Here come the DPPs

Next week the second influx of Dual Position Player additions will hit the AFL Fantasy competition.

We saw 18 players awarded DPP status in round 6 and while we’re not sure of how many there will be in this next round, there will a few that might tickle our Fantasy fancy.

A lot of questions were asked about how players gained a new position. The answer isn’t simple, but it is a combination of statistics including percentage of disposals in a certain half (and area) of the ground, heat maps (which can be accessed via the AFL Live Pass) and where players line up at different periods of the game. This coupled with actual footy roles that stats don’t always tell the complete story.

We’ve given our two cents in the process and the next lot will be finalised after this round is over ready to roll out in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Here are some thoughts on the upcoming round.


Sydney’s Jarrad McVeigh has called the back half his home this season. 66% of his disposals are in the back half and his heat map definitely demonstrates that he is at home in defence. With even bigger numbers, Daniel Cross has been spending a lot of time down back with 74% of his disposals there. While he does sometimes line up on a wing or follow a player, his games of late have been very much in the defensive 50. Both of these players should be in the mix for a spot in your defensive 6.

Jesse Lonergan is a midfielder that is likely to pick up defender status, too.

Ultimate Footy added FWD to Toby Greene and he looks likely to become FWD/MID next Wednesday.

Without a doubt Rhys Stanley needs to add RUC eligibility. He was overlooked in the first round of changes and we’d think that will be rectified.


Kurt Tippett may gain RUC status as Mitch Clark received it in round 6. He has been doing enough rucking to justify it in Fantasy. His team mate Ben McGlynn could gain FWD status with a heatmap showing him predominately playing up in the front half. The Swans are blessed with midfielders and this looks like his role.

Mathew Stokes, Lachie Whitfield and Sam Gibson lead some names of players whose heat maps show a fair bit of DEF time. With Mundy getting it in the fist round, they have to be a chance. This can be said for Brent Stanton and even Brad Ebert (check out his love heart looking map) may also warrant DPP. This is very much a maybe as the numbers can stack up but there probably needs to be a line drawn otherwise we could see a truckload of players being added to this such as Brandon Ellis, Adam Treloar and more.


A few coaches have been calling for Steve Johnson to gain FWD status. His season numbers show 45% in back half, 55% up front (this increased on the weekend though after playing mostly forward). If this continues, he may get it in round 18 ahead of the finals.

Sam Mitchell, Luke Parker and Patrick Dangerfield are all a big no in our opinion.

On his return, Pearce Hanley was 85% defensive half. There won’t be enough data to get him DEF status yet… but he is someone to look out for in round 18. There is a long way to go until then though!

Below are some tweets we have seen floating around the place with heat maps. Discuss who you think will gain DPP next week in the comments.


  • Really hope these coming changes are sensible. The last ones were a complete joke and just made the AFLF format look cheap and gimmicky. Still shaking my head at Mitch Clark ruck… lol

    • I agree. I feel like the first set of changes were made far too soon and players such as Clark, Mundy and Rich got DPP when they played the position for maybe one match. If you see Mundy’s heatmap now it is centred around the centre circle.

      Some form of consistency has to be applied when bringing in these new DPPs and realistically if Rich and Mundy got it last time, this time all of Whitfield, Stokes, Gibson, Ellis, Treloar, Ebert and Stanton should get it (which would be really stupid)

      Capping the limit to 18 players per time is also stupid as these position changes should only happen if they were wrong to begin with, meaning it could be more or less than this number. The system should be “oh look he was in the ruck for 2 minutes and got a HO, he now plays in the ruck position.”

      • We have had a bit of a say on this for this round of changes. I think moving forward, they will be more rounded additions. In saying that, there was justification for some of the mentioned ones; however, some rules have been (and will be) put in place to make sure they are all spot on.

        I agree with the numbers – I doubt there will be 18 this time.

        • Yeah, I agree that at the time there may have been some justification for Mundy and Rich, however now looking at it, it can be seen that they may not gave been the best.
          I just don’t want it to become a farce so we are just gifted top 6 defenders or a handy RUCK/FWD link for the sake of it.

        • It also screws with your strategy. I bought in Hibberd in rd 4 who is r12 bye, if I had any idea that Mundy (also rd 12 bye) was going to be given DPP there is no way I would have bought in Hibberd.

          • So we at least need solid understanding of why players will get DPP. It’s bad enough having to guess at the price change formula…

  • Toby Greene is a LOCK

    • Really, why?

      Martin, Gray, Swan, Dahlhaus, Deledio and Goddard are clearly better options and the likely top 6.

      Buddy, Smith, Riewoldt, Titchell, Gunston, Dahlhaus and Ziebell all just as good and possibly better.

      Didn’t Greene just score a non-injured 38? Lol, lock.

  • Yes Greene and McVeigh locks

  • Fyfe rested? Or at least hasn’t travelled yet along with Clarke & Mayne.

  • I don’t think the % of time in Fwd and Back half is completely relevant. They may still be playing in the middle, but it is just focused slightly fwd of centre for example, thereby inflating there % of time in fwd half when really they likely hardly go in the defensive 50.

    • This is obviously more applicable to the ‘Maybe’ and “Unlikely’ midfielders who occasionally line up just forward or backward of centre.

    • Sorry i’ve made a mess of that… the last bit is meant to say forward 50 :/

  • So unless we already have a Green, McGlynn, etc., it would seem McVeigh (and possibly cross) are the only ones of interest here.

  • How was Stanley not a Ruc/Fwd after the first changes and Clark was? Stanley had 50+ hitouts, Clark had 8.. (before the round the changes were made)!

  • Why hasn’t anybody mentioned someone like Buddy as he plays alot further up the ground and could get FWD/MID status…

  • Personally i feel that they should leave it alone from the start…. and that’s why I play RDT and Supercoach…