The Friday Scramble: Round 6

FridayScrambleAnother week, more forced trades!  Can we get a clean week this year…. please?  If it isn’t guys belting each other it is guys getting injured or not performing. But isn’t that the fun part of the game? Well I think I have had just about enough fun and I would like my team to finally be doing exactly what they are supposed to and that is getting big scores! Sadly none of them have been doing that for me so far this year.

There are plenty of issues that we need to look at as well as the great news we had with some of our players, and more importantly rookies gaining extra positional eligibility.  This may just help you swing some good trades, but it becomes most valuable during the bye periods. We will get to that a little later.  Firstly, let’s look at the biggest issue of the week…. Hawks Down!

Lewis and Hodge Dilemmas

This has dominated all of the articles and podcasts during the week, what do we do with these two guys.  Well depending on what format of the game you are playing then you may have a different treatment for what you are going to do with them.

AFL Fantasy – I think the overwhelming consensus in this form of the game is that these guys must be traded. You have two trades a week and unless you have two long term injuries that have hit your team you should use a trade on Lewis or Hodge (or both if you have both). Even if you do have other issues, these guys would be the higher priced of your issues and hence you can get in someone better so they would be the best option.  The risk with trading them out is of course that you can’t afford to bring them back when they are able to play.  What I try to look for is a player that is about the same price but has a nice low or achievable break even.  This means that you can straight swap them back again.  The other thing you can do is go for value and save some money in your bank to upgrade a cash cow back to these guys.  My main concern with this is that you are holding dollars in the bank that could be translating to points on the field if you brought in a higher priced player. No matter which way you go it is a gamble, but one you should take I believe.

Real DT and Supercoach – In these limited trade formats of the game I think that there is more judgement required.  For Lewis I would be holding. With the quality of rookies you have in your team you can afford to hold him.  Trading him out only to get him back in will cost you at least two trades in three weeks when you should be looking to use those trades to improve your side in the longer term.  Hodge is the harder call.  Three weeks is a bit harder to justify someone like him on the bench.  In the past we would always say trade.  However, this then uses valuable trades as I just mentioned with Lewis.  I think if you are going to trade out Hodge, it would be to someone of equivalent quality that you plan to hold right through to the end and then if you want Hodge back you should look to do it with your upgrade plans throughout the bye period.

Who do you pick up?  Well for Lewis I would be looking at guys like Fyfe, Ebert (yes, Ebert), Pendles, Mundy or you could go unique with someone like Armitage who is averaging 117 this year.  For Hodge in AF you could go Mundy down back or any mid if you have him in the Mid.  To be honest I would try and use some DPP action and get him in the Mid as the options at his price down back aren’t that enticing.  In RDT you could look at Jaensch or Enright or maybe Hooker down back.

New Positions!

So we have had our first lot of new positions added to players.  In case you missed it check out this article from earlier in the week on NEW DPP’s.

There is plenty there for us too since a lot of the rookies have gained an extra position.  This will really help us as we head into the bye period.  If these guys are still in your team at that stage you can move them around to make sure you have a full side in place over those weeks.    Of particular interest to me was Boyd and Mundy getting Def status.  With the trouble we have had getting a good score back there these guys will make life so much easier for us.  If you can bring them in via an upgrade trade then you will be getting some decent scores back there at last!

On the Rookie front we have more positions for Heeney, McIntosh, Salem, Tarrant, Vandenberg and then our rookie priced guys Clark and Rich. This is especially valuable since most of us have at least three of these guys in our sides. As you are trading them out and upgrading players you can use these guys to get the ability to upgrade on a different line now.  Have a play around with them and just check out the level of flexibility that you will now have.


So this week we have had added to our injury list Josh J Kennedy who looks like he will be out for a period of time with his elbow injury.  We have James Kelly out for about 6 weeks and Jared Polec is also out for about 6 weeks (although I doubt he is in many teams).  The key though to the Polec injury is that he has been put on to the Long Term Injury list.  Currently Port have Krakouer on the senior list as an upgraded rookie for Frampton who was due back in 3-4 weeks.  This means that Krak can now stay on the list for at least another 6 weeks which is great news for us.

Cam Ellis-Yolmen is out with a Hamstring injury and Adelaide news is reporting that he will be out for 2-3 weeks, that may mean that you might need to cull him sooner than you had hoped.  If you have other options though then keep him and use them.  He could be a handy loophole player for you in Supercoach’s rolling lockout.  Personally I will be doing everything to keep him.  And our new Defender in Fantasy Matty Boyd is out too, apparently he has been hanging out with General Soreness this week.

Things to Remember

  • Read Calvin’s Captains! The Pirate has a bumper edition this week for you.
  • If you are going to trade Lewis or Hodge, just make sure you know what you want to do in the future.
  • In RDT and SC, give Josh Glenn another week before you pick him up unless you desperately need him in. His price won’t change (except in AF).
  • Check your BE’s! Some of our players BE’s are starting to get towards their averages, so make sure you are right across this.

Check your team carefully, we are starting to see guys miss games and also injuries etc are hitting.  So make sure you have a full compliment.  Be careful with your trades as you now need to have an eye on the byes.  Most importantly keep an eye on twitter as we have seen a few guys pulled out of squads on the Friday and anything we know before lockout is always gold!

Catch you all on twitter @pkd73 and see you next week!


  • Do you think I am better off:

    1. Trading Mason Cox > Joshua Glenn? This actually costs me $, but it rid me of a non-playing/profit earning player and replaces them with a cash cow. (Also rids me of a DPP link with Clark)

    2. Trade McCarthy > Joshuna Glenn? This nets me a juicy profit from an prime cash cow. If I don’t trade him this week it will be next week anyway.

    Basically, I don’t know whether cashing in now is more important, or getting rid of completely useless bench fodder (apart from the DPP link) is more important.


    • Neither is the wrong move IMO.

      They’ve both got an up and a downside.

      I think McCarthy has a bit more left in him to give, but it won’t be a lot (40-50k), but replacing a non-playing with a cash cow is always a good move – but takes away the DPP link.

  • Should i go hodge to mundy or trade hodge put salem in defense and get dalhaus?

  • Toby Greene for who?. I have only $100000 spare cash

  • I’m in Real DT and keeping Lewis and Hodge. Have cover fro Lewis and there’s sweet FA to bring in for Hodge.
    CEY injury hurts, gonna have to doitch him as i’m short on players.
    I’m gonna risk bring in Tom Mitchell, at $440K he’ll be a boon if he pays off. Just need Longmire to come to the party and pick him!

    • Sounds good to me Sammy.

      I’m holding both too.

    • Holding another week on Mitchell, bringing in Glenn for Clem Smith so I can afford to keep CEY and Lewis.

  • 1) Hodge out and Mundy in

    2) do I trade of CEY for Glenn and pocket $389K ready for next week or do I grab Tom Mitchell and pocket $96k for next week

  • You say trade Lewis, who is guaranteed to come back in 2 weeks.

    Then you say you are keeping Yolmen when a hamstring can easily stretch out to 4 weeks plus he is no certainty to return when fit immediately.

    Ridiculous. You are wasting 2 out of the next 6 trades if you plan to trade Lewis out then back in over the next 3 weeks.

    • I’m with you on this one. Might be worth 100 points over the two weeks to get rid of Lewis, but you should well and truly make up 100 points over the rest of the year with the better team you’ll have after using the 2 trades to make your team better, rather than with sideways trades.

      The BE of CEY is tempting though, but if it streches to 4-5 weeks anyone who keeps him will be kicking themselves.

  • Still unsure on whether to go Ebert or Heppell for Lewis. Thoughts?

    • heppell

    • Slightly early to be too concerned with byes but Round 12 will be tough on many midfields and Heppell is in that Round 12 bye group. As a player with a Round 13 bye, Ebert may be handy but it depends on your team.

  • I have Ebert and enjoying his scoring but will go Heppell too soon. Lean towards Ebert

  • Please advise, I am really not sure what to prioritise here:

    1. McCarthy to Glenn.. I bank the money from a juicy cash cow… I will need to be trading him soon anyway and I am ready to upgrade next week.

    2. Mason Wood to Glenn.. I get rid of non-playing, non-appreciating bench fodder. It actually costs me money but it removes a completely useless player (apart from DPP link with Clark)..

    What is more important? PLEASE HELP!!

  • Given that Mundy is averaging 118ppg I’m surprised that anyone with Hodge in AF is even considering bringing in anyone else? I’m only playing RDT this year and I’m still considering him in my mids!

    • he just has a bad track record against Essendon i think

    • I’m considering someone else. Namely, I’m getting one of my new DPPs back there and bringing in a premium mid where Mundy has some competition.

  • I’m going to hold on to Lewis but drop Hodge..

    Should i drop Hodge for Armitage or Hannebery? They both have good BE

    or should i ignore break evens and go for Ebert or Heppell?

    • I really like Armitage this year. Got tagged only once (Carrazzo), but still managed 113. Also, a POD who actually doesn’t look like TOO much of a risk as he’s been threatening to step up for a couple of years.

  • Which Adam on the field and which on the pine: Saad or Oxley?

  • What do you think of my trades?
    Lewis-> Ebert
    J.Martin-> Gray

  • Thoughts on fielding McCarthy or Salem?

    • Salem has a predicted score of 47… McCarthy maybe. Don’t picture either of them doing too great this week

      • I’d be more concerned about McCarthy playing the hawks. He’s a forward and needs his team to be competitive. Salem can still get a reasonable amount of it playing back, even if Melbourne aren’t doing too well.

  • Will Goodes be sub?

    • From Beveridge today; “Brett Goodes will likely play a role in the midfield with Jongy out, but we’ll have to share the load through there.”

      So you would think not but I still wouldnt start him on my field

  • Is tom mitchell a viable trade?