New DPPs – Round 6

The new dual position players (DPP) have rolled out in AFL Fantasy Classic, Elite and Match Day.

18 players have gained a new position based on what roles they have been playing and where they’re running/getting the ball over the first five rounds. These have been signed off by Champion Data (I didn’t decide on these for the record Roy and Calvin).

Anyway. The list is below. Look out for an article on written by yours truly.

First NameSurnameClubPriceOwnershipCurrentNew

A few notes (and some responses to frequently asked questions).

  • Daniel Rich has gained DEF status even though his season heatmap doesn’t show it as much. I tweeted from the AFL Fantasy account his heatmap that with centre bounces taken out. Plenty of people have questioned this. One thing is that heatmaps show possessions, not disposals. So Rich obviously gets his hands on it a lot at centre bounces and is attending quite a lot of them. The map in the tweet, shows the running he does in the back half.
  • Mitch Clark has been questioned. He’s only got 8 hitouts this year. Well, I don’t know much about this… but a simple response is that I played at full forward for my local footy team in 2008 and didn’t kick a goal. I was still a forward. I’m quite happy to have Clark now as a R3! I just wish I had Mason Cox or another RUC/FWD to make the switch easier.
  • David Mundy is a huge one. I didn’t see this one coming, however there was this article last week on the AFL site. We now have a new #1 defender in Fantasy! Matthew Boyd is obviously a very good chance for top 6. Before we get too excited about him, remember his soft tissue injuries.
  • Aaron vandenBerg will make a very handy F6! Or at least we have that MID/FWD link there when needed. Same goes for Kamdyn McIntosh. I might even try to get him or Saad into the midfield to open that link up.
  • Why didn’t Player X get DPP? I don’t know… that would be a question for the big dogs. I guess they wanted a set number and kept them fairly relevant (Morris though?!).
  • The next lot of DPPs will come prior to round 12. This will be during the bye rounds which will make things interesting. There were quite a few that were close and plenty of players are on the watchlist as Champion Data and the team at Fantasy HQ monitor over the next six weeks.

Discuss your thoughts and DPP plans in the comments.


  • Mundy never should and never will be classified as a defender.. He has never started on the ground in a defensive position in all the games I’ve watched as a freo supporter. Which peanut decided to give him def status? I know it’s good for our fantasy sides but this is a joke of a decision

    • Champion Data and Fanhub make the call Decs.

      With defenders so tough this year, Im stoked that Mundy and Boyd have gained DPP.

    • I don’t know how many games you’ve been watching. He’s spent time on the HBF in EVERY game this year. Yes, predominantly he’s a mid. However, Ross has even admitted in his press conferences that it’s a strategy to manage him by not thrashing him by playing him solely in the middle.

  • Mundy Defense Wow :) This is great.

  • Mundy’s ownership to reach 40% come lockout

  • My team after DPP trades this Week.

    Def. Mundy, Geary, McIntosh, Oxley, Salem, Cutler (Saad, Hodge)

    Mids. Hepple, Barlow, Prestia, Parker, CEY, Newton, Cripps, Krakour (Glenn, Lewis)

    Ruck. Maric, Bellchambers (Clarke, Cordy)

    Fwd. Swan, Grey, Martin, Zorko, Vandenberg, Honeychurch (McCarthy, Byrne)

    Trades were…

    Holmes -> Glenn
    Newnes-> Mundy


    • You’re grossly overpaying for Mundy. He won’t average more than 105 so he is way overpriced for what he will score from here on.

      • a 105 season average is 101s from here on out
        and as a def, that’s a stupidly easy decision

        • Yep 105 average is great but Boyd will do that at a cheaper price

    • $1.3 million on the pine for the next 2 weeks. risky to rely on rookies as cover for the next 2/3 weeks

      • Not phased mate. I’ll win my league games and won’t it be nice to put Lewis on the ground round 8 and Hodge round 9 without trying to scrape the cash to find them again. Maybe even upgrade to a new mid premo those weeks too :)

        • Second option for trades is this

          ef. Newnes, Geary, McIntosh, Oxley, Salem, Cutler (Saad, Hodge)

          Mids. Hepple, Armitage, Barlow, Prestia, Parker, CEY, Cripps, Krakour (Glenn, Lewis)

          Ruck. Maric, Bellchambers (Holmes, Cordy)

          Fwd. Swan, Grey, Martin, Zorko, Vandenberg, Clarke (McCarthy, Byrne)

          Trades were…

          Newton -> Glenn
          Honeychurch -> Armitage

        • And then bench them both for round 11 byes?? I’d be looking to get rid of Hodge…. Then get him back round 12

          • I dunno, Mundy could be worth the 600k. Based on starting values this season, hasnt everyone’s price gone up? a 105 average seemed to cost around 600k

  • So disappointing… Most are irrelevant and the rest are gimmicky.

    Mundy is not in any way shape or form a defender and Clark is not a ruck. It’s stupid and cheapens the format.

  • Not on real dream team?

    • Looking at the competition rules for RDT, there’s nothing on DPP being updated throughout at the season, so I suspect not.

  • Chappers scores big with his Mundy pick in draft!

  • DEF: Hodge, Hooker, B.Smith, Saad, McIntosh, Oxley (Goodes, Hamling)

    MID: Pendlebury, Heppell, Beams, Parker, Yo-man, Rich, Cripps, Lewis(C) (Newton, Vandenberg)

    RUC: Bellchambers, Goldstein (Holmes, M. Cox)

    FWD: D.Martin, Gray, Swan, Krakouer, Honeychurch, Clark (Salem, McCarthy)

    I’ve traded Hodge > Mundy, Lewis > Dahlhaus moved Dahlhaus to forward in Krakouer’s spot.

    Thoughts? If I don’t trade out Lewis out I can trade Rich to Bontempelli, Goddard or Devon Smith? The latter a better option given the bench cover by rooks?

    • I’d go Goddard out of those 3 proven DT gun

    • I disagree… I know it’s hard to downgrade this round when you have lost two of your best players to suspension, but I’d be looking to bring Glenn in for Newton… You can play V’Berg on the ground, he has proven he’s consistent.

      • Think you may be right, clouded by Trade fury… Newton > Glenn = more cash long run… #trustinjeppa

  • Already had 8/18 of the new DPP players, this opens up so many new possibilities it hurts my head.

  • Warnie
    I’ve played this game like others for many years
    The original format was challenging with limited trades and so on……..
    But this game has gone backwards sadly!!!!
    Can you explain how Clark (everyone has him) gets RUCK with a total of around 9 hitouts when Tippett has had around 79 hitouts doesn’t??
    Maybe an early Xmas present for everyone!!!
    The passionate players like a challenge and bring back the skill of playing the game!!!!
    On a positive note all involved with this site are very much appreciated – A BIG THANKS!!!!

    • on the flip side, it will be hard for a lot of teams to move Clark to RUC straight away

    • You could always play RDT and accept that this is a new and different format that some people enjoy rather than the same game going backwards.

  • I’m not so sure about Mundy, as Fat Knife said, looks over priced. He is averaging 118 but before this year his highest ever average for a year is just under 98. You would hate to pay 600 grand for him and have his average go down to what he usually gets

    • I think what you would hate more is not bringing him in and seeing him get 98s every week while holding onto muppets like Lumumba/Newnes/Hibberd etc who will pump out 40’s.

      • Lumumba is averaging 70 when most defensive premos are averaging 80. I can live with that for now. I’m not chosing not to upgrade, I just prefer Boyd. I think Boyd will be better value. If mundy was cheaper I’d be interested. I doubt mundy can maintain a 118 average all year

  • I don’t particularly want to comment on who should and who should not be getting DPP, but I am frustrated with the lack of transparency in the management of this game. For starters, things like the price formula remain on the hush hush even still for whatever reason when I can’t see a justifiable reason for it. And now, the method of determination of DPP seems increasingly unclear. Last year we had Kieran Jack receive forward status purely based on the stats of his disposals (most of his disposals happened to be in the forward half) without real consideration of whether his role was actually playing forward or it was just by chance. Similarly, this year we have a man who collects most of his disposals at the centre bounce receive DEF and someone with a total of 8 hit outs a game receiving RUC over and above a player who has 79 hit outs. While I don’t want to argue with these decisions I would like to be fully informed on the entire reasoning behind them. Yes these changes are nice in classic but in elite they are close to game breaking, as no one drafting prior to the season start would predict Mundy getting DEF so now what was a late round pick should have been a first or second round pick and one very lucky person is able to up their weekly score by around 30-50 points. I believe there should be the option in elite whether to adapt mid season DPP or not. Just my two cents. We need some actual reasoning so we can make proper judgement as coaches.

    • I’m only playing Classic this year so the additional DPP’s are a bonus for me… but your point on the game changing consequences of positional changes in Elite seems very valid.

      • Yeah i’m loving getting mundy and that in classic. This is my first time playing elite this year and ive only now just realised what a massive advantage this is for the people that have him.

    • I’m in an elite league where there are only 8 players in a team (4 on bench) and two of my Mids were Mundy and Boyd so it suits me very well, but I agree based on what we have seen it would be great to see some justification of Mundy’s DPP as there are numerous Midfielders doing similar things to him that haven’t got DPP.

      • Yeah I’m in an 8man league with large teams. 18 guys on field, 4 on bench. As you can expect, teams plunge quite deep into the player stocks such that players like daniel rich were legitimate midfield options when drafting pre-season. Now he gets def with little justification, he’s massively valuable.

  • There goes my Mundy POD :-(
    Other than that, these changes suit me massively.

    Goodes > Glenn
    Salem > Grundy

    Lewis & Hodge benched

  • Hi all. Anyone looking to join an Elite draft league?? Live draft this Friday 2pm EDT. head-to heads start in Round 6. Please – only coaches who are going to follow through all year – no ghost ships! 2 spots left. Code = UCJ9D4WL

  • Yeah, this game really has changed a lot in the last few years and I do prefer the traditional formats. But that doesn’t matter, it’s still fantasy footy and we all love it. I think it’s great having this, Real Dream Team and supercoach all different, each targeted at different levels of fantasy coach in my opinion. This game has changed to become an easier sell, to have more first time coaches, probably due to declining popularity. One thing I have noticed about this website is that the now called ‘traders’ do talk a lot in laymans terms compared to pre ‘fantasy era’. I often find myself craving some more in depth technical analysis, but that’s alright. Love your work DT Talk writers !

    Boyd and Mundy will be top 6 easily by seasons end, get them in.

  • im so confused… are these changes for supercoach

    • Where’s the confusion mate? The first line reads “The new dual position players (DPP) have rolled out in AFL Fantasy Classic, Elite and Match Day.”

      The link to the article outlines it fairly clearly too. This site rarely mentions anything about supercoach, if ever.

  • Now i have 2 defs to toss around, who to get from Mundy and Boyd. I was set on Boyd until i saw Mundy getting defence status, now i’m confused. I’m going Hunt -> Boyd/Mundy pls help

    • Body will more than likely be rested throughout the year..

    • mundy for sure

    • As the little girl from the Old El paso soft & hard taco ad says … “Why dont we have both?”

    • Depends on needs. I was all set to bring in Boyd but now not sure

      If you have the cash then I think mundy is safer option but not a lot in it, just depends if you can justify paying $40k more or not saving any cash by trading Hodge

  • Ebert or Mundy?

  • Do I get rid of Treloar or Parker?

    • I’m thinking about trading parker next week if he doesn’t do well

  • My team so far:
    Def: Hodge, Simpson, Newnes, Hunt, McIntosh, Saad, Kelly and Goodes
    Mid: Lewis, Heppell, Armitage, Beams, Parker, CEY, Cripps, Vandenberg, Anderson and Glenn
    Ruck: Grundy, Bellchambers, Holmes and Griffin
    Fwd: Swan, Gray, Martin, Bontempelli, Salem, Honeychurch, Clark and Fantasia

    So far I have already traded Newton to Glenn and was wandering who I should trade Hodge for Boyd or Mundy? Or any other trades or advice?
    I plan on keeping Lewis on the bench for the 2 weeks.

    • very similar to my trades, im leaning towards mundy he has alot more potential to go big. ive still got lumumba thinking to either go to barlow or glenn for cash upgrades

  • do i dump treloar for armitage this week?

    • Granted you don’t have any forced trades like the rest of us do then yes.
      It looks like Montagna will return this week and we will have to see how Armitage will score with Leigh back in the side. Although an average of 117 is hard to argue.

  • I have lewis, Jack Martin and harley Bennell to worry about

    Should i play clarke and salem this week until the two Suns players are hopefully back next week?

    Or should i go Jack Martin>Glenn (Via Berg) and Hunt>Mundy

    McCarthy>Glenn (via berg) and play Glenn or Saad on field?

  • Sorry but gunna have a rant!! The number of people on here carrying on about who should and shouldn’t get DPP – it’s NOT YOUR decision. The decision has been made by the powers that be ACCEPT it and stop dribbling shit. If you dont like it DONT play the game – it’s only a GAME. As for the others saying such n such is over priced, wont score this wont do that – you DONT have to spend the x amount of dollars to get them into your team. And lastly the people still complaining about the rules of the game also accept them as they are, stop complaining and if you dont like the rules DONT play and piss off.

    • Preach!

    • The reason why I was annoyed is an apparent lack of consistency and arbitrary designation of criteria to meet for players to be deemed DPP. I’m not gonna complain about who gets what, provided that we know precisely way based on their stats or whatever factors influenced that decision. It is to the advantage of coaches and the game in general to know what to look for in potential DPP candidates, thus giving them the ability to predict and preemptively select players. This adds a higher degree of skill to the game, but relies on criteria for DPP being consistent and being available to players. As for commenting on whether or not someone is overpriced or not, the point of the comments is to voice opinion and open discussion, even if their opinion differs from others’.

    • Back in your box @Chatta. That kind of discussion is exactly what this comments section is for.

      If you don’t like that, should probably take your own advice.

  • Don’t know if I can justify spending 560/600k on Boyd and Mundy… The dilemma is there are no other defenders (bar Hodge) who will get near them

    • then don’t let that be part of your thinking

      put it the way of:
      cheap out and get a midpricer, or go the full hog and get a 15ppg advantage on ANY league opponent that doesn’t have them both

      of course, you can do it a little differently, by waiting until you want to get them (which is great if you’re 4-1 or 5-0 and should easily make finals)

  • Tbetta

    Great to hear from a man who has great knowledge and is always informative!!!
    Quick question – as i used to enjoy reading your article the Tbetta’s Bullets any chance of it making an nostalgic comeback????

  • Quick question (maybe silly)

    I have Saad (def/mid), Vandenberg (mid/fwd) and Salem (fwd/def).

    Is it possible to move Sadd who is currently in defence to the mids, Salem (fwd) to defence and Vandenberg (mid) to the forwards?

    • hrmm, i think you can manage that during a trade, but not when shuffling on field :\ annoying

      • yeah mate, i just reverse traded hunt for mundy, then (bear with me)

        Trade hunt (blank space in DEF)
        Move salem to DEF (blank space in FWD)
        Move Vandenberg to FWD (blank space in MID
        Move saad to MID (blank space in DEF)
        Bring in mundy

        So net result is playing saad on the field in mids, over salem on field in the forwards (where Vandenberg is now fielded)

        • Was trying to complete without trading but guess I will trade one of these guys now. Makes the decision easier.

          Thanks for the info

          • you dont actually need to trade any of those guys out, you just have to be trading someone whos at least in the same position as them. In my example i could have straight traded Hunt for Mundy, as theyre both DEF, however with sneaky DPP i managed to shuffle around salem, saad and vandenberg and got the same trade outcome

  • Wasn’t there talk that Mundy was playing Barlow’s role? If that was the case, why has Barlow not been a defender in the past?

  • Nels

    As Barack would say “Yes We Can”
    I off loaded GOODES by moving Salem to the backs then VANDENBERG to the fwd then bought in GLENN
    Not on the computer but it allowed me to do all those moves on my IPHONE!!
    Hope that helps but i would assume you need to make a trade???
    I think it wouldn’t work without trading as none of those players have the same linkage example SALEM can switch with a player like BYRNE

  • How do I make a three-way DPP change? Example move Swan to FWD, Hunt to MID and Salem to DEF

    • you can do this whilst trading, but not when interchanging DPPs on your field. who are you looking at trading this week?

      • Possibly Hunt to Boyd actually which means the above would be possible, but I’m just curious anyway

  • what is everyone’s thoughts on these trades?

    Brett Goodes > Joshua Glenn
    Cam McCarthey or Christian Salem > Jack Steven

  • For everyone wondering about Mundy the article that is linked in the information about him is worth a read. Explains his positional change and possible reasons for his DEF status

  • The more I think about it the more I love the Mundy DPP change.

    Look forward to seeing the droolers butcher their teams by ditching Lewis for a 600k defender who is 29 and has never averaged more than 98.

    • Things that have never happened before in footy can never happen, is that what you’re saying?

  • Lewis to Boyd, using DPP with hunt and boyd I go boyd to DEF and hunt into MID. Then hunt to T.Mitchell if he plays, if he doesn’t will get another fwd at his price. Then mitchell to fwd and krakeour onto midfield bench.

    It is a lot of moving and changing, but it strengthens my Defence and Forward. 164k is left in the bank.

  • Deliberately stayed out of here all day… as I have had way too much work to do and it’s not really my role to justify stuff that happens. I wrote the stuff in the article so people could read it – seems a few didn’t. Anyway. Hopefully we’ve all vented, got over it… love or hate it, the new DPPs can’t be reversed… so we “play on”.

    Just one thing on Mundy, further to the link to the article up the top. Plenty have said he doesn’t deserve it and fair enough to have an opinion but check out the below link for heat maps of his last two games.

    My understanding is that these were investigated last week and a short list was formed and with the article about Mundy (see link in article), CD must have been happy.

    Oh well – let’s move on… and work out how we get Boyd and Mundy into our teams ASAP.

  • I absolutely love fantasy and have been playing this for years as well as the most pure form Real Dream Team. RDT tests the best in my opinion as you really need to plan and strategise due to limited trades etc. the beauty of this is the goals posts aren’t moving during the season.

    it’s obvious that fantasy has been designed to keep it simple, to keep players coming back every week and playing which in turn gets more people to the afl website more frequently. Historically your average player would over trade too early and would be buggered by round 16 and give up, so two trades a week keeps the majority coming back.

    The Mitch Clark DPP has got me stumped, I’d love to see his heat map which I thought appeared to determine if a change shows the move is warranted. Is he roaming all over the ground taking the centre bounce, floating forward to kick a goal, floating back to fill a space in defence or being the link man on a play down the wing? I doubt it. Let alone 8 hit outs season to date, which certainly can’t be the only reason for changing a status to include ruck but surely is a significant factor. There’s only one logical reason for this one and that is to again, make the game that bit easier and to help us steer through the bye rounds. Let’s face it we all have him at the moment.

    From a purists point of view i saw the lack of gun backs as an opportunity for us all to have some uniqueness in how we construct our back line given the amount of backs that average low 80’s. We’ll all have Boyd, Mundy and hodge locked soon enough now. Whilst I mention it I must say it feels good to get boydy back relevant again as he was once a lock in my mids for years!

    So I have come to the conclusion personally to take fantasy as a bit of fun and to roll with the changes. It gets too frustrating if you take it too seriously and I’m clearly not alone here, we all knew what was happening when we signed up so why get worked up about it now. It’s kind of cool to have the goal posts move during the season a few times it creates further food for thought (and of course gets more people clicking into!. I had these same thoughts last year however still managed to get into top 400 in fantasy so there is certainly still a lot of thought needed in this form.

    Real dream gives me my serious fix as I still believe it rewards the true dream teasers by season end for their planning etc.

    Lastly I’d like to commend all the dream team guys for the effort they put into their site, websites, podcasts etc. this is all part of the experience of playing for me and these guys put endless hours into it all to make the experience that much better for all of us.

    Just my thoughts and opinion guys, good luck!

    • Thanks for the words. We enjoy doing what we do. It just sucks with the constant negativity around fantasy… people need to remember it is a game and we roll with the punches.

      Jeppa tweeted Clark’s heatmap. I won’t say that I think he is 100% deserving… I don’t know, I don’t have the numbers. But what is he doing down back? Not playing as a key defender, that’s for sure! He’s attending ball ups and boundary throw ins, but obviously not doing a great job if he has only 8 hit outs.

  • Thanks for the reply warnie. Reading over my words it can probably be deemed somewhat negative, sorry about that it was simply some thoughts about the game. There’s no doubt you could build a case for / against numerous players. At the end of the day people need to look at it as part of the challenge, the better players who appear to be the ones who vent will still come out on top as they are always ahead of the fame with how they think.

    Keep up the great work mate ( and the rest of the team for that matter) and thanks again for making it all such a great game to play. Your articles and overall input are what makes it such a great experience!

    Oh and thanks for the heat map link. Very surprising and can see where CD’s thinking is!

  • Ive gotten rid of hendo(inj) moved salem to def(e) for titch. My fwd line is complete, though lynch is still making cash and robbie gray is in my mid. I have also cashed in on newton for glenn. Now, this means ive benched hodge and lewis. Clark switched with m cox, oxley fielded duh! Glenn and saad on the field. Should be allright with those gcs susp. Rich is still mid as well. Ive got a few other issues parker and greene but should fix soon. Thoughts?

  • Would of loved to have seen Isaas Smith given fwd status. Boom! Game changer

  • My team this week
    Def: M.Hibberd, D.Rich, G.Ibbotson, K.McIntosh, A.Oxley, J.Clarke(B.Smedts, N.Brown)
    Mid: B.Ebert (VC), S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe (C), J.Newnes, N. Van Berlo, C. Ellis-Yolmen, P.Cripps, J.Glenn(J.Lewis, B.Acres)
    Ruc: N.Naitanui, T.Bellchambers(M.Clark, M.Cox)
    Fwd: D.Swan, D.Martin, B.Goddard, M.Bontempelli, J.Hogan, A.Vandenberg(B.Reid, R.Tarrant)
    Trades: Hodge(DPP for rich) > N.Fyfe
    J.Griffen > (DPP Clark to Ruc, Vandenberg Fwd) J.Glenn
    Next weeks trades if all goes well im looking at trading newnes or hibberd and downgrading a cash cow