#ByeWeek2 – Rd 14 Fantasy Review

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  • Team Name: The Magic Magpie
    Round 14 Scores: 1720
    How many players: 19
    Studs: Ruggles, Jelwood, Lewis, Mathieson, S Martin, Riewoldt, D Matin, Phillips
    Duds: Shaw, Kerridge, Blakely
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely, Davis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Now ranked 1427 and on a roll.

    • So pissed at the fantasy app producers as usual!! I had laird as VC loophole”failed” so Friday arvo when I made my second trade I found the piece of crap “APP” wouldn’t let me get the C off my last weeks captain SHAW!! So he spuds it up big time… WTF! So that’s why this app sh&$s me.

      • Use the Internet website

        • -1 bigfoot, for discovering on Friday arvo that when the C couldn’t be removed from Shaw, he didn’t go to the internet website.

          Sounds more like that that when you discovered you couldn’t do the switch via the mobile app, you might have thought then that Shaw wasn’t that bad an option, and just stuck with it.

          • Yeah fellas. I only had internet if I went to the library. Being unable to make it as my priorities lay outside of fantasy ie …children etc. & yes I chose to roll the dice on heath & take my lad to AUS kick instead. My rant is… this could have been avoided if the app just worked!!

  • Team Name: Dirty Birds
    Round 14 Scores: 1763
    How many players: 19
    Studs: Gibson, Mitchell, Gibbs, Ablett, Martin
    Duds: Shaw, Bartel, Joyce
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely –> Premo
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Clearly above par moved up 750 places to sit just outside the top 1000

  • Team Name: Bewick’s Bananas
    Round 14 Scores: 1700
    How many players: 20
    Studs: Ablett, Martin, Barlow, Phillips, Ruggles, Lewis
    Duds: Bartel and Shaw!
    On the Chopping Block: Davis, Wright
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Was gonna trade Ruggles to Vince but now not so sure – will have to make 2 good trades to have 18 playing next week. Ranking up to 3855

  • Only one guy managed to crack 130 for the week. Love that I took his loophole in RDT :D.

  • Team Name: Kurylo’s Kings
    Round 14 Scores: 1728
    How many players: 20
    Studs: Ablett, Martin, Martin, J.Smith, Ruggles, Selwood, Mathieson
    Duds: Shaw, Bartel, Davis
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely, Davis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Wanted to upgrade Blakely and downgrade Ruggles/Collins but the latters’ good scores this week make my choice hard. Ranked 765 now.

  • Team Name: Fyfe for Fighting
    Round 14 Scores: 1769
    How many players: 19
    Studs: Gaz, Phillips, Smith, Collins, Ruggles, Mathieson who all performed
    Duds: Heater, Kerridge
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely -> Dusty this week
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Now ranked 94th. A few premiums out this week with Lewis, Danger, Rocky, Stef, Zorko, Heater but still looking pretty good to charge into top 50 within the fortnight

  • Team Name: Liam BROS
    Round 14 score: 1642
    How many players:17
    Studs: Selwood,D Martin,Ablett,S Mitchell,Phillips, S Coniglio
    Duds: Shaw, Kerridge, Blakely, Laird, Wilson
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely, Davis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Ranked 493 went down 2 spots

  • Team Name: Papouse
    Round 14 Scores: 1723
    How many players: 18
    Studs: Has to go to the rookies – J.Smith, Collins, Ruggles & Philips way above expectations
    Duds: Shaw
    On the Chopping Block: I thought for sure I’d be trading out Collins & Ruggles this week, but now it looks like they might be worth holding onto for a bit longer. Should someone like Davis or Cox go first if I can still field 19?

  • Team Name: Wetdreamteam
    Round 14 Score: 1779
    How many players: 18
    Studs: Dusty, Docherty, Gaz, Stef, Walters, Phillips, Smith, Collins, Ruggles, Mathieson
    Duds: Heater
    On the Chopping Block: Not sure, S.Reid (not worth much), Wells (could be back after the bye), Duncan to keeper. Really don’t know
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Gone from 31945 in round 9 to 9006 overall at the moment, 167k in the bank to play with

  • Team Name: westcoastwreckers
    Round 14 Scores: 1664
    How many players: 18 (thanks broad)
    Studs: rocky, stef, gaz, dusty, roo, goldy, smith, collins, broad
    Duds: Neale, pendles, SHAW, laird, Jansen, cox, Kerridge
    On the Chopping Block: mills,
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: do I trade stef to gawn or not? form is good

    • Don’t trade him. He is slowly coming good now he is rucking solo. Make improvements to your side elsewhere

  • Team Name: A Wise Man Once Tol Me
    Round 14 Scores: 1736
    How many players: 18
    Studs: aBLETT, COLLINS, BYRNE, RUGGLES, MCGOVERN, WLATERS, d martin, matherson
    Duds: rockliff (C), laird, shaw, danger
    On the Chopping Block:

  • Team Name: JR
    Round 14 Scores: 1801
    How many players: 20 (dropped Shaw & Bartel’s scores)
    Studs: Gaz, Mitchell, Dusty and the rookies (Mathieson, Phillips, Collins, Byrne)
    Duds: Shaw & Bartel!
    On the Chopping Block: UG Ziebell & DG Blakely (both R15 byes)

  • Team Name: BC Saints
    Round 14 Scores: 1800
    How many players: 20
    Studs: Ablett, Dusty, Lewis, Stef, ZWilliams & all the rooks which lowered their break-evens
    Duds: Shaw, Blakely, Davis, Kerridge & Rocky(C)
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely & Davis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Sitting 1294 overall, should field 19-20 players next week if all named.

  • Team Name – Ravalle
    Score – 1727 AF
    20 played – Heater & Sumner didnt count.
    Studs – Ablett, Martin, Goldy, Rocky (C) Docherty, Lewis & several rpokies who were very respectable in a time of need…
    Duds – Only naming 1 this week…looking at you Heath…
    Chopping Block – Blakely…
    Moved up over 500 spots to be sitting just inside the top 1200…Big week next week…hopefully get 19 or 20 on field with the majority of my premo’s playing push for top 1k…

  • Team Name: Screech
    Round 14 Scores: 1726
    How many players: 18
    Studs: Sloane VC, Gibbs & Dusty
    Duds: Conca, Mundy, Shaw, Howe, Kerridge & Davis
    On the Chopping Block: Howe, CCameron
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: MIght go for Z Merret this week and enjoy the loophole once again

  • I’m on your side about Trent McKenzie Warnie, regardless of his poor score. If it was anyone else, most wouldn’t hesitate. If someone told you there was a rookie priced guy for 220,000 capable of averaging 70 with good job security, you would get him in no dramas.

    He’ll actually be cheaper this week…I’m a little tempted, though I’ll probably get in Broad

    • But what purpose does getting in Mckenzie serve?

      If it’s for cash making then the guys 100k cheaper are clearly the better options. When your defence is already filled with Fantasia, Wilson, etc. at that stage you want to be getting in the top guys.

      • Easy. For those that are tired of bringing in rookies that get dropped after a week or two? As said before, I will probably go with Broad, but he could be another Kommer. Stuck as F8, his price is to low to make money or upgrade to a premium.

        • Mckenzie isn’t really money making though sooo?

          • Nope, but his break even is now 53. At just over 200 grand he will make decent money if he averages 60+ his break even started high because of his injury effected scores

      • Don’t go near McKenzie

  • Team Name: Rednut United
    Round 14 Scores: 1868
    How many players: 21
    Studs: Smith, Ruggles, Collins, Menadue, Lewis, Ablett, Mathieson, Riewoldt, Phillips
    Duds: Shaw, Kerridge
    On the Chopping Block: Cox/S. Reid/Duncan
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Moved up 478 spots to 248 overall.

    Next week will be a challenge, currently got 17 players before trades or 18 if Currie is named. Trades will most likely involve trading a couple of round 15 bye players or Cox, depending on how many players I can field come Thursday.

  • Team Name: Grovers Gun
    Round 14 Scores: 1846
    How many players: 19
    Studs: GAL, Dusty, Walters, Jelwood, Barlow, Smartin, Goldy, Rocky (c) only centurions but big thanks to Bynre, Rich, JSmith, Collins, Mathieson and TPhillips
    Duds: HEATER
    On the Chopping Block: KStewart will become Docherty or Boyd and now looking for someone to go to Zerrett
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Have 13 R15 bye players, Stewart will make it 12 having only 18playing. Hopefully Currie gets named so I can make Wingard to Zerrett otherwise probably ditch a R15bye player, just not sure which one. Maybe Rich

  • Team Name: I’m Blue da ba dee dabba da-ee dabba dee
    Round 14 Scores: 1590
    How many players: 17
    Studs: Dusty, Gibbs, Simmo’s , Solid rooks of JSmith, Mathieson, Phillips, Ruggles, Mathieson, McCarthy
    Duds: Shaw
    On the Chopping Block: Hartung and McCarthy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Expected 21 but Currie, Zorko, CEllis and Reid not playing forced a donut

  • Team name – Killerbees
    Score – 1832
    Studs – rookies killed it, Phillips, Mathieson, ruggles, McCarthy, gaj, dusty, Ross, roo
    Duds – heater, the only good thing about this score is it was my 19th

    Chopping block – blakely to preemo will downgrade either ruggles or cox may hold ruggles he should get another good price bump next week

    Brag – 462 in classic and up to 315 in rdt been a good year so far.

  • Score: 1676
    Studs: ablett,phillips,ruggles,dusty,mathieson,s.martin
    Duds: shaw, bartel
    Chopping block: have $527k to spend so will upgradd mcgovern and tippa/ruggles/wagner. Unsure which one

  • Team Name: The Junk Time Specialists
    Round 14 Scores: 1888
    How many players: 20
    Studs: Phillegend, Mena, Matho, GAJ, Gibbs, Lewis, Roo, Smartin, Jelwood, Doch, Barlow, Collins.
    Duds: Heater, Tucker, J Howe, Scully, Kedge, Rocky (c) although he saved his ass.
    On the Chopping Block: Scully, Tucker, though Hall and Howe are likely to go soon after.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Rank 73 this week! Way, way overdue for a good round, puts me up to around 13000 which I can hopefully improve upon after a poor first half of the season.

  • I scored 1532 and when up 1600 in rankings ( Was 22,000 at start of round)

  • Round 14 Scores:1732
    How many players:20
    Studs:Doch, Smith, Ruggles, Rocky, Lewis, Matho, Steph, Nroo, Barlow, Phillips
    Duds:Shaw, Hanley, Steven, Scully, Kerridge
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely/Ruggles/Scully
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 150 overall now. was 500 pre byes

  • Ruggles/Collins > Broad
    Blakely > Treloar or Wingard > Montagna/ Zorko

    Don’t really have any other downgrade options, they’re all just starting to build!

  • Anyone else scores not add up to their round score total? mine isn’t right for some reason even after dropping my bottom 2

    Anyway, my rd14 score should be 2042 adjusted to 1940 (currently showing 1873)

    Round rank 133 and up to 1230 overall

  • Team Name: Absolute Muppets
    Round 14 Scores: 1828
    How many players: 20
    Studs: Docherty, Simpson, Ruggles, Collins, Ablett, Selwood, Rocky, Goldy, Stef, Dusty, J Smith, Phillips
    Duds: Shaw, Tucker, Pendles, Davis, Kerridge
    On the Chopping Block: Tucker
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Moved up to 5456 in the rankings from 9000

  • How long is Wells out for?

  • Team Name: Caammmzzzz
    Round 14 Scores: 1520…
    How many players: 16
    Studs: Collins, Gaz, Stef, Nroo, Goldy, Dusty.
    Duds: Laird, Shaw, Stewart (Ommitted, traded Broad, & Stewart > Phillips. Still have Sam Reid to get rid of too -.-.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Started at 3k pre-byes, down to 6k now. Had a 1700 last week, now a 1500. Had 17 playing last week with so many spuds, had 16 this week.

  • Team name: Davies Demolition
    Round 14 score: 1885
    How many players: 22
    Studs: Collins, Ruggles, Smith, Gibbs, Mitchell, Ablett, Selwood, Mathieson, Riewoldt, Phillips
    Duds: Shaw, Laird, Jansen, Hall, Hammelman, Kerridge, Davis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Finished rank 88 for round 14

  • It’s funny how some people are putting Rocky in the studs and others are putting him in the duds… Do people expect 150 every week?

  • Team Name: Dank Memes FC
    Round 14 Scores: 1622
    How many players: 17
    Studs: Mathieson, Gibbs (vc), Rockliff, S Martin, D Martin, Philips, Montagna
    Duds: Tucker, Shaw, Kerridge
    On the Chopping Block: Byrne, Hartley

  • Should I bring in Suckers this week for Lee and Davis

  • Team Name: Barnburners
    Round 14 Scores: 1899
    How many players: 19
    Studs: Williams Byrne Collins Ruggles – Solid midfield x 8, and rucks
    Duds: Laird – just traded back in.
    On the Chopping Block: Dal Santo
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Contemplating trading Rockcliff & Dangerfield out/in depending whether any viable match ups this week.

  • Team Name: Chucker’s Champs
    Round 14 Scores: 1772
    How many players: 20
    Studs: Roo, Selwood, Birchall, Mathieson, Phillips, McGovern, Ward, Dusty
    Duds: Shaw, Kerridge, B. Smith,
    On the Chopping Block: Blakely, B. Smith and maybe Rich
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Up to 149 in the ranks and looking to come home hard. Best season I have ever had.

  • Should I trade Blakely to Gaff (good run) or Sam Mitchell or Duncan to Ablett? Cheers

    • Tough one…Ablett in great form…would prefer him over Gaff BUT I like the Blakely trade far more than Mitchell or even Duncan..both have too big a ceilings I reckon to go before rooks….I’m trading Blakely this week and trying to upgrade all on field rookies before starting those sidewaysish….(think I just invented a word!) trades…

  • Is now a good time to trade Duncan or am I better off trying to upgrade Blakeley and downgrade elsewhere to make some cash

    Petracca also on the trading block soon

  • Why are ppl wanting Broad over Marsh?

  • does anyone think luke parker is a good pick?