Two down, one to go – Round 12 Review

Copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it in. Post both AFL Fantasy Classic and AFL Dream Team results.

Team Name:
Round 12 Scores:
How many did you have playing:
On the Chopping Block:

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  • Round 12 Scores: 1687
    How many did you have playing: 17
    Studs: Shaw, Beams, Blicavs, Cripps, Jacobs, Dahlhaus, Lynch, Dusty
    Duds: Rich, Hamling, Lewis, Robbie, Devon, McCarthy
    On the Chopping Block: Tarrant, Clurey
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Besides my duds, everyone scored 95+. Thats solid for bye rounds!

  • Team Name MT Chargers
    Round 12 Scores: 1352
    How many did you have playing: 16
    Studs: Dusty, Wallis and STEELE
    Duds: Mcintosh, McCarthy, Dumont (sub) and robbie (Concussed)
    On the Chopping Block:Mcintosh and McCarthy
    Overall i was happy with my score, i was really unsure about bringing in steele as a pricey downgrade but it paid off with his 92 on debut and now he will be another 23k away for people to get to nice rookie POD

    • Round 12 Scores:1352
      How many did you have playing:15
      Studs: Martin (of course), Shaw, Blicavs, Griffen (what a pleasant surprise), Bontempelli (again, very pleasing return after recent weeks)
      Duds: Kelly, Higgins, Dumont, Sinclair (17!!!)
      On the Chopping Block: all of the duds!
      Vent/Brag/Whatever: I will vent delight with placing the C on Dusty after I had Hodge in line as the VC.

      How could I have gone ‘up’ 153 places with a ‘1352’ (well into the 2000’s)? Must have been an even bigger scoring shocker for more than just me . . .

  • Round 12 Score: 1679
    Playing: 17
    Studs: DUSTYYYY (C), Blicavs, Cripps, Yeooo, Jacobs and Dahl
    Duds: CEY, Kreuzer, higgins, mackie
    Chopping Block: Hogan, CEY, Amon,
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Think thats a pretty good score for this week so pretty happy. happy to get some premos back into the team

  • 1226 and ranking only went down 1090 spots. I was expecting to drop at least a few thousand

  • Team Name : Keepthebarlow
    Rd 12 Score 1645
    How many playing : 18
    Studs : Dusty , Shaw Blicavs, Cripps
    Duds : Gunston 15 WTF? McCarthy Krakour , Dumont
    On the chopping block : McCarthy, Ellis Yolmen , Gunston?
    Vent Brag : whatever : Been following this site for years, just registered today… happy with 1645…up 9000 places to be 9407 overall. Best ranking since a few years back when I got to 3000. Went Boyd for C instead of Dusty shame

  • Team Name: Robbie’s Grayhounds
    Round 12 Scores: 1659
    How many did you have playing: 17
    Studs: BLITZ, Dusty (C), Cripps, Ellis, Wallis Dahl, Colquhoun
    Duds: Thurlow, Maric
    On the Chopping Block: Thurlow, Maric
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: LOVE THE BLITZ

    Round 12 Scores: 1750
    How many did you have playing: 20
    On the Chopping Block: McDonald and McCarthy/Kelly
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy with that score… Over Sunday games, my players don’t bother to turn up!! Looking to bring in a premium defender (McVeigh, Mundy or Boyd) for McDonald, and will either downgrade McCarthy or Kelly to a rookie (probably McCarthy). Went up a HUGE 900 in the rankings to sitting just outside the top 100 :)

  • Round 12 Scores: 1754
    How many did you have playing: 18
    Studs: Dusty (C), Cripps, Shaw, Lids, Sauce and Steele
    Duds: Dumont, Kelly, Lewis, Bryce Gibba
    On the Chopping Block: Lumumba, Kelly and Hogan
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Yeah…

  • Round 12 Scores: 1551
    How many did you have playing: 15
    Studs: Goldy, Martin Cripps, Picken, Dahlhaus, Wallis, Yeo
    Duds: Steve Johnson, Rich
    On the Chopping Block: Johnson – will become a proper premo next week. Maybe Amon or McBean to other rookies that willl actually make cash
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy. Moved up 2500 places to be 2601 overall

  • What do people think get rid of Jake Kelly in my Def and get McVeigh or get rid of Jake Kelly put hodge in the backs and pick up mecrae from the dogs

  • Tad over 1400 (from 15). Still managed to move into the top 1k for the first time since round 3. Some people at the top must have had shockers.

    • Agree. I went from 3000’s to 1700 last week with a 1650 and have moved up to the 500’s with the same score this week.

  • Round 12 Scores: 1631
    How many did you have playing: 16
    Studs: Yeo, Cripps, Steele, Shiels, Goldy, Dusty, Lids
    Duds: Lumumba, McIntosh, Gray, Josh Kelly
    On the Chopping Block: StevieJ, Lumumba, Josh Kelly, McIntosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Fairly happy have gained 20,000 places in rank over bye rounds so far so can’t complain.

  • Team Name: Koalas
    Round 12 Scores: 1697
    How many did you have playing: 19
    Studs: Cripps, Dusty C, Wallis, Jacobs, Lynch, Bont, Hodge
    Duds: CEY, Hamling, Dumont, Krakoeur, Gray, Rich, Thurlow, Selwood, Lewis
    On the Chopping Block: CEY, Rich, Thurlow, Selwood
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 7k up in rank, 4 k overall now.

  • There must be thousands of ghost ship teams going round by the movement of some. Surely, any active teams would still manage to put a few runs on the board over the byes to hold their rank.

    • Difficult season ..people give up.

    • I’ve fielded 16 two weeks running and am actually up on where I was after a disastrous round 9 haha. Nearly in the top 1000 again.

  • Best FWD Premo under 500K, Thinking Franklin or Nroo?

    • Steele

      • Jack Steele?

        • Are you looking for a keeper for less than 500k? If so, I would maybe go Buddy, Roo, Motlop, Adams, Kennedy or McGlynn (at 500k). None of these players (in my opinion) will be top 6 fwds.
          It may therefore be more wise to save your money, and pick up Steele, who could easily average in the 80’s and earn you 200k, which you can use to pick up an actual fwd premo within 4-5 rounds.

  • Thoughts on Allen Christensen??

    • AQVoid

    • He has been going well, but has a pretty tough run coming up with Adelaide, Freo and Sydney his next 3. Priced nicely and could be worth jumping on, but not for me. Consider only for F6/F7 or as floating cover with the midfield

  • 1) any injury updates on Clark and Glenn Glenn?

    2) who are the two priorties to trade out of: Tarrant, McCarthy and Clark

    • 1) Mitch Clark will either be back first game after his bye, or one week after that… Absolutely no point in hanging on to him, as he’s very inconsistent. Glenn should be fit for next weekend, but he may have to go back to 2nds to earn his spot back.

      2) Tarrant and McCarthy are still playing…. So Clark is easily number one priority. The 2nd one is tough, as they both have bye rounds coming up!! I’d probably get rid of McCarthy first, only because he is worth more.

      • thanks GR. yeah i might just do that. although after watching the roos game, i don’t know if i’ll have the patience to hold onto tarrant for another week… at least mccarthy gets his hands on the ball.

        • Yeah actually on 2nd though, trade Tarrant first. McCarthy runs really hard, and has the potential to score better than he has been. Tarrant on the other hand doesn’t really want the ball, and his teammates don’t really wanna give it to him. GWS have a good run after the byes also, so if McCarthy keeps scoring goals, upping his possessions and tackles, he’s every chance in cracking a ton

          • problem is that Clark and Tarrant don’t give me any cash to do an upgrade/downgrade. I already have Fantasia and there’s little to choose from by way of rookie forwards…

            other places to improve could be to trade out saad, oxley or rich, to make an upgrade/downgrade trade

          • If you can’t afford to do any decent upgrade/downgrade trade. Then you may have to consider a double downgrade. I agree, there aren’t many rookie fwds. Keep your eye on Ciaran Byrne and Lambert, who are due to return from injury.

            BUT! I wouldn’t be trading those other players you mentioned, as they are all playing this weekend. Clark and Tarrant have byes, and they are no good!

            You could trade in Steele, isn’t much of a downgrade, but if he keeps his spot he could do very well! He has a bye this weekend though…. I guess you’ll just have to wait for teams to be announced, but I’d be looking to double downgrade Clark and Tarrant

  • Trades this week:
    Lumumba to Mcveigh
    Sinclair to Steele

    I also have the choice to do Thurlow to Edwards and Lumumba to Mcveigh
    (Lumumba is going)

    Another question though
    Mcveigh or Boyd

    • Hmm I’d probably go for McVeigh (cheaper + lower b/e). You’re going to aim to get both, may as well get McVeigh, and hope that boyd’s price continues to drop.

      Sinclair is a higher priority trade than Lumumba and Thurlow.. He is going to leak you cash!!

    • Unless you are stacked for numbers this week I would wait for Steele as they have the bye

  • Team Name: Dollars
    Round 12 Scores: 1501
    How many did you have playing:19
    Duds:McIntosh, Josh Kelly
    On the Chopping Block: McIntosh & M.Clark
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 19!!!!! I had 19!! and could only get 1501. Thank god it wasn’t a normal round.

  • Team Name: The Spodermen
    Round 12 Scores: 1583
    How many did you have playing: 17
    Studs: Dusty, Shaw, Yeo, Blicavs, Ziebell
    Duds: Mcintosh, Shiel, Gray(not his fault though)
    On the Chopping Block: Pittard, the bloke doesn’t know the meaning of consistency
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Travelling through the bye rounds reasonably well and gaining some positions. Have to brag about the last minute captaincy I put on Martain though, would’ve gotten about 100 total out of Dylan Shiel!!!

  • What can macrae average In the next month and rest of the season

  • Round 12 Scores: 1539
    How many did you have playing: 16
    Studs: Yeo, Cripps, Swallow, Griffen, Jacobs, Dartin, Lynch
    Duds: Lewis (VC), Dumont (Worst coaching staff ever), McCarthy, Gray, Hamling
    On the Chopping Block: Dumont, McCarthy, McInnes, Amon
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Four 90s to go with my studs giving me an ok score, still in rookie hell, and Griffen’s score has sorta made him hard to dump this week, think I’ll double downgrade this week in the hope of upgrading another midfield rook next week so I come out of the byes with an entirely 400k+ side.

  • What can macrae avg in the next month and season

  • Whats Steele’s job security like?

    • For me its either

      CEY -> Steele


      McCarthy to Fantasia

      • He was an in for Coniglio, who MIGHT be back after his bye round… So definitely not the best JS. However he player really well, absolute jet!

        • GWS were the only team not to field a first gamer until Steele this week. I think he holds his spot on the back of what he did/can produce the only question is vest or no vest (similar to dumont)

    • I think he’ll hold his spot, maybe with a vest risk. I can’t get him in sadly, so I’m hoping GWS are managed as poorly as North haha

  • Ugh can’t decide whether to bring in Mundy or McVeigh, thoughts?

  • Who out of Naitanui or maric is better in afl fantasy and why??!

  • Team Name: The Eshayz
    Round 12 Scores: 1634
    How many did you have playing: 19
    Studs: Dusty, Cripps, Motlop, Dahlhaus, Deledio
    Duds: Kelly, Hamling, Thurlow, Rich
    On the Chopping Block: Rich, Whitfield, Dumont
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: It’s getting painful to watch my rookie defense score a combined 300 week after week. Also the fantasy potential of Dumont is wasted at north

  • What can macrae average In the next month and rest of the season

  • Team Name: Duncraig
    Round 12 Scores: 1544
    How many did you have playing: 16
    Studs: Goldy, Dusty, Yeeoo, Colqhourn, Cripps,
    Duds: Mcintosh, Mccarthy, Clark
    On the Chopping Block: Mcintosh,Mccarthy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Bloody Phil walsh cost dangerfield a 115+

  • Team Name: Lucas’s Llamas
    Round 12 Scores: 1516
    How many did you have playing: 17
    Studs: Goldy, Dusty, Wallis, Dahlhaus, Bont, Crippsy, MACMILLAN (talk about standing up during the byes)
    Duds: Kelly, Hamling, Kreuzer, Rich, Higgins, Smith, Gibbs(for obvious reasons), Darren Crocker(please let Dumont play a full game)
    On the Chopping Block: Kelly, Cordy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy, moved up six and a half thousand spots, to roughly 11000. Starting to make progress after a frustrating start.

  • Team Name: Wymo’s Heroes
    Round 12 Scores: 1345
    How many did you have playing: 13
    Studs: Dusty,Ellis,Goldstein,Beams,Dahlhaus
    Duds: McCarthy,Lewis
    On the Chopping Block: Honeychurch,Mumford
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Well. Not bad considering i only had 13 playing. Managed to go up 397 to 4,508 overall.

  • Team Name:The Silver Lining
    Round 12 Scores:1366
    How many did you have playing:15..
    Studs:Martin, Cripps, Yeo, Ziebell, Sauce, Shaw
    Duds: Dumont, Kreuzer (both got them in this week so really annoyed) Gray as Captain (Switched from martin to him last minute) Lewis, Rich
    On the Chopping Block: really want to get rid of jelwood but dont have the flexibility.. Ellis-Yolemen, Clurey, Kreuzer, Vandenberg..
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Really annoyed with my trades and captain choice this week, currently ranked 17077, will field 18 this week. trades were Vandenberg to Titchell and Ellis-Yolemen to Boston. Pretty happy, thoughts?

  • Team Name: SoDak SuperSonics
    Round 12 Scores: 1612
    How many did you have playing: 16
    Studs: Yeo, Wallis, Cripps, Treloar, Goldstein, Martin, Dahlhaus
    Duds: Gray, Lewis, Dumont, Tarrant
    On the Chopping Block: Tarrant
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Moved up 6680 spots this week! Pretty happy with my total score with only 16 players. Martin as captain was huge for me. Some of my rooks letting me down like Tarrant and Dumont.

  • Team Name: gethawked
    Round 12 Scores: 1153
    How many did you have playing: 12
    Studs: S.Martin Yeo Motlop Wallis Cripps Dahlhous
    Duds: LEWIS Kelly Armfield
    On the Chopping Block: Lewis Pittard
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 1153 out of what I would like to be 1200! Not bad…

  • Team Name:Superswans
    Round 12 Scores: 1126
    How many did you have playing: 11
    Studs: Dusty Danger Ellis Beamer dollhouse
    Duds: Mcintosh McCarthy
    On the Chopping Block: McCarthy Mcintosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Hate the bye rounds Had only 11 playing so not bad score but went down 2424 places aaarrrggghhh

  • Team Name: OzSteve
    Round 12 Scores: AF 1500 & RDT 1817
    How many did you have playing: 19 & 19
    Studs: RDT tons from Dusty, Treloar, MacMillan, Blicavs, Macrae(c), Motlop, Yeo, Dahlhaus & Wallis. Goldy AF captain.
    Duds: Sinclair, KMac, Tex
    On the Chopping Block: Clark, Shiel, M.Crouch if not getting a full game soon!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Weekly rank of 65 in RDT. Best ever for a spud like me. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done earlier in the year. First year of having a decent go at it, so rapt with this week. How long until 2016 season?….

  • Team Name: 88Flat
    Round 12 Scores: 1,734
    How many did you have playing: 18
    Studs: Dusty (c), Yeo, Shaw, Cripps, Motlop
    Duds: Dumont, Tarrant
    On the Chopping Block:Well see…
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Surprised to move up the ranking a lot. Had a crap start to the year and now up to 12,539. Week rank was 303 which was my highest this year….