Re-Voldting Underestimation – Ep. 79

Last week it was Operation Get Rocky in, this week is is get Rocky out. The boys go over the best options for the Fantasy Pig. We definitely underestimated Riewoldt this season as he looks to be the best forward. Finally, Roy, Calvin and Warnie answer a heap of your questions as we head into round eight.

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  • Rocky is to injury prone he’s going on my never again list

    • Wow. Big statement. Me reckons it’s a false prophecy though.

    • We’ll I can’t wait till, Rocky goes on a run of good scores and you don’t have him

    • Agree. I didn’t fall for all that hype. I took him at the start of the season and traded him out- (wasn’t going to trade him out twice, like last year.) He IS injury prone, probably because he’s trying make up for his lack of captaincy skills. More than happy with that call- now I have two free trades.

  • Key defenders:

    M Boyd: 92, 92, 92, 92, 108, 118, 101. That consistency is hard to beat. Look at his fantasy average across his career. Get him in if you don’t have him!

    Bernie Vince + James Kelly: one 80+ score each, everything else above 90. Particularly attractive is Kelly scoring even when the Bombers are dominated. Bernie Vince has a standard deviation of 8, meaning ~85% of his scores will be above 90 (maths!) Definitely the defenders to be looking for.

    If you don’t have Heath Shaw, what are you doing?

    • Brought in Shaw last week, and he didn’t let me down. Still a little concerned about Boyd- the moment I bring him in they’re sure to give him a spell.

      • I was discussing it with people that other day and I reckon if he doesn’t pick up any niggling injury the 2 games he is most likely to be rested is:
        – Round 17 vs Gold Coast in Cairns, and;
        – Round 23 vs Freo in Perth.

        Reckon he will play pretty much all the other games and not be rested for them unless really necessary.

  • “Click here to download” link is pointing at episode 78 still.
    Somehow I don’t think I should get Rocky in this week! :)

  • Those Graham numbers are not quite right. “Only” 14 tackles, 32 disposals.

    • They’re from their club statistician. The ones we quoted were from Champion Data (I confirmed these).

  • hi this week should i go after matthew boyed? bolster my defence up? or upgrade my forwardline by getting nick reiwoldt? help headace

  • Champion Data is a joke. Do you Understand how many points they miss per player? Are these professional Statisticians because I’m 100% sure I could do a better job. Maybe they’re understaffed, either way I noticed around 10 points more my team should have had. An example is Round 1 when Dangerfield had 2 points removed after the game because they judged it wasn’t a handball? Did the Umpire give holding the ball? No, did Danger dispose of the ball in a handball fashion? Yes. Did the Umpire give a throw against Danger? No. Then what the Hell are they basing it on that it wasn’t a handball? Follow the play, adhere to the rules of the game as specified above and stop guessing. These are not Professionals, it puts the hole Fantasy Scoring system up for debate, opinion and conjecture.

    For instance, if a player kicks the ball out on the full does he get 3 for the kick, then -3 for the freekick against, therefore not changing his score? Or is it -3 and that’s it?

    Secondly, if a player takes a mark on the Siren and is in the middle of the oval and kicks it after the siren without playing on why isn’t that 3 points? He’s marked it and kicked it just like you can if you were shooting gor goals, what’s the difference if your in the backline or middle of the pitch?

    Some answers on these would be great seeing that Champion Data haven’t responded to any questions and if I can get some answers from these questions I have more Statistical anomalies that I’d like to raise with a view of cleaning up the scoring system to make it more accurate and consistent.

    • OOTF Players just get +3, as it does not count as a FK to the other team on the stat sheet. Deliberate is -3 equating to a net of 0 if it was kicked.

      The siren stuff all depends on what the Ump does. Pretty much if it’s in the backline though they always need to get the kick off by the siren for it to count.