Tons on the bench – Round 4 Review

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Team Name:
Round 4 Scores:
On the Chopping Block:

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  • someone pls convince me whether to keep barlow or not?!?!

  • Do i chase krakouers value or get a premos points?

  • Team: Ddevils
    Score: 1970
    Studs: Goldy Lewis Heppell Vandenberg Cripps Gibson.
    Duds: Hodge(I brought him in for Gray after originally having Duryea in all week)
    Heeney Newnes Saad McIntosh Melksham Parker.
    Chopping block: Don’t know yet.
    Rant: Had Swan as Captain. My choice of captain could have been better 3 out 4 weeks.
    I’ve had Tarrant on the bench since Rd 1 and he’s outscored both Clark and Salem the last 2 weeks. At least he’s making cash.
    Still, I moved up 10,000 places this week. Interesting that I’ve moved up 30,000 since Rd 1 when I scored 1737, without cracking the 2000 mark once yet.
    Kangaroos won so I’m happy.

  • Team Name: Doing it for the sandwiches
    Round 4 Scores:1983
    Studs:CRIPPS, Hibberd, Lewis, Sauce,
    Duds:Oxley, Mcintosh, Newnes
    On the Chopping Block: Parker & Honeychurch
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Climbed 3000 places. Won league. 80’s everywhere

  • Team Name: Joel’s Jaguars
    Round 4 Score: 2002
    Studs: Cripps, Lewis (c), Adams, etc.
    Duds: Honeychurch, Neale, McIntosh, etc.
    On the Chopping Block: Lumumba, Honeychurch, Van Berlo
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Moved up 3500 places in the rankings so am pretty happy with the week. (Apart from having Vandenberg on the bench, and my second highest scoring FWD (McCarthy) on the bench.)

    Current;y thinking of going:
    Honeychurch to McInnes/Tarrant
    Lumumba to Seedsman
    Wanting to upgrade Lumumba to a premo but there are not many obvious options apart from Hodge who I have already.

  • i dont want to talk about it!

  • Team Name:RustyFishHooks
    Round 4 Scores:1762
    Studs:Lewis(C), Cripps, Big sauce
    Duds: Neale, Barlow, Sloane, Hunt, Oxely, Honeychurch
    On the Chopping Block: Neale, Honey, Goodes
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Dropped 7110 places this week after a decent start. My midfield premos and the sub rule killed me. Lost my league by 40 points when i had mccarthy and vanderberg on the bench!

    Possible trades:
    Honeychurh > Krakouer/McInnes
    Neale > Rischitelli/Fyfe/Pendles/Boyd

  • 1851

    Got 510K in the bank after this weeks trades.

    Talia – what a beast for a KPP!

  • Team Name:ding kicks
    Round 4 Scores:1686
    Duds:Malceski! Murphy,needed 2 kicks in the last quarter for the W,got 1
    On the Chopping Block:Malceski (on the suns Chopping Block too I imagine), Walters, Lang,Christensen,newton,Ryder,Guthrie…
    Lost my matchup by 3 points, Bob Murphy gets paid a free but never took it as the siren went, that’s after collecting only 2 kicks since midway through the 3rd. Mitch Clarke 60 at half time 57 by 3 quarter time, that hurt!

  • Team Name: Luck of the Irish
    Round 4 Scores: 1874
    Studs: Lewis, Dahlhaus, Hibberd, Maric?
    Duds: McIntosh, Newnes, Jack Martin, Josh Kelly, Hunt
    On the Chopping Block: Parker or Josh Kelly
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Dahlhaus is on fire, one of two players to score at least ton in 4 games this year! Defenders this year are shocking minus Hodge and Gibson. Stayed away from Hodge as I though he would be rested at some point..starting to regret that decision.

  • Shocker this week! Sloan, Tex Walker etc on field …
    Vandenburg, Talia etc on the bench…..

    Can’t seem to get it right! Although my team has some good players I didn’t make 1800 this week.

    Walker has had two games in the 40s in the last two weeks after a promising start. Should I get him out or persevere?
    Should I bring in two of Krak, Tarrant and Cripps or should I be chasing a premium?
    Should I go Lumumba to Seedsman?
    Help please!

    • Ouch, Why would you hop on the Walker bandwagon so fast? Crows have had a few really mediocre position, Of course he’d probably play well. As you just seen and also before, The game gets hot and he gets cold. OFFLOAD! He won’t even average 75 by the end of the year!

  • Team Name: Robbo’s Squad
    Round 4 Scores: 1871
    Studs: Cripps, Lewis (c), Goldstein, T. Bellchambers,
    Duds: Neale, Lumumba, Newnes, Oxley, Mcintosh, Malceski, Parker, Bennell….
    On the Chopping Block: Lambert and Goodes out for either J.Kolo (if named) and Krak OR for J. Kelly and McInnes
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Need assistance on whether you think it is better to have both J Kelly and McInnes or Krakouer and Kolo (may not play much but Krak will earn a lot more $$ than McInnes)

  • Team Name: Wii Unfit
    Round 4 Scores: 1722
    Studs: Newnes, Hunt, Roberton, McIntosh, Oxley, Beams, Parker, Greene, the Bont, Swan, D Martin, Honeychurch, Hodge
    Duds: Lewis, Belchambers, Salem , Clark, Cripps, CEY, Vandenberg
    On the Chopping Block: Jimmy Bartel, Greene, Parker, Newton