The Friday Scramble: Round 6

It is always nice to have a big scoring week occasionally and we saw some nice big scores apart from all those DNP’s on our benches.  But as always there are some problem players that we need to deal with and there are some rookies hitting the bubble that we need to look at, but of course you have all read Jeppa’s Juniors so you are all across them.

We are starting to get to the point where you need to start looking at trading out some maxed out rookies

Gawn Gone now Spencer Spent  What next?

When Gawn went down some downgraded to get in Spencer to save some cash.  Others relied on Preuss.  Well neither have worked out too well.  If you are in that boat or if you downgraded to another ruckman that didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be mucking around at all and I would be looking at trying to get back to having a premium.  The rucks is an area that I don’t like to spend too many trades on.  Now if you were running with Spencer straight from Gawn and used the cash elsewhere then you may not have much cash in the bank.  So if you have Nank you might need to slot him into your ruck until you can get enough cash to upgrade someone to a top ruck.

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Selection Thoughts

First thing I noticed is that Marc Murphy is still listed as playing.  Now the concern that I have is that there were some early reports that said he is out for 4 weeks, next minute he is ok and a chance to play.  This screams late out chance to me.  If you have him, don’t trade him obviously but just be very careful and make sure you have a good bench cover in your midfield.

The big shock this week was that Cyril is out with a hip issue.  He may not be that popular in classic leagues, but he would certainly be well owned in draft leagues.

Jaeger’s back!  All rejoice!  If you still have him then you will be happy about this.  I am concerned as to how well he will score (watch him crack 100 now I have said that).  Also I am worried that this will happen again as they are very careful with him.  So play him, milk him for cash, but have a plan to trade him out if he gets rested again.

Swallow disaster, not one, but two of them are out!  As an owner of A Swallow in the DT Shiva I say a big F U to him, he hasn’t been scoring well and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has been given a week off to think about things, that doesn’t help anyone.  But David Swallow is being rested.  He missed round one and hasn’t scored well in the last two weeks and now he misses round 6.  On top of this he will miss round 9 through having a bye.  To me, I say you should trade him out this week.  He isn’t performing to the level we needed and he is simply isn’t doing what you wanted which is make buckets of cash.

With Pickett and Polson both out, this gives us every excuse to trade these guys out! (Right Warnie)  On the plus side sanity has prevailed up in Sydney and Newman is back in.  Thankfully Balic is back in as well making him a great trade in target.

Big names back included Kreuzer, Shaun Higgins and Sam Mitchell.  Hartlett is also back in this week and we as expected Boak is missing with a hammy.

Start Planning Ahead

We are only have three more games until we have the first bye with Port and Gold Coast players, so you should be looking to make sure you are going to be in a good place.  You have three weeks to execute whatever trades you are looking to do before then.  Remember, round 9 is a regular round, it doesn’t make any allowance for the bye affected players.

Beyond that we only have 5 more regular weeks until our first full bye round.  This seems like a while, but really it isn’t.  If you are playing through the byes or are interested in your overall rank you should be factoring in the bye rounds of players when you are looking to bring them in.

We will discuss more on bye rounds as they get closer, but I just wanted to put it in the forefront of your mind so you start your planning early.


This is a tough call and will obviously depend on your individual team situation.  However, this week looks to be a good one to do a double downgrade.  There are some good rookies on the bubble this week and if you can grab some cash and build up a Warnechest then it is a good thing to do.  Having said that, if your choice is either a double down or one down and up on Rough it depends on your appetite for Roughy’s score this week.  For me I think it is worth taking that risk given that he is playing at Aurora against the Saints indicates to me that he could have a good score.

A good question.  Both have pretty good matchups this week with Rough v the Saints in Tassie and SPP playing the Lions at the Gabba.  If I absolutely had to keep one of them and trade the other out I think I would go with keeping Roughy.  I think he is more likely to have a bigger score just due to where he is playing, the Hawks often have good scores at Aurora and SPP’s score is a bit hit and miss.

On the face of it this isn’t a bad trade.  But a little bit more investigation worries me a little.  Touk started in a flurry but has had poor scores in the 60’s in the last two weeks.  Now, he is sort of a mid pricer which means that if we want to trade him out it isn’t a terrible idea.  But my other concern on this is Black.  He has only played the one game.  This is where things change depending on what game you are playing.  In AF you could take the risk on him because you know you can trade him out with those two per week.  In RDT or SC I am a little more frugal with trades and the fact his price won’t change after this game means I would be a little more gunshy on him.  If you can trade out someone like a D Swallow I would be happier (but you obviously you need him to do the next part of the trade)
The backend of this trade I do like.  If you can get Swallow up to Zerrett or T Mitchell then I say go for it.  But if you can get there without doing Black I would try to.  I like Fisher or Balic a bit more.

Things to Remember

  • Whilst lots of days of footy are great, it is nice to get our routine back and it is good knowing all our teams before lockout.
  • In RDT and SC don’t go early on rookies, if you can wait for the second week to see how they go then you should do it.
  • Don’t lose faith in your premiums.  It is easy to lose faith in someone like Luke Parker, but you brought him in for a reason.  Plus with him the Swans have a good run coming up.
  • Be smart about the rookies you downgrade to the ones on the bubble.  Don’t jump for the sake of it.  If there is a good rookie in your team with a low BE, well below their average then keep them, save the trade.

Last week was a huge scoring week, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen again this week.  We won’t see huge scores from guys like Hampton and Otten every week.  Just enjoy it when it does happen.  Hope you have a great game this week and get the win in your league. Cheers for this week.  @pkd73


  • Barrett – Black
    Pickett – JKH

    leaves me with 85k.

    Whe – Black
    Rough – Gray
    (Balic f6)

    leaves me with 105k


    • Only thing about getting Gray at this stage is his round 9 bye… I would look to get him in after it.

      • he would literally be my only rd9 bye player so that doesn’t bother me. If you can’t cover 1 player there’s something wrong with your team imo. I am leaning towards 1 with the rookie options available this week.

        • Price wise now is a good time to grab Robbie Gray. And yes you make a valid point that you should be able to cover him for 1 week.

          However having an extra premo play over the byes (by trading him in after round 9) will give you more points overall, and yes it will put you at a slight disadvantage in the meantime. The question is, is he the only option at his price who will score as well.

          If you think R.gray is too good a deal to miss go for it.

    • won’t be starting either of the rooks btw

  • Need your help this week on trades,

    First trade I am looking to make is Roughead > Black which, leaves me with 261K in the bank
    Options for my second trade are SPP > 578K ie. Lloyd, Oliver, B.Crouch, Menegola
    Or do I fix up one of Pickett/Polson and if so who to… JKH?
    If there is anything else you would do please also let me know… I’ve thought about trading SPP and WHE, one up and one down..,

    DEF: Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten, Newman (Stewart, EVW)
    MID: Treloar, Dangerfield, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Beams, Parker, ANB, SPP (Barrett, Pickett)
    RUC: Grundy, Martin (Preuss, Cameron)
    FWD: Dahlhaus, Greene, Nankervis, WHE, Roughead, Houston (Balic, Polson)

    This is how the team would look for this week before trades, Thoughts?!

    • i think 3 is too many not playing rookies (not including cameron). However, if you’re willing to keep them to do the upgrade that is fine but it may be difficult to trade them later depending on if there are rookie options available.

      • So would you then suggest to keep Roughy and trade Polson + Pickett > Black and JKH?
        If so what do you feel Black and JKH’s JS is like… Don’t want to keep chopping and changing rooks because it was practically what I did last week getting in Polson.

        • honestly no idea but if I were to guess I’d say that if mccarthy was available and the stuck with black that’s a good sign and if he plays another decent game he should keep parsons out too. JKH I have no idea on but a 50+ game he’ll probably make more than pickett has done in 2 games

  • Hmm decisions, what 2 to field out of Butler, Balic and Black. Have Butler and Balic on field currently but if Black goes huge again particularly against Collingwood that may be the difference between a W and L.. Balic is capable and Butler is usually a consistent 60ish.. All thoughts appreciated.

    • TOUGH CALL I HAVE SIMILAR – although Balic is in mids and cemented on bench my M8 is P Cripps and I cant get Balic to forwards. So its black or Butler on field although I could throw houstan into that but lets not.

      Thoughts Butler in Adelaide against Crows I think he will struggle, and although its only his second game black that is – butler has never scored 100 black has so its black for me roll the dice

      • Yeah, it’s a really tough decision, but we have to do it, they are those choices that can make or break a weekend.
        Think Butler will struggle against the Crows, tend to keep opposition teams pretty quiet at Adelaide Oval.
        The way Daniher destroyed the Pies defence last week bodes pretty well for Black. (But then there is Hawkins). Tough to know what Black’s role will be, pushing up the ground again or deep forward, could go either way.
        Not convincing myself at all haha

  • Do I get rid of Parker? Options are

    1) Parker > Rocky/Merrett + Pruess > King

    2) Parker > Zorko/Sloane + Butler > Black

    3) Picket > Black + Barret > JKH

  • Just realised I have 13 R11 bye players (including Cameron in the dead R4 spot). And 6 of my 9 defenders are in that group!

    I like to have at least 2 players in each line for each bye (1 for ruck if R4 is not counted) so I don’t have to put playing players on the bench.

    Rucks and Fwds are OK in my current team have only 1 R12 mid (Dusty) but Danger and Gaff are targets here. Tom Stewart is my only R12 def, any opinions on the best out of J. McGov, Houli, Touhy and A McDonald?

    The three trades will definitely help out.

  • I think I’m locked in, but here is what I’m looking at before trades:

    Def: Adams, Laird, Z Jones, Marchbank, Otten, Hampton (EVW, Stewart)

    Mid: Danger, Rocky, Titch, Treloar, Josh Kelly, Beams, SPP, Swallow(Barrett, Miles)

    Ruck: Stef, Nank (King, Cameron)

    Fwd: Dahl, Macrae, Steele, ANB, WHE, Rough (Taranto, Eddy)

    SPP-> Black, Swallow -> Parker

    Taking a punt on Parker given how much he has falled in value, but I legitimately think he will average 105 from here. Oliver otherwise as Hanners isn’t filling me with confidence

  • Which option?
    1) Pickett and Barrett to Balic and Black
    2) Barrett and WHE to Barlow/Roberton and Black
    3) Butler and Roughy to Simpson/Hanners

  • Who do people think the current top 6 Forwards will be?

    And no I dont mean the top current averages, I mean the top forward options from now until end of year?

    • you’d have to assume it will be the obvious players with the 2 new dpp’s right? Roo, Macrae, Dahl, Buddy, Gray and Barlow. Guys like Smith, Yeo and Lynch have a chance

      • Barlow is an interesting choice. He had some spud games too. Pretty similar to what I thought, buddy been a bit iffy IMO with swans being down.

        • Barlow only had the one spud game this year, and in that he spent much of the time being injured on the bench. The other games have been fine, with minimum 90s.

          Also, check his history versus upcoming next three opponents – i think he’s about go on a nice little scoring run-on till the bye (or the round before if he doesn’t go to China!)

        • Who knows with the next round of ridiculous DPP upgrades.

      • Funny its you Stevo that answered as its about whether to get Gray (and or Barlow) before or after their byes.

        Or is it worth grabbing a Yeo or Buddy (whom I dont have in my fwd line) and waiting to get Gray/Barlow after their weird bye.

        • lol, well you saw my reasoning above and you also gave your reasoning. I think it’s ok to get one in now especially as they’re cheap but you’re right that you’ll probably lose a few points but does the potential cash saved make it worth it?

          • btw barlow 3 90’s 1 120 and one awful 44. I’m not even sure what role he’s playing because I don’t watch him.

          • gray does worry me a little though with seemingly needing to kick a few to score well right now. Maybe wingard has taken some of his mid time?

          • The cash is only an issue if you think the player you trade in (eg Buddy or Yeo) dont go up as much as Gray in that time period.

          • Grays pre season form and what he did round 1 really concerns me as well. Part of the reason I want to give him a week or two more to prove himself, and dont mind the idea of aiming for him after his bye.

            Risk is he gets expensive.

    • Riewoldt, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Barlow, Gray with Steele and Greene not super far behind

      • Nroo with his 70 odd might be his nicest price this year soon.

      • Steele will be right up there… he’s getting better each week. I’m a reluctant Greene owner. Seems to rely on goals to score well…

  • Black and Sloane/Selwood
    Kennedy Harris and Merrett?

    • Black/Kennedy Harris would be F6 this week.

    • JKH job security concerns me. Im hopeful that mature age recruit Black has earnt a permanent spot in cats 22.

      Sloane is looking like one of the must have mids.

      • imo Sloane will struggle against the might of the Tiger Train this week and be lucky to score 105

  • DEF: Adams, Laird, Shaw, Hampton, Marchbank, Newman (otten, stewart)
    MID: Danger, Treloar, Mitchell, Fyfe, Beams, Neal-bullen, SWallow, SPP (Pickett, Mountford)
    RUC: Grundy, Nankervis (Pruess, Cameron)
    FWD: Dalhaus, Miller, Steele, Roughead, WHE, Butler (Polson, eddy)

    Not sure on what to do any ideas??

    • Im biting the bullet and culling some spuds that are doing nothing for my team.

      Pickett > Balic and Eddy > Black

      Or if you want to get Otten on your field instead of bench since hes scoring well

      Pickett > via Hampton > EVW (playing Otten in def and Hampton in mid over SPP)


      Eddy > Via Otten > EVW (playing otten over Butler in fwd).

      • i have to trade swallow though

        • You don’t have to trade Swallow.

          Depends if you can afford to trade Swallow up to someone you think is a keeper.

          There wouldn’t be much available with oly 17k in the bench. And if you ignore the non playing duds on your bench you will lose a lot of cash potential.

          Not to mention the constant risk of donuts.

          • i was thinking going roughead to black and swallow to shuey/murphy

          • Points vs Cash. No guarantees any of mountford Pickett polson eddy will get another game soon. Sure you might win a few head to heads the next couple of weeks or at least be competitive.

            But 4 players that could be earning cash not earning any will potentially hurt you a lot in the long run.

            You might see other teams complete at end of year with premos with yours not complete in the finals…think long term.

            Roughie can hold one more week, unless he completely spuds wont lose too much cash if any. Swallow will be back next week. You can always fix those two up when rookie downgrade options dry up.

          • Listen to Shags.

    • you have a few outs (ignoring rucks)
      – Swallow (rested only but playing poor)
      – Pickett$195k b/e 31 (omitted and been shit) I traded him
      – Mountford $159k – b/e 14 been out for awhile
      – Polson $153k b/e 19 – words cant describe this guy
      – Eddy (are you ok) $179k b/e 12

      you really need to get rid of 2 of these so no upgrades with your $17k as Swallow at $414k plus $17k plus say at best another $21k so total $452k if did following (eddy out, otten to forward line bring in mcneice $158k b/e 13 put otten on field butler emrg.)wont by you jack shit. If you went Mortimer gives you another $8k cause hes 150k still wont buy shit so you need to bring in 2 rookies.

      Personally swallow needs to go his b/e is 72 which is near his avg which is inflated by the 120. So say best option mid is no one really as follows:

      1. Pickett out – steele to mids via dpp – bring in black (better js hopefully) gives you $11k – steele on field in mids but no mid cover, black will need to play on field fwds

      Now can do 1 of 2 for next trade 2:
      option 1 eddy out, otten to forward line bring in mcneice $158k b/e 13 put otten on field butler emrg.) get $21k + 11k + 17k = gives you $49 in bank

      or (this is my preferred)
      trade 2 option 2 – swallow out (remember you have Steele to cover him) bring in Mutimer pocket $264k for next week plus $17k plus $11k = 292k) bench mutimer but I don’t know much about him,

      or option 3
      1. option eddy out, otten to forward line bring in mcneice on def bench $158k b/e 13 put otten on field butler emrg.).

      2. Swallow out – steele to mids to cover him, bring in Black to forwards

      this is it ive cracked your code I like it gives you $17k + $21k + $230k = $268k to spend next week) all positions covered and emrg in forwards

    • Double downgrade, get Black and Balic

    • Trade Roughy and Swallow out.
      Get Lloyd in and whoever you prefer of Balic and Black. I’d go Balic.
      You can do a fair amount of DPP through those trades and end up with Otten in fwd if you wanted, Or Hampton in Mids etc
      Probably gives you around $100k for next week.

  • hey shags – im trading in myers this week for picket. i reckon myers will get a run in a game or two for sure. you think pre-trading myers is a good idea?

    • and black for weideman too BTW

      • I wouldnt bother. We get 2 trades a week. bring in that WC midfielder and make 25k off him for a score around 50 then itll cost less to get myers next week!

    • Don’t pre-trade. What if he gets injured in the VFL this weekend? Trade him in when he is named.

  • Hey guys,
    Deciding between bringing in:
    A. Franklin (or should I wait for Roo to drop further)
    B. Shuey, Bont or Kelly?

    Also should I drop SPP or Swallow?


    • i rate shuey – great POD

    • Drop Swallow, SPP is playing and vsing brisbane. Hell get a 75+, swallow is a DNP.

      IMO I think you should wait for roo. Scored a 75 and BE of 129. Hell get 100 vs hawks and then be around 600k to buy!

  • Miller and Barrett to Rocky and Black
    Miller and Miles to Docherty and Black

    • Both great trades, flip a coin.
      I would trade miles before Barrett though.

      • Depends what area of your side is low on Premos. 2 gets you a solid keeper in Def but loosing a Fwd mid premo. Mid gets you rocky but def and fwd may be too weak in this trade.

        Agree with Kayne, Barrett is playing, Miles will do shit. IMO Trade #2

  • Good read dunny!

    Was wondering in terms of fielding rooks. Whats the best combo?

    Field 2/3: SPP, Balic or Black (DPP across mid and fwd to get the best combo on

    • I like SPP and Black for their matchups (BL and Col give up moderate to good numbers of fantasy points) but SPP worries me as he was unable to score well against a terrible Car side at home. OTOH Balic has had limited time on ground (and he’s coming back from a minor hip inj.) so Black and maybe SPP over Balic.

    • I would go Balic and Black.

  • Should we keep Murphy? If he does play will he perform?

    Also who gets benched out of Otten, McGrath and Houston?

  • Should i field Hannan or Butler as my f6 this week?
    butler playing crows in adelaide who i think will struggle. hannan playing dons but not sure if i can trust him over his last few games

  • Def: Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Newman, Otten, Williamson
    Mid: Danger, Treloar, Rocky, Titch, Beams, ANB, Swallow, SPP, Fisher, Pickett
    Ruc: Martin, Nank, Preuss, Cameron
    Fwd: Macrae, Dahl, Roughead, WHE, Houston, Butler, Taranto, Polson

    Hey ppl, for trades this week was thinking of ignoring bench issues (Polson, Pickett) and trading SPP & Swallow to Black & Merrett.
    Next week I can use the cash I have left (55k) to fix one of those Car spuds and do another rookie downgrade. Thoughts on waiting a week for picking up two of JKH, Balic, Myers?

  • DEF: Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten, Newman (Stewart, EVW)
    MID: Treloar, Dangerfield, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Beams, Parker, ANB, SPP (Barrett, Balic)
    RUC: Grundy, Martin (Preuss, Cameron)
    FWD: Dahlhaus, Greene, Nankervis, WHE, Roughead, Houston (Black, JKH)

    Remaining: 41K

    Trades made Pickett + Polson > Black + JKH, Thoughts!?

  • what ruckman under 502k


    • Ryder

    • Ryder. Only because you can switch him to fwd line later culling a fwd cashcow and bring in top ruck (Grundy Smartin).

      But really yoi should try aim for them directly

    • For this week, Sandi. For a longer period, Ryder. But really you should be trying to get a premo in.

  • What will Zak Jones average from here on

    1 75-80
    2 80-85
    3 85-90
    4 90-95

  • Fooz

    This week is a double downgrade. I was hoping that Barrett was going to get back in for his BEs, but

    Swallow -> Newman via ZJones DPP midfield this week
    Polsen -> Black … missed that one.

    Who to start then as F6 – Butler, Black or Balic?

    • Fooz

      Leaves me with $124K for next weeks upgrades

    • I’d have thought it is too late for Newman.

      • Fooz

        I traded him out for last week’s doughnut, but with a -13 BE I had to have him back in for more $$ generation.

        • That sounds like buyers regret.

          Start afresh with a cheaper rookie who will have a higher cash making potential.

          A 300k player with a BE of -14 doesnt have the same total cash making potential as a 150k player with BE -14.

      • Why? Most only sold him ’cause he was dropped.

        I’m certainly bringing him back in this week.

        • You can still bring him in. You are bringing in a midpricer. They have less cash making potential unless they score high.

          • He has another $100+k to make. He is only $60k more than a Stewart. He is a safe D5 and a great in for anyone swinging Otten forward or Hampton to mids.

            Lock, load and watch the cash roll in.

          • But higher scoring potential.L.. This game is about points not BEs.

        • lol @ the people who traded him last week.

  • DEF: Laird, Tuohy, Marchbank Hampton, Otten, Newman (Stewart, EVW)
    MID: Rocky, Treloar, Danger, Fyfe, Beams, Dahlhaus, Watson, Swallow (Barrett, Picket)
    RUC: Martin, Ryder (Preuss, Cameron)
    FWD: Riewoldt, Steele, Nank, ANB, WHE, Houston Houston (Hannan, Eddy)

    Only 3k in the kitty. Choices are WHE & Swallow > Lloyd & Black and 91k for next week or WHE & Swallow > Adams & either JKH or Balic leaving me either 10k or 2k. Balic would have better JS I’m thinking? Any input would be great thanks:)

    • Consider culling some dud rookies. Nice team though, so yeah you could downgrade/upgrade.

      If you can afford to wait a week on Adams his price will drop a tad with his 80 score. Adams role was as a forward which is a bit concerning (dammit Buckley).

      Lloyd looking an amazing choice.

    • Why are you trading out WHE??? He had one bad game. Watch him bounce back this week.

      You need cash so I would go Swallow and Pickett to Black and Balic.

  • thoughts on what ryder will get

  • Currently my trades are Polson and Pickett out, (R11 byes) and Stewart and Black in. (R12 byes)

    Is it too late to bring Stewart in?

    • Actually that could be a decent call. Hes been scoringbshit so is still not too expensive, but what he really has going is his Job security looks assured.

      Dont expect him to score really well all the time tho.

    • stewart is a spud, and wont make any money. im doing a pre-emptive Myers trade in … crossing my fingers he’ll play next week. better now than next week as i might be covering ommissions and injuries

  • S. Martin for captain this week?

    • already doing it – good option, and unique too i reckon

    • Scored 129 last time he played Port at AO. Confident judging by his form this year aswell, could go big

      • That 129 was against Trengrove (in his first game playing fully ruck I believe) and Stef had like 60 HOs.

        No way he finds it that easy against Ryder.
        Does he go 100+, Yes, but not worth captaining imo.

        • Yeah 50 hitouts aswell with 20 or so disposals. I understand that Ryder is good but Martin will still beat him in ruck contests & also won’t find it difficult to settle for touches too

  • Bench 1:


  • thoughts on ryder anyone what he will get?average

    • Predicted for 89 but up against Stef in the ruck who knows. I’ve got him and wouldn’t be surprised for maybe a 70 IMO. Will be a good battle between the two.

  • Fooz

    Butler, Black or Balic for F6?

    I’m currently thinking:
    Black > Balic > Butler

  • Black, Balic, or JKH? Best option for Pickett..cheers

  • picket – mutimer, Swallow-roberton (balic on ground in fwd) (hampton to mids)
    picket-black, swallow-b crouch/r gray (balic on bench mids and black/butler on ground)
    option 2 with JKH?
    any thoughts would be great.

    • option 2 is a very good one. black and b.crouch for me …. crouch might be a genuine steal at this time.

  • Over this year already.Still haven’t been able to upgrade a rookie to a premo as yet. Just been shuffling rookies. Still have Barrett, Polson and Hannan.
    Pickett to Balic
    Eddy to Black

    • take a chance and go pickett to myers…. get in early as myers will play very soon on his form, and next week you might not have the spare trades

      • Why would trading in a non-playing rookie be better than getting Balic or Black?

        Not to mention Balic and Black have negative BEs, while Myers has a BE of around the 30 mark.

        Furthermore, you don’t have to trade in Myers the week he plays his first game as his price change in that game will be minimal compared to what it would be in his 2nd game.

        And finally, if Myers wasn’t to come in next week and instead of getting 50k+ in price rises out of Balic and Black, you may as well have held Pickett and Eddy as they would have scored the same number of points over the fortnight as Myers.

        The trades Roger is planning to do are great.

        • black for sure, but the other rookies will be in and out make little money. plus theres the risk that go stale on the bench. myers is a great option no doubt, and taking myers early is not such a bad idea as next week maybe ommissions and injuries force other trades.

          thats my thinking – its a risk for sure, but a long term tactical trade i reckon

          • So Myers, someone who isn’t playing and with a BE of 30 is a better option to trade in than Balic who has a negative BE, has DPP, is 20k cheaper and is playing after coming straight back into the side off an injury?

            Now considering what you said about omissions and forced trades next week. Lets say Hannan is dropped along with a Premium injury. You could easily just trade Hanna to Myers and what do you know, you’ve gained value due to the fact Balic played this week and Myers did not. Why are you not considering that Myers is one of the people you could force trade too?

            Essentially you are saying there is more risk picking a guy who is playing AF:, than a guy who is playing VFL.

            Further on this point, Myers does not need to be traded in before his first game as he BE is still 30 odd. Far better off waiting a week to make sure he gets through and then jumping on as the price change after 1 game is nothing compared to the price change after 2.

            You are making it out, like if you don’t trade in Myers before he is even named to play a game, you are going to miss out on him, which quite frankly is stupid.

          • Agree with Billy. Bringing in Myers now is just dumb and you should really stop suggesting people do it.

  • Trade out WHE, Roughie or Swallow? (playing limited trades)

    • not WHE, but the other two is a coin toss. WHE is a mark/kick ball winner. pretty hard to do that last week in the slush of the MCG … WHE will average 85 by seasons end

    • Im holding Swallow 1 week in RDT. Hes a cheaper option (basically an expensive rookie) and as such treating him as a pure cashcow.

      Roughie looks like a failed experiment to me so Im personally trading him in RDT (I can get to Zerrett).

      WHE is a plump cashcow but you can afford to give him another week I reckon.

    • Hold Swallow with limited trades. Has so much more money to earn.

      WHE and Roughy is a toss-up with Roughy being the more obvious option

      With each game gone by WHE has been spending more and more time forward. Last week he spent pretty much the first 3 qtrs in the fwd half of the ground, before returning to the cheap possession gatherer off HB. The points WHE scored in that last qtr show that it really wasn’t the weather that limited his scoring, but more so the role he was made to play.

      Roughy’s role playing Key Fwd in a struggling team isn’t great and only managed 67 with 3 goals.

      If you have to trade one I would be trading Roughy, but if WHE spends quite a bit of time fwd this week move him along next week imo and bank the cash that he has made.

    • Thanks all for your awesome responses. Really helped me separate them.

  • Pickett / Miller to Balic and Oliver


    Pickett / Miles to Balic and Fisher looking to the future

  • Guys do i stick or twist on Touk Miller?
    Options for this week.
    1). Touk and Pickett OUT… Mutimer and Barlow IN
    2). Pickett and Eddy OUT…. Black and JKH IN

    Sensible says option 2 so I can fix my rookies a bit, though worried about Touk falling further with a BE of 108.
    Leaning towards #2 though.

  • Crouch or Menegola

  • i have gone swallow to gray and taranto to Balic this week could go with pickett to balic as well but i dont make as much money


  • Field Vickers-Willis or Otten?

  • Hey lads
    Should I double downgrade

    Pickett >> Balic
    Swallow >> Fisher

    Or one up one down

    Pickett >> Balic
    Swallow >> Duncan/Yeo

  • Keep or trade viney??