The Friday Scramble: Round 14 – Bye week 2

FridayScrambleSo we have survived the first one and now we are in the second round of the byes.  This is where things start to get fun.  We have 6 teams that are finished their byes and should be there week in and week out for the rest of the season.  So we can now start to trade these blokes in and getting rid of some of the riff raff in our teams.

But, the fun doesn’t finish there, this week we have had the first of our Thursday night games.  There are three more of these to come.   Did you try out the loop hole last night?  Did you forget to move things around and left a premo on the bench?  Well.  Whatever you did, let’s have a look at it!

Thursday Night Loophole!

Did you have a crack at it.  Well if you did, you probably took one of Laird or Goldstein.  Here is what I think about those you may have taken.

Laird – 75 No.  Simply not enough.
Goldstein – 101  No.  Not a bad game for him, but not enough to take.
Thompson  – 98 No, once again not bad but not enough.
Sloane – 139 YES.  Take that score to the bank and lock it in.
M Crouch – 126 Yup, if you took him as your VC then you must be one of his mates, or had no one else in the game that you could slap the VC on.
Ziebell – 108 Probably not, only take that if you have no one else that you can put the C on.

Remember the golden rule over the Thurs night games.  120 is generally our par score for a VC Loophole to be activated!


Partial Lockout

REMEMBER -We are in Partial Lockout mode today.  In RDT and SC you CANNOT reverse trades at the moment.  All trades stick.

However, in AFL Fantasy you can reverse trades, as long as they didn’t include any Adelaide or NM players and as long as you didn’t use DPP to do any trading.

Selection Table

Here are my thoughts on some of the in and out decisions this week.

Seriously, time for a rant!  What the hell are some of these coaches doing to us.  Yes I am looking at you Leon Cameron.  Bloody hell, Managed.  Hopper managed!  Now I know they don’t care about Fantasy like we do, but it would be really nice if they could do this during the other rounds when we don’t really care, but during the bye rounds we need these blokes!!!

Other big outs are Zorko who is out for personal reasons which will hurt a lot of teams.  The other out that will be a concern to most is Sam Reid for the Giants who many of us were looking to bring in this week.  The worst bit about that was that he has been omitted which means his spot is tenuous even if he does come back in after their bye.  Tom Lee is out again and this time don’t bring him back in!

One of the great reliefs for us this week was seeing that Tom Phillips was named for Collingwood.  Other names we were happy to see were Rhys Mathieson is back for the Lions and the forgotten Connor Menadue is also back.  Now we don’t think these guys are keepers, but they will certainly provide us with some cover this week!

Mumford back in this week will help those that are struggling in the ruck division at the moment.


He is cheap and should play, but his scoring has been far from impressive or consistent.  He would be a risk, if anything I would say he would make excellent bench cover for you.  I would be more comfortable with him at D7 than on the field.

Bye Week Strategy

So in the second of our bye weeks, we need to not only consider what we are doing this week, but what we can do next week.  So you should be planning one week ahead and making this week’s trades with that in mind.  Make sure you have enough cash to do what you need next week just in case the downgrade target you have isn’t available.  Always have a plan B.

Things To Remember

  • Double Check your team if you have reversed trades during the week to make sure you didn’t leave any guns on the bench.
  • Read my section above on Partial Lockout again.  Trades in SC and RDT will stick today and can’t be reversed.


Hope you all enjoy the last 5 games of the weekend and get yourself a big score.  Keep upgrading your team, remember, after next week we want to try and have a fully upgraded side, or close to it.  Then we can make a run to the finals!


  • Is it time to get rid of Currie or will he definitely be back? Could make a nice 135k by trading him to a rookie

    • if getting rid of him suits ur byes better then get rid of him, he still has a break even of -14 so could easily go up a large ammount in price in only a few games.

  • Need to downgrade to a rookie/cheap def to make some cash.
    Is Matt Hammelmann to risky. Thinking long term so not fazed about bye next week.

    • Its always risky bringing in a untried rookie. I prefer to wait a week to check them out first. But were not that far off of finals really so its make or break time. Verdict- there are worse rookies to pick thats for sure.

    • How long is that piece of string?

      • So Duryea like scores?

      • Can’t see the benefit of Mckenzie over Hammer. An extra 40-50 points next week could be the only good thing going for that move. A guy with a BE about the same as his true average. Doesn’t seem very logical . Could be wrong. Time will tell.

  • Colins or Ruggles to Simpson? I know its a bit early on both but need to start moving out some round 15 bye players now and want Simpson. Leaning towards Collins. Any help would be appreciated

    • Both are not keepers. Ruggles probably slightly better and more consistent scorer. JS is decent for both

      I have both but would prefer to keep Ruggles if given the choice

  • Anyone else have a large pop up hovering over team on the fantasy website? Can’t see a way to minimise it!

  • Get in Trent McKenzie or Hammelmann?

  • Went wells and p.wright to hammelmann and phillips. $527k for next week to upgrade mcgovern and tippa/wagner.

  • If Davis is out or (managed) I’m literally going to just give up. Had 21 heading in, now 17, couldn’t take Davis not playing

    • Surely they’re not managing him out of the bye. Should hold his spot… and if he doesn’t, more fool us for thinking he is best 22. I’m backing him in to be playing.

  • Very happy I stuck to my plan and didn’t bring Laird in yesterday. I’ll still be getting him next week, despite him not even reaching his BE of 85.

    Peeved about JS Reid not playing, but wasn’t banking on Mathieson getting a guernsey, so that’s been offset.

    Still too many rookies playing this weekend for my liking.

    • On not getting Laird – would consider waiting for Jason Johannisen to come back… He’s listed as 2 weeks away… Naah. his BE is 113.

  • What is the best option for a a rookie defender this week?

    • isn’t a good option. Hammelman is cheap but will score poorly and has bye next week… who knows if he keeps his job beyond it.

      targeting Trent McKenzie feels weird, but he’ll keep his spot and probably good for 50-60 points.

      Only other thing I’d consider is get in a $125k rookie you think might play later, such as Broad or Silvagni, Cowan etc

  • Hey Lads, got hit hard at the selection table last night and have 16 playing before trades.

    For me to get 18 on the park and stick to my plan of top 6-8 targets, I’m considering trading Zorko out for 2 weeks.

    so Zorko & Harwood > Phillips & Gaz + $300k get me to 18 players (get Zorko in R16).

    My other trade that made sense before Zorko going down is
    Harwood & Frost > Gaz & Naismith with no bank and only 17 on the ground.

    Is a donut & the 50-70 points Phillips offers worth wasting a trade on Zorko?

    I’m about 300th in the world and still hoping for respectable outright position. what do people think?

    • Depends what the rest of your team is like, but Option 1 works.

    • Trade Zorko. Two weeks of Gaz scoring worth it

    • don’t trade out Zorko unless you have to. Try to look further than the byes

    • Def: Shaw, Smith, Byrne, Ruggles, Collins, Harwood – Vince, Boyd
      Mid: Rocky, Sidebottom, Selwood, Duncan, Blakely, Reid, Williams, TMitchell, – Hanners, Hunter
      Ruck: Martin, Cox – Gawn, Frost
      Fwd: Dusty, Kerridge, I.Smith, Davis, Hams, Zorko – RGray, Merrett
      Bank: $111k
      16 players named.

      1. Zorko & Harwood > Phillips & Gaz + $300k get me to 18 players (get back Zorko in R16)
      2. Harwood & Frost > Gaz & Naismith + $1k (Keep Zorko, but get a donut and miss Phillips money making possibility)
      3. I could do Harwood & Zorko > Montagna & BEllis, but it messes with my structure and could leave me with 9 Mid Premos or Ellis on the bench in R16…

      Would love your thoughts?

  • Thoughts on getting Broad over Hammelmann and carrying a donut for this round? Don’t thhink Hammelmann will score all that well, and Broad named as emergency so there is a chance he could be playing in a few weeks. Also is Sloane a good target next week. Scoring well and got Melbourne, Brisbane and Carlton over the next 3 weeks I think.

  • Sloane is definitely a good player, has form and a good run – but he’s pretty expensive and better value around. If you like his POD and think he’ll be huge, hell probably set you back $560k.
    Hanners, Parker, Gaz, Pendles & Steven all spring to mind that probably score as well as him and are similar or cheaper price.

    Mostly agree with your thoughts on Broad, Hammelmann wont score well and good chance to go back out of the side after byes… might get stuck with him as D8. Same could happen with Broad too, Read Jeppas Juniors – he thinks Broad has been average in the VFL and not very close to cracking the team.
    Either way it’s a rock & a hard place.

  • What is a good downgrade option for DBJ that has JS for next week? Thanks a lot :)

  • Is it waste of trade going reid to Phillips?


    • If Phillips plays 5 games, it’s a great long term money making move as Reid probably wont play again. If Phillips gets dropped next week, it was pretty much a wasted trade.

  • With dusty likely to cop the tag from Robbo, is it worth bypassing him this week for T Greene (trading out C. Ellis) and work dusty in next with an upgrade on hopper?

  • Who would be the best option to bring in this week between Montagna and Simpson?

    Montagna plays Geelong this week but then Gold Coast and Essendon, Simpson plays GWS then Collingwood and Adelaide.

  • with dusty likely to get a tag, is it better to splash the extra cash and take Saint Nick with a pinch of Voldt

  • TOP 6 fwds for 2016?

  • Phillips or hammelmann?

  • How is Hammelmann’s JS? will probably go to him due to his cheapness.

  • should i keep Rorys 139 or go the rock or danger not many people have sloane too many have danger now soon every one will have rocky

  • Phillips or hammelmann? Doesn’t matter about byes next week, just about JS


  • I traded in Laird and Hammelmann yesterday, but I now want to switch Hammelmann for Mckenzie. Is this possible or is my second trade stuck?

  • Only have 10 trades left. Should I trade out Tippa for Bartel? My Mids are complete, would also mean my backline will now consist of Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Lonergan, Howe and Bartel ??
    Thanks in advance!

  • If for RDT – not a bad plan – but bear in mind that Bartel hasn’t had a rest this year; Lonergan ain’t playing (this week) and Howe’s JS will be dodgy once Hodgey is back full time…

    • Cheers Fooz for the reply! I should’ve said it’s Jeremy Howe of Collingwood.
      So if I were to trade in Bartel, Lonergan is a better option to trade out?

  • Got 19 on the field (including Cox, Collins, Byrne, Joyce).

    1st trade was Wells –> Montagna

    2nd trade?

    1. Reid –> Phillips (10k + 20 on field)
    2. Gibson –> Doc or Simo (-100k, 19 on field, set up better for next week, Gibson could load up against gold coast)
    3. Collins (via Suckling DPP) –> Phillips (+90k, 19 on field, set up better for next week, Collins not maxxed out)

    Thoughts appreciated

  • Should I trade out tippa or Wagner?

  • help please toby greene or robbie gray ? tobys burnt me before can he continue his form ?