2015 Grand Final Review (Rd 23)

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Team Name:
Round 23 Scores:
League Finals Results:
Final Overall Ranking:
Norm Smith Medallist:

Stay tuned for more review stuff including podcast throughout the finals series… and of course Match Day.


  • Team Name: Cales Hookers
    Round 23 Scores: 2142
    League Finals Results: Won all my Gfs I was in
    Final Overall Ranking: 7332
    Norm Smith Medallist: Rocky
    Studs: Rocky as C, Bonts, JPK, Selwood, Martin, Leiws
    Duds: Jkolo, I.Smith, Downie, Knight
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Shoutout to my brother for changing my team when I was at camp, wouldve had 6 doughnuts

  • Round 23 Scores: 2278
    League Finals Results: 3 point win at this stage, waiting for late adjustments
    Final Overall Ranking: 304
    Norm Smith Medallist: Hanley
    Studs: Gibbo, Rocky (C), Lewis, Priddis, Sloane, Hanley, Stef, Dartin, Bartel, Titch.
    Duds: Boyd, McVeigh, Mundy & Griffen for giving me Hamling and a donut. Hamling, Donut, Picken, Shaw, Neale, Goddard.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Seem to have somehow pulled of a win with a 0 and a 29.

  • Team Name: Superswans
    Round 23 Scores: 2384
    League Finals Results: Won Grand final
    Final Overall Ranking: 2783
    Norm Smith Medalist: Tom Mitchell
    Studs: Mitchell JPK Rocky Enright Priddis Lewis D Martin S Martin Ellis Adams
    Duds: No one all points were appreciated
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Thought i was set thurs night traded Swan to Hanners and Goldy to S Martin ,,, then McViegh pulls out so reverse trades put Swan Mundy and Boyd on the bench bring in Laird and put AhChee Z Jones and Dick on the field and just had a full team … was tipped to lose by over 200 points but when all was said and done got up by !00 pts even…. only lost 1 game all year and that was the first final to the team i beat in the Grand Final ,,,,, Hell Yeah !!!

  • Team Name: Tapdog’s Dees
    Round 23 Scores: 2579
    League Finals Results: haha
    Final Overall Ranking: 1052
    Norm Smith Medallist:
    Studs: Gibson, Mackie, Kelly, Captian Rocky, Jelwood, Hanley, Kennedy, Sloane, Barlow, Martin, Dusty, Bartel, Titchell and a few others just missing the ton:)
    Duds: Kruzer, Picken, Dangerfield
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Moved up just over 1200 spots this week to finish my highest ever ranking. Quite impressed just annoyed Pendles, Picken my new trade in, Dangerfield, Kruezer and Goddard didn’t really fire up so much. Would have cracked well over 2600 if they had scored to their potential. Oh well:)

    • Finished 2nd overall in the Melbourne Verified League also out of 213 so quite happy there and also 10th out of 3705 out of all Melbourne supporters entered:) Gotta take some positive out of something:)

    • Good shit man, that’s a monster score

    • stand corrected, round 23 rank of 5!!! WOW, I’m happy:)

  • Team Name: Nick’s Ninjas
    Round 23 Scores: 2411
    League Finals Results: Won GF
    Final Overall Ranking: 1256
    Norm Smith Medallist: STEFAN MARTIN
    Studs: Enright, Martin, Rocky(c), Priddis, Gaff, Jelwood, Mitchell, Bartel, Dusty
    Duds: GREENE, Goddard, Ziebell, Pendles
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: My Studs of the season would be Stefan Martin and Jack Steven, duds would be Michael Hibberd and Toby Greene

  • Round 23 Scores: 2236
    League Finals Results: Knocked out last week
    Final Overall Ranking: 946
    Norm Smith Medallist: T. Rockliff
    Studs: Rocky, Gaff, Priddis, Stef, Robbo, Dusty, Bartel
    Duds: Picken, Shaw, Williams, Pearce, Pendles, Danger, Sidey, Heppell, Sauce, Zaha
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2nd year playing properly, 2nd consecutive top 1000 finish. Lucky to just sneak in at the end of the final round though! Official team Brownlow winner is: L. Hodge with 14 votes. Not a bad pick to start the year, but trading him out twice hurts. Beams 2nd shows the disadvantages of the Brownlow voting system, Pendles/Rocky=3rd show consistency and pig go a long way. 3 way tie for the anti-Brownlow: Barlow, Devon, Oxley. When you show the capacity to go huge consistently, don’t put out crap in between. Time to rage trade… in January!

  • Team Name: TT22
    Round 23 Scores: 2315
    League Finals Results: Won GF
    Final Overall Ranking: 9678
    Norm Smith Medallist: Tom Mitchell
    Studs: Selwood, Enright, Lewis, Barlow, Sloane, Dusty, Lids, TOM MITCHELL!
    Duds: S.Edwards filling in for Mcveigh/Boyd, Kruz, Shaw, Pendles
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had a shocking start to the year with lots of injuries (ranked around 30k mid season). But picking up Barlow 2 weeks ago and Sloane for Parker made up for it. Not 1 score under 100 from either of them.

  • Team Name: Average Homeboy’s
    Round 23 Scores: 2297
    League Finals Results: Won Grand final in main and lost the prelims
    Final Overall Ranking: 1127
    Norm Smith Medallist: Who other than captain Rocky?? well.. Big Stef Martin!
    Studs: Rocky! Martin! Ward, Lewis, Gaff, Kennedy, D. Martin, Bartel
    Duds: Shaw, Kruezer, Picken, Goddard, Kolo, Pendles
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: What a great year of fantasy footy! easily been my best year, pretty happy with my ranking too.
    Pick of the Season: JACK STEVEN! Had him from round 1 and backed him in and boy did he do me wonders. bit of an up and under end of the season but still as the 2nd or 3rd highest scoring player of the season, can’t complain! On ya Stevo!

  • Round 23 Scores: 2387 (Fan), 1907 (RDT)
    Finals Results: 2 wins (Fan classic + elite), 1 tie (RDT), 1 loss (elite)
    Final Overall Ranking: 1052
    Norm Smith Medallists: McKernan + Mitchell – both PODs in my two wins, and McKernan stepping up for resting Goldstein.
    Duds: Shaw, Picken, Dangerfield, Neale
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: moved up to 1716 overall in classic. Dropped a fair bit in RDT on the back of no trades finally coming back to hurt me.

    Can’t believe the tie in RDT final, especially considering my opponent had like 4 out in uniques

  • Team Name: Lewie’s Troops
    Round 23 Scores: 2528 (19th for the round)
    League Finals Results: knocked out in all prelims !
    Final Overall Ranking:7097 (worst season ever !!!!)
    Norm Smith Medallist:Titch
    Studs: Titch,Jelwood,Rocky(c),Barlow,Adams,Martin,Enright,Lewis,Priddis
    Duds:Brodie Smith,Jacobs
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Best score for the year when it meant nothing….typical haha, better luck next year hey

    Read more at http://dreamteamtalk.com/2015/09/06/2015-grand-final-review-rd-23/#LfWmVAHLoh4oWOKX.99

  • Pendles, Ellis, SMartin, Rocky and possibly Gablett all locks 2016 for me

  • Team Name: Leg’s Legends
    Round 23 Scores: 2489
    League Finals Results: won the grand final in all my leagues
    Final Overall Ranking: 5785
    Norm Smith medallist: Tom Mitchell
    Studs: Mitchell rocklift(c) s.martin gaff priddis
    Duds: picken steven pendelbury shaw
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Best score for the year

  • Team Name: Jarman3
    Round 23 Scores: 2467
    League Finals Results: Won both GFs
    Final Overall Ranking: 5838
    Norm Smith Medallist: Tom Mitchell
    Studs: Yeo…. Barlow….. always trust the old timers
    Duds: L Hunter, J Koloddjashnij
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: T Adams in for Swan. Enright in for Mundy. Boom.

  • Eliminated in 2 Prel Finals. Won 1 GF. Thanks to all who write articles for this website. Your research, knowledge, analysis etc, as always, is appreciated. Looking forward to the 2016 season!

  • Team Name: Just Adcock
    Round 23 Scores: 2599
    League Finals Results: won by over 300 in each haha
    Final Overall Ranking: 8848 (missed lockout one round when in the USA)
    Norm Smith Medallist: Tom Mitchell
    Studs: Kelly, Priddis, Rocky (c), Lewis, Selwood, Hanners, JPK, Stef, Barlow, Mitchell, Bartel, Dusty, the Bont
    Duds: Picke, Shaw
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: ranked 2nd for the round! my highest ever score

  • Team Name: Koala’s
    Round 23 Scores: 2374
    League Finals Results: I won my league
    Final Overall Ranking: 3k(3 years running)
    Norm Smith Medallist: Joel Selwood won me my final so he gets it. Everyone(should) has(have) Titch…
    Studs: Gaff, Lewis, Stanton, Selwood, Ebert, Rockliff C, S Martin, D Martin, Bont & Adams
    Duds: my whole backline & Atkins
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Think I will avoid mid-pricers in the future. I reckon that has been my downfall as I always seem to get off to a slow start and it takes all season to get up there. Never actually finished my team in the end. Abllet & Rocky IN & OUT X 3, Lewis & Hodge suspensions. All these restings etc toward the end of the season. Anyone who says the new format of two trades a week isn’t any good hasn’t got a clue….

  • Team Name: BigDieselDozers
    Round 23 Scores: 2105
    League Finals Results: Lost them all (x4)
    Final Overall Ranking: 75
    Norm Smith Medallist: Titchell as captain nearly won me a couple of GF’s
    Studs: Rocky, Titchell, Martin
    Duds: Mundy, Goldstein, McVeigh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: End of season carnage cost me enormously, but overall pretty happy.

  • Team Name: Robbie’s Grayhounds
    Round 23 Scores: 2458!
    League Finals Results: Prelim
    Final Overall Ranking: 1235
    Norm Smith Medallist: STEFAN MARTIN
    Studs: Martin, Rocky, Mitchell, Adams, Stanton, Enright, Selwood.
    Duds: Dangerfield.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: CMON! Highest score of the year BABY!

  • Team Name: I don’t cick punts
    Round 23 Scores:2348
    League Finals Results: three wins
    Final Overall Ranking:987
    Norm Smith Medallist:Titch
    Studs:Enright Lewis Adams priddis selwood Rocky martins(2) Bont
    Duds:backed Grundy in as replacement for Goldy. Amon
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: won Supercoach this week – three grand. That feels good
    Read more at http://dreamteamtalk.com/2015/09/06/2015-grand-final-review-rd-23/#Y3TCR1jeYMdXKEMO.99

  • Finished with 2389 and lost my main GF.

    Best ever finish in top 300 so still happy.

  • Team Name: RonFknSwanson
    Round 23 Scores: 2380
    League Finals Results: GF Winner
    Final Overall Ranking: 1597 (+647)
    Norm Smith Medallist: Taylor Adams
    Studs: Priddis, Hanners, Adams, Armitage (Rocky, Stefan, Selwood, Gibson, Dusty, Bartel and Titch all great but weren’t unique)lo
    Duds: Brought in Houli, underwhelming. Besides that I can only really pick on Amon and Holmes!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: A guy plays that well last week (Amon) and gets named sub. Ridiculous. Fortunately my opponent had to play Edwards on field and got the same treatment, then his premiums let him down. I am so so so glad the sub is gone next year, it’s taken years off my life this weekend.

  • Thanks to all for the great year. I look forward to starting to post with a new team in November! Cheers, Fooz. Ps. Finished at 6711, my worst result in a few years. Oh well. There’s always next year for team: tempus fugit.

  • Despite the last 3 rds being average I’m happy to have finished at pos 954 overall in my first season of fantasy footy. Much fun was had! Enjoy watching the finals everyone

  • Team Name: DEZtroyed
    Round 23 Scores: 2248
    League Finals Results: GF Winner (DT TALK EXPERTS & ORDER FOR RELFINGS)
    Final Overall Ranking: 5101
    Norm Smith Medallist: titchel
    Studs: titchel, rocky, jwood, priddis, martin
    Duds: mcveigh, smith, goddard, crisp, danger, picken, shaw (Just brought him in)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: was a good year. took 2 premierships out of 4 leagues. just hope there isnt so much carnage throughout the year as it has been this year.

  • Team Name: Joel’s Jaguars
    Round 23 Scores: 2340
    League Finals Results: Win!!
    Final Overall Ranking: 976
    Norm Smith Medallist: Tom Mitchell
    Studs: Mitchell, S.Martin, Rockliff, Selwood, Dick
    Duds: Picken, Shaw, Ross Lyon
    First year inside the top 1000 (first year inside the top 10,000 also) and won my league GF so overall a great year for me. Can’t wait for next year.

  • Team Name:Todalegends
    Round 23 Scores:2339
    League Finals Results: Won the GF after finishing 7th. Team peaked to perfection…
    Final Overall Ranking: 8871
    Norm Smith Medallist: Yeo/McVeigh
    Studs:Titch, Rocky, Jelwood, Yeo, Enright, Hanners, Martin (Dustin and Stefan) and the Bont.
    Duds: Picken
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: If it wasn’t for McVeigh’s late out there would have been no way that I would have fielded Yeo which was the difference between us. Very lucky!

  • Real Dream Team
    Team Name:Holty
    Round 23 Scores:2363
    League Finals Results:Winner
    Final Overall Ranking:9
    Norm Smith Medallist:Have to go to Mackie as i swapped him for Picken 3 weeks ago.
    Studs:all did well except
    Duds:Motlop and Amon (vest)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:i maybe the only one that feels this way but could someone please fix the fantasy app? 3 years straight ive lost interest in it as it simply is not user friendly. plus it doesn’t help when u simply cant log into ur account a hour b4 the round starts. (it happened twice in the first 6 rounds to me and some mates) thats when i stopped playing fantasy for the year. But i guess the positive for me is i got to spend more time with real dream team.

  • Team Name: Prowling Tigers
    Round 23 Scores:2365
    League Finals Results:Won 2 GF out of 3 leagues, in the other lost prelim
    Final Overall Ranking: 1950
    Norm Smith Medallist:Tom Mitchell. Potential pig status next season. Special mention for Rocky, he is an absolute champion also in reality.
    Studs:Titch, Rocky, Dusty & Stefan Martin, Gaff, Jelwood, Hanners, Adams
    Duds:Dangerfield. Last few rounds way below what I expected.

    This was my first year on the this site. It has been informative, educating, and importantly enjoyable.

    Heaps of thanks to all the writers and to all who posted. It positively contributed to my overall ranking

  • Team Name: Chiefs Bananas
    Round 23 Scores: 2313
    League Finals Results: Won a GF but lost my paid league
    Final Overall Ranking: 478
    Norm Smith Medallist: Pendles super consistent all year
    Studs:Titch, Rocky, Dusty & Stefan Martin, Gaff, Pridda
    Duds: No Duds here
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Smashed it until prelim and just got shafted with injuries

  • Are they still doing dt finals like last year??

  • Team Name:RivsRovers
    Round 23 Scores:2634
    League Finals Results:First time EVER didn’t make GF
    Final Overall Ranking:4628
    Norm Smith Medallist:Tom Mitchell
    Studs:Titch, Rocky,Mackie,Jelwood,Stanton,Barlow,Priddis,Adams,Enright,Ward, Bont,Hanners,J.Gibson,Dusty, Bartel
    Duds: McVeigh, Hunter, S.Jacobs, Kreuzer, Heppell, Heath Shaw
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Finished an average season with a bang taking out the weekly highest score :)

  • Sc finals league code 390500.