The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 12

You know it has been a MASSIVE week of scoring when you’re disappointed not to crack 2200. Last week it was Rocky, this week it was Danger! Sadly I’ve owned neither… There’s plenty to chat about with the byes kicking off next week, let’s get into the wash-up from Round 12!


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Dangerfield (187) – Brilliant. Superb. LEGENDary. 130 is a brilliant score. 140+ is piggery. 160 makes your week. 187 is just ridiculous. I won’t go any further with this as I sit with the half of the competition not taking it seriously. Yes I don’t own Danger, let’s move on shall we?

D.Martin (137) – That’s how you bounce back from a poor week! Martin has been BOG in 2 of Richmond’s last 3 games, he’s in cracking form and really is a must have in your final forward lines. Get him in.

Lewis (126) – Lewis continues to make a mockery of his price tag, now averaging 111 in his last 5. Not bad for a man previously priced at $470k. He’s back.

Merrett (115) – Another week, another massive score from Merrett. It’s complete insanity that he’s only owned by one fifth of the competition, this makes it 5 scores over 110 in the past 6 weeks. The other was a lazy 90. He’s a joke of a man.

Gray (113) – Any doubts that Robbie Gray is amongst the top 6 forwards should be buried, he’s a gun! Gray is extremely dangerous when Port play him at full forward, and he plays more than his fair share through the middle of the ground. $482k is an absolute steal, get on!

Rockliff (142) – Leeeeeeeeeeegend! Where would we be without Rocky? I know I’d be picking a shocking captain. Where are the haters? Back in their caves. He’s now $524k with a B.E of 46 if you don’t have him, but surely we all know better than that…

Selwood (132) – I guess Joel has decided that June is going to be a good month? That’s how it works right?! He owed his owners this score at the very least, I guess he’s relevant again at under $500k! We’ve been here before though… I’m not buying it.

Wells (111) – Once again every coach who traded him got anther quiet reminder of how monumental their screw up was. Legend! (For those who held…)

Laird (115) – Get ready, your Round 14 trade has already been locked in. Rory Laird is back to full fitness and in cracking form. Scores of 96 and 115 since he came back suggest that he won’t be getting any cheaper, $478k is a steal!!! An upgrade from one of your Round 14 bye rookies is a no brainer.

Jacobs (112) – Sam Jacobs is looking to be another ideal bye round upgrade, reliable ruckmen are hard to find and Jacobs ticks most boxes. With 136 and 112 in his last 2, $482k seems like good value. If you’re like me and fed up with Stef’s non-sense, Jacobs could be the way forward.

Priddis (114) – All I’m saying is thank god the Eagles have Priddis, because without him in our midfield we’d be losing to the top sides by close to 100 points. I’d steer clear of him in Fantasy though, Naitinui out will be a problem…

Steven (132) – I couldn’t believe this score when I saw it! Before playing footy on Sunday afternoon I had seen that Steven was being tagged by Curnow and struggling during Q2. Next thing I know he has pumped out a 130! 4 weeks ago I said he was a bargain, in 3 of those weeks he has gone 130+. Pity I can’t take my own advice… Jet.

Simpson (117) – This still isn’t hurting any less…. 23 Rounds last year I put up with your trash Kade. Am I really supposed to believe a coach makes this much of a difference?! He has been a legend this season, but you won’t see me complementing him!

Docherty (114) – This bloke however deserves all his praise! Docherty now has a 6 round average of 109, insane… Lock for a top 6 defensive spot.

Curnow (114) – Here’s a man who has quietly slipped under the radar. Better known for his tagging exploits, Ed Curnow now carries a 3 round average of 127. Not bad hey? Try this out for size. He now has 7 tons in his last 8 games (9 for the season). It’s too late now, but he was a brilliant selection in draft leagues!

Cotchin (121) – I’m sounding like a broken record now. Trent Cotchin, Fantasy Legend. Get used to it! He’s back and bigger than ever, the quicker we get used to it the better. 6% of coaches know what’s up.

Ablett (120) – Did you trade Gary Ablett? Really? How did you think that was going to end? That’s 3 consecutive 120’s since he returned, there’s no sympathy from me here! He’s the GOAT for a reason people!

Gawn (146) – Maximus now has more scores above 140 than he does below 60! How long with that last? Who knows what’s next for Gawn, all I know is that he bloody kills me every third week. Damn the byes, I should’ve just got him in! Legend.

Vince (134)ALERT, if you have the luxury then you should be all over Vince this week. He has moved into the midfield the past 2 weeks and wow, he’s killing it! Bernie is a pure ball winner and I will be shocked if Roos doesn’t keep him in the midfield for the remainder of the season. When you’re averaging 39 touches it’s no wonder why. I will be getting him ASAP!



S.Martin (61) – I’m getting real sick and tired of your sh*t Stef. In fact I’m over it. I’m done, pack your bags, let the door hit you on the way out. $630k I paid for you. $631,000 to be precise. Robbery. Sure he’s under $400k, but he’s utter rubbish currently. A 5 round average of 65 deserves to be no where other than the scrap heap.

Wingard (63) – Chad’s B.E of 67 buys him another week, but if he fails again his owners will have a tough decision to make with his bye. It’s not a failed experiment yet, but this score was less than ideal…

Suckling (51) – This is so typical of Fantasy. Last week you have what looks to be a consistent, reliable defender for a bargain price. This week you now own a defender still capable of scoring 50 and plummeting under $400k. Hopefully Suckers can bounce back, he’s still on my radar…

Dahlhaus (32) – This just sucks. Dahlhaus was just finding his best form and coaches were starting to take note. They’ve now been rewarded with another problem to deal with 1 week before the byes! Dahlhaus has been ruled out for a month so you have to move him on in all formats… Just sh*t luck. On a positive note he’ll be a bargain towards the end of the season I guess?

Neale (52) – Now this is more like what I had to put up with last year. He has been producing consistency well beyond his years, and Neale’s inexperience showed when Robinson ran with him last weekend. Not only did Robbo keep Lachie to 18 touches, he had 26 disposals himself. The thing that gets me is the lack of tackling. Zaharakis did it last week, Neale this week. Two tackles?! You’re being tagged and you lay two tackles? Not good enough. On the other hand, incoming bargain after the byes.

Gaff (66) – Gaff is in a free fall ever since that concussion, perhaps there is something more to his and Stefan’s form? He’s almost down to $400k after starting at $580k, you do the maths… Watchlist! If you’re like me and have him in a draft league… Just hold on.

Lycett (40) – Another classic Fantasy trap has claimed his victims. He had been brilliant no doubt, and I rated him as an option… Until I knew Naitinui was struggling. He is far better suited to being the backup ruckman than he is to leading the line, but that’s exactly what he’s going to be doing. It’s a great opportunity for him, I guess you have to back him in with Nic Nat out! It could go either way…

LeCras (42) – Not really relevant to Fantasy, but seriously Lecca… Any danger of showing up to a big match? Horrid.

T.Lee (13) – That hurts… Nothing to see here. And yes, I had to put the first letter of his first name to make sure people knew who it was.

Gibbs (75) – It drew some criticism at the time, but perhaps trading Gibbs for $580k wasn’t so crazy?! It was obviously a luxury move and his owners will gladly stick with him, but he’s struggling without Marc Murphy alongside him. B.E of 150 and losing value quicker than Brisbane and Gold Coast, you’re backing him in now!

Lonergan (32) – Sometimes we miss the mark pre-season… This is one of those times. Let’s just forget this ever happened.

Kolodjashnij (45) – First of all, thank god KK is OK. That was an ugly incident… The bye has come at the right time for him. $359k is incredible value, keep your eye on his progress and look to jump on board late in the byes if he looks good!

Tippett (43) – Cruel. So cruel. Tippett was on 40 at quarter time and looked on track for yet another huge 120+ score. Now he’s lost $25k in value and is a must trade ahead of the byes. It’s not like there’s ruck options jumping off the page either!

Parker (66) – Eeeeeeeeesh. I honestly thought that Parker had turned the corner last week, apparently not. This is his third score under 70 in the past 5 games, that’s not good enough for a ‘premo’. He’s still a target for me post byes, but you have to tread carefully! Now averaging just 102 carrying a 5 round average of 83, he’s a far cry away (I know what this means, but it still doesn’t make sense to me…) from the Round 6 average of 119!

Pendlebury (83) – In fairness to Pendles, he was icing his achilles at the end of the game and he did get a nasty stud to the back of his heel at the start of Q2. However considering I chose him ahead of Danger, this hurts… Shoutout to Sidey’s 81. Teams are starting to shut down on him on the wing and it’s hurting Collingwood, damn these taggers!


Look, there’s not much point in having a poll this week. 48 disposals. 23 contested. 13 marks. 13 clearances. 11 inside 50’s. Probably the best individual game seen since Buddy’s 13 and definitely the best midfield performance in recent memory. Congratulations Paddy, enjoy the Golden Stubby to go alongside a Brownlow medal! Surely…

This Game Sh*ts Me


I suppose not owning Dangerfield sh*ts me! In week’s as high scoring as this one was things can get a bit picky, but the fact that I have to avoid watching Geelong because I don’t own Paddy hurts. Seriously, I can’t enjoy watching him dominate and I’m probably the only person in Australia who would say that! Really regretting I didn’t get him purely because he was owned by 50% of coaches, you’re all clearly smarter than me!

Special mention to the return of taggers lately… I thought we were past this. This game sh*ts me…

The Other Bits and Pieces


2170. Once again, slightly below par but not the end of the world. Considering I didn’t have Danger and held both Hall and Riewoldt, I’ll take it! I advise you all to not even bother logging into your Fantasy teams until Thursday, it’s ugly stuff… It’s time for the byes. I’m sure we’ll all be congregating Monday morning wondering what the f**k has just happened, see you then!


  • Should I trade stefan and gaff this week or when they have the byes

    • byes – target gawn for stef as he will be coming off his bye

      • Dump Stef ASAP,
        Look for a guy who has a low breakeven who can be a stepping stone to Goldy, Such as Sinclair or Lycett who both a have a lone ruck role now.

  • 2436 pts- not too bad. Top 500 overall. Having stef is killing me,never been consistently so dissapointed, I hate watching him stroll around with no urgency & that man bun makes it even worse. He & the bun have to go!Too many other bargains to chase ATM though. For now stef is hanging around like a dangle berrie,its painful &

    • Can’t agree more. It’s painful but bigger fish to fry.

      Can’t believe we all need $100k+ to “upgrade” Stef. Makes me sick

  • far out tippet kills me :( traded out that b@stard Stef 2 weeks ago and was looking like a great trade with a solid ruck in tippo, now he’s goneskis, I cant afford goldy, and the only rucks i like the look of have the bye this week. worst timing.

  • 2325 without Danger and Rocky. With Blakely playing so well I may not be able to get them unless I trade Duncan.

    • trade blakely to a premo when he tops out or suits ya trade strategy matey as good as he is hes no duncan or premo keeper

  • My team
    DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Adams, Smith, Mills, Tippa, Collins, Harwood
    MID: Danger, Dusty, Parker, Gibbs, Duncan, Merrett, Petracca, Rockliff, McPherson, Jansen
    RUC: Gawn, Cox, Currie, Frost
    FWD: Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge, Robinson, Davis, Kommer

    Need help with trades

    • Suggestions as follows:

      Cull the dead (Har)wood, or other rookies that haven’t had a run in ages. Convert some of your DPP M/Fs such that they are all in the FWD line so you can get in some more premo mids, and aim to fix your rucks.

      I’d start with McPherson down to a speculative (e.g. Menegola) and use the cash to upgrade Kommer;
      Or a Currie/Cox up/down combo.

    • Pretty solid team mate.your ruck needs another premo. I’d look at moving smith on for tucker maybe & getting laird after his bye.

  • Any suggestions on how to trade in a league without fixtures during byes? Don’t care much about overall rank so thinking of making double downgrades for rounds 13&14 then uprgrades for 15&16. Thoughts?

    • If you really don’t care about overall rank… Then it’s all about coming out with the best team possible. It’s difficult to give you advice without looking at your team but here are a couple of tips…

      Just make sure the rookies you bring in are actually going to play throughout the byes… For example, a rookie might be names this weekend who has the round 14 bye… He may then play in round 13, but then be dropped for someone who is fit for round 15. You’re then stuck with a rookie who has only played one game, and may not play again for the rest of the season….

  • 2415! You beaty! What’s everyone’s thoughts on trading hall this week? Not playing bye rounds in my league but is it worth just letting him go for merret? Could get merret next week after a few downgrades and cash. Hold or trade? Thanks in advance…

    • id hold – the week to trade was last week when he was missing 2 weeks. surely he’ll be back after byes…?

      • I’m getting Hall back in 1 week after he plays back in AFL. He’s got a very high BE and will drop in price to something more reasonable.

        • Hall ripped it up in the reserves on the weekend, so should be straight back in after the bye.

          • 30 touches in the NEAFL is hardly ripping it up. Quality rookies go over 40 and even 50

          • pretty good performance.

            although some will say 30 isn’t that many possessions for a player of his ilk, the reason he was dropped was because of his two way running. laid 8 tackles and 4 marks. i’d be shocked if he wasn’t recalled.

          • Trade hall at your own risk. He had a stinker in the wet besides that hes been pretty good. He will be back and if not killing it he will be solid enough for F6 .

          • I traded to avoid a donut.

            Will slide him right back in after he plays one worst case two and he drops to 450-470 odd

  • I traded Ablett (120, 124 & 120) to Lewis (140, 106 & 126) = +8 Maybe I could have done a couple of downgrades and kept GAJ and also picked up Lewis – hindsight!! However I also traded Wells (97, 126 & 111) to Rocky (184 & 142) = +89. Wells was only supposed to be a cash cow and I treated him as such. GAJ injuries were also a worry for me and so is Rocky (already traded him out twice this year) but Rocky can go BIG so he is a must have. Mistake in some peoples eye’s but suited my strategy. Overall I am 97 points better off ….. mistake – you decide :)

    • would be interesting to calculate your scores if you kept ablett and wells and traded someone else who was on the radar. your overall score would be even better again having rocky, lewis, gaj and wells

      • In hindsight, I would be ranking number one and winning by over 1000 points

        • @ Gobbie Ray – so I gather you have never made a mistake playing this game and in “hindsight” wished you had kept a player or picked somebody else?

          • I’ve made plenty of mistakes…. However at the time, they didn’t feel like mistakes. It was only due to injury/poor form/luck that made me think ‘in hindsight’, I could have made a better decision

      • I didnt have many dollars in the bank so would had to do a double downgrade of unfattened cash cows and probably could have picked up Lewis the following week. It makes it hard when your other mids were Danger, Tichell, Coniglio, Hannes, Neale & Hunter plus GAJ & Wells. Somebody had to go for Rocky which was Wells was the obvious pick. As I said in hindsight should have kept GAJ but so far lost nothing picking up Lewis. What makes this game interesting.

    • + 1000. I traded GAJ and Wells also – suited my team, suited my bye strategy, and the results suit my expectations. I know I didn’t make a mistake trading either.

  • Hi for the byes i have 18 playing however my availa le players from defence to forwards are 6-7-1-4. Does that mean all 7 of my midfielders will score or can only maximum 6 on each line score? Thanks

  • How do these trades sound?

    S. Martin -> Goldy
    Wagner -> Logan Austin

    Is Martin still a premium? How can a sub $400k player be a premium?
    Copped some flack for trading out a premium (Hall) last week.

    • Stet’s not a premium this year, unfortunately. Trade away and be happy you did it!

    • I traded out Hall last week to Hams which allowed me to get Rocky… Hall was an easy trade last week if you didn’t have other priorities… Hall is going to leak cash over the next Cpl of games he plays and can always be picked up again… That’s the beauty of having 2 trades per week

  • can i save my 2 trades for next week

    J. Bartel@ WB
    DEF, MID
    J. Trengove@ FRE
    DEF, RUC
    D. Byrne-Jones@ FRE
    S. Collinsvs PORT
    B. Vince@ SYD
    MID, DEF
    J. Wagner@ SYD
    T. Ruggles@ WB
    R. Laird
    J. Jansenvs WCE
    J. Selwood@ WB
    R. Mathiesonvs WCE
    L. Parkervs MELB
    P. Dangerfield@ WB
    T. Rockliffvs WCE
    O. Wines@ FRE
    C. Millsvs MELB
    MID, DEF
    S. Kerridge
    FWD, MID
    R. Sloane
    S. Martinvs WCE
    T. Westvs WCE
    RUC, FWD
    D. Currie
    T. Hickey
    FWD, RUC
    B. Keaysvs WCE
    MID, FWD
    R. Gray@ FRE
    MID, FWD
    S. Gray@ FRE
    MID, FWD
    L. Sumner
    MID, FWD
    C. Petracca@ SYD
    FWD, MID
    C. Wingard@ FRE
    D. Martin
    FWD, MID
    M. Cox
    FWD, RUC

    • worst comment ever

    • no you cant save trades till next week, if by that you mean you want 4 trades. You do not have to use any trades this week, but you will still only have 2 available next week. Also, try looking at how others have posted their teams on here and copy that format. I seriously doubt anyone will look at it the way it posted here. Good luck.

    • Damn copy then paste

  • Holding Martin because I know west will be dropped eventually, more then likely after the byes as Martin will be fresh and fit and give us a huge second half of the year,
    Have faith !
    The ranga ( Leppitsch ) will come good, we hope….. Surely he will drop west.

    • Agreed…. Even if he continues to spud it up, I’m just going to hold…. Too stubborn to lose over 200k on one player…

      • +1 And surely we all have more pressing trades then getting rid of the man bun…

        • In my team, none that I can think of. Anyone tell me who they think should go before Martin?

          D – Shaw, Boyd, Simpson, Wagner, DBJ, Rosa, (Mills, Collins)

          M – Danger, Rory Atkins, Titch, Rocky, McVeigh, Blakely, Wells, Blics (Dunkley, Sitch)

          R – Jacobs, MARTIN, (Currie, Frost)

          F – Montagna, Kennedy, Daniel, Menzel, Wingard, Kerridge (McGov, Keays)

        • Fortunately I don’t have many injuries to worry about.

          If I trade like for like (Martin – Goldy, Wagner/Mills to Austin) I will have 22 fielded players this week. (8/11/11)

      • lol, I hear ya, but if I make a GF and one unique diff is goldy and mine is Martin I wont be confident. If he was a mid, im sure 80% of martin owners would cop the loss, infact never let it slide so far. 1 ton, against trengrove in his first or second game as ruck isnt inspiring me with a huge turn around. He is on my trade list for sure.

  • Having in my side Danger, Rocky (c), Ablett, Dusty, Dockerty, Gawn, Deledio and even Selwood going big, it would be easy to guess I scored in the high 2300’s or 2400+

    Wrong, only 2199. It was a battle all weekend just to crack 2200 with Dahlhaus going down in the first quarter and Suckling spudding it, followed by what seemed a pattern of one going big then another down on output.

    Saved for the last comment is Lonergan. I kept him with plans of trading him in round 13 and thinking well at least he’s been reasonably consistent and won’t get tired like rookies can. I was actually at the game watching him, there was no possible way he would tire when he couldn’t be bothered running. Jesse can you tell me how you can perform like that in front of 10,000’s of people watching you?
    See ya later, I think not, hope you get dropped. Lost me $21k and spoilt my day out.

    Congrats to all who scored big and hope you propelled up the rankings.

  • Held hall and had 2 dounuts on the field. Still scored 2302 and won my league match. Pretty happy

  • do we think hall will be back? I held and really need him for the round 14 bye to cover for some of my forwards

  • 2497, 25 overall carrying Voldt on the bench!

    • That’s fantastic – can you post your team so we can copy you?

      • its easy to view his team, and its rather nice, he could have scored 2501 if he had ruggles on the ground over mills. Nice work Adam.

    • Nice team, but you are probably going to hit the wall with the rookies you have.

      • I’ve got pretty much the same amount of rooks as the top ranked team. Don’t think there will be a team that won’t have to rely on rookies over the byes – and atleast mine are getting games.

        • Your FWD line has been ravaged by the bye this week, although I assume McGovern and Wright are on the way out?

        • Not about the points, but more for making money for the last half dozen upgrades.

          Marsh and Joyce won’t make you any money, Jansen will probably get dropped and Ruggles is cooked. Missing out on Blakely is going to hurt.

  • Go ahead Alex it’s on the rankings. Hopefully you have 10 trades this week ;)
    Cheers Loki!

  • My team
    DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Adams, Smith, Mills, Tippa, Collins, Harwood
    MID: Danger, Dusty, Parker, Gibbs, Duncan, Merrett, Petracca, Rockliff, McPherson, Jansen
    RUC: Gawn, Cox, Currie, Frost
    FWD: Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge, Robinson, Davis, Kommer

    Need help with trades

    • You have any thoughts on who can be traded?

      You are better off thinking of ideas you think would be good, which people can judge, rather than being told what trades straight up to make.

      That being said. I would look at trading Smith and Kommer to other rookies (e.g. Austin, Hams, Reid)

    • McPherson to Naismith via Davis&Cox, and Smith upgrade to a premium defence?
      That way you are rid of 2x R13 by players.

  • Thoughts on trading Nic Nat for Sinclair now Tippet is out?