#FyfeStryf – Round 7 Review

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Team Name:
Round 7 Scores:
On the Chopping Block:

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  • Team Name: Me fail English – Thats unpossible
    Round 7 Scores: 1991
    Studs: Yeo!!!!, Masten!!!!, Parker, TMitchell, Swan, Everitt, Newnes, Boak, Gray and Krakoeur for coming in as my (e) to cover for the loss of I.Smith
    Duds: Salem, I.Smith (c), Cripps, Honeychurch, Lumumba, Oxley, Vandenburg, McIntosh
    On the Chopping Block: Lumumba (hopefully finally get rid of him), Honeychurch, Salem, McIntosh
    This week i traded out Hunt for Yeo…. yeah im pretty happy with that move!! finally a trade in my defence that paid off.

    Time to upgrade these rookies that are still on the field and get some stability.

  • Who’s goes first out of Vanders, Salem or McCarthy???

    • Salem depending on extent of injury, Vberg has that DPP and can come in handy. McCarthy is a good bench cover. It’s out of the two demons

      • Cheers Oscar, are there any decent FWD downgrades??? Is it too late to get Mcinnes in???

  • Team Name: Bennier Boyzs
    Round 7 Scores: 1978
    Studs: Newnes, Rich, Ellis, Dangerfield, Thurlow, Swan, Martin, Mitchell
    Duds: Geary, Cripps, Adams, Bellchambers
    On the Chopping Block: Bellchambers, Cripps, Adams
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 100K in back pocket

  • Team Name: BomberMania
    Round 7 Scores: 1859
    Studs: Newnes, Yeo, Heppell, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Gray, Martin, Swan, J.Kelly
    Duds: Salem, Bellchambers, Pendles (C), Oxley, Hibberd, Mundy, Vandenberg, McIntosh
    On the Chopping Block: McIntosh, Bellchambers, Salem, Glenn
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Best move ever trading Brodie Smith to Elliot Yeo!

  • Team Name: SoDak Supersonics
    Round 7 Scores: 1893
    Studs: Newnes, Kelly, Goodes, Treloar, Parker, Swan, Buddy, Martin, Dahlhaus, Gray, Tarrant
    Duds: Salem, Bellchambers, Vandenberg, Cripps, Barlow, Lumumba
    On the Chopping Block: Salem, Bellchambers, Vandenberg, Barlow
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I am so happy with how this round finished up. It was looking very bleak when I saw Cripps donut for me, Salem go down, etc. My studs really showed up to climb me back into the top 10,000. Definitely some pieces to fix this week however.

  • Team Name: Ragnarok Returns
    Round 7 Scores: 1,986
    Studs: Parker, Ziebell, Swan, Gray
    Duds: Oxley, Vandenberg, Geary (Salem), Cripps (Nobody)
    On the Chopping Block: Salem, Geary, Oxley, McIntosh, Ibbotson
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Very surprised to move up with two late withdrawals and combined emergency score of twelve. Highest ever ranking of 521.

  • Team Name: Superswans
    Round 7 Scores: 1972
    Studs: Swan,Buddy,Dollhouse,Newnes,Fyfe,Parker,Danger,Dusty,Tichell,Beams
    Duds: Pendles,Bellchambers(WTF)Ibbo,Ox,Clarke,,Mundy (i just him got in)
    On the Chopping Block : Bellchambers if i can ,Macintosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Pretty happy this week missed most of the drama except copped a donut for Cripps and put the C on Pendles (D”oh)

  • It feels like some numpties have lost what the meaning of a Dud is. How can you name someone that was a late out or injured as a dud?? People seem happy to name Salem/Geary as Duds….would these same morons be listing Riewoldt as a Dud as well if they had him in their team?

    • I totally agree bro ,,
      how can you name a guy as a Dud if the poor bugger gets injured ??
      Pretty harsh call i think

  • Team Name: Mean Jerk Time
    Round 7 Scores: 1881
    Studs: Parker, Clancee, Captain Gray, Beams, Everitt (this guy…..seriously), Swan, Dusty, Mumford, Kelly, Rich McCarthy
    Duds: Mundy, Hibberd, Barlow, Bellchambers
    On the Chopping Block: Salem had to go, to make way for Rocky via Gray DPP who was playing mid this round to cover for CEY. Other change was just moving on a 120k ruckman on, DPP switching Cordy to ruck line and bringing in Byrne to sit at F8 until he’s playing again. Tough to choose between Salem and Honeychurch as to who goes first.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Some guys must have known they were already in the firing line and performed well to push their BE back down, the likes of Rich, McCarthy and Talia will see another week or two yet.

  • Team Name: The Party Zebras
    Round 7 Score: 2018
    Studs: Parker, Treloar, Priddis, Titchell, Heppell, J Kelly, McCarthy
    Duds: Mundy(C), Bellend, Salem’s hammy, Cripps ankle.
    On the Chopping Block: Honeychurch, Salem, McIntosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy trading Lewis for Armitage and Titchell. First week I’ve cracked 2000. Especially with the C on Mundy, Cripps donut and Salem. Jumped 9000 places as well. Good times.

  • Team Name: M-TAY’s XVIII
    Round 7 Scores: 2109
    Studs: Parker!!! , titch, dangerfeld
    Duds: Lumumba, Hunt, Vandenberg, oxley, salem
    On the Chopping Block: lumumba, hunt
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty pissed off that stevie j will cop a suspension… especially after i got him in because of his form

  • Team Name: Robbo’s Squad
    Round 7 Scores: 1876
    Studs: Parker, Pearce, Newnes, Beams, Swan, Rich
    Duds: Lumumba, Vandenberg, Bellchambers, Mundy, Salem, NO BENCH COVER FOR CRIPPS
    On the Chopping Block: One of Salem or McIntosh and Bennell for Lewis and Amon.