NAB Challenge Notes – Week 3

The DT Talk team will update each game of the weekend with our notes from them.

West Coast v Gold Coast – HBF Arena

Thursday 3 March – By Calvin

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I heard that the Suns left 11 of their best-22 out of this game and when teams were announced earlier this week, some betting outlets had them paying $13 to win.

McGoven missed a sitter with a minute to go when they were down by 4 and then with 15secs to go he got another chance and slotted a goal to take the lead. Amazing game really, and the Eagles timed their run home better than a $1.10 greyhound out of the red box.

The Suns basically lead from start to finish, but despite the amazing result, a few things caught my eye and let’s face it, everyone is here to hear my review of my favourite player, Elliot Yeo (DEF/MID, $436,000).

Positives on Yeo: His role. He played so much on the ball tonight it wasn’t funny. For those who only looked at this game for this reason will be happy with what they saw. Similar to what they saw in his first NAB game. With his score of only 42pts tonight, many coaches will be jumping ship. Prior to this game 32% of coaches owned him, this might now change therefore you’ll have a potential player of difference from what was such a popular pick, and for good reason. Back yourself in from your initial judgement and it might just pay off.

Negatives on Yeo: He hates finding the ball and he can’t score. He had so many opportunities in this game, with quality team mates around him …there’s no more excuses. He wasn’t against Ablett and Prestia and the other stars of the Suns and he still struggled.

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Last NAB game it was the opposite when he had the same role. He was the ‘star’ of the midfield for the Eagles against quality opposition and he still struggled (37pts). There’s no excuses anymore… he’s priced at an average of 79 and so far we’re seeing form that replicated the rut he was in at the end of the 2015 season. I’ve said enough on this but for me… the Yeo-Yo has snapped. Good riddance.

Comment below your thoughts on this, and I’d love to hear from Mr. Tbetta himself…

In other news, Mark LeCras (FWD, $464,000) was sensational for his 117 as was Nic Naitanui (RUC, $489,000) who posted 86. Nic Nat is certainly in considerations even more so now as R2.

Aaron Hall (FWD/MID, $422,000) finished 2015 like a steam train and showed those familiar signs again. He had 108 and looked dangerous throughout the night with his 19 disposals and 15 tackles. Yes, 15.

@Fantasy Freako was watching hard again and noted: “Game-high 16 centre bounce attendances for Hall. Priddis with 14, Miller 11 and Yeo 10.” Even he agrees Yeo had his chances…

Eric MacKenzie (DEF, $205,000) was one of the bargains heading into the NAB Challenge. He only scored 34 but will cement himself as a certain starter each week for the Eagles he is fit. He’ll average 55 if he’s lucky though.

Trent McKenzie (DEF, $287,000) got off to a booming start and was on 59pts at the 22min mark of the 2nd quarter. He finished in 105 and is now another mid-priced defender to consider.

No Tom Nicholls meant the world famous R4 Daniel Currie (RUC, $125,000) shown with 68 and will be one of the most selected ruckman on the bench once again. Will he get a run? Maybe he just might, he’s been pretty good so far this NAB series.

Finally, Jesse Longeran (DEF/MID, $346,000) was coming off a super last NAB game and started in the same style. He was on track for a 90 but then was seen with an iced up ankle on the sidelines.

Sydney Swans v GWS Giants – Drummoyne Oval

Friday 4 March – By Griff

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If Callum Mills (MID $227,000) isn’t currently in your team, than you need to stop reading, log in to your preferred platform, and make it happen. After scoring 81 last match, his 63 this week looks like a dip, except he was the 6th highest scorer for the Swans in  a rather lackluster display against the equal strength Giants. With Gary Rohan confirmed as now on the long term injury list, Mills is almost certain to start the season, and is the pick of the rookies, despite his elevated price tag.

Midfielder Luke Parker scored 100 for the second week running (ignore the table below, champion data found an extra handball just for him), and at $533,000 he could prove to be a very nice POD this season.

Fellow Swan Midfielder Tom Mitchell ($593,000) was the only other high scorer for the Swans, who has shown good consistency in the past two weeks, scoring 92 and 93. But now that he’s finally found a spot in the Swans team, and at $60,000 more than Parker, you’d want to be sure he’ll go big all season before picking him over similar priced midfielders.

For the Giants, Callan Ward (MID $555,000) led the way with a nice 102 from the shortened quarter format of the game, in front of Deck of DreamTeam features Heath Shaw 99 (DEF $532,000), Toby Greene 95 (MID/FWD $473,000), Dylan Shiel 91 (MID $512,000) and Steve Johnson (FWD $479,000).

Despite only being his first hitout, Shaw in particular looks to have reaffirmed his ‘must have’ status this season, but it was Toby Greene that got me most excited. In a floating role across the field, Toby was allowed to just follow the ball around, and his scoring potential benefited. With Stephen Congilio out with hamstring tightness and Devon Smith not getting up, Toby looks like he may get a run at a midfield spot after all, which makes him a ‘must consider’ prospect for your forward line.

Stevie J also looked like he has re-found some pre-2015 form, and despite not getting a bucket load of midfield minutes, he showed it simply doesn’t matter, kicking three goals and laying three tackles to ease into a simple 85.

In the ruck department Shane Mumford ($524,000 – 25 points) sent a scare through the Giants camp, with Leon Cameron taking no risks by dragging the big man after a left ankle (not the one that he hurt last year) injury. Given his importance to the side, we’ll know how bad it is based on if he plays next year.

New Swan Callam Sinclair (RUC $414,000) scored a very nice 79, and would be a valueable handcuff target in trades with Kurt Tippett ($445,000) who scored a mediocre 54. I wouldn’t touch Sinclair  in salary based formats though.

For those coaches watching dark horse Zac Williams (DEF $358,000), the news is not good. At the end of last year, he was thrown into quite a few centre bounces, which saw his scoring increase dramatically. Unfortunately with the return of several players, it looks like he will get a lockdown defender position in the backline, and my interest has just about gone. If he can turn it around next week I may readjust, but in a near full strength backline (as far as small/general defenders go) Zac just couldn’t get his hands on enough of the ball. He scored 39 points. and I’ll personally be backing Gold Coasts Jesse Lonergan (DEF /MID $346,000)to be the breakout midpriced defender in 2016.

Other than that, it was a good night for free flowing football, but not much in the way of fantasy footy relevance. Nicholas Newman (DEF $125,000) didn’t do enough to justify a rookie promotion, despite Ben McGlynn currently being injured. Lance Franklin (FWD $425,000) was well held scoring just 49 points, Rory Lobb (RUC $296,000) didn’t get going at all with just 43 points and Jack Steele (FWD/MID $324,000) did enough (55 points with 11 contested possesions) to push for a round one selection, but not enough to put him in your team with any confidence.

As for the coaches, Leon Cameron has flagged that next week the Giants will be fielding a full strength team against the Lions, so if you’re watching a player from left field and their not named, scratch them. John Longmire suggested that the Swans didn’t perform to his expectations, which suggests bigger issues for the Swans. Watch this space.


*Note – The above table was provided before adjustments.

Essendon v Geelong – Deakin Reserve

Saturday 5 March – By Nix

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Well I braved the 38’C heat to watch Geelong thrash Essendon in Shepparton, northern Victoria.  However, despite the mismatch we are looking at these teams for different things.  From Geelong we want top or emerging premos, from Essendon we want cheap bench players who are likely to get game time and score a bit.

Geelong – top end players

Dangerfield (Mid, $589k) should have put himself into every team today.  I had not seen him in the flesh much – I was very impressed.  He has performance history and an all round game that will see him always ticking the scoring over – 98 points, in 60 minutes game time, including 9 tackles.  Duncan (Mid, $442k) also scored 87 pts in 60 minutes, and should also be on your short list.  Caddy (Mid, $495k), 75 in 60, and Guthrie (Mid, $468k), 62 in 53, also did well.  But I can’t pick those 2 ahead of Danger and Duncan.  Impressive as these cats’ scores are, we should note the Essendon mids were Gleeson, Langford, Laverde and Hams a lot of the game, hardly household names, with occasional forays by Bird and Cooney.

The Geelong big men dominated also.  It was strange to see often injured rucks – Vardy (Ruc/Fwd, $360k, 55 pts), Stanley (Ruc/Fwd, $351k, 50 pts) and Zac Smith (Ruc, $389k, 61 pts) – all playing at the same time.  They scored OK but you wouldn’t have them in your team.  However, there are 2 important things about their form – firstly the Geelong mids should get plenty of ball this year, second Blicavs (Ruc/Mid, $539k, 58 pts) isn’t going to get as much of a go this year.  At that price you would have to flick the Blic if you haven’t already.

At the value end, the only standout for the cats was the other Kolodjashnij boy, Jake (Def, $302k), who scored 68 points.  Fantasy Defence looks a bit tricky this year, so he is worth keeping on your list of possibles.

Ruggles (Def, $125k) scored 66 points, but I don’t think he will get games.


Essendon – the value end

Essendon named a weak squad to start with, and then pulled Zaharakis and Zach Merrett before the start of the game.  So the midfield was always going to get smashed and the team had trouble taking the ball from defence to attack particularly in the first half.

I think what Worsfold was sorting his fringe players and particularly his rookies in today’s game.  Essendon can upgrade 2 rookies to the senior list before round 1.  The 4 likely candidates were all out there today –

  • McDonald-Tipungwuti (Def/Fwd, $162k), 50 pts from 67 mins
  • Hams (Fwd, $155k), 46 pts from 67 mins,
  • McKenna (Fwd, $210k), 39 pts from 72 mins
  • Long (Fwd/Mid, $125k), 36 pts from 56 mins.

Essendon will only upgrade one of these rookies, when they want to play them in seniors, as they can all play VFL as rookies without upgrade.  So upgrading one is a sign they will be named to play that week.  I think they will upgrate Tippa before R1, and hold off on choosing between Hams, McKenna and Long as they haven’t done enough to push others out of a R1 spot.

Those who follow me on twitter will have been receiving tweets with hashtag #Tippa in connection with AFLFantasy since December.  He was the best performing rookie today and for the last 3 weeks.  So let’s be clear about this Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti will be upgraded, will play as a running, preferred-kicker, half-back, and will play first 6 rounds scoring 50 to 70 points per game.  I could write a lot as to why this will happen, just trust me it will.  At $162k he should be in your defence.

Of the rest:

  • Kommer (Fwd, $125k), 64 pts in 73 mins.  Finally got some points.  At that price he is hard to resist but is only borderline for best starting team.
  • Simpkin (Mid/Fwd, $226k), 51 in 72 mins.  Looks overweight, I don’t think he is in best starting team.
  • Jamar (Ruc, $226k).  No.
  • Sam Michael (Ruc, $140k), 23 points.  A good option for R8.  He will get games and can score 40 to 50 points.
  • Grimley (Ruc/Fwd, $226k), 22 pts in 68 mins.  No good today, without Daniher, but I think he is a good option for R7 as he will get games.  He will play as starting full forward with Daniher at CHF.  Can mark and can kick goals.
  • Dea (Def, $170k).  52 points.  He did OK, but I don’t think he is going to get enough ball to be fantasy relevent.
  • Bird (Mid/Fwd, $321k). 32 pts in 57 mins.  Have seen him 3 weeks in a row, he won’t be in my forward line.
  • Edwards (Fwd, $225k) 11 points in 38 mins.  He look sick today and didn’t spend much time on the ground.  Whether it was a virus, a knock or heat who knows.  However, there is a good chance this guy will be a starting midfielder for Essendon as Crowley and Goddard will play forward.  Edwards can score 70-80 points, which is good value at his price.  Watch list for next week.
  • Morgan and Long – nice cameos, but unlikely to get enough games or points to interest us.
  • Hams and McKenna – can’t play until upgraded.  McKenna is expensive for what he can bring to fantasy.  Hams as a cheap fresh-meat mid might be interesting if he gets upgraded at some point in the year.
  • Hartley (Def, $125k), 34 pts in 80 mins.  Likely to play, but not score enough to be relevant.  Bench consideration to make some cash.
  • Brown (Def/Fwd, $194), 36 in 78 mins.  Not good today.  He played 2nd-half as a forward.  I think he will play as a defender, but needs to score more.  At that price, should still be in consideration for your defence.


North Melbourne v Collingwood – Robertson Oval

Saturday 5 March – By Tbetta

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Both sides took relatively strong sides into a scorcher at Wagga Wagga, so we actually had a decent contest which we can’t talk for gospel in the management-heavy NAB Challenge.

Obviously, Dane Swan couldn’t be stuffed in the heat, while Sidebottom, De Geoy and Treloar were also missing from the Collingwood engine room. If we learned anything from the past fortnight, it’s that Collingwood could be a real threat this season and with the quality surnames littered throughout that midfield, the fantasy scoring will be typically flowing out of Pieland.


We can safely say that last year’s breakout from Taylor Adams ($560k AF, MID) wasn’t just a fluke. He picked up right where Sidebottom left off last week in that free-wheeling midfield role, seemingly sought after by teammates for link-up purposes. After scoring a healthy 33 from 36% TOG against the Cats, Taylor played a full game this week and stuffed the stat sheet with 26 touches, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 2 sausage rolls.

2014 was a career best year for two sloggers at North Melbourne, with Greenwood averaging 101.7 and Gibson 96.9. Greenwood might have switched blue stripes for black, yet both regressed massively last year and dropped off the DT radar. Once again their fates seem to be intertwined, as both players scored upwards of 90 to hint a return to fantasy relevance. Greenwood ($454k AF, MID) would be my pick of the pair but he’s in a hotly contested price range.

There’s not much to report on our “set and forget” behemoth in Todd Goldstein ($630k AF, RUC). 14 touches, 16 hitouts and a goal were typical Goldy numbers accounting for the TOG – if you had him sitting at R1, there’s no need to reconsider based on this effort.

At the end of the day, all eyes were on the comeback of Daniel Wells ($293k AF, $179k DT, FWD) and whether it was more fact or fable. While he ended the day with 78 points (3rd highest for the Roos), I have to say it was more than just the stats that whet my whistle. Wells was lightning quick around the footy all day and even if he’s not a huge accumulator, he found a way to get a fantasy return for his on-field impact. I had written him off a fortnight ago but he’s too cheap for what he’ll produce if he can stay fit – Wells is back on the radar.

I should mention that Alex Fasolo ($397k AF) followed up last week’s 113 with 82 points and looked generally pretty capable. However, given the price and the other options surrounding him in our AFL Fantasy forward lines, I’m not sure he’s worth seriously considering. Happy to be proven wrong on this one, though.


We all know what Scott Pendlebury ($615k AF, MID) can do, and that includes Nathan Buckley – so why burn him out? Pendles looked to be nursed through this one, stationed predominantly forward with brief stints through the guts. 75 points from 18 disposals was just an entrée for what you can expect from him once the ribbon is cut on Round 1.

This is the 2nd straight week that James Aish ($293k AF, DEF) was solid without being spectacular, scoring 60 off a back flank. He looked okay but that’s just the problem – he just looks okay. Aish is stranded in an unforgiving price range and he’s running out of chances to impress.


Thankfully, none of the guns on the radar failed to fire in this game… But on the other hand, not one rookie put up his hand for selection.

For the Kangaroos, Mitchell Hibberd ($165k AF, DEF/MID) looked jumpy on his way to 34 and Aaron Mullett ($162k AF) kicked a nice goal early and played his role for 57 but hasn’t made any waves in terms of cracking the Roos’ best side. For the black and white, Matthew Goodyear ($125k  AF, MID) was lively early for 49 but dropped off the cliff hard, while Tom Phillips ($125k AF, MID) junked it up late for 46, yet both are a fair way off the best 22 at this point.

Western Bulldogs v Melbourne – Highgate Recreational Reserve

Sunday 6 March – By Roy

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Between UFC and the NBL decider, it has been a big day, so let’s just focus on the points that mattered between the Dees and the Dogs.

It is hard to ignore the talent of Lin Jong, who scored and equal game high 97 from 73% game time, or Jack Watts who had a promising 97 from 10 marks and 3 goals but lets face it… they are not in the mix at this stage, so I’ll review the guys that matter.

If you were anything like me, the majority of your focus was on Libba, Tom Liberatore (MID, $443,000) to see if the hype was warranted upon his return from a knee injury that cut him down on the eve of elevating his game to the elite Fantasy level. If you are with the many coaches considering grabbing him, do not hesitate, he looked outstanding on his way to 79 from 81% game time with 16 touches and a whopping 10 tackles. The beauty of this is, the possessions will come… Jump on.

Josh Dunkley (MID, $162,000) has always been a favourite of ours after growing up watching Andrew Dunkley strut his stuff at Aurora Stadium (York Park) before moving to the Swans. Josh more than threw his hat in the ring with 16 touches (10 contested) and six tackles for a very impressive 78 from 82% game time. If he is named round one, it will be hard to say no.

We are all chasing value in the backline and Marcus Adam (DEF, $155,000) put his best foot forward for a spot on the bench after taking 8 handy marks on his way to 67

As much as it hurts me to say, Warnie’s mate Will Minson (RUC, $384,000) was very good against a respectable ruck in Maximus. He only played just  56% game time and had 7 hit outs, yet still scored an impressive 63. I still think it would be a very gutsy selection, but I stand corrected that it deserves consideration.

Max Gawn (RUC, $509,000) proved he is worthy of a ruck selection if you can not justify spending the extra cash on either of the big two. On the back of his break-out season, Maxy looks set to continue his rise toward a triple figure average after continuing his NAB challenge trend of owning the hit out tally by dominating with 46, on his way to 86 from 82% game time. Locked in for me at this stage.

Brisbane Lions v St Kilda – Harrup Park Country Club

Sunday 6 March – By Warnie


Conditions in Mackay made the surface unplayable. Picture: Getty Images



  • I think gaff could be a good pod

  • How much time did Frenchy spend in the middle???

  • Really want to take a punt on Jesse Lonergan, but these constant injuries are making me hesitate.

    While he could he realistically average 85-90, he needs to play most weeks to be worth it.

    • I’m sticking with Jesse Lonergan, Ankle isnt that bad by all reports. Will have to gauge jobsecurity when GoldCoast start fielding something more like full strength side.

      Not discouraged yet :)

      • Umm when i say job security i actually meant his role. He played like 18 games last year.

      • This is interesting as follows:
        1. Omeara out
        2. Swallow out
        3. Rosa, mmm my understanding is Suns are looking to the youth so is he here to play purely as a back and thus free up players like Lonegran?
        4. Lonegran? will he front round one? if so then for me is lock fits my structure
        5. Where does Hall sit with all this? If Lonegran does not front up with the other 2 mentioned above out then surely he is a lock?

        So with say Swallow and Omerar out name the Suns remaining mid who we believe will get mid time?

        this is juicy

  • Yeo to move down back for the injured Brown. Abandon ship.

    • Um no.

      Eagles short of mids with Redden, Sheed (both inside players) Masten and Jetta (outside players) injured. At the moment they have plenty of defenders available and Brown is on the fringe of the best 22.

      Yeo playing mid/fwd in the 2 NAB games so far and can’t get near it so is a form issue, not a role issue. Perhaps just a NAB issue?

      • He’ll play mostly in the guts but isn’t producing the numbers despite opportunity. Watchlist for me, hopefully provides some consistency at some point to give us an upgrade target.

      • I’d argue Duggan and Hutchings would link into the mids over Yeo come round 1. Yeo is proven to be a good defensive player and lockdown player. Hutchings was dominating toward the latter part of 2015 and I reckon Simpson will stick to what works well. True Yeo may be lacking in form but it’s not a stretch to see him playing as a defensive mid. Pass for me due to form and role. My 2 cents :)

        • Not sure if serious.

          If you think an honest toiler like Hutchings (a perfect option as a defensive mid as he just isn’t damaging) and a (admittedly talented) second year player have the potential to be better in the Eagles midfield this year than Yeo then I’m glad you’re not involved in selecting the team.

          Hopefully Shuey plays NAB 3 and we get a look at the Yo Shue combo running through the mids before round 1.

          • just joining in guys, am still on fence with Yeo as although his NAB has been underwhelming he has shown at top level that if playing mid he can carve it up, so to me it all about whether he gets a mid gig or not – nothing to do with NAB. Too many differences in NAB, even the players around him are not going as hard so maybe not getting as many receives plus is slightly shorter maybe he goes best when in red time etc..

            Its all about the role no trebbble

  • Based on this arvo’s performance, Davis should be elevated to the Suns’ senior list ahead of Macpherson. (Although with the Suns’ midfield woes it’s possible both players get the nod). Davis’ mature body could be handy in place of Swallow/O’Meara. I liked his attack on the ball, of particular note was a great diving faceplant mark in the forward line. He then slotted the set shot despite his unusual ball drop.

    • agreed i had Davis in my original team way back in December lol

    • Note too Davis 39 came from 46% game time
      – lonegran 60 came from 48% GT
      – Mcpherson 12 from 61% – mmmm
      – Yeo 45 from 84% but note comments above the jury is still out NAB and real games different its all about the role no trebble

      Ok thoughts on PETER WRIGHT? is he right? is cheap looks like should get a gig – M8 instead of Kommer?
      TRENT MCKENZIE – tell me more whats his age experience etc.. past roles and scoring research research

      THANKS TO WARNIE TOO love ya work

      P.S – I have come to conclusion i am a addicted to DT (fantasy)

      • McKenzie looking a real possibility – better than Yeo at least. Is a month off his 24th birthday and coming up for his 6th season. 3 seasons averaging just over 70, averaged 80 in 2013 but only 51.9 in 2015. Could this be his breakout year? Even if he averages just 70 he’s grazing with the cash cows.

        And Nick Nat – I wouldn’t overhype his game last night. Who was he against? Still solid though.

        • Don’t bandwagon and jump on The Cannon, he’s like lumumba from last year

          • Frightening thought. But I think McKenzie 2016 has 2 things over Lumumba 2015 – I don’t think Lumumba had a good pre-season in 2015 and McKenzie has been able to almost guarantee an average of at least 70, excluding last year.

          • Good write up on McKenzie and food for thought LITTLE BLACK DUCK – hes cheap and if gets 65-70 you cant lose he could be a swap for Lonegran if out

    • In the nicest possible way bluesnot nosers, SHUT UP. Saw what you saw, big potential, wanted this as a POD. Delete your post, I’ll delete mine, everyone is happy…. :)

  • Would have loved a look at KK, Malceski and Rosa today. Rodney isn’t being much of a sport… Although he has allowed a butt load of rookies to now throw Trent Burn Man McKenzie into their teams…
    Had yeo pegged as a top def this year but may have to reassess as hasn’t exactly set the world on fire so far. Therefore gone from my side.

    Looking for Brisbane Lions supporters to join our league. 35AZ2L6X

    • Don’t discard Mckenzie that easy bud!! Went off rails a little last year but could push a high 80 avg!!

  • what where is sam reid from sydney swans is he fit

    • Sam Reid is injured. Not sure if he’ll play early rounds. Mcveigh ruled out for round 1. Gary Rohan out for 2 months. And Ben McGlynn also in rehab group. This leaves potential fresh meat for the swans early. Fringe players like zack jone, brandon jack etc will become best 22.

  • Thoughts on my team guys have few things i need to think about

    Def-laird, kk, houli, howe, harwood, broad (broad, Hartley)

    Mid- ablett, rocky, t Mitchell, libba, hunter, m crouch, mills, mathieson (gore, sumner)

    Rucks- martin, gawn (cox, currie)

    Fwds- martin, barlow, bird, de goey, Kerridge, wells (menadure, kommer)

    Any thoughts guys not sure if i should put menadure on feild for wells or de goey and downgrade one to rookie, then upgrade hunter to top mid and harwood to weitering or something

    • go post on the my team article.
      team looks pretty good although 3 mid pricers in the fwd line and only 2 guns… :\

    • Thoughts are that you should post this on the right page, but seeing as though you left this here I’ll take a few pot shots at you…
      Howe? Seriously? What rock have you been under? Has been injured and is unlikely for the start of the season. Also playing Broad twice, once on the field, once on the bench… can’t tell if genius or gone full retard. On your bike son…

      • I’m assuming its Daniel Howe from Hawthorn and was meant to be Brown instead of Broad at D6.

        The team overall has a nice balance, however personally would get one more safer option in the forward line as opposed to the 4 mid-pricers. A downgraded to Ellis and upgrade of Bird to a 450K+ Fwd could be a good idea.

  • Does anyone know what happened with mcpherson last night. Was he tagged lol. 59% star gazing & 2% playing for his 61% game time.

  • Shiels or wines?

  • Menadure and adams/fyfe or wells/de goey and hunter

  • “..timed their run home better than a $1.10 greyhound out of the red box.”

    Terrible. Makes no sense.

    Perhaps ‘timed their run better than Steven Bradbury in Salt Lake City’

    You’re welcome.

  • Looking for players for classic!
    Trying to get together a strong league this year, plus you get to take on your favourite Irishman ;)

    Code – 72MP3AJJ

    Feel free lads

  • Not sure I agree with Titchell comments, he’s a gun. Worth the $$, would have agv. 110+ of not injured and subbed last year!

    • Agree 100%. Scores of 92 and 93 are pretty promising scores in these slightly shortened games and this early in the season. Personally I think he’ll finish as the third best mid behind Ablett and Ricky this year and average 112-115, he’s a lock for me. Love that he’s in just 5% of sides too

      • I’ve had him all pre-season as my m1 and he’ll be staying in my side for the whole season, if all goes well :)

  • Z Merret or Toby green

  • Anyone who saw the game last night, was it Tippet or Sinclair doing the rucking? Very interested in him if he can score withought needing those hit outs

    • Sinclair had 15 HOs, while Tippet had 31, so Tippet did more of the rucking, however picked up less if it around the ground.

      The fact Sydney were smashed probably didn’t help Tippett though. Good signs from Sinclair though, with only 20% of his score being HOs.

      It looks however as due to both guys likely getting a game every week, the higher scorer of the two will swap interchangeably.

  • Watched a lil bit of the game last night and the looked liked GWS was playing a break the lines by running kinda game and wilson seemed to have a bit of speed behind him he got 71 last night and is at 244k anyone think he could go ok this year

  • Libba or duncan

  • Also fairly new to this game. Can someone explain what’s POD and IMO

  • @Jeppa, Always love your work and expert advice, but gotta disagree with you having Mullett in the ‘Ice Cold’ category. At $162K and scoring 63 from 66% TOG, I think is a great result.

    He’s definitely on my radar, and if he can crack the best 22, he’s very close to a lock for me.

    • Make sure you tweet him at @JeppaDT. Loves hearing constructive criticism about about people’s articles!

      • Haha, sorry Tbetta, thought it was Jeppas article.

        • So you can take back the “love your work and expert advice” line!

          I edited it slightly to reflect why Mullett sits in the ice cold category; but yes, it was a bit harsh. A big factor was logistical – lumping him in with the other fantasy rookies who failed to inspire me tonight.

  • Could anyone tell me Goldy and Adams TOG? Cheers in advance

  • Thoughts on Jeremy McGovern?

  • Nix,

    Duncan or libba?

  • AFL Fantasy Elite league today at 12pm Adelaide Time, public league, league name “the boys” everyone get around it

  • Elite League now 6pm Adelaide time tonight due to circumstances. Code is 3MTT4M3C, name is “the boys” Get in!

  • Was at the Wagga game yesterday and liked a few things:

    Adams was in the guts every centre bounce, also kicked two goals, decision making wasn’t the best at times, but played well with good intensity.
    Pendlebury played 50/50 guts and forward. Was his usual silky self when he had the ball.
    Fasolo was playing deepest forward, backed up last weeks effort nicely.
    I liked Phillips’ game on the wing, he played well with good intensity and he seemed like he had played 100 games already. I reckon he will play some time this year.
    Wells was everywhere, he was electric and he had great run and carry. Quite surprised he only ended up on 78. I now have to re-shuffle to fit him in.
    Mullett played a good game as a high HFF and up on the wing. Kicked a goal or two, if he can cement his spot in team. Locked.
    Cox can’t catch, Cloke can’t kick. Gault was good. White was trash. Nothing new there.

    Overall it was a stinker of a day, Adams consolidates his spot in the team and I have to make way for Wells. Disappointed De Geoy didn’t play as he will most likely lose his spot to Wells…

  • Keen to play elite? Newly created league, filling spots now: M9XX336P

  • hrovat quiety putting together a nice nab challenge campaign…another midpriced forward to consider?

  • “Where in the World is Roy”, gone missing in action lol.
    Waiting on his review of the Bulldogs v the Demons.

    • Same here. Waiting…

    • And then only 5 players reviewed… Many more that were worth some discussion from that game.

      • Probably like most of us, watching the UFC then Wildcats. Nothing wrong with that.
        Maybe he needed to wait for the replay afterwards and would be abit under the weather.
        These guys do a great job on this site for little reward

      • Clayton Oliver not mentioned, nor Collins, Kennedy or Harmes, to name just a few. Wow!

        • Fuckin shit review,
          if Warnie and Calvin and everyone else can do it, why can’t you Roy?
          I’m very disappointed.

          • Ok AAFWPoDnDf, I was having a little fun saying only 5 players were mentioned, but your post is just mean. No need to get that worked up over it.

          • Wish I hadn’t started the thread…Initially it was to have a slight stir and nothing else. Roy puts heaps of work into Fantasy, the comments about the review don’t give him the credit he deserves.

  • why would you say Jong not relevant?
    was put on my watchlist before NAB started and has shown natural improvement from last year.
    is a bit awkwardly priced but $340k for a forward that could get 70-80 is value though at that price DeGoey maybe be better pick he is better value than Bird/Steele.
    May not be the best pick depending on peoples structure and risk, but definitely shouldn’t be discounted. WB have a friendly start at Etihad as well.
    just my 2c so people can rip me like they did with my review on the overhype of Yeo as well

    • I Agree with that friendly start could be the perfect stepping stone when round 6 DPP come in. Had a decent start to the season last year averaged a healthy 83.4 in the first 5 rounds before missing round 6 and posting some fairly dismal scores for the rest of the season, Definitely risk involved but could be a nice pick up.

  • Hi guys,

    League for anyone to join: DFC293PK.

    Thoughts on my team:

    Shaw, Laird, Houli, McKenzie, Brown, Cameron (Hartley, Broad)
    Dangerfield, Fyfe, Rockliff, liberatore, Duncan, M.Crouch, Mills, Mathieson (menegola, gore)
    Gawn, Lobbe (Michael, Currie)
    Martin, Barlow, Greene, billings, Kerridge, Hipwood (Cox, Kommer).


    • Thoughts are you should post this on the right page…

      • Are you replying to my post…

        • Yes i am. You asked for thoughts, i gave you my thoughts. There is a page dedicated to asking people about your team. So… shall i reiterate my thoughts?!

          • What an a**hole. There are my thoughts….no need for it at all. This is a page for collective thought and support not this kind of behaviour.

  • Feel free to join the Footy Madness league: ATNMEAYZ