Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 14

Here we go again. Another top 10 captain heading your way and this week… I have worked overtime separating the top 3 below. Mega tough, but trust me… I’ve got it in the correct order and for the record, it’s the exact order I’ll be picking my captain from.

TOP 10 for ROUND 14

#1 – Tom Rockliff v Richmond @ the MCG

Rocky is the #1 ranked player on form over the last 3 weeks averaging 154. He hasn’t put a foot wrong and we must trust the pig again.

There is no chance he’ll cop a tag, against a team he didn’t play in 2015 due to injury but scored 137, 116 and 115 on them in his last 3 games. He loves the MCG and has scored 111, 165 and 137 there in his last runs and ticks all the boxes again.

The thing I don’t like is the fact that the Tigers have only given up 3.3 tons a game over the last four weeks, ranking them as the 6th hardest.

But after digging a little deeper (as I do for you guys) I found out some stats that tipped Rocky over the line this week as my #1.

Against the Tigers, scoring has been tough… however, in the last three weeks, Ablett (120), Wells (126), Dal Santo (125), Goddard (134), Merrett (115) and Kelly (110) all scored well. The top of the tree players have been getting it done, despite the fact the Tigers have been restrictive.

On a separate topic, Stefan Martin should also be good after he finally managed a decent 111 last week. The last recognised ruckman to play against Hampson have scored well with Nichols (89) and Tippett (93) producing solid number. Expect Stef to do the same this week.

#2 – Patrick Dangerfield v St Kilda @ Etihad Stadium

I so badly wanted to have Danger as #1 this week and many still will.

Carrying a lowest score of 107 in his last 9 games, Danger is clearly the best player in the league right now and sits at #2 in Fantasy on form with an average of 146.

He averages 24pts more in wins than loses this year and loves playing at Etihad where he has scored 143, 187 and 122 this year. He had 122 on the Saints last year and the Saints are still mega easy to score on… in fact, they sit at #5 in points they are giving up over the last 4 games. They are so easy to score on, Carlton lost to them in round 12, and still managed 5 players over 110.

So why is he below Rocky?

These score against the Saints haven’t been massive.

Over the last few weeks, these are the top scores that players have been getting against the Saints. Simpson (117) and Docherty (115) top scored for the Blues, both defenders. Jenkins (156) and Sloane (140) lead the onslaught in Adelaide and in round 10, ball magnet Lachie Neale (104) could have done much better but was the only guy over 100+ for the Dockers.

I also believe that Rocky can go 130+ with more ease than Danger, and has done this year. In games he hasn’t been injured, Rocky has done it 4 out of 6 times, 3 out of 3 in the last three weeks. Compared to Danger who has achieved the mark 3 times in 13 games, but two out of two in the last two weeks.

Will St Kilda tag him? Possibly with Mav Weller. Selwood has struggled against the Saints in his last two games due to tags with scores of 88 (Seb Ross) and 70 (Weller). Weller hasn’t been tagging in recent weeks and I highly doubt he will again. But it’s a possibility.

But still… he still sits a bee’s %$#& behind Rocky this week and will be awesome regardless.

#3 – Gary Ablett v Hawthorn @ Aurora Stadium (TAS)

This top 3 have been going nuts over the last three weeks and to put into perspective of where Gaz sits in this, check out where their scores rank over the last three weeks against each other.

187 – Danger
184 – Rocky
143 – Danger
142 – Rocky
135 – Rocky
124 – Gaz
120 – Gaz
120 – Gaz
108 – Danger

Although Gaz has been unreal… he’s just not in the league of Rocky and Danger based on the numbers.

But then I see this….

157*, 132, 139, 175, 147, 135*, 109, 120, 131, 123, 115.

Those freakish ‘pig like’ numbers there are the scores Ablett has had on the Hawks in his last 11 games. Are you serious?

Ablett is ranked #5 on form with an average of 121 and the * up there in that line of numbers are games he has played against the Hawks at Aurora Stadium.

The Hawks are the 4th hardest team to score against at the moment and the top scorers against the Hawks in recent weeks have been Dumont (106), Merrett (115), Vince (120) and Hanley (107).

I’m trading Gaz in this week and expect a solid 135 instant reward.

#4 – Lachie Neale v Collingwood @ the MCG

The Pies are the easiest to score against and have also given up the most 120+ scores in the last four weeks as well. It’s simple, Lachie will loves this one. He had 128 last week and 120 on the Pies last year.

#5 – Jack Steven v Geelong @ Etihad Stadium

It’ll be tough against the Cats but even in a smashing last week, the Bulldogs still managed 4×100+. Steven loves the roof as well and has scored 3×130+ scores there in each of his last 3 trips. He has form on his side and even had 102 on Geelong last year.

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#6 – Jordan Lewis v Gold Coast @ Aurora Stadium (TAS)

Sam Mitchell has just 1×100+ score next to his name in his last 6 games, so I’ll be taking Lewis here against the 4th easiest team to score against over the last 4 weeks.

Lewis’ form has been sharp and currently carries a lowest score of just 106 in his last 4 games. In his last three games against the Suns he has scored 120, 119 and 122. This week, he goes for his 11th straight 100+ score in Tassie, at a ground that just bleeds Fantasy points. Expect a lot of 100+ scores in this game.

#7 – Dusty Martin v Brisbane @ the MCG

Loves the MCG with scores of 137, 123 and 123 coming in recent runs there. Had 137 last week and 108, 115 in his last two against the Lions. He’s a small chance of a Robbo tag I guess and that’s why, he and Cotchin sit a little lower than they probably should in this week’s top 10.

#8 – Adam Treloar v Fremantle @ the MCG

In his career, Treloar has played the Dockers 3 times to average 108. He had 127 in his last game and is currently the 5th highest averaging player in the game.

#9 – Trent Cotchin v Brisbane @ the MCG

As I just said, probably the most likely option for a Robbo tag this week, and his form certainly warrants it. 121, 118, 120 and 127 are his last four scores and he loves playing the Lions with 119, 110 and 138 coming in his last 3. The tag of RedBull Robbo is my biggest concern here.

#10 – Scott Pendlebury v Fremantle @ the MCG

If the rumours are correct, he’s been carrying a niggling injury and proved that by only posted 83 in his last game. The bye would have done him the world of good. He has had 101 and 122 on the Dockers in his last two games and loves the MCG. He has scored 133, 124, 114, 118 and 127 there in his last 5 and should be back to his best this week.



Yes, Heath Shaw does play back home this week where he has scored 109, 176, 132 and 135 this year but I think it will be tougher against the Blues. They’ve had is measure in the past not letting him score a ton in his last three games and only allowing 1×100+ score in his last 7 against them. It’s just too risky… go with one of the big three at the top. Much safer!

THE LOOP HOLE – Thursday Night

On Thursday night, the Kangaroos play the Crows at Adelaide Oval and it’s a ‘partial lock-out’. This means that only players in this game will be LOCKED in once the ball bounces.

If you put your VC on a guy playing in this game and they score well. You can keep that score by putting your ‘C’ on non-playing player (even if they have the bye)… and then your captain will then score a 0 and therefore your VC score will be activated and doubled.

If they score like rubbish… which I tip most players will, you can just select a captain as normal and solider on.

At the end of the day… it’s a free hit, but you’ll lose (or waste) your VC as a back-up option for the weekend.

Guys like Rory Laird and Todd Goldstein will be popular options if you have a crack. But, Adelaide is the second hardest team to score on over the last 4 weeks and the Roos are the third hardest. I can’t see the scores being overly big in this game, and therefore, I wouldn’t blame you if you passed on the ‘Loop Hole’ altogether this week, saving your VC incase you really need it.



  • For the record, what is your top 5 for the VC?

    • The only ones who are really worth giving up a VC and capable of captain worthy scores IMO are Sloane, Goldy and Gibson

      • Laird and Jacobs have scored 130+ scores this season.

        • Let’s hope they go massive eh?

        • Yeah but are even more unlikely to make that. Wouldn’t even take 130 anyway if you have rocky or danger.

          • Ballsy move. I would take 110 or more.

            IMO the upside reward isn’t worth the downside risk.

            I disagree that playing the loophole “you’ll lose (or waste) your VC as a back-up option for the weekend.”

            If your C doesn’t play, you’ll still get a (hopefully) decent score from your VC.

      • As I said below, just picked up the Crows Thommo as a unique value option.

        He’s down $124k from his peak of $570, has had his much needed rest and should play out the season barring injury.

        Is there such a thing as a premium cash cow? If he gets back to the mid $500k mark and gets rested again, bank the $100k.

        By then we should all be shuffling premiums anyway.

  • I’m considering Sidebottom… think he’ll be back in form and smash the dockers for 35 and 10+ marks. Then again, I have Rocky, so… who am I really kidding?

    • Barlow will tag sidebottom

      • Hope Barlow eats his weeties for brekky Friday morning if he does cause he’ll need all the energy he can get….I reckon Sidey would run him off his feet…..Then again I dont expect Barlow to go there….think if anyone Baarlow will go to Pendles….Sidey to big a tank, Treloar to quick so Barlow most likely to be able to stay with Pendles…stopping him another matter..

  • Would you rather loophole sauce as the VC or chuck him the ruck emergency and if he scores sub 65 put Currie on the field ahead of him. (If he scores 65+, play a non playing ruck and get his emergency score)

    Both have very little reward, but with no risk, which one is a better option?

    • good idea actually, cheers for the idea

      id definitely go with the emergency move. Its super unlikely sauce will go 120+ against goldy, so chuck him on the bench in case he has a shocker

    • Ahh, hadn’t twigged to the E loophole!

      Since I have just traded in Scott Thompson (the Crow variety) I will put the VC on Thommo and the E on Jacobs and get the best of both worlds!

      Thank you very much :)

  • Comprehensive as usual, Danger at Etihad too hard to ignore. More boar than pig.

  • Guys, does the loophole partial lockout apply in both Real DT and Fantasy ?

  • Option 1: Daniel wells to Ablett and Nic Nat to Grundy

    Option 2: wells to Ablett and Walters to Barlow leaving Nic Nat in my side

    Option 3: nic Nat to stefan Martin and Adams to premium like Barlow

    • Didnt know this was roys trade talk dude…

    • It the most recent article….is it really such a huge crime to post it here?

      I’d go option 1, Nic Nat will probably be out all season so he needs to go, and Grundy has already had his bye. Ablett is a great choice

    • If you can cover Nic Nat for one more week do 2 – potentially a huge point upside and ruck options with the R14 bye to tap into

  • libba to ablett or wagner to laird

  • Ill be putting the VC on Rockliff this week. If he goes under 130 straight to Dangerfield for Sunday game.
    Supercoach is so much more fun and efficient than Fantasy : )

    • Being able to rectify any captain mistake you make every week doesnt sound like that much fun. Neither does having no idea if your players have done well or not even if you’ve watched the whole game…

  • It’s still a gamble to change captain and def makes it fun. Look at everyone loving it when “Loophole” happens. Imagine that every week. Also, a couple of apps show live scores so all good.
    Players in SC score on disposal efficiency and not just receiving the ball and being “pigs”.
    30 trades per season makes it more interesting. It makes you hold on to rookies longer and you must back your premos in. My team is almost complete with 11 trades to go and by the looks of fantasy there is so much sideways trading that is unessesary and teams are so far off being full strenght. Plus Supercoach doesn’t shaft half the people who sign up by not giving them a score in round one ;)

    • Your last point is totally valid. Fanhub suck. The sideways trading is perhaps “unnecessary” in some respects, but if you do it right you perform better than teams who back in their choices all year… 44 trades arguably makes the game more complex cause you look at most of your team as possible trades, not just your rookies…

      • Also “interesting” is a bit of a euphemism for “worse”… when my rookies get dropped I don’t say “well that’s interesting”; I am annoyed.

    • Don’t want to give this too much oxygen… and people can make their own choices on what they wish to play and really, stones, glass houses (for both sides)…etc.


      Just because it’s different (and you haven’t mastered how to play it) doesn’t make it bad. Two trades per week requires different strategy, not just the same formula we played for years with DT/SC rules. Remember it used to be 20 trades, no DPP movement, and a whole lot more.

      Captain loophole (or emergency loophole) is shit. We use it because it’s there, but I would prefer that it wasn’t. If there was a simple way for it not to exist, I would be happy – but it’s a little more complex than that.

      I’ll take my basic scoring format every day… as that’s what Fantasy sport is about – for me. Easy to track, not open to interpretation and we aren’t under some idea that because someone is a good fantasy scorer makes them the best in the league.

      • Yay! A reply from Warnie. This has made my week. All the best fellas

      • still dont understand why the loophole needs to be complex at all (im most likely missing something obvious), isnt there a way it can be canned?(next season) say, if you want a captain in the thursday night game choose one, if not put C and VC on bench players and then only teams who had no selected captain after the thursday game could then choose captain after friday teams announced/or prior to friday lockout, those who chose thursday captains simply live with it? clearly im not a game designer and dont understand how complex that would be to do, but seems like a fair system. *awaits backlash

        • now im more confused, thats how it is any way really,but I agree, I think its dodgy, partial lockout is enough, simply put, trading in thursday players is a risk and captaining them is too, but hey, sunday teams can also cause headaches. If you bring in players or captain them, so be it, if theres outs for weekend games, so be it.

  • Best forward to bring in out of Barlow, Deledio and Robinson?

  • Calvin where do you rank Barlow as (C)? Collingwood leak more points than everyone. Surely he’s good for 120 minimum? Especially now Ross has finally played him in his right spot