Comeback Kings – Round 6 Review

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  • Round 6 Scores: 1922
    Studs: Shaw, Salem (Emg for Simpson), Saad, Pendles (C), Priddis, Sauce, D. Smith, Gray, Dusty Lynch
    Duds: McIntosh, Rich, Glenn, Bellcho, Dahlhaus
    On the Chopping Block: Rich, McCarthy, McIntosh, Bellchambers
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Above par, I think, so that’s nice. Almost glad Simpson didn’t play. New recruits Pendles and Dahl were vastly different. Lynch is a star, my best mid-price pick of the year.

  • Does anyone know much about Simpson? I didn’t even know he was out of the team, I feel like the biggest amateur. Luckily I had Saad’s 88 as my emergency

    • Injury that’s all I know.

      • That sucks. Sloane fractured cheek, Simpson injured, Pendles looked like he had a sore ankle for part of the game and Selwood possible broken hand. It will be an anxious wait for teams for me

  • Team Name: No cobalt needed
    Round 6 Scores: 1939
    Studs: Armo, pendles, Neale Gray
    Duds: Hunt, Bellchambers, Nicnat, rich
    On the Chopping Block: rich nicnat Bellchambers.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Happy with picking up Armo and Tom Mitchell this week, both tonned up!

  • Team Name: TreeHippies
    Round 6 Scores: 2020
    Studs: JPK, Gray, Pendles, Parker, Jelwood, Redden, Fyfe, Martin.
    Duds: HUNT, Mcintosh, Bellchambers, Bont.
    On the Chopping Block: Hunt, Mcintosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: My midfiled exploded this week with scores of 202 (c), 117, 136, 120, 107, 121, 64, 58.

  • I don’t wanna talk about it..

  • Round 6 Scores: 2013
    Studs: Mundy, Captain Steven, Parker, Neale, Jacobs, Gray, Dartin, Adelynch, Kelly (Benched)
    Duds: Geary, McIntosh, Sloane, Vandenberg, Glenn, Belly, Bont, Honeychurch
    On the Chopping Block: McIntosh, Geary, Belly, McCarthy, McInnes, Honey
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Need about 7 trades this week, thinking I need to bring in a mid since the three fielded mid rooks hurt me this week, McIntosh is kinda must chop too.

  • Round 6 Score: 2117
    Studs: Gray, Parker, Motlop, Pendles, Neale and Smith (C)
    Duds: Bont, Dalhause, McIntosh and Vandenberg
    On the chopping block: McIntosh, possibly Newnes or McCarthy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had Salem on the pine and McIntosh on field. But still pretty happy with my score this week

  • Team Name: Verdun’s 66’ers
    Round 6 Scores:1897
    Studs:Parker, Pendles, Mundy Jacobs, Selwood
    Duds: McIntosh,McCarthy, Adams, Sloane (bad luck though)Bont, Lonie
    On the Chopping Block: Higgins, Bellchambers, Ellis Y, McIntosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Hearing about the injuries. Tough week ahead. Brought in Pendles and Mundy for Hodge/Lewis…that worked!

    Round 6 Scores: 1943
    Studs: C Pendlebury, Mundy, Gibson, Parker, Fyfe, Jacobs, Dmartin, Kelly (Bench)
    Duds: McIntosh, Belly, McCarthy, Honey, Newton, Vanderberg
    On the Chopping Block: McIntosh, Belly, McCarthy, Honey, Newton, Vanderberg , Buddy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: quit happy with that score tbh. rookies scores really pissing me off, Newton and McCarthy is time to go i reckon

  • Team Name: Nick’s Ninjas
    Round 6 Scores: 2057
    Studs: Steven, Gray, Parker, Pendles, Jacobs, Salem, Mundy
    Duds: McIntosh, Vandenberg, Bont
    On the Chopping Block: McIntosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 660 round rank, pretty happy, got lucky with Simpson out and so glad I didn’t bring in Glenn because he would have been on the field!

  • Team Name: The Pace Abusers
    Round 6 Score: 2050
    Studs: Steven (C), Ward, Parker, Stevie J, Gray, Mundy, Walker, Saad
    Duds: Glenn, Vandenberg, Bellchambers
    On the Chopping Block: Bellchambers, McIntosh, Honeychurch
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: The premo’s finally delivered! I have 250K to play with, looking good.

  • Team Name: The mizfits
    Round 6 Scores: 1814
    Studs: Gray, Mundy, Walker, J.Kelly (crows), Ebert(C).
    Duds: Glenn, McCarthy, McIntosh, Vberg, Bellchambers, Bont.
    On the Chopping Block: McCarthy and McIntosh
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: pretty poor round but I think most people had a below par score, dropped just over 1000 places this round now at 31597 overall.

  • Team Name: Aussie challengers
    Round 6 Scores: 1895 rank 1950 -152
    Studs: mundy, pearce, armitage, gray, martin, motlop
    Duds: bont, heppell (c), newnes, ellis, rischi, bruce, tosh
    On the Chopping Block: newnes, newton
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: friggin put glenn on field instead of newton due to last minute trades and had heppell as c instead of armi!!! no injuries though so improving again this round.

  • Have to trade sloane but who else out of Rich, Kmac and Talia? I would have to downgrade because I have no money.

  • Team Name: Tapdog’s Dees
    Round 6 Scores: 1921
    Studs: Pendles, Fyfe, Treloar, Grundy, Martin, Goddard, Gray Salem(on the bench)
    Duds: Bont, Hunt,McIntosh, Glenn, Bellchambers, V’Berg, Talia on the bench
    On the Chopping Block: Talia, Hunt, Bellchambers
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: only lost 21 spts to rank 705 so still doing ok:) Won most of my leagues and rsnked #21 in official Melbourne rank if that mean anything? Was going to trade Treloar out all week but too many others problems to deal with but glad that turned out ok:)

  • Crazy round. Was disappointed with 1979, but climbed from 304 to 128 overall…

    Studs- Gray, Picken, Bell
    Duds- Mcintosh, Bont, Rich

    Chopping block- I’ll be getting rid of James Kelly and Van Berlo for a top premo (probably Mundy) and a rookie that will make a little coin

    Looking to offload Whitfield too soon

  • lockout can’t be over quick enough so i can see how much better my team will look without bloody taylor hunt in it.

  • Tom Lynch of the Crows is an underrated gun. Since round 1 hasn’t dropped below 90.

  • lockout over

  • Am I mad for considering bring Brett Goodrs back in my Defense?

    • He played in the midfield due to a few outs at the kennel. Can’t see it being sustained.

  • Team Name: BomberMania
    Round 6 Scores: 1737
    Studs: Mundy, Fyfe, Pendles (C), D.Martin, Gray
    Duds: T.Hunt, B.Smith, McIntosh, Rich, Glenn, Bellchambers, Bont, Dahlhaus
    On the Chopping Block: McIntosh, T.Hunt, Rich
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Doing nowhere near as good as I have in past years.

    Thinking of moving either Mundy or Rich into defense and moving T.Hunt into the midfield so I can trade him to T.Mitchell, Barlow, Stevie J, Rockliff or Goddard. Thoughts?

    • Also had Saad, J.Kelly and Salem on the bench :(

      • Good ideas. Unfortunately, Mundy gets another week in the mids for me.

        One more week for Rocky, IMO. Barlow seems to be clawing back into form… And still always concerned about Titchell’s JS.

  • Team Name: Liverpool Magpies
    Round 6 Scores: 1978
    Studs: T. McDonald, N. Fyfe, L. Parker, B. Grundy, R. Gray, D. Martin
    Duds: D. Heppell, L. Dahlhaus, M. Bontempelli, R. Sloane
    On the Chopping Block: R. Sloane and M. Honeychurch

    R. Sloane and Honeychurch for D. Mundy and A. Cordy

  • Sheed -> JPK
    Sheed -> Barlow
    or wait for sheed to fatten a bit more

  • I don’t even want to log into fantasy to see my shit score because I just know how bad it’s going to be.

    Shittest round I’ve had for a couple of years.

  • Team Name: The Whiplashers
    Round 6 Scores: 1783
    Studs: Armo, Gray, Pendles, Mundy, Saad
    Duds: Heppel, #oink, Rich, Smith, Bont, Mcintosh, Cripps, NVB
    On the Chopping Block: Heppel, CEY
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Did terrible this week, thanks to Fyfe as captain (thanks Calvin) and various other letdowns around the ground.

    • You could’ve chosen your own captain. Don’t blame Calvin. He just gives you some numbers so you can decide for yourself.

  • 1881
    Studs – Armitage, Ward, Ebert, Dusty, Titchell, Salem!
    Duds – Hunt, McIntosh, Newton, Bellchambers, Bont, Honeychurch, Vandenburg
    Chopping block – I would trade half my team if I could, probably looking like Hunt at this stage and any rook that has a high breakeven.
    Vent – Each week I’m waiting for things to turn around but they dont seem to be. Been playing this game for about 7 years now and is without a doubt my worst ever start. Cant wait until Lewis, Rocky and hopefully Gaz are all back

  • Team Name: JT’s Guns
    Round 6 Scores: 1764
    Studs: Kennedy, Gray
    Duds: Rich, McCarthy
    On the Chopping Block: Anyone on the bubble
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2.34mil in the bank (bring on the fallen premos)

  • Team Name: tempus fugit
    Round 6 Scores: 1912. Crikey. Above par, amazing.
    Studs: Neale, Redden, Parker!
    Duds: Hunt, Dahlhaus, Bont
    On the Chopping Block: Hunt, Newton –> Harbrow … and ?Stretch?
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Wish I’d never traded out Gray