Round 14 Lockout Chat

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


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It’s very simple and easy to play. Grab Tbetta’s tips here and make sure you listen to our weekly podcast.



  • To anyone who had experienced so much crap they haven’t been able to get rid of Menadue yet, Congrats.

  • Boy the Lions are woeful. Unwatchable.

  • If you’re playing for your football life after spending considerable time in the VFL AND YOU GET a set shot on goal..35 out , a little off centre but favouring your preferred left foot and you miss…then your name is Travis Joke.

  • Bought Hanley in 3 weeks ago, 96, 146 thinking it was a great pickup……. 15…

    • Was flipping a coin between Hanley and Laird this week. Thought I’d wait and get Hanley in after his bye, thank God I did. Will be dirt cheap after this weekend

  • Hmm, menadue and Rockliff are my only 100plus scorers so far.

  • Rookies keeping me in it so far this round. Hopefully some big scores tonight.

  • Headache Heath is back!

  • Is heath even on the ground?

  • How good is Zac Williams

  • What happens if your captain is not in your best 18?!?!? Do you get your VC?

    • Hahahaha what an amazing question, probably because his final score is in your best 18 and he’s your captain who has played, but still an amazing situation

  • From the rules: “if your Captain’s Score is outside your best 18 players, his Score will still count, replacing the score of the 18th highest score in your selected Team.” So there’s no hiding from Heath’s 42 if you put the C on him!

  • Montagna playing the Heath Shaw role, picking up a lot of cheap mark kicks in the open in defence

  • Simpson had no right on end up on 97. But bloody glad he did. Expect him too be bigger next week. Very Happy with him on debut. Headache Heath.. you get a free pass for that effort. Have next week off mate. get yourself right :P

  • Rocky was a good cash cow but it’s time to go, the writing is on the wall. 184, 142, 135, 101. In 2 weeks he will score 50 :)

  • Jeez. Ruggles. My rookies are playing better than my premos

  • Never thought Bartel and Shaw would be the two scores I drop this week

  • Roo Vs Montagna + cash?

  • A couple of awful umpire calls but take nothing away from St Kilda’s Win. Boy Ow Boy. Wow Wiee!!!!!!?@#%$%^$!!

  • Rd 15
    Out: T lee, RDavis
    In: Mathew suckling + rookie ?

  • What is par this round? 1800 again?

    • I think there will be a wide range of scores this week with some premo failures and some uniques/rookies going big.
      1696 from 17 myself, with Ablett and RDavis to come so hopefully lose Heaters spud.

    • 1800 was close to par last week and that involved half a dozen scores over 140 from popular picks. Haven’t had one yet this week. Par will be closer to 1700 than 1800

      • Agree with you there, I reckon if you can scrape in 1700 you’ll hold or improve your position this week. Wells – Zorko out hurt a lot !

        • to put it into perspective, i have moved from circa 2900 rank to 820 so far with a score of 1785 plus Ablett + Hall to play (Heath and Cox bottom 2 scores)

          assume large chunk of scores next week will be low with Shaw, Danger, Rocky, Goldy, Stef all missing…

  • Wow, 2 x 100s from 18 players so far. 3 tomorrow.

  • 1700 will be an extremely acceptable score this round and if you go backwards with 1700 you are ranked well.

  • 1695 with Hall and Mitchell left (Have 21 playing this round)
    Looks like I dodged many bullets this round

  • 1338 with hall and Ablett to play…brendon Bolton can suck a dick, it’s not like tagging out shaw did anything for Carlton, what a prick… I need a miracle 😐

  • My projected scores
    AF 1500
    SC 1800
    RDT 1800
    My planning in AF went wrong when Currie didn’t return after his bye and I brought in
    Batchelor before his bye thinking he’d be solid for 50’s in RDs 14 & 15.
    Low scores you can’t help [Shaw’Bartel etc].

  • Who do I keep and who do I upgrade/downgrade:

    • Trade tippa to a rookie or trade dea if u can afford suckling or someone like Vince or another top 6 defender

  • This round review should be called “Living in the 90’s!” – 1650/17+C with just Gaz to go. Duncan(98), J.Smith(96), Ruggles(96), Mathieson(96), Danger(95), T.Phillips(92) lol all just short of tonning up, never seen the rookies do so well

    • Haha yes. Only a couple of tons but soooo many 90s. Could be worse I suppose.

  • af 1353 with j gibson, ablett, lewis to go, hoping hopper gets a gig for the 18th on ground.

    hate byes, a few players get dropped and its carnage every week

  • 1514/15 with Ablett, Lewis, Hall & Davis to come. Live rank 1763, hoping that will be closer to 1000 by the end of the round.

    18 players next week, probably 19-20 after trades. Unfortunately looks like Blakely will be traded as I have Lewis, Rocky, Danger & Mathieson also missing through the midfield…

  • 1552 with Gaz, Hall and Mitchell to go. Heath and Bartel’s scores will drop off (-87). So, 1800?… maybe… hopefully…

  • The cats-saints game was tremendous last night. What happened to Bartel? I had him, Shaw and Hanley. Who’d have thought I’d be glad to have kept Collins…

  • Hall should go back to the NEAFL, haven’t heard his name once

  • Bartel.

    Gonna lose this round by about 50 points in my main league. Thanks a lot for a pile of shit Bartel.

  • Lift Davis C’mon ! Need a good score out of you

  • Anyone not watching the Sunday game check it out on news highlights. You’ll see 2 of the worst strips ever. The Suns colour scheme was atrocious at foundation and it hasn’t mellowed with familiarity.Hawks have replaced gold with shocking pink..putrid, don dark glasses. The hawthorn colour change is no doubt for some good cause [maybe Jane McGrath Foundation/][can you overdose on good causes/].
    Collingwood,Carlton and Essendon all have over 100 years history playing in basically the same jumpers’ Hawthorn has won how many flags since the early ’70s?.
    WHy oh why would you muck around with tradition at any of these proud clubs/.

  • Flicking Hall was the correct move it seems…

    • Who is a good fwd to bring in for Hall?

      Montagna/Roo/Zorko have Dusty Merritt n Gray

      • Don’t trade him now.

        although to be honest it wouldn’t be super surprising if he was dropped again after he played today. He really doesn’t contribute to doing the team thing much at all.

  • #DemiseOfTheDog#KarmaBus#TrentMcKenzie