Redemption – Rd 3 Fantasy Review

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Team Name:
Round 3 Scores:
League Results:
On the Chopping Block:

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  • Team Name:Bobraham’s Pies
    Round 3 Scores: 2134
    League Results: 13191
    Studs: A hall 151 or my cap T mitchell 222
    Duds:Brad Crouch DNP
    On the Chopping Block:Lincoln McCarthy

  • Mmmm 250k in my bank is looking very nice. Wilson>Ruggles would leave me with 400k for Mills to turn into a UberPremo which is making me lick my lips.

  • Team Name: Valletron
    Round 3 Scores: 2118
    League Results: Wins
    Studs: Houli, Adams, Titchell, Ablett(C), Parker, Merrett, Hall
    Duds: Davis, Mills, Parish, JJ, Simpson
    On the Chopping Block: Brown & Ceglar
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Got 2118 but somehow went down in rankings.. lol

  • Thoughts on J.Martin

  • Is B.Crouch to Duncan a waste of a trade

  • Has the merret boat sailed?

    • Can still swim to it for shore!

    • Now probably isn’t the best time to get him as he will be approaching maximum price, however people always say the price of a keeper is irelephant.

  • Team Name: CR’s Heroes
    Round 3 Scores: 2211
    League Results: All Won
    Studs: Hall (c), Titch, Jelwood, Houli, Shaw, Zerrett, Goldy!
    Duds: Stef was disappointing, TAdams, Hunter, Mills, Hewett.
    On the Chopping Block: Brouch, Mills, Hewett, Harwood.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Benched Brouch this week due to other priorities, and still scored PB this season.
    How did everyone else go?

  • Thinking hewett > basement price rook and barlow > merret. I feel as merret is too expensive now but he’s been so good. I was at the game and barlow was playing half fwd pretty much the whole time.

  • Team Name: Astonishing All Stars
    Round 3 Scores: 2147
    League Results: 2 Wins
    Studs: Montagna <3, Hall <3, Shaw, Gaff, Gawn, Adams
    Duds: Mills, Lonergan, Laird
    On the Chopping Block: Mills and Lonergan
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Went up 16k Overall Rankings this week… Pretty happy! :D

  • Should we be trading out Mills or wait a few weeks???

  • Lonergan>Biggs (Carlton and Brisbane next two games)


    Barlow>Merrett (Geelong and Collingwood next two games)

  • Team Name: Jacksonville Jaguars
    Round 3 Scores: 2122
    League Results: WWLLW
    Studs: Hall (C), Houli, Gawn, Parker, Adams.
    Duds: Hewett, Mills, Papley, Lonergan.
    On the Chopping Block: Mills & Lonergan.
    Went up 5k in the rankings.
    Wish Stef Martin would start scoring tons, don’t wanna trade incase he bites me.
    Glad I stuck with Barlow.
    Looking at B.Ellis this week as a POD.

  • Zaha + 33k or Duncon + 114k???

  • Will b ellis get DPP to def?

    • Personally I really hope he doesn’t.

      I don’t want another walk up guy who will be a top 6 in the position. Much rather speculative guys who could go top 10 in the position like Josh Kelly.

      also Pendles getting DPP would be the biggest joke ever.

    • If he played the role he did in R1, he would get it, but the last two rounds he has been way too far up the ground to warrant DPP. Josh Kelly would be very nice, played exclusively down back again in the second half on Saturday.

    • would be so crap if he did. But i think its a big chance. Been looking at his heat maps over the last 3 rounds and hes been getting at least 70% of his disposals in the defensive half.

  • Already going: Harwood-Ruggles
    For 2nd trade what one should I do ?
    M Crouch-Merrett/Fyfe/Priddis
    Lonergan-Houli ??

  • Lachie this is for you.

    Thoughts on Hewett > Goodyear and Barlow > Merret?

    • Not sure on Goodyear, especially with Sidebum coming back into the side this week. Barlow to Merret isn’t worth doing atleast until Mundy comes back imo. Also give Hewett one more week albeit on your bench as his BE is still only 15.

      The best rookies to jump on this week are Ruggles and Byrne imo and I’d personally go Tom over Ciaran.

  • Team Name: Know eye deer
    Round 3 Scores:2030
    League Results:N/A
    Studs:Hall, Steven, JPK
    Duds:Hewett, Mills,Menadue, Lewis
    On the Chopping Block: Hewett
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: sideways round 16k overall… Double downgrade or bring in Duncan

    • luv the duncan idea. I totally missed him cause of his low dip in round2.

      • hes got the bombers nxt and his B/E is like 70 odd..4.5% ownership. That will rise this week

    • Brilliant team name
      I’d probably wait until teams are announced, get the feeling hewett/mills may get dropped, was thinking it’d be Robinson at the start of the week but he played great on the weekend, so should hold his spot.

  • By the looks of the weekend and first couple of games, Montagna could get Backline DPP. Saints have been playing him off the half backline where he has received a lot of his disposals. Correct me if im wrong? or does anyone have the heat maps?

  • Anyone have any though on Aaron Young?

    I’m looking for a boat to jump on.

  • Team Name: Swao FC
    Round 3 Scores: 2065
    League Results: W
    Studs: Shaw, Weitering, Ablett, Dangerfield, Parker, Zaharakis, de goey, Gawn, d.martin, A.HALL, Dea (but sadly was on my bench)
    Duds: Laird, JJ, Kreuzer, Greene, B.Kennedy
    On the Chopping Block: miles & de goey
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: AARON HALL IS A COMPLETE MONSTER, definitely keeping him for the season if he carries on like this and hopefully gets a top 2 pick in calvins choices for captain in the coming weeks cos this boy can score big (mind you GC do take on brissy this coming weekend so expect a ton from hall)

  • Is jesse lonergan eorth keeping

    • depends on if you have more pressing issues. If not then trade him but I would be trading him to a premo if you can. If he’s D4 you can get away with a downgrade but you’d have to upgrade someone else

      • Would Hewett and Mills on the field be pressing issues?

        Don’t know what to do this week haha

  • Team Name:
    Round 3 Scores: 2025
    League Results: WW
    Studs: Shaw, Adams, Adams, Danger, Titch(C), Hall
    Duds: Lonergan, Mills and Hewett on field, Oliver on the bench. Me for trading in Ollie Wines (90) over Zaharakis(112).
    On the Chopping Block: Lonners, Stef, Mills, Hewett
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I just can’t get my onfield rooks right. I started Oliver over Hewett the last 2 weeks and finally decide to bench him this week…

    • I hear ya, same thing has been happening to me, was pretty stoked I took the punt on m.adams this week, those points got me the win. Stick in there, I’m sure you’ll get it right soon.. Or be able to upgrade to better players at least :)

  • Team Name: ^^^^^^^^^^ Me
    Round 3 Scores: 2176
    League Results: Won x5 (Including knocking off 1st place in the Regular Posters League by 9 points, Bad luck Powerade :)
    Studs: Defence
    Duds: Mills on Bench and Hewitt on field.
    On the Chopping Block: Not sure
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Defence scoring 506 points despite not having one player over 290k back there.

    Good Luck

    • who do you have in your defence?

    • Great work! Hopefully the cheap defenders can keep it up. It’s weird that the rookie defenders seem to be where more of us are making our money this year!

  • Gibson or Houli for D3?

  • Team Name: Paps
    Round 3 Scores: 2042
    League Results: WWLW
    Studs: Ablett(C), Shaw, Adams, Zaha, Hall
    Duds: Lonergan, Martin, Jacobs, JJ, Hunter
    On the Chopping Block: Lonergan, Mills, Hewett
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Mills and Hewiit obviously extremely disappointing, especially when you have much better scores sitting on the bench. Also my ruck situation, decided to go with two set and forget premiums and both seem to be letting me down at the moment. Hopefully things get better from here

  • Team Name:Gun4Hire
    Round 3 Scores:2011
    League Results:WLW
    Studs:Mitch Ducan
    Duds:Callum Mills
    On the Chopping Block:Callum Mills & Jesse Lonnergan

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Mitch Duncan the quiet achiever. He’ll be a solid 105+ by the end of the year

  • Team Name; Boot Laces
    Rnd 3 Score: 2131
    League Result W by 3
    Studs: Shaw, M Adams, Ablett{C), Duncan, Gawn, Barlow, Hall
    Duds: Lonergan, Mills, E McKenzie
    On Chopping Block: Lonergan and McKenzie
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Last week I Scored 1595 witch is the worst I’ve ever scored. Last week I brought Hunter and McKenzie into my team as I want a few Doggies in my team, so this week I’m thinking of bringing in Johannsen and Ruggles for Lonergan and McKenzie and then next week I can biring in a top Mid.

  • Piesville
    Studs- Hall, Ablett, Gawn, Mitchell
    Duds – mills, Ben Sinclair, Martin
    Chopping block – Martin and Viney

    My first time playing and everyone told me Martin was a must have. Out

  • Reddingsrockets

    Sydney Swans Official Rank: 580/7071 SA Rank: 2698/31125 Overall Rank: 11746/135786 Round 3 rank : 17033

    in Marcus Adams $274,000
    out Paul Seedsman $359,000
    in Pearce Hanley $460,000
    out Tom Boyd $297,000

    D. Hannebery P. Hanley T. Liberatore R Davis
    N. Fyfe P. Dangerfield B. Ellis G Hewett
    C. Mills D. Parish P. Hanley

  • Team Name: instorgata
    Round 3 Scores: 2189
    League Results: www overall rank 19
    Studs: weitering houli hall gawn gaz…plus more
    Duds: benken, greenwood, jacobs mills jj
    On the Chopping Block: mills, benken
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: sam jacobs better get me a 120 soon and matt dea better stop leaving his scoring tip the last half gives me grey hairs.. weltering jacobs ton ton was great.