They’re over – Round 13 Review

Copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it in. Post both AFL Fantasy Classic and AFL Dream Team results.

Team Name:
Round 13 Scores:
How many did you have playing:
On the Chopping Block:
Overall Bye Ranking Change:

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  • Team Name: Sylvia da besssssss
    Round 13 Scores: 19 played – 1617 with the lowest score omitted (I’m guessing that’s how to calculate it)
    How many did you have playing: 19
    Studs: Fyfe, Adams, Swan, Adams, Jacobs, Parker, Beams, Newnes, Simpson, Cripps
    Duds: BUDDY, Kav, Wallis, Dusty
    On the Chopping Block: Buddy is a f**ktard. vc on Swan, C on Hodge. If I had have kept Swans score AND traded in Riewoldt like I was about to, would have finished on 1719.

    • Oh and McCarthy to Steele looks very likely next week, and Goddard in for Buddy

      • tell us your rank

        • My rank is poo

        • It is 7315 LOL

          • Told ya

          • Have I ever once talked up my rank?


            I’m still having fun and that’s the main thing Timmy :)

          • Also ranked 2815 this week.

            And if I had have captained Swan and brought Reiwoldt in I would be 549 for the round.

          • Lol Timmy ya dickhead theres more then 30000 people in the comp so it’s lower them 25%. If your going to run your mouth like a cock atleast get it right

          • Albert plays RDT. There are 28119 people in that comp. He is ranked 7315. That means he is ranked at 26%. Can you understand that? Or do I need to dumb it down for you a bit? “If you’re going to run your mouth like a cock at least get it right.”

          • Why the hell would anyone have a crack at Albert Lloyd anyway? I’d rather buy the guy a beer… Tommy very quiet about his ranking I notice.

          • Sorry cocksucker pretty sure this is Dreamteam talk not RDT forum. So take your bullshit else where wanker.

          • I’m not one to brag, Simon. And Recall, in your infinite wisdom, could you please explain to me what RDT stands for. I know it will be hard for you, but do your best to respond without just throwing a bunch of expletives in my face. I thought it was Real Dream Team, which is funny because this website is Dream Team Talk, as you pointed out yourself.

          • Lol ‘real dreamteam’ is that the one with 80000 people less playing then Afl fantasy?. False advertising isnt it?. I also love how you try take the intellectual high ground but your really just a wanker

          • Lol closer to 120000 people less.

          • Yes that is it. Finally, we are making some progress, young one. Maybe if you could have acknowledged that there were only 28 119 people playing RDT in the first place, rather than saying there is more than 30 000 people in the comp, this whole incident could have been avoided.

          • Why are you telling me that Fantasy has more participants than RDT? I mentioned Albert played RDT That is it. I don’t run RDT or own VirtualSports or anything, so I am afraid your comments do not offend me in the slightest.

    • Whoops one of those Adams is meant to be Neale

      • timm you’re a right asshole

        • +1

          • No wonder you haven’t been talking up your rank. If I devoted the amount of time you do to DT and wasn’t even ranked in the top 25% of the comp, I wouldn’t be bragging about my rank either.

          • Tommy Littlebrain, perhaps you should spend less time on DTTalk and more at remedial maths lessons. There are currently 156,178 users on the AFLFantasy site. Somebody who is ranked 7,300 is in the top 5% (approximately).

          • First of all, I applaud you. “Tommy Littlebrain”. I feel honoured to be in the presence of such wittiness. Secondly, think before you act. Is that what they teach you at primary school. Read the above comments before you decide to chime in with your two cents. Clearly, the way I explained things above was far too complex for a person of your intellect, who appears to be so familiar with remedial maths lessons. I bet someone like you could only dream of being ranked inside the top 25% in the first place.

          • Where the f**k did all this hate come from?

            Play the game, take chances, discuss strategies and help others.

            Everything else is a bonus.

            Peace, I’m out.

  • Team Name: Bloodbath N Beyond
    Round 13 Scores:1462
    How many did you have playing: 20
    Studs: Hibbo, pendles, beams, barlow, swan
    Duds:The rest. the 33 year old burgoyne
    On the Chopping Block:burgoyne
    Overall Bye Ranking Change:
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2909
    Finally the byes are overrrrrrrrrr! Sloaney why?

  • Team Name: Footy Fudge
    Round 13 Scores: 1715
    How many did you have playing: 20
    Studs: Newnes, Neale (C), Barlow, Parker, S. Martin, Swan
    Duds: LEWIS, Dusty, Dalhause
    On the Chopping Block: Lewis and Krak
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: +1500
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Lucky to avoid most of the vests this week. Crap first 2 bye rounds but brought it home strong.

  • Team Name: Lucas’s Llamas
    Round 13 Scores:1668
    How many did you have playing:20
    Studs: Hibbo, Newnes, Pendles, Beams, Barlow, Parker, KREUZER, Swanny
    Duds: Lambert, Wallis, Dahlhaus
    On the Chopping Block: Saad and CEY
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: +8980
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Well, at least the byes helped me get back to a decent ranking. 8870 is a good launching point for a crack at the top 3k hopefully.

    • Oh, forgot to mention Dusty’s 138 as captain. Had a brain fade and didn’t put my captaincy on Higgins to allow for Swanny’s 110. That was a good 40 points down the drain, as well as the decision to trade in lambert instead of McKernan.

  • Team Name: Robbie’s Grayhounds
    Round 13 Scores: 1620
    How many did you have playing: 20!!!
    Studs: Swan, Parker, Fyfe, Newnes, Boyd
    Duds: Heppell, Ellis, Danger, Cripps (C), Mitchell, Dusty, Dahl, Laird, Wallis, Lambert, Kavanagh
    On the Chopping Block: My whole team
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: +10k
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Nothing to brag about.

  • Team Name:Statutory Apes
    Round 13 Scores: 1448
    How many did you have playing:18
    Studs:Newnes, Pendles, Fyfe, Armitage, Risky, Kruezer and Bont(not expecting too much from him just yet)
    Duds: Hmmm the rest of my players. Don’t know who the worst is… Titch, Lewis, Edwards, Kav, Dusty, Franklin, Danger, Jake Kelly, Hodge.
    On the Chopping Block: Franklin the dipshit! Jake Kelly who should’ve gone instead of Lumumba.
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: Think I’ve gone up 500 spots from 15500 to 14932 roughly.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: It just seems to be my year whichever player I bring in just fingers my butthole with an open fist.. So if you ever see the players I’m trading in get rid of em.. I’ll try to keep you all posted!

  • Team Name: The Slave Trade
    Round 13 Scores: 1531
    How many did you have playing:18
    Studs: Stef Martin, armo, newnes, duryea, swanny, parker
    Duds: yolmen, HODGE, wallis, dusty, mitchell, lambert, LEWISSSSSS, rich, ox
    On the Chopping Block: yolmen, rich or ox
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: +523
    Byes were alright to me, improved my rank a fair bit.

  • I just want to list the duds
    Duds: Heppell,Boston,Lambert,Titchell,Martin,HODGE

  • RDT

    Team Name: Powerlicious
    Round 13 Scores: 1720
    How many did you have playing: 22
    Studs: Steven (C), Newnes, Stef and Goddard
    Duds: Hodge, Dahl, Ox and Sloane
    On the Chopping Block: Sloane
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: Up to 372
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Worth holding Sloane or trade him to any mid? Other lines are complete and 4-6 weeks is a long time when we will only get 4-6 games from him

    • Depends how many trades you have left, whether or not you have decent bench cover and how far your team is from completion.

      I’m running 3 teams in RDT (experimenting with starting structure). All have very few trades left, all had Sloane. One team is complete with extra cover on mid and fwd lines – will hold Sloane; 2nd team is essentially complete (Saad at D6, probably won’t change) with extra cover on fwd line and DPP link to mids – will hold Sloane; 3rd was one mid from completion (Cripps at M7 and Dumont M8 with Sloane down) – has the most trades remaining, will probably upgrade Dumont and hold Sloane.

      • 8 trades left (went a little silly early) with 102k. Every line bar my Mid is complete with Sloane M7, Kav M8 and Krak/Amon/McKenzie as cover. So not an ideal situation as none have great JS

        So thinking at the moment downgrading someone to Steele (goes to M8) and going Sloane to Armo or any Mid really. Gives me 6 trades left and 100+k left. Not an ideal situation but I dont think Sloane is worth holding. Armo or any premo mid is worth more over the next 6 weeks than the 2 trades.

        Cheers for your insight mate

        • I think you’re spot on, definite trade given your situation. You have enough trades to do it and you can’t risk playing Kav at M8.

  • Another solid bye round.

    Hero- Kade Simpson for scaring the living shit out of Albert Lloyd and making him fear and cry.

    Ranking up from 13k to 3.2k through the last 3 rounds.

  • Team Name: Toni Kreuz
    Round 13 Scores:1639
    How many did you have playing: 21
    Studs: Mundy, Picken, Newnes, Parker, Kreuz, Stef, Swan
    Duds: Hodge, Lewis, Heppell, Kavanagh, Dahlhaus, Mitchell, Lambert
    On the Chopping Block: Lewis, CEY, Oxley
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: Gone up a bit, not as much as I thought I would with all my preparation. Was burnt with outs in rounds 11 and 12 and vests in round 13,
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Fyfe and Steven come in this week. Nah nah n nah nah

  • I need to downgrade one oxley of saad? Cheers.

  • Team Name: Barnburners
    Round 13 Scores: 1488
    How many did you have playing: 16
    Studs: Martin Adams Swan Murphy Newnes
    Duds: Four (4) premium forwards
    On the Chopping Block: Sloane (Just traded in) and Kelly
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: + 5144
    Vent/Brag/Whatever Traded out Neale and Steven RD 12 for Murphy and Wallis. Only able to get one of same back this week?


    YOU ARE F**KING JOKING. Seriously. Up to 3200 after Friday night then back down to 5400 now.

    Expected another 250 points from the above 6. Retards.

  • Team Name: Goatsea Marathon (206)
    Round 13 Scores: 1592
    How many did you have playing: 19
    Studs: Fyfe, Beams, Parker, Swan
    Duds: Hodge, Jewis, HepD, Wallis, Martin, Mitchell
    On the Chopping Block: Fuck knows!! Probably McCarthy and Rich. But I don’t want Lewis anymore :( I can’t trade him though, because if he does well next week… Oh boy!!
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: 1600-206
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Can’t believe how many spuds I got served this weekend… I was so confident going into this round

  • Team name: The Wookiee
    How many playing: 21
    Studs: Bell, Neale (c), Newnes, Barlow, Kreuzer, Parker, sauce
    Duds: Lewis, Lewis, farking Lewis!
    On the block? Not sure yet.
    Bye rank change: up about 4000 spots.
    Vent/brag/whatever: Super Happy with my score this week, resisted the lure of a cheap Sloane and brought in Tom bell who’s looking the goods since juddy departed. Always good when you captain your highest score (thanks Lachie). And kudos to Kreuze.

  • Expected a lot more from my rookies. Shaun Edwards. Sure glad I chose him over McKernon. Brought in Nick Reiwoldt who didnt disappoint. Is Titchells job security in question now since was subbed out. Thinking dg him to Mckernon so I can upgrade Saad to premium

  • Round 13 Scores: 1672
    How many did you have playing: 20
    Studs: Boyd, Steven (C), Parker, Neale, Stef, Swan
    Duds: Hodge, Buckley (for Ox), Pearce (Fielded over Hamling, not counted), Hird (For Kav, Counted), Dartin, Longmire (For Titch, both as being a tagger, then getting subbed for doing it), Lambert (Counted)
    0n the Chopping Block: McInnes, Ox, Aearce, Amon as 50k+ downgrades depending on rookie availability, Glenn to Rocky
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: +390 from 1117 to 727
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Hopefully should be coming out of this round with Oxley as my only rook, so I finally feeling somewhat settled with the future, although less so with the goddamned insanity of the coaches this week, must have been getting into the Gold Coast’s stash.

  • Score for the round 1721, which improved my overall ranking by just under 7,000 places. Over the 3 bye rounds I improved 7,600 places (which says something about how I’ve been going for the season. I can’t believe what some of my rookies did (or more accurately didn’t) do this round: Pearce 19, Edwards 8, Kavanagh green vested, Acres dropped, Fantasia injured, Amon & Dumont the bye. Talk about the magnificent seven. At least I have $455k in the bank. This week out Acres & Amon and in Steven & (am I really staying this?) McKernan.

  • Round 13 Scores: 1442
    How many did you have playing: 20
    Studs: Pendles, Beams, STEFAN MARTIN, Sauce,
    Duds: Everyone else, next highest score was 84 (Cripps)
    On the Chopping Block: McCarthy, Tarrant
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: up about 1000 places
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Easiest bye round?? 4 of my most consistent performers were the ones missing (Shaw, Priddis, Blicavs, Gray) and yes, Shaw is consistent enough to warrant being called consistent this year. Bring on the rest of the year and a team of good players

  • Team Name: gethawked
    Round 13 Scores: 1344
    How many did you have playing: 17
    Studs: S.Martin Swan Armitage Fyfe Goddard
    Duds: TITCH Dahlhous Nicholls Wallis, basically everyone else
    On the Chopping Block: Kelly Nicholls
    Overall Bye Ranking Change:
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: THE CARNAGE IS OVER. So many late withdrawals and VESTS

  • I hate Fantasy and only playing under duress this year, but is there anyway of knowing what a score of 1806 ranked this week?

    • little box in the top ish right corner

      • Ah, there it is… even after your instructions still took me a minute. 311th. A rare highlight :)

    • Don’t think you can see it on the app only on the web page.
      But 1806 would get you around the 300 mark. Nice job, I got 1777 and that was 710 th for the week.

  • Team Name:The Silver Lining
    Round 13 Scores: 1544 Fantasy
    How many did you have playing:17
    Studs:Fyfe, Swan, KREUZZZER, Parker, Boyd, Sauce
    Duds: Lambert, TITCH >:( (got him in last week) Martin, Schade
    On the Chopping Block: Oxley, Rich, Clurey
    Overall Bye Ranking Change:
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Bad trades last week saw me get in Titch and Boston who both underperformed… Looking good for this week though,

  • Team Name: Ragnarok Returns
    Round 13 Scores: 1,632
    How many did you have playing: 21
    Studs: SMartin, Goddard
    Duds: Kelly, Edwards, Lambert, Mitchell, Hodge, DMartin
    On the Chopping Block: Dale, Ellis-Yolmen, Kelly, Tarrant
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: -38
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Still inside top five hundred with a million to spend

  • Team Name: Nic’s Nuggets
    Round 13 Score: 1778
    How many playing: 19
    Studs: Newnes, Neale, Goddard, Adams, Steven, Parker
    Duds: Heppell, Wallis, Titch, Dusty
    On the Chopping Block: Sloane
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: Up 200

  • Team Name: Fev Is A Star
    Round 13 Scores: 1504
    How many did you have playing: 19
    Studs: Parker, Steven (C), Swan, Fyfe, Barlow, Newnes
    Duds: Watson, Hodge, Wallis, Haus, Martin, Titchell, Hunt, Edwards & Lambert
    On the Chopping Block: Ox & Hunt
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: Up 3,200
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Guns not firing plus 6 vests hurt

  • Team Name: Mum can’t wrestle
    Round 13 Score: 1385. Yes, you read it correctly.
    How many did you have playing: 18. Yes, I’m f**king serious
    Studs: Armitage, Fyfe, Riskytv, Parker, Swan (c)
    Duds: Everyone else. Edwards, Dale, Kavanagh, Boston, Titchell, Martin, Dalhause, Wllace, Saad, Hodge, Oxley.
    On the Chopping Block: Well, with 3 scores under 30 and 8 under 70, about half the team. Tarrant, Rich, Oxley, B. Dale
    Overall Bye Ranking Change: -1082, back out to the 2000s.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I really was feeling smug after the first two bye rounds, and had 18 lined up for Wk 13. Serves me right I guess. That was absolutely disastrous!