The Friday Scramble: Round 8

FridayScrambleOk, so how much stuff did I get wrong last week?  Plenty by the look of it, but hey, that is exactly why we love playing this game.  You just never know what will happen!  So, instead of getting down about it, let’s get even!  There is plenty to discuss this week and hence, let’s jump right on into it!


This poor guy just can’t stay on the park.  So, if you brought him in last week you need to work out exactly what you are going to do.  In AFL Fantasy, for me the decision is simple.  With two trades a week you need to move him on.  There is no point keeping him as it is too much cash to stash on the bench.  However, as we always say, in the limited trade forms of the game, if the injury is two weeks or less then you should hold them.  Also, if you started with him, traded him out and then  brought him back in you don’t want to be using another trade on him!  So I have him in RDT and I will be holding him.

The Rookie Cull

So last week I told you all to move some of the rookies on as they were cooked.  How wrong was I!  Seriously, how do I keep my job!!  Anyway, this is what makes fantasy footy fun.  We all had the option of keeping some of them, and I am sure that out of necessity some of you did.

This week?  Well this week we do need to look at getting at least Petracca in and if you want to double down then Ben Keays would be the other option I would consider.

However, after my poor advice in this area, I will leave this to the expert, Jeppa!  Check out what he had to say on Wednesday.


Look, I think he did struggle this year, he goes better when we are winning.  He has now been named on the extended bench, but I am not expecting him to come in this week, he could return in a week or two at worst.  If you have held this long, you may as well hold and deal with other issues first.

For me, I upgrade the forwards first before I upgrade the backs.  You tend to find that the forwards are often Fwd/Mids and hence they tend to score a lot better than the defenders.  So for me I upgrade Mids, Forwards then the Backs (I tend to go set and forget in the rucks).

The byes are still a fair way away at the moment.  However, my theory on building a war chest is that I look to bring in the rookies as and when they demand selection, if that means a double down then so be it.  I do like to have some cash in the bank heading in to the byes so that I can do as much upgrading as I want.  Just beware of stashing too much cash in the bench as that is simply points that you won’t be gaining.

Now I got a few questions about Trengove, here are just a couple

Last week I told you all that Dougal Howard was safe for a few weeks.  Clearly I had no idea (not the first time),   Will they keep playing him in the ruck?  Well given his performance against Stefan Martin I won’t be surprised.  Will his scoring leap?  Well it will improve from what he normally gets as he is generally a lock down defender.  Should you pick him up?  I won’t be.  I just am not sure of how long his role will stay like this.

Selection Issues

Bloody hell!  Carnage!! We all knew that Michael Barlow wasn’t having the best start to the year but for him to now be dropped is just ridiculous!  What are you doing Ross?  Fyfe is gone and you drop a premium midfielder!  I swear mate, I think I have had just about enough of you!!  So what to do with him, to be honest I say hold.  I expect this is just a one week thing and he should return next week.

We all kind of knew that Daniel Wells would miss this week with the Kangas playing Essendon and he was injured last week.  So once again, I expect that he should return next week and as a result of that I think we should be holding him as he hasn’t finished making us money yet.

Toby Greene is out with the General… Soreness!  Seriously?  Perhaps Leon Cameron had him in his team and had enough of his up and down scores.  Well, clearly hold.

Sam Gray has been named this week, but is second last on the extended bench…. beware.

Adams and Mitchell are both back this week.  That might help offset some of the pain!

Oh, and Zac Dawson has been dropped.  So  make sure you move him to your bench….  ha ha.. no seriously, trade him out… NOW… you should never have had him.  (Only mentioned this because I know a guy that started with him, but he has dropped him now).

Things to Remember

  • Just beware of holding someone to trade next week, you never know what sort of carnage will happen next week.
  • Rookies that will play don’t come along every week.  When they do you should try and get them in.
  • Don’t stash too much cash in the bank, dollars in the bank don’t score points.

I don’t need to wish anyone playing me this week as I will struggle as my teams have been decimated due to injury and Ross Lyon!  We are over one third of the way through the season now, hard to believe, but you should be well on your way to building your team.  Catch you all next week!  @pkd73



  • Cheers for the read ! I have 3 trade options just can’t decide any help is appreciated !

    1.Adams and Kent to Mohr and Dalhaus (play Menadue)

    2.Wells and Kent to macpherson and Riewoldt play Menadue

    3.wells and Kent to Petracca and Bartel (don’t play Menadue)

    Personally leaning towards 3

    • RDT or Fantasy? Must be Fantasy, otherwise it would be 3 obviously… 3 looks best to me no matter which way you dice it though, mainly because they have the potential to score just as well as the other combos (probably better, let’s face it) and will go up heaps in price too.

      • Yeah mate is fantasy! Will go for 3 then personally reckon it looks the best as well

  • whose the better option Bartel or McVeigh ?

  • Holy crap!!!!

    Its clear Im not Neo cause most of these bullets are hitting me…….Houli now!!!! crikey i might have to suit up and play in my teams defence this week……Its looking worse than Collingwoods…

  • Okay I have even more carnage now that Houli is out with a wrist injury!

    Should i hold Sam Gray if he is named? To fix everything else

    • yes. I bloody well hope Gray gets named. Otherwise the doughnuts start piling up and I won’t really feel like eating them.

  • Afl fantasy. would like to win league but also do well at overall. currently ranked in top 2000.

    i’m fairly lucky this week. only out is wells and more thank likely sam gray.

    what are the negatives of a double upgrade?

    say bring in zorko and martin for wells and gray? leaves $0 in the bank.

    or should i bring in a zorko and petracca leaving 230k in the bank for next week.

    at this stage i suppose it’s still important to generate cash flow for future trades. is it imperative to get petracca.

    current look of my forward line is

    sam gray, wells, kerridge, dalhaus, hall, hewitt……….. mccarthy and crocker on the pine

    • I like your double upgrade idea. McCarthy can always be used next week to generate cash

  • Itchy flaps now

  • Do we hold or trade Houli ?

    • he’s a premo so usual rule is if it’s a week or so in afal fantasy you can probably withstand one week of not having him. depends on the rest of your team. how many outs do you have ?

      i’d probably trade if i was copping his 0 and the rest of my team was solid.

    • Depends on how much carnage has already struck your team this week mate…makes it hard not having much info on how bad Houli’s wrist is….if it was any of the other tigers Id say it would just be w*#kers cramp but may be more serious than that with Bachar!!!
      Try to maximise your points this week without moving too far away from your plans cause you dont want to wreck your team and as bad as your team may be looking I dont think many will have escaped the Tsunami this week!

  • Itchier than max gawns beard.
    Itchy vag and flaps thats like dual position status…

  • So I have had a look it seems I will be fielding a super young team this week…

    2 Rookies on field in FWD
    2 Rookies on field in MIDS
    4 Rookies on field in DEF (and no bench cover with Laird & Houli gathering splinters)

    How many Rookies are other peoples having to field?

    • Most teams would be in the same situation this week.
      I’ve got 4 Def, 1 Mid (to cover Rocky) and 1Fwd.

    • i’ve got two in each area of the ground minus rucks.

      defence – mills/DBJ
      mids – oliver/smith
      FWD – hewitt/petracca (this could change to one as i could bring d martin in instead of petracca)

    • 9 this week, but last week (with 8) they had scores of 102,85, 80, 95, 46, 61, 89, 89
      so they have been pretty good.

      • Gotta be happy with that…..hope they can repeat that this week!!

        • doing the usual – high hopes whilst trying to ignore premonitions of disaster and disappointment. On the up side – through playing Dreamteam I realise my special power is to bring luck to others

  • Vince, Boyd or Mcveigh?

    • mcveigh – save cash. is vince going to really score that much more than mcveigh?

      boyd IMO is going to be one of my last upgrades. just a general feeling that he is going to have one of those calf strains he’s been prone to in th epast or just rested to maintain his current output.

      • in answer to your question – mcveigh.

        • Thanks Polly Ranga. I had similar thoughts on Boyd- he’s turning 34 in a couple of months which is right up there for an AFL player. Surely the body will start to get tired sooner or later.

          • I feel Boomer would disagree.

            I am punting on Boyd, less midfield time I hope means less strain on his calves. I don’t think you’ll lose out much on any of those choices though.

  • 10 Outs now this week… (8 this week, 2 not getting a gig)

    Have to now field

    Mcgovern, Menadue, Papley, Tippa, Hartley, Wagner, DBJ, J.Smith

    Shaw, Conginlio, Danger, Beams, Jelwood, Zorke, Merrett, Montagna?

    I am thinking Congilio, dont ask me why.

    • Coniglio is one of the riskiest out of all of the guys you listed. Its the old case of risk vs reward I guess.

    • ouch!

      i like congilio

      • Grabbing Coniglio and chucking the C on him.

        Might have to be my new way of doing things.

        2 weeks got Roo put the C on him
        Last week Rocky (didnt go as well)
        This week Coniglio

  • Which one lads?

    Wells to Petracca
    Davis to McPherson
    Adams to Trengove?

    Option 2 and 3 means I’d have to play Sumner where 1 I’d just be playing petracca. Replies would be greatly appreciated

    • wells to petracca

      he’s the one rook i see making more money consistently. better scores as well.

    • I went Wells – MacPherson originally to sit on the bench, but I’m forced to trust him to start on the field and will be hoping for 60+. Will make more money quicker than Petracca, and possibly more overall plus $116K in the bank straight up. Trengove may be an awesome move, but i’m not that big a gambler.

  • WOW! Had only Cox as bench cover this week and just had enough to field a team and now Houli out means no matter what I do I can’t field a full team off 22! 21 on the field, 5 in my backline. Trading out Houli and Wells now and bringing in Lewis and Duncan to hopefully still manage a somewhat decent score.

  • What does everyone see Petracca averaging?

  • What should I do?

    Sexton –> Petracca (Petracca is on field)


    Sexton –> MacPherson (Mac is on Bench)

    And who should I field if I have to field 2 of these 3- Crowley, Josh Smith and MacPherson?

    • I’d go with option 2 as MacPherson should earn more.
      Also Crowley and Josh Smith easy.

      • Petracca has a BE of 16, McPherson -8. Would only take McPherson to get 40 and Petracca 80 to make this BE’s about the same. I think Petracca could make as much despite his larger price. Petracca has better JS also. Both good options but I don’t think it’s certain that McPherson will make more

        • Here’s some extra food for thought. Melbourne smashed GC last week and as such, most of the Melbourne players scores were inflated, with the younger guys like Kennedy, Oliver, and Petracca all scoring well. I know Petracca should improve as time goes on, but a score of 86 against one of the easiest teams to score against doesn’t exactly suggest he’ll score an 80 every week.

          • Didnt Petracca kick a couple of pretty late goals to boost that score up as well…b4 that it was looking mid 60’s

          • What he said. Plus MacPherson has only played one game and prices only really start going up after games 2 and 3. Petracca will still be a good choice, but I think Mac is better value.

  • Hey guys, I’ve got one more dilemma. Who should I get out of Zorko, Montagna or Merrett? Montagna has the highest BE and plays WC in Perth but is the most proven performerand is probably the best value, Merrett plays North and Zorko has what should be an easy game against the pies. But who do you guys think will be best long term?

  • Final trades:

    Barlow + Rockliff > Docherty + Franklin

    Could have gone all the way up to Shaw, but $$, Headache Heath, and lack of decent sub-$350K players in the FWD line meant that Docherty got the nod. Besides, I like his draw – next 5 games at Docklands.

    which means there’s no bench players for later outs, and S Gray better damn well play, otherwise it’s a doughnut for him.

  • Trade or hold Bachar? Currently holding right now.

    • Hold if you have decent cover man, surely it’s just a one week injury otherwise you’d think he would have been an out last night. Could you weigh in to the Petracca discussion above? I’ve always rated your opinions and would be interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers

    • Depends on bench cover. No set date for return so if you don’t have Shaw and can get him in I’d trade.

    • I’m getting rid of the spud.

    • I’m holding until we get confirmation on the injury

    • i’m holding but i’m holding barlow and rocky to as traded wells and adams. if ny of my players get injured or suspended this weekend i am knackered.

      risk i am taking by holding that much cash

  • Hoili and Laird on my bench. Cant seem to catch a break! Kept T.adams for the past few weeks on bench with laird. Picked up rocky AGAIN! another round of carnage. Hopefully my rookie backs and shaw can keep things going. Dropped rocky this week for lewis and downgraded adams to Mcpherson for cash next week. Anyone now how bad things are with hoili? don’t really want to trade him but if he is out a couple of weeks I don’t think I can keep holding premos. Thoughts?

    • Feeling your pain…also got Houli and Laird on my bench as well as Wells on the Fwd bench….ALSO kept T. Adams so hopefully that and these other holds will work out in the end…..No real info on Houli at present that i have found but like others dont think it sounds major

  • duncan or mcgveigh??????

    • Duncan should average more but he won’t be a top 8 mid whereas Mcveigh could potentially be a top 6 defender. In saying that, i’d still go Duncan but it depends on your structure.

    • I’d go Duncan. He is having a great year with the attention being on Danger and Selwood.

  • Who should I get out of S.Mitchell, Danger, Steven, Selwood, T.Mitchell or even Beams if I’ve already got Lewis and Parker??

    • personally i’d be looking at the bye rounds based on that group.

      i don’t think any one of those are incapable of having a HUGE score as they’ve all done it.

      if it was m, i need more round 15 players as i’m overstocked in the other two rounds. i’d probably select

      2) Selwood
      3) Beams
      4 Sam MItchell

      if you looking for just pure scorer – well you can’t go too wrong with any of them. From what i’ve read, geelong have the easiest schedule coming up so i’d go danger/selwood.

    • I’d go T.Mitchell with Selwood/Danger a close second. I’ll be doing everything I can to get Steven in over the next 2 weeks however.

  • Trade Rocky or Wells?

  • Who would you play at d6 ruggles, tippa-woody,dea?

  • This is for RDT:

    Who to have as E in mids?

    Parker, Titchell, Danger, Neale, Jelwood, Ablett, T Adams, Libba. Bench is currently MCrouch, Menadue and JSmith.

    • M.Crouch for sure. He could potentially even outscore Libba.

    • Crouch is too much money sitting on ur bench. You must have all rookies in ur back and forwards with that midfield.

  • What option works best?

    A. Trade out Menadue for Martin
    B. Trade out Rocky for Hannas
    C. Trade out Oliver for Gibbs
    D. Trade out Rocky for Gibbs (and save some coin).

    Thanks in advance guys.

  • Who to start out of Menadue and Sumner…..oh wait, I have to start both thanks to wells, kent and davis. *deletes team

  • Get in Petracca or McPherson? Which should be a bigger priority?

  • Will be holding Wells over Barlow but now looking at these two, any advice appreciated!

    a) MacPherson + Zorko

    b) Selwood + Sumner

  • Whats with everyone holding Wells over Barlow? Barlow is more of a premo than Wells

  • Hi guys, I need to trade out Rocky and most likely Barlow, which of the following trades should I do??
    Sam Mitchell (and whack the C on him) and a rookie (already have macpherson and petracca so probably Blakely)
    Jordan Lewis and McVeigh.

  • was considering ticking the “available” box in trades, but im assuming it will just come back empty.

  • Trade out Rocky or Barlow?

  • Anyobody have a clue or any thoughts as to weather or not Nick Graham will get the nod and play this week for Carlton?? ? Cheers

  • Barlow, Wells, Houli, McCarthy, Rockliff.
    What a disaster. sheesh.

  • Late thoughts:

    Which is better

    1) Barlow + S Gray > Franklin + Rich … keeps Rocky and Wells


    2) Barlow + Rockliff > Franklin + Docherty … keeps Wells and S Gray

  • What was I thinking bringing in N Krak after 1 good game, then he produces a shocker last round. Do I hold or trade down?