Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6


No Jordan Lewis, No Gary Ablett and No piggish tendencies from the unlucky Tom Rockliff. What will we do? We’ll, you’ve started well by coming to read Calvin’s Captains as I nailed it last week with my top 5 but you know me… I’m never one to brag ha ha.

This week Nathan Fyfe must be in your calculations to wear the ‘C’ if you have him.

Fyfe has scored 113, 115, 102 and 116 this year and had 108 (in 2013) and 108 (in 2011) against the Bombers when he met them last. Although these numbers are slightly ‘old’ he loves playing these guys. Add to this the fact he has scored 92 or more in his last 14 games at home and we have a contender. Impressive numbers from Fyfey this week and he’ll take my #1 spot.

Fyfe is a bargain at $9,100 in Moneyball’s Saturday Slam.

You know who else is impressive… Stefan Martin. He has averaged 114 in his last 3 games this year but hasn’t played the Blues since 2011. This won’t be an issue though because opposition ruckman have been killing Carlton’s Cam Wood. Grundy (116) and Longer (128) have had his measure over the last two weeks and Stef will have a field day. As good as Stef is he doesn’t have a high ceiling as his highest score is only 124. He’s so consistent and is destined to score 115+ this week.


My top five this week will freak some people out. But there are some unique players out there who are just ripping it to bits and will again this week.

Take David Armitage for example. He is only owned by 2% of coaches and is averaging 117 this year. He has scored 129, 113 and 143 in his last three games. He is running hot!

Dan Hannebery takes on Melbourne this week, a team he scored 116 on last year. Before that he posted 74 and 138 on them and is only owned by 2% of coaches and he’s averaging 109 for the year. Over the last 3 games he is averaging 117 which includes scores of 143, 102 and 111.

Last week Mayne (149), Mundy (133), Neale (125), Pearce (124), Fyfe (113) and Barlow (110) all cashed in against the Dees and Hannebery will too.

Brad Ebert is averaging 119 this year and 110 in his last 3 games. In his first 5 rounds he has scored 139, 81, 111, 100 and 163. Adding to this, he scored 125 on the Eagles last year and even though the Giants lost by 87 last week to West Coast, they still managed to have 4 players over 100 with Devon Smith leading the way on 119.

Trade them in, make them captain…. Do as you please because all the evidence here looks great.


Although these guys don’t feature in my top 5… However they are still bloody good options. Firstly, Dyson Heppell had 144 on the Dockers last year and has averaged 107 in his last 3 games. His 86 last week turns me off a little but he’ll be fine over there in the west.

Heppell is worth every cent of $10,100 in the Saturday Slam over on

Scott Pendlebury scored 138 last week as my #1 pick and he must feel like I have loved him and left him this week. He will be tagged by Guthrie who held to 94 last year. This is a concern for this captain picking pirate. With that said, he did have 127 on them in 2013 and still should be fine.

Pendles is a good option for the Friday Frenzy. Search DT Talk after clicking here to enter the Friday night game.

Finally, I also like Dayne Beams this week as well against the Blues. He had 119 last week and has averaged 111 in his last 3 this year. At Collingwood he scored 104 and 107 against the Blues and should be good for an easy ton this week.


Use some of these tips to help select your Moneyball teams.

Tom Rockliff Vs Carlton – The pig can not take a trick can he? Broken ribs, punctured lung and then knocked out. Poor man. We have to pass on him, although if he’s ok, he’ll dominate this week.

Dane Swan Vs Geelong – Swanny has scored 90 and 90 in his last two games against the Cats. He loves Friday night footy but I’ll pass on the great man this week.

Rory Sloane Vs Suns – Watch Rory through the week after he scored 67 with a calf injury. Not looking good but it is only listed as a cork but I rate him as a 30% chance to travel this week.

Joel Selwood Vs Collingwood – Selwood scored 116 on the Pies last year but is coming off scores of only 79 and 94.

Jack Macrae Vs St Kilda – Has two scores under 80, in his last 3 games against the Saints. Pass.

Dangerfield Vs Suns – Danger has been getting it done with scores of 120 and 110 over the last two weeks. He had 93 and 116 on the Suns in his last two games and should be solid again.

David Mundy Vs Essendon – Yes, his form has been amazing and just because we can now get him in a new position we shouldn’t get too carried away or too excited. He does carry a lowest score of just 97 this year but has never scored over 100 against the Bombers from 12 games. Ouch.

Tex Walker Vs Suns – Tex averages 107 on the Suns in his last 3 games against them. He had 116 last year with 5 goals. He’ll be good again.

Michael Barlow Vs Essendon – Finally, Barlow has got out of his poor scores of 44 and 55 with a 110 last week. He had 90 on the Bombers last year and averages 106 on them in his last 3. He’ll be good if he doesn’t resort back to whatever that was a few weeks back.

Sam Mitchell Vs GWS – 130, 68 and 120 over the last few weeks but is a concern now with Lewis and Hodge missing. How will it effect him or will it make him better? Time will tell.

Jobe Watson Vs Fremantle – He’ll be tagged hard! Last time he played them he scored 78 (De Boer) and 65 (Crowley). Ross Lyon obvious hits him hard and with Crowley out De Boer will most likely get the nod this week.

Stevie Johnson Vs Collingwood – 67 last week… with a highest score of 92 for the year. He had 69 on the Pies last year and he needs to get going soon before he gets dropped from not only our teams but the Geelong team too.

Robbie Gray Vs West Coast – Bounced back from a calf set back with 102 last week and had 115 on the Eagles last year. Should be fine again.


Go on… Tell me what I’ve done wrong …. Or be nice and chat Fantasy, Twitter: @CalvinDT


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  • Doesn’t Goldstein have 140 and 160 on the Tigers as his last 2 scores against?

    • Freeko said 130 and 160 but his last 2 have been 130 and 80

      • Cheers Cameroon.

        Last time I trust Freako.

        Maybe he is Dr Dream Team incognito.

    • I agree had considered Goldy he is on fire and Maric while I love him is no match

  • Very unique top 5, will be a fair few people with none of them

  • Thoughts on Mundy as cap?

    • Check what Calvin said.

    • Only seems to score big when Freo win big. Going on this year he has only gone over 110 when Freo have won by more than 10 goals, which I don’t see happening this week. Plus there is his history against the bombers to consider.

    • There’s a section up there on him.

    • Yes, there is a section in the article on him. That doesn’t mean people can’t discuss their own opinions on here. The pirates word isn’t gospel. Thoughts are that he is an in form premium with two huge scores and three good ones this year. If you like it, lock him in.

  • what do people reckon heppell can get?

  • Seems it could be the week for a COD. I have only Heppell from those listed.

    RE Sloane, he and Dangers have said he will be fine and will play this week. One I am considering for the C!

    Gray another I am considering.

    • Oooh Dahlhaus has 113 and 119 at Etihad so far, plays Saints there this week.

    • 100’s against St kilda this year:
      Swan 144
      Cripps 137
      Goddard 124
      Trealor 119
      Whitfeild 114
      Rischitelli 112
      Crisp 112
      Everitt 111
      Stanton 106
      Pendles 105
      Cloke 104
      Ambrose 102
      Grundy 102
      Sheil 101
      Varcoe 101
      Wood 100

      If Cloke, Varcoe and Ambrose can ton up against Saints, i think dahlhaus should have no problem.

  • I didn’t know that Heppell got 144 on the bombers last year, that’s very impressive

  • My team so basic i dont got any of em :(

  • What premo mid to get. I’ve already got Fyfe Barlow Parker and beams and am looking for a Lewis replacement. Thinking either Heppel Pendles Armitage or Ebert?

    • Armitage

    • Ebert for ceiling and byes, Pendles for consistency, Heppell for most scores over 120, Armitage for unique value

      • 1. Heppell
        2. Pendles
        3. Ebert
        4. Armitage

        • I’d go Ebert. Has West Coast, Brisbane, Richmond, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs in his next 5 games.

  • What trades should I do this week?

    DEF: G. Birchall, J. Newnes, H. Lumumba, R. Laird, K. McIntosh, A. Oxley (A. Saad, H, Schade)

    MID: J. Lewis, M. Barlow, S. Pendleberry, L. Parker, L. Neale, A. Vandenberg, C. Ellis-Yolman, P. Cripps (B. Newton, N. Krakouer)

    RUC: B. Grundy, T. Bellchambers (A. Phillips, J. Holmes)

    FOR: D. Swan, D. Martin, S. Motlop, R. Gray, M. Bontempelli, C. Salem (C. McCarthy, K. Lambert)

    I have 165K in the bank. PLEASE HELP!

  • Stanton still no love?

    Lowest score vs freo in last 5 is 93, with 4 scores above 104.

    AVG 117 over the last 3

    you’d think that would put him above barlow who has averaged less than 70 over the last three and scored 90 against essendon last time he played them

  • Anyone else going Dahlhaus captain?

  • I’ll probably go with Danger, purely because the suns have nobody

  • Fyfe C
    Pendles VC

  • what about lance franklin vs melbourne?

  • I’ll stick with Pendles I think, He gets tagged every week and still gets his 100-120. I looked up that game against Guthrie, he still had 26 touches :)

  • Ive traded out hendo coz inj and got titch through the magic of dpp. Is titch a viable option?

  • I have Fyfe, Sloane, Lewis, Parker in MID

    Gray, Swan, Martin, Bonts in FWD

    Goldstein, Bellchambers in RUCK

    Which premium should i add to my team and why – have the rookies and cash to do most things

    • Id get another mid ebert any freo mid hepd etc and go with cal

    • You might want to look to get in heppell and pendles this week. peddles is super reliable and even when he is tagged(most weeks) he still gets 100-120. I reckon heppell could push his average this year to 115 or more.Beside lewis and a fit rocky I’m tipping him to have one of the most 120+ games out of all the MID premos.

      For next week you might want to look to get in barlow/stevie j if they fire this week. Barow looked back to his usual ways last weekend and with a BE of 128 he should bottom out next week,Also watch gaz(when he comes back in and rocky who will both be very underpriced.

      For the RUCs the obvious other Premo options are martin and Jacobs.Out of those two i would probably go Martin.He is super reliable and consistent and i love his role playing kinda like a midfielder, although Jacobs is not far behind.

      FWD:look into Devon Smith. Im pretty sure his ownership is still down and shapes up as a nice POD. He didn’t start the year vert well but has scored well in the past 3 weeks.Another great option is Dahlhaus.He looks to be relishing his midfield role that Luke Beverage has assigned to him and like devon smith his ownership is also very low, 3% last time i checked.

      Some other options that will feature later in the year coming back from injury are Delidio and Bartel, Deliodio will miss this week but should be back within 3 weeks whereas bartel is a little longer.

      Hope this helped;)

      • Thankyou! i already have heppell but i might try get pendles in this week since lewis will be on the pine, i need another mid!

        It will take an upgrade and a downgrade but in the long run pendles will be a top 8 MID so best to get him in now

      • about the rucks what about Goldy v tigers, he will dominate Maric

  • man I’m thinking of getting stefan martin over pendles now by moving bellchambers to F5. have fyfe and ebert too so it’s gonna be a tough choice

    • yeahh i was thinking that too… martin has a low BE and vsing carlton so could rise a bit

      • yeah I think he has bottomed out and it means i don’t have to play mccarthy/clark

    • That’s my plan at the moment too. Stef is just as reliable as Pendles just depends on your MIDs

  • Stanton or Dalhaus my two options this week- pretty sure Stanton gonna get the gig again in my side. 3rd week in a row- my current perma captain haha

  • I cant help but feel dangerfield should be getting more coverage. The man is in form and against a very weak suns team surely he will go very big?.

    • I’ve got Danger, but am slightly concerned that his good form is dependent on the opposition either tagging Sloan or not bothering to tag at all. Danger’s only been tagged once this year, by Vince, for 71. Sexton is not half the tagger that Vince is, but I’d say Danger’s the favourite to be tagged at Adelaide this week, with Sloan under an injury cloud. Should still manage 90-105 if tagged, but probably not the best option IMO. If not tagged could be a great option though.

    • I’m with you. I’m considering bringing him in with his next 3 games against GCS, Saints and GWS. Should average 100+

  • People might not realize but Fyfe doesn’t have a high ceiling. Best player irl by a mile this season yet in fantasy his highest this season is 116.

  • Hmm im actually thinking I. Smith for c this week.. call me stupid maybe :)

    • Scored 115 against GWS last year. In brilliant form so why not. Great pick

  • Play Glenn or Krak on field?

  • I’m a little hesitant putting the C on Armitage with Montagna coming back this week. Heppell is my safest option but I may take a risk here and give it to Beams…

    • +1 Tags will probably steal points from Armo and Steven.

      • Except dogs haven’t been applying the hard tag for the last couple of weeks. Not sure why they’d start now when it’s worked so well against more highly regarded teams.

  • My options are so poor and untrustworthy this week I’m captaining Steven.

  • Thanks Calvin.
    A top 10 this week, interesting.
    Too many options… too many uncertainties!

    I’m going to have to lock in Ebert for me. Don’t have Fyfe or HepD. Plus, Ebert still likes playing against his old club.

  • Who should I bench this week out of: saad, geary, oxley

  • Should I trade rob Murphy or hunt out?
    Thinking buddy for skipper this week

  • hmmmm, don’t have one of the top 10! Look like i’ll be going unique this week…

  • No love for JPK vs Melbourne?
    Same with Matty Boyd vs Saints?

    Thoughts PLEASE!! :D

  • Cheers captain’ great information., I’ll be going with

    Ebert (C)
    Armitage (VC). Putting the coat hanger on the bench :)

  • I’ve stuck Lewis on the bench, traded Hodge for Hannebery and stuck the C on him. I’ve got Buddy, I can’t see how the Dee’s will be able to put the brakes on him if he starts to cut loose. It’s at the G too.. Surely Buddy has to be an option for C?
    Thoughts? Cheers.

  • Danger will go BIG on the GC reserves

  • Fyfe has scored over 120 eight times in his six year career

    no thanks

  • Ebert C, Armitage VC, I was thinking of going with Heppell but worried Ross Lyon will try to tag everyone

  • Thoughts on Scotty Thompson as Cap?

  • who to captain out of ebert, pendles and heppell.

    am thinking to h=go ebert for the next 2 weeks

    Has west coast who he scored 125 last time against them, then brisbane who he got 152 again last year.


  • what about I.Smith as captain calvin?

    he has 3 scores of 118, 156, 125 in lat 3 all vs decent teams in dogs, port and north.

    comes up against GWS and with no lewis and hodge should step up and dominate as mitchell will more then likely get the tag.