as the GWS get more and more of their players back from injury. I am always one for trying to find value and I think that you are probably buying Zorko at his high point, if you can pick up someone else cheaper who is likely to provide good scoring that would be where I would look. I am looking at RDT prices and in there you could look at Murphy, Seb Ross, Bont and Matt Crouch. Now they don’t have the big upside that Zorko has, but they would save you $50k or so.

I think that it is important to have Docherty in your side. He has been amazing recently and is a must have. Witherden seems to have reasonable job security at the moment. Adams hasn’t been scoring as well as we would like with just one 100 in his last four and Jones has three 50s in the last 6 weeks. So for me, Docherty is the way to go.

Things To Remember

  • Hold trades in RDT and SC if you can. If you can have 4 or more for Finals that is what I see as ideal.
  • Don’t jump early on guys with high BE’s, there isn’t much in the way of cash generation, so squeeze every dollar.
  • If you are going to miss finals, push and trade hard to get there.
  • Perth people, have a great time with  The Traders!

Good luck this week folks, only a few more weeks now til finals, so make sure you are ready for them. Whilst you need to conserve trades in RDT and SC, you should be making sure your team is ready for battle and trade if you have to. Me, I am not going to trade in SC or RDT, instead save a few trades and hopefully get Selwood in next week as he drops in price. Catch you all next week, @pkd73




  • Great article Dunny.

    Trades this week boil down to who would you prefer to have out of:

    SPP, Zorko and McLean
    Jelwood, Rocky and Dahlhaus

    Thoughts welcomed please.

    • Jelwood/Rocky/Dahlhaus for me
      Can be happy with each of them in your final team form permitting.

  • As always Dunny, great read. Cheers mate.

  • One trade left to fill my mids Ross, Murphy or Duncan ??

  • Thanks for the article, Dunny.
    I need a forward under $200k. Do I go JKH, Zurhaar or Battle (or one of the 3 extended bench warmers)? I think the best JS is Zurhaar’s but JKH has the better scoring potential.

    • With Melbourne’s depleted midfield you’d hope JKH might have more of a ball winning role given his VFL nimbers.

      His history at AFL level suggests otherwise but for a week or two I reckon it’s worth the risk.

  • Spot on there about the rucks dunny – hopefully stef kicks off again now!

    In AF this week looking to get another fwd premo to join yeo/macrae/dahl/heeney – what do people think here:

    Out: Scharenberg/Parsons
    In: 1) K Stevens + D Nielson OR
    2) P Ryder + M Hibberd

    Fwd to be in final team, def to sit at D8 (currently have witherden d6 and Ryan d7)

    Thanks lads!

    • Ryder and Koby very similar but Ryder cheaper.
      Hibberd probably better JS? Maybe?

    • Lots of people would have gone Stef –> Darcy last week… wonder if they’ll try to swap back for a tidy profit if Stef turns his form around?

      • Yes, if they think straight . . .
        situations such as we have been experiencing more this year, obliging more unorthodox means of cash generation, provide the pre-text for ditching a premo and also for embracing any triumphal return.

        I mean, one ditches a Stef for a Darcy with the expectation that the premo (or his premo mate) will come back into the fold for the business end of the season.

        Still, I think I recall you retained Scooter, even though there were persuasive reasons to trade him out, and that also argues the value of giving the retention of premos the timeliness that vindicates that strategy.

        Bringing premos off the bench, ready for action, no trades involved, is very satisfying (relieving?) and galvanising for a team! It is a satisfaction usually only accorded the patient. I will have no such delight with Scooter because I scooted him ( but will console myself with his replacement, satisfaction with whom I think I have expressed before: Parker-Hallelujah).

        Noting your earlier post, though, re who’s coming off your bench and who’s being traded in this week: patience vindicated: confidence boundless: and considerate warning to opponents, ‘steam-roller ahead’!

    • Option 2 – with Ryder you can move him into yr ruck if needed. And Hibberd seems a good cash cow with reasonable job security.

  • Upgrade Gray or Greenwood first?

  • with darcy on my bench – trading out stef put darcy on the field and bringing a 150K pockets a nice pool of $$ (although now with archie out might bite me) and thknk nank out, WHE to fwd, witherden to M8 and kade simpson in to strengthn my back line


  • Touhy to Jselwood- dpp Lloyd
    Nank to K stevens, buddy, walters.

  • Best option out of the new 150k guys, Zurhaar, Allison, Young etc??

  • Rocky or Murphy?

  • Who should go this week between Nankervis & Roughead?

    • Roughie – Nank’s dpp status may come in handy over the next few weeks

  • Thinking of trading Zak Jones out and moving Witherden to D6. This will allow my to upgrade Nankervis to Zorko and still leaves me with $200k for next week.

    Is this a good trade?

  • No hesitation.

    Zak might have a higher ceiling than Witherden, but his recent form is no better than Witherden’s and the latter’s form appears on the rise, and the former’s, on the wane. No loss there with Witherden to D6.

    As for what the first trade facilitates; Zorko for Nankervis – great. ‘A’ grade team booster.

    I don’t think you could really have any lack of confidence on those changes, do you?

    • Thanks Plugger. The only concern with Zorko is not being able to cope with a tag. I was considering Josh Kelly but a little put off by his recent ankle/injury problems.

      • The structure of your proposed trades is very well considered and provides a clear advantage as far as team development is concerned. Whether you go Kelly or Zorko as variables in that trade structure, you will end up clearly stronger. My choice would be Zorko over Kelly by a small margin, leaning on favouring the ceiling advantage. Also the Lions run home does not encounter teams who have a history of heavy tagging (of Zorko) over recent times and, in his last games against them, he has scored over a ton against all the remaining teams he plays except for the Dees (91). As for Kelly, his first back after injury was a sound enough score (93), but last week he was back to his previous levels (136). I don’t think you can hold the injury against him from this point on now he has demonstrated reliability over two quite demanding games. So, go the one you want in your team. Neither of these guys present the same kind of confidence issues as apply to, say, Rocky at the moment. I would be delighted with either in my team.

  • Who wins this trade in draft league:

    Brad Crouch or
    Newman and one of tom lynch (GC), robbie gray. petracca, hooker?

    Assistance would be much appreciated.

  • Who wins this draft trade?

    Parish and Acres


    C.Daniel and Biggs

  • As for Rucks, would one of Stef or Goldy be clearly likely to average more on the run home?

    Or is it much of a muchness?

    • Much of a muchness.
      I would go with Stef due to Archie being dropped and the possibility of Preuss getting a game at North soon.

  • Got a must win game this weekend in fantasy I need to trade Salem out in the back line most I can afford is Hurley, Tuohy or Shaw who do you think will be the safest option to score this week

    • Hurley for sure, in great form.

    • Hurley has gone a little under the radar in some quarters, but imo – safest and best on most criteria of the three you have proposed. Shaw will have the highest ceiling, but with more risk – definitely not the safest. Tuohy is loosing form, value and, except for price, falls behind Hurley on just about all other evaluating criteria.

  • Field greenwood or witherden?

  • Stuck on trades:
    Tuohy + Beech – Zorko + Zurhaar
    Tuohy + Dahlhaus – Parker + Koby Stevens

  • Best rookie mid/forward to get?

  • Is there a way I can move Witherden to from def to mid, Greenwood from mid to fwd and B. Cox from fwd to def without using a trade? I’d rather field Witherden over Cox. Thanks.

    • Use advanced trades when doing your trades, you can move them all around.

    • If you’ve already done your trades, you’re going to have to reverse trades first, then go into advanced as kingzy said and move them all around whilst making your trades so that post trades, they are already in the lines you want them to be in.

  • Can’t decide.Otten to Walters, Koby, Menegola or McLean+$$?

    Help please!

    Also who would you play on ground? Greenwood, josh thomas or JKH?


  • Who wins this trade in draft league?

    Brad Crouch for
    Newman and one of Robbie gray/Gold Coast lynch

    • Depends who the forward displaces.
      Crouch will ave max 25 more than Newman but probably 10-15.

  • do I get docherty or parker?

  • This week I’m trading in McLean and Greenwood for Sheed and Parsons. Greenwood has had a break and is back with a low BE and as I have not had him in my side he comes in this week. I was tossing up wether or not to bring in S Darcy but seeing Sheed is not 100% in the side b4 5.00 tonight I will fix up Sheed and Pasons.

    • ‘Normally’, the first 4 on the extended bench make the team and the bottom 3 end up as emergencies, so you should be confident that Sheed will make the team. However, make sure you have a plan B just in case.

  • cripps to jelwood perryman to Docherty

  • My team:
    Def: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Newnes, Witherden (Ryan, Scharenberg)
    Mid: Mitchell, Dangerfield, Merrett, Martin, Treloar, Rockliff, Hannebery, SPP (Mountford, Cousins)
    Ruck: Grundy, Darcy (Buzza, Cameron)
    Fwd: Macrae, Heeney, Yeo, Dahlhaus, Nankervis, Greenwood (Lloyd, Polson)

    Cash: $151k

    Thoughts on what to do lads??

    • Easy – Scharenberg to Hibberd and SPP to Jelwood

      • Agree, make some coin from either of your DEF bench or trade out Mountford in your midfield instead. With Hibberd’s DPP he will be very handy in later weeks.

  • Upgrading Nank to any forward this week, who should I get?
    Already have Dahlhaus, Heeney, Yeo, Sheed, Franklin


    My team:
    Def: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Newman, K Simpson (Ryan, Finlayson)
    Mid: Dangerfield, Merrett, Martin, Treloar, Gaff, Bontempelli, M Crouch, Greenwood (Mountford, Cousins)
    Ruck: Martin, Darcy (Soldo, Cameron)
    Fwd: Franklin, Isac Smith, Yeo, Dahlhaus, Nankervis, J Steele (Cunico, C Brown)
    Cash: 4K
    Nay advice ? need a must win game this week.

  • Is it worth trading J.Barrett to Buzza via DPP in order to trade out high priced ruck on bench then put buzza in ruck to bring in premo mid / fwd / def for deep in finals?? The only issue is i have 5 trades left in RDT… or do i just go barrett to premo mid now, leaving me 64k & hope they dont get injured

    • not worth it, buzza out

      • Yeah i know but still thinking of the trade to bank barrett $ before he drops to much assuming he’s playing also. Then also use buzza to trade ruck bench $ down the track for a premo mid. Just a thought, dont need buzza to play really

  • What do people think Heath shaw will average for the rest of the year? Close to 100 or when gws get players back will it affect his output

    • Tough one. I’d say will be about 95 or so. Hard to know what affect those players will have because they have hardly had a full team all year to know what it does to him. Still should be solid on the whole

  • Hi everyone.

    Hoping selections are kind next week I am aiming to bring in Selwood/beams for greenwood, which will be about a 80-100k gap and Luke Ryan/Mitchell Hibberd being the person I get cash from.

    Bearing that in mind who do people think I should get this week out of:

    Josh Kelly and 0k left
    Dusty Martin and 20k left
    Mitch Duncan and 49k left

    If I go Duncan it’s possible I could have 3 cats in my midfield, although I could reach beams probably if I had his cash. Any thoughts would be awesome, cheers!!

  • Hey lads bit stuck on who to grab. Trading out Hanners and SPP.

    A) Jelwood and McLean
    B) Scicily and Ebert
    C) Thomas and 650k mid or under

  • Joel Selwood and Josh Thomas


    Koby Stevens and JKH

  • Hold or trade Hanners ?

  • Field Josh Thomas vs the Suns or Greenwood vs the Dees?

  • Touhy -> Montagna or newman ??

  • DEF- doc, Adams, laird, Lloyd, newnes, Newman (berry, Lloyd)
    MID- titch, danger, zerrett, Treloar, gaff, JPK, Oliver, Witherden (mountford, willis)
    RUCK- Kreuzer, Witts (darcy, Cameron)
    FWD- Heeney, yeo, menegola, volt, buddy, Dahl (Lloyd, polson)
    40k in bank

    Which option or other suggestions for trades?

    1) berry and Oliver to Hibberd and Zorko 33k left
    2) Lloyd and Oliver to zurhaar and dusty 26k left

    Feedback appreciated

  • 261k remaining

    DEF: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Newnes, Witherden, Ryan (Guthrie, Finlayson)
    MID: Mitchell, Merrett, Dangerfield, Treloar, Gaff, Hanners, Rocky, Zorko (Mountford, Wigg)
    RUCK: Stef, Jacobs (King, Filipovic)
    FWD: Macrae, Dahl, Heeney, Stevens, Greenwood, Deluca (Buzza, Stengle)

    Any suggestions? Thanks