Nic’s Rookies Round 6

Jeppa is a little busy at the moment so I’ve come off the rookie list and am ready to make my debut. Don’t worry about trading me in though. Jeppa will be back before my price rises too many times so I won’t be the best cash-cow for your DTTALK bench.

It would appear we’re getting to the stage where most of our starting rookies are starting to get close to their maximum price. Dan Houston only scored 44 on the weekend and now has a breakeven of 56. Sam Powell-Pepper was back on the right track with a score of 78, but his breakeven has crept up to 43 so he might be a week or two away from maxing out too. Sam Petrevski-Seton is in a similar range with a breakeven of 42 and he may also be due for a rest in the next fortnight so watch out.

Another big problem is those initial rookies are also starting to lose their spots in sides. Jarrod Pickett came out of the Carlton side and doesn’t look like he’ll be back this week, Brandan Parfitt is out for two months with a hamstring strain and there’s still no sign of Jake Barrett on the horizon. So who should you be bringing in?


With Parfitt out, Jay Kennedy-Harris (FWD, $183,000, BE 14) could be a straight swap if he holds his spot in the Melbourne side. I didn’t see the game on the weekend, but a score of 27 and 11 disposals probably puts his spot in question.

Image result for aaron black geelongThe obvious one if you haven’t brought him in already is Aaron Black (FWD, $220,000, BE -13). He didn’t hit the scoreboard on the weekend, but he’s doing a good job creating space for Tom Hawkins and deserves a few more games. Hopefully Daniel Menzel coming back into the side doesn’t boot Black out.

Fellow Cat James Parsons (FWD, $201,000, BE -14) has served his suspension for whacking Luke Hodge and could also come back into the side. He was very impressive in his first two games and could be a handy scorer.

Harley Balic (FWD/MID, $222,000, BE -23) has the lowest breakeven of any player in AFL Fantasy right now after his score of 91 on the weekend. After a quiet debut, Balic has quickly become comfortable at AFL level. He had 19 disposals and was involved in quite a few scoring chains for the Dockers.

Blake Hardwick (FWD, $234,000, BE -4) was one of a handful of Hawks that could leave Tasmania with his head held high. The young forward had 20 disposals at 95% DE and showed some potential as a consistent Fantasy scorer in the 60-75 range.

Ed Vickers-Willis (DEF, $180,000, BE 4) continues to show he’s not a Fantasy scorer. Red flags went up during the JLT Series when he averaged 53 points, but another score below 50 in round six shows he isn’t going to make you much money.

Ben McNiece (DEF, $174,000, BE 6) scored 50 on the weekend and is probably unlikely to hold his spot in the Bombers’ line-up, though again, I didn’t see this game. With James Kelly likely to return to the side, you’d assume McNiece will struggle to hold his spot.

Brett Eddy (FWD, $179,000, BE 13) also booted five goals in the SANFL so hopefully we get him back as some bench cover for those that didn’t/couldn’t trade him.

Finally, Zac Fisher (MID, $234,000, BE 26) will probably miss this week with a minor hamstring injury.


The Tigers need a replacement for Toby Nankervis in the ruck and Ivan Soldo (RUC, $150,000) is probably the more likely Ivan to get the call-up if Richmond supporters get their wishes. Though he is a rookie listed player which may make that difficult.

Kurt Tippett is unlikely to return this week for the Swans who could turn to young ruckman Darcy Cameron (RUC/FWD, $156,000) after Matthew Kreuzer dominated Sam Reid and Callum Sinclair.

The door is wide open for GWS youngsters Daniel Lloyd (MID, $150,000) and Harrison Himmelberg (DEF, $251,000) with the Giants losing a number of key players over the weekend. Himmelberg may get a prolonged shot in the senior side with Nick Haynes out for 10 weeks.

Of course, keep your eye out for David Myers (MID, 197,000) as well. Two games back in the VFL should be enough to put him up for selection and he will be a very handy downgrade option.

Image result for david myers afl

I hope this was somewhere near the quality of Jeppa’s usual great work! Not Twitter Q&A this week because obviously no one knew I was writing this and therefore no one tweeted me! Feel free to hit me up @NicNegrepontis.

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  • Surely barrett must be coming back into the brisbane team after their 80 odd point flogging

    • Mathieson is coming back

    • Problem is he hasn’t played since being dropped – travelling emergency and then the Magoo’s had a bye.

      He’s close to a spot in the team though…

      • No, he did the first week he was dropped. Had 34 possessions and kicked 2 snags and had about 10 tackles. Had over 130 fantasy points so thought he’d be a shoe-in after that. Then didn’t play the following week as you mentioned.

    • yeah where is barrett – i saw his game against the saints and figured he’d play a few more games for sure ?!

  • Black or Parsons?

    • Black has better BE and better job security – who knows if Parsons goes straight back in?

      • agreed. best rooks for this week are myers, black then balic i reckon

      • As a cats supporter I’m confident Parsons is back in this week. Got xfactor about him

  • best rookie defender to downgrade to? more worried about js than scoring as they’ll be on my bench

    • I can’t name many off the top of my head but check out Tom Williamson ($254,000 BE 4) although not the cheapest of rookies I know, but he plays great and seems to compliment Marchbank. Wouldn’t have a clue on how long he will hold his role but he’s been a great bench cover for me and seems to be making coin.

  • not really for this article, but if hannas drops in price any more he’ll be a rookie ! … anyone seriously looking at bring him in ?

    • Considering, but my R11 bye is stacked, so might have to watch him a bit longer and hope he’s still value after his bye

  • If Parsons named, worthy downgrade option for Roughy? Already have Black
    Or should I hold roughy and upgrade next week.

    • if you have barrett, move him forward, and hopefully myers is named.

    • Go Parsons this week if named – his BE is approx. 50 lower and will rise a whole lot more. Myers’ won’t go up nearly as much and gives you a great target 2 weeks in a row – there’s slim pickings

    • Give roughy 1more week
      Scored 40 odd in the last qtr last week playing as a ruck.
      Might be a role change and better scores.
      I’m watching closely as a non owner.

  • Nice performance under pressure Nic. Team has confidence in you if they are prepared to go through you. The Juniors article is Jeppa’s uncontested position but you get a stat for an assist.

    You’ve proposed a good list of potential cows but it’d be good to have your top five options for bringing in in AF and DT this week. As you say, the time is right to milk a couple of the maxed out moos.
    Myers if he plays is still at the top I guess, could we hassle for an order for your options – Black, Hardwick, Balic and Parsons? Even as I write them I am a bit annoyed they are all available at once for DT, although I got Balic last week. Liked Hardwick but I guess I have to miss him for Black as he is now $100k more

    • 1. Balic – lowest BE this week, good job security and good role on wing picking up cheap possessions
      2. Parsons (if named) – very low BE, if named shows his JS is good rushing him back in after a 2 week layoff
      3. Myers (if named) – best long-term rookie, can wait 1 week on him to get rookies above who will rise a lot more, wouldn’t be a bad decision to pull the pin on him this week if named and suits your plans for needing to downgrade rucks or backs
      4. Hardwick – Hawks should turn to youth, has shown he can score even when the team is belted and has a negative BE
      5. Black – will go up a lot short term but JS is a little shakier and is basically price rising from his outlier 1st game performance

    • yes!
      this is a MUST NEED

      top 5 players IN FOR FANTASY AND DT

      and players to move on

  • love the amount of people getting in Myers this week

    Same as Barett people holding him? TRADE HIM if he is named get him back in… far out
    held for 4 weeks a guy not playing?



  • Preuss playing this week? yeah or nah?
    otherwise Nank has to go

  • If you have Teia Miles still, know that he is out for 6 weeks with a leg injury. Must trade over the next week

  • If Myers isn’t named this week and parsons knocks black out of the squad my team is in absolute shatters this week

    Hopefully Menzel comes in for parfitt and parsons is an emergency

    • Black does a lot for there fwd structure so I’ll back him in to hold his spot. Created a lot of space for Hawkins last week

    • Looked like he was moving up the field a bit and looks good for 70’s if he can stay involved…

  • Is Balic a must have at this point, due to JS and ceiling? A little late to the party but don’t want to miss the boat completely if it’s going to sail to cash island…

    • Yeah he’s the #1 rookie to get in this week if you don’t have him.

  • Not too late to the party at all. He is projected to rise in value by more than 100k even before his bye in RND12 if he pulls 58 points each round. If he is in the team (JS looks good) he will average more than the 58 points – so I would think a 150k expectation would not be unreasonable (barring carnage to him).
    On his boat the journey is still clearly to cash island.

  • Should I upgrade Pafitt who is injured, to roberton or should I get a expensive mid. I have 382k in bank before trade.

    • If you can get an uber premo mid do it. It’s rare to have the cash to get them so take the shot while you can

  • Maybe “Nic’s Newborns ” has a better ring to it?
    “Nic’s Newbies?”

  • Cheers Nic, we appreciate the hard work. Showing some potential here for sure. No doubt you’ll be ready for more action if Jeppa cops an injury.

    • Thank you sir! I’m in the green vest waiting for a rotation.

  • Hey legends,
    I need a few opinions,
    Since beams is out would you rather
    – Roberton & titch
    – Touhy & Sloane
    – Touhy & Rocky

  • Beams out hopefully Barrett can fill that spot

  • Watson or a.n-b to be let go first ?

    • Watson. Less downside to crappy score from ANB versus one from Watson

    • Huge Role change from ANB, Lewis back in has completely removed him from the midfield. have a look at his heat map last game compared to season.

      I’m trading out ANB with Beams this week.

  • hold or trade beams??

    • I’m gonna trade I reckon. He’s been good, but quads are usually a 3 or 4 week deal. ANB and Roughie live to fight another day!

      • at least it gives a licence to sideways trade a premo for a premo

      • I think Anyone who reckons beams is back in two weeks is kidding themselves. Won’t surprise me if he is kept back until bye rounds even if he is good. ANB and fyfe live to fight another round.
        Watson and beamer for me

  • which 1 to trade this week out of Hampton, Houston or ANB?

  • A big thanks to Nic who has steeped in to the rookie category. Bloke knows his shit!

  • Matt Crouch a good option for Beams?

  • Little problem – toby and nank in forward line with parfitt and hayward as subs now beams out…any suggestions?

    • I am in same boat am looking at Greene to Ryder Beams to Rocky. Having Ryder will help thru regular byes(i hope) but i have 54k pre trades

  • Im guessing Steele for beams is a strong trade, man I crack me up, and greene for S Martin

  • Whats the story with Mutimer? No mention, was he that bad

  • Who’s better Myers or parsons?